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NANYANG ‘TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY ENTRANCE EXAMINATION Mathematics at A-Level (Sample) Time Allowed : 2 hours INSTRUCTIONS, 1 Thus paper consists of FIVE (5) questions and comprises TWO (2) pages. 2. Answer any FOUR (4) questions only. 3. The marks are allocated at the end of each part/question, 4, Answers will be graded for content and appropriate presentation. Question 1 (@) Sketch the graph of the fimetion y= f(x) = Determine and sh6w clearly on x2 your diagram, the asymptotes, intercepts) with the coordinate axes, and the Courdinates of the stationary poinl(s)eil anys (12 marks) (b) Explain how you can.obtain, from the graph of f, a sketch of the graph of the = 2), - function y = «-[55)) pShow this sketch of gon the same diagram as f. In Vo addstion, sketch p> a) (13 marks) Question 2 (a) If f(vtx')=x' +x°, determine the function f (7 marks) ° —I)x* +(m—lx+n+2, (#1), be an odd function and m and (b) Let f(x)= are constants. Determine whether g(x)=x" +x" is an even or an odd function, or neither. (8 marks) (©) Find the range fx for which —*¥ corso (1-Vi92x) (10 marks) ale NTU Mathes Loved Sample) Question 3 (a) Ten persons, A, B, C, ..., J, sit round a circular table. The chairs are all numbered. What is the probability that A and J sit next to cach other? (6 marks) (b) Use the relationship e” = cosO+isin@ to express cosS@ in terms of cos@ Hence show that x = oof fs] isa root of the equation 16x*-20x°+5=0 (10 marks) (©) Points A and B are specified by the position vectors a and b, Prove that the equation of the plane bisecting the segment AB perpendicularly is +(e? 6") rab (9 marks) Question 4 (a) By solving the equation sin2@=cos30, find the value ofssint8”. Show your va+b answer in the form of » where a, b and ¢ arenatural numbers numerical ¢ value from your calculator or mathematical table is NOT acceptable. (12 marks) (b) Given (c? —6x +9)" * = 1, Ne,for all teal values of x (7 marks) 7 aps" - (©) Determingthe sum | > (6 marks) Question § (a) Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the area between the curve SOS* and the x-axis for n/6 0 and n> 0. Hence, or |, male otherwise, show that fx"(I~x)'de Genel wa 7 (12 marks) - END OF PAPER - NTU Mathes Loved Sample)