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Basic Course B1. See contents above.

Toss a coin up. If it returns, it is a cycle of births and deaths. If it does not, it is Nirvana.

Our goal is to give you a Taste Of Samadhi and Stabilize it.

What is Samadhi? It is a state of pure awareness with no thoughts or feelings. Reaching it takes only three steps 1. Feel the energies flowing in your body (Kundalini) 2. Without feeling the body, float away in thoughts (Yoganidra) 3. Stop both feelings and thoughts to taste Samadhi.

If you are observing, but there is nothing to observe, you return to thinking and feeling, which we have called Taste Of Samadhi. Stabilizing it is the next goal. Here even the observer is absent. All energies of space, time and matter are gone. There

is no need to return; that is the second, deeper state of Samadhi. This has been often called moksha, meaning a release from cycles of time. Deleting the seer in I-see-but-there-is-nothing-to-see is not easy. It demands lifelong practice and detachment. Here the paths and the teachers are indeed many, depending upon the region and culture. We can only offer what we know a little about. What we know and offer is based on the ancient Indian 10 great wisdom deities starting with Kali. The third of them is Sundari. Her path affirms life, light and love. Enjoying beauty, harmony, and abundance are seen to be routes to moksha. Kalis path has the potential to convert even the unknown dark energies creating and destroying time, space and matter into utter creativity. Some day we have to confront and befriend fear and death to realize that there can be no death. Then only aggression can cease and love, and harmony can flourish. It is appropriate to modern times which is steeped in violence and love takes the back seat, driven by aggression. We teach all of them, but with a focus on Sundari, an embodiment of power disguised in beauty and geometry.

Starter Regime.

What you are going to learn in this course. A glimpse of the beyond can be obtained with just 4 activities together taking about 2 hrs. You can split them into 2 parts two in morning and two in evening as you wish. Be grateful to God/dess for the rare gift of life given to you. It is extremely helpful. These practices are most effective between lightly clothed partners in a group. Quiet place with muted lighting is preferred.

0. Prana pratishta 1. Viraja. To delete your ego body, enact transition to a light body in your mind. Imagine the body is dried up, burnt, ashes wetted with rain of nectar, and colors of Siva and Shakti are mixed to get an orange rose body radiating effulgence. You become supremely happy and energetic.

2. Kundalini. Listen to the Sriguru-Janani mantra lasting 30 min. In units of 5 min marked in audio by a plucking sound, 1. let go of all censoring inhibitions by touching all parts of your body when/as if taking a bath 2. roll your eyesneck on the locus of pain and pleasure 3. explore chest-navel-sides 4. move hips like hula-hoop 5 move like a snake on ground to get rid of unwanted excess energies and getting up and dance (to awaken kundalini) . 6. lie in Shavasana. 3. Yoganidra. Make a samkalpa and repeat the same at least for 40 days. Name each part of your body in minute detail and relax it.

Further Sadhana.
Ganapati Tarpana + puja (44 days= mandala) , Shyama (2x44 days) Varahi (3x44days)Lalita (4x44days) Together 10 mandalas of 440 days total) follow the Sri Vidya Tradition given in detail in the Basic Course. These may be done in parallel also; for example, combine Ganapati Tarpana and puja; Shyama and Varahi puja; Lalita Nava avarana puja alone. For more detailed information and timely updates, please visit