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Tradingand ShippingCompanyLimited Shell International

Sheei InsDection Observations ShiD

Draft Copy for information only. Do not respond io these observations. Vessel: Jag Lata


St. Rose,

Date: 1-2February 2410

weremadea lofwhich werebroughttothe the followngobservaiions During the aboveinspection with, the shlp s IVlasier of and discussed attentron issuedbyCOlvide hadfollowing statutory note, validtill I5 Apr20l0. Dispensation 2.15 Vessel lite raft to be provided in letterdated16 Oct 2009from carryingstbdlifeboatand200% capacily 4.13'tracingpaperfbrchartcorreclionswasnotonboard.Vesselwasawaitingsupplyofthe paper. tracrng in chan and I72109. for BA chaft no.3382werc not fecorded 4.14 Lasttwo conections, 6995/09 corrcction log,NPl33A. anchorage werenot marked on the chat. 4.20 Abort line andcontingency life boatwas not on boarddueto damage 5.47 Vessel carriedonly one life boat.Starboard position. in lieu of while hoisting the life boat in Vessel caftied200% life ralxcapacily sustained required the flag the damagcd life boatas by administralion, that life buoysweretestd reg larly. Starboard MOB life buoynoted 5.53 Therewasno evidence to haveopenholeson thc ring surface. 8.22 lhere wasno evidonce lhat cargoliDes hadbeen lestedat 150%ollmaximumallowed pressure. 20 bar,sincedeliveryfrom yad in 2003. 8.69 Both loadingannsboltedto starboard cargomanifbldlines I and3 werenoted!o be leakiDg cargoin d,ipsthroughthe flangeconnection. Loadingarm fitted to line no. I wasalsodripping joint on the loading pressure cargothrough a threaded ann.Cargodischarge on boih lires was2 bafai thetimeofinspection. gauges 8.71 Pfessure on the offshore manifolds werenot checked regularly. the gauges wet with canvass notedto be covered covers, 9.1 Manufaclurer's certificate for two 200 MT bow stoppers showingsefialnumbers wasnot available. Therewas no evidence thai bow stoppers hadbeensurveyed at 60 nonths' interval. 9.l0 Vessel was madefastto the befih wilh doubleturn on pon aft mooringwinch tension drun. ll.l3 DLje andover-due maintenance itemswercnol accessible, dueto malfunction in software, planned through the computerised maintenance systerrin use. I L40 Both boilercwereopefatiDg in manual condition. Boiler controlcomputef wasnot working. 12.l4 Oneout ofthree Iighlsin both mid-ship maindeckstores foundnot in workingorder.

A"-*,*t^zsiqnedon behalf of Vessel: SheI niernational Trad.g andh pping (oTs/45) companyLimired

MUMBAI oNo 2989 GRT i575oa NRT t32761 BHPrl540o