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Astrological Indications of HIV Infections: A Research Note

Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit)

Understanding HIV Infections

Many people confuse between HIV and AIDS. In fact, both these terms have come to be used
interchangeably. Before we embark upon this article, it is absolutely necessary that one understands
the fundamental difference between the two. HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus ) is a lentivirus (a
member of the retrovirus family) that causes Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). This is a
condition in human beings in which the immune system begins to fail, leading to life-threatening
opportunistic infections. Human beings can get infected with HIV primarily through 3 means: 1)
Unprotected sexual intercourse with a HIV infected person, 2) Blood transfusion from a HIV infected
person and 3) Through breast feeding from a HIV infected mother. Therefore, all these are body fluids
having the capacity to bear a high viral load of the virus.
Most people infected with HIV eventually develop AIDS. Thus having AIDS is an advanced
medical condition from the stage of HIV infection. At this advanced state, these individuals mostly die
from opportunistic infections or associated with the progressive failure of the immune system. HIV
progresses to AIDS at a variable rate affected by viral, host, and environmental factors; HIV-specific
treatment (known as Anti-Retroviral Therapy-ART) delays this process. Most will progress to AIDS
within 10 years of HIV infection: some will have progressed much sooner, and some will take much
So, HIV infection is an irreversible viral infection of the blood in which the immune system of
the body gradually gets damaged due to destruction of the CD-4 cells of the blood. Also we must
remember that though HIV infection is not a sex related disease. The National Aids Control
Organization (NACO) estimates that over 90% of HIV infection is caused due to unprotected sexual
intercourse with infected persons and using infected needles to inject intravenous drugs. It is in the
light of this fact that we need to understand the astrological indicators.
This research paper aims to provide a broad set of astrological indicators for predicting the
likelihood of getting infected with HIV. These indicators are a warning sign that HIV infection can
affect the native if they are present in the birth horoscope.

The Astrological Parameters
The astrological approach taken for this research is a composite one. The author did not
restrict himself to any narrow school of thought rather has generously used astrological combinations
found in the traditional literature, Nandi Nadi text and his self-discovered rules in Krishnamurty
Paddhati (KP). It was found that all the birth charts beautifully reflected the event of HIV infection
through this composite approach. In the modern day context, astrologers seldom go beyond their
realm of learning. One who knows Vedic astrology, denounces the Nadi texts and other methods,
Someone who knows KP technique starts decrying Vedic astrology. This mindset is ultimately leading
to a degeneration of the scientific spirit of this noble science. So, for this research paper, the author has
used the combinations from various texts of astrology and developed a composite indicator that would
have a very high predictive value to prognosticate HIV infection in a native.
Astrologically, infections of blood (Rakta Dushti) happens when the 4
, 8
and the 12

Bhavas of the horoscope is afflicted with connection to the Rashis of Karkataka (Cancer), Vrischik
(Scorpio) and Meena (Pisces). The planets that play the most important role in creating Rakta-Dushti
are Mars and Moon. Any kind of antigen (virus, bacteria etc.) enters the body with the help of
Mercury supported by Rahu and Ketu. The sign Kanya (Virgo) also comes in to the picture when such
infection to the blood is to happen.
We must also remember that according to Nandi Nadi text certain longitudinal positions
between Jupiter and Venus give Ati Kaama (undue sexual urge) yoga. Similarly, certain longitudinal
positions between Mars-Moon, Mars-Ketu, Moon-Mercury gives diseases due to excesses of sexual
drive. Also it is worth remembering that blood transfusion happens when strong Mercury influences
Mars with affliction to Mars coming from Saturn.
It was found during this research that according to KP technique, the following combinations
occurred in the charts of HIV infected persons.
1. Mercury and/or the nodes and/or Mars appeared as the significator of the 8
2. Mars was in the star of the nodes or in its own star.
3. Mercury was in the star of Mars or nodes
Therefore, one this becomes clear from the above discussion that prognosticating HIV
infection in the horoscope requires a composite approach and not a narrow application of any one
theory from a single school of thought. Moreover, it must also be clearly understood that the
possibility of HIV infection in the horoscope should not be correlated with any kind of sexual
It has to be borne in mind that as more and more of the following combinations keep appearing
in the horoscope, the greater would be the chance of getting infected with HIV.
1. Mars, Venus and Mercury related to each other through by being in consecutive signs
or through aspect (Vedic and Western) or through conjunction.
2. Moon afflicted by Mars, Rahu or Ketu.
3. Cancer, Scorpio and Meena rashi would be involved. Involvement of Virgo is a
definitive indication.
4. 4
, 8
and 11
Bhava would be involved. Alternatively, their lords may be involved.
5. Jupiter and Venus would have a direct relationship.
6. Special KP rules as stated in the above paragraph would also apply.

Case Studies
Let us now take up some case studies to see how well our chosen astrological parameters apply to
these. All these horoscopes belong to well know celebrities who were infected with HIV during their
lifetime. Many also died of AIDS, but here we only look at the astrological indicators of their HIV
Case 1: Rock Hudson
American actor, a matinee idol whose name stood for the Hollywood Golden Age of wholesome
heroics and light hearted romance. He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor in
"Giant" in 1957 and won the Golden Globe for Favorite Film Male four times. Hudson was a
homosexual by preference and was diagnosed with HIV in November 1984.

In Hudsons chart we see that:
1. Jupiter is conjoined with Venus giving rise to Ati Kaama yoga. His Lagna is in Dual rashi and
Lagna lord Mercury is in Fixed rashi giving rise to Medium span of life. Hudson died at the
age of 59.
2. Mars, Mercury and Venus are in consecutive signs.
3. Moon is conjoined with Mercury giving rise to perverted sexual practices.
4. In KP, Mars was the significator of the 8
Bhava and Ketu as the significator of the 4
and 12

5. Ketu aspected by Mars.
6. Mars in constellation of Rahu and Rahu in Cancer sign.


Case 2: Freddie Mercury
A British musician born in Tasmania, a superstar of the rock group "Queen." He chose the name
Mercury for himself as he said "it was his ruling planet." He was an eccentric in a field already noted
for the unconventional, a singer, composer and pianist. Bi-sexual in preference, he died of AIDS-
related pneumonia November 24
1991, London.

In Freddies chart similar combinations are observable:
1. Jupiter and Venus a re very close to each other giving rise to Ati Kaama yoga.
2. Lagna is in Movable sign but lord Moon is in dual sign, giving rise to medium span of life. He
died at the age of 45.
3. Moon is aspected by Mars from Virgo, the house of viral infection and Ketu in Scorpio in the
4. Mercury, Mars, Venus in consecutive signs.
5. Moon and Mercury are in constellation of Ketu.
6. Mars in own constellation and Mercury in constellation of Ketu.
7. Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Moon are significators of 4
and 12
Bhava as per KP.

Case 3: Liberace
American musician and entertainer known for his music. Liberace never married, and it is said that his
homosexuality was one of the worst-kept secrets in show business. In 1959, he had won a libel suit
against a London columnist who had hinted at his sexual preference. A chain smoker, Liberace
suffered from advanced emphysema and heart disease, along with AIDS for which he died in February

We find that in Liberaces horoscope also similar combinations of HIV infection is present.
1. Jupiter and Venus are together giving rise to Ati Kaama yoga.
2. Lagna is in Dual sign and its lord Jupiter also in dual sign giving slightly more than medium
span of life.
3. Mercury, Mars and Venus are in consecutive signs.
4. In this chart see how 8
lord Moon is in 12
bhava in Scorpio with Rahu and aspected by
Mars. The 8
house is Cancer.
5. Moon is in constellation of Mercury giving rise to sexual perversion, Mars aspected by Rahu
and Mercury in constellation of Ketu.
6. Moon, Mercury, Mars, Rahu and Ketu have collectively become the significators of 4
, 8
bhava according to KP. No wonder Liberace died of advanced AIDS.

Case 4: Arthur Ashe
Arthur Ashe - one of the greatest tennis players of all time. Was the first African-American to win a
Grand Slam and he went on to collect three. Ashe transcended tennis to become a social activist who
led public protests against apartheid in South Africa; became infected with HIV via transfusion during
heart surgery. In August 1988, he had his first indication that something was wrong when he lost the
feeling his right hand. Fearing a stroke, he had exploratory surgery on 9/09/1988 in which they found
toxoplasmosis. He was told that he had been given AIDS tainted blood in a transfusion during his
1983 heart surgery. This Tennis Hall of Famer died in 1993 at the age of 49.

Arthur Ashes horoscope does not show sexual perversions like that of previous types. Nevertheless,
combinations for HIV infection are still present as follows:
1. Jupiter and Venus are strongly related but through semi-sextile aspect.
2. Mars, Mercury and Venus are in alternate signs in stead of consecutive signs.
3. Lagna and its lord Mercury are in dual sign giving rise to medium span of life. Ashe lived for
only 50 years.
4. 8
lord Mars aspects Rahu in Cancer and the sign Scorpio. Moon is in Virgo confirming HIV
5. In KP technique to indications are more confirmatory. Moon is in star of Mars, Mars is in star
of Ketu and Mercury is in star of Rahu.
6. Moon, Ketu and Mars are the only significators of the 8

Case 5: Cyril Collard
Collard was a French author, filmmaker, composer, and actor. He is known for his unapologetic
portrayals of bisexuality and HIV in art, particularly his autobiographical novel and film Les Nuits
Fauves (Savage Nights). Openly bisexual, Collard was also one of the first French artists to speak
openly about his HIV-positive status. Bisexual in preference, was diagnosed HIV in 1986 and died of
AIDS in March 1993, Versailles, France at the age of 35.

We can easily trace the same common astrological factors giving rise to HIV infection:
1. Lagna lord retrograde in Dual sign with 8
lord in Fixed sign giving rise to Short span of life.
2. Mars, Mercury and Venus in consecutive signs.
3. Jupiter in the house of Venus and in sub of Venus giving rise to Ati Kaama yoga like the other
4. The sign Scorpio badly afflicted by Saturn, Moon and Mars, all three planets aspecting the 12

5. 8
lord Saturn aspects the 4
house. Rashi-wise the 4
bhava is Virgo though cuspally it is
6. No wonder the 8
and 12
bhava significators in KP chart are Ketu, Mercury, Moon and Mars.
So, all the required afflictions are complete.

The above case studies clearly bring out the basic astrological indicators of HIV infection. The
role of Rahu Ketu along with Mars, Mercury, Moon involving the watery signs with the 4
, 8
Bhavas can be the main indicator of getting the blood infected. In fact, any type of relation
between Ketu and Mars involving a watery sign is a strong indicator of a high level of toxin in blood.