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NOVEMBER 2013 - Volume 9 - Number 11

City Sues 1800 Lake St. Developer

Tenth Ward candidatesincumbent Meg Tuthilll, Lisa Bender and Scott Hargartenlisten to the moderator prior to the beginning of the Oct. 22 Forum at Bryant Square Park. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

Forums Reflect Change

Ward 10 Candidate Final Face-off for 10th Ward Seat, Oct. 22 Pool Shrinks, Oct. 14 By Gary Farland
By Gabrielle Landsverk
The Ward 10 Election Forum held Oct. 14 had a few surprises in store. The forum was the first public announcement that the pool of candidates decreased from four to two: Meg Tuthill and Lisa Bender, only one of whom was present to speak that evening. This unexpected turn of events further complicated an already highly-anticipated change to elections procedure, with the recent change to ranked voting that has been expected to greatly influence the outcome of elections citywide. The first of the scheduled candidates, Lisa Bender, was unable to attend due to having gone in labor hours before the forum. Her husband, Ryan Bender, delivered a written speech she OCT. 14 page 3 The remaining three 10th Ward candidates vied for votes at their final debate Oct. 22 at Bryant-Square Park. Pat Koval-Jarboe of the League of Women Voters introduced the candidatesincumbent Meg Tuthill-DFL, DFL-endorsed Lisa Bender, and Scott Hargarten of the Pirate Partyand emphasized the importance of the City Council races given that the City has a weak mayor system. The debate was sponsored by the CARAG, East Calhoun, the Wedge, Whittier and East Harriet neighborhoods, as well as the Southwest Journal, and moderated by the League of Women Voters. In her opening remarks, Tuthill emphasized how the neighborhood has improved since she became active in 1970. Tuthill cited
OCT. 22 page 5
(Photo by Bruce Cochran)

The Minneapolis City Council has authorized a lawsuit against an Uptown building owner over the illegal discharge of groundwater into the Chain of Lakes. At issue is an apartment and retail building called 1800 Lake on Calhoun, located at 1800 Knox Ave. The lawsuit seeks to stop the discharge of water from the buildings underground garage into the Chain of Lakes, which is having an impact on the environment and public safety. CITY page 9

Shooting at Mortimers Leaves One Dead

Provided by the Minneapolis Police Department
Shortly after 2:00 a.m. on Oct.13, officers responded to a shooting at Mortimers Bar, 2001 Lyndale Ave. When officers arrived they located two adult males who had been shot outside the bar. Both men were transported via ambulance to HCMC where one man died and

Watch the Oct. 14 & 22 Ward 10 Forum videos on Facebook/ UptownNeighborhoodNews

Just Press Play

Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

Bondesque will offer whips and community
By Lyndel Owens
Uptown will soon be whipped into stylish shape by the goods and expertise available at Bondesque, a new boutique catering to those with a preference for bondage or an interest in fine leather wear.Set to open in early November, Bondesque will sell a range of bondage products from handmade leather and latex clothing to bondage accoutrements such as whips and masks personally chosen by sole proprietor Adelina Sharku. Sharkus vision for the store hinges on creating an affirming environment for those who share her enjoyment of bondage. We should have a home TIE

Mortimers Bar is located at 2001 Lyndale Ave.

(Photo by Bruce Cochran)


Know Your Turkeys? Win Free Movie tickets from Landmark Theaters
(see details on page 11)

(Photo by Bruce Cochran)

2 - NOVEMBER 2013

Meg Tuthill for Ward 10 Pay attention and vote

By Anja Curiskis
When Meg Tuthill became our Ward 10 Council member she committed herself to us, her new family. However, Meg was committed to our neighborhoods long before that. In 1984 when I was a junior at Southwest High School, I was in the office of my State Rep. Dee Long as part of Project 120.At the time I was earnestly talking about curbside recycling.Bryn Mawr, where I was living at the time, wasnt part of the Citys pilot project.At about the same time Meg Tuthill, of Tuthills Balloon Emporium, was doing the same thing, urging our elected officials to get curbside recycling off the ground.Like our family, Mrs. Tuthill was already separating her garbage and taking it to the various recycling stations around town. Thats just what conscientious people did then. It is what anyone concerned about the environment had to do until 1987 when curbside recycling was bestowed upon the entire city. Meg didnt even allow plastic shopping bags in her store! She didnt write an essay on the topic or come up with a fancy name. She simply believed it was the right thing to do. Jump ahead to 2013 and Minneapolis has one-sort recycling. It is not all because of Meg Tuthill, but it is certainly because of Meg and people like her.In fact, now that I am an adult and serving on the East Calhoun Community Organization board, I have never once heard Meg take credit for anything she has helped along.Meg tends to give credit rather than take credit. She always acknowledges the work of others. This is why she is such a great leader for our community. She recognizes that nothing is done in this town by just one person and encourages ideas from others. Meg Tuthill is fierce and principled. Experienced and passionate. She is a fierce defender of her neighbors in Ward 10, using the tools at her disposal to fend off unscrupulous developers who seem to think it is okay to make money at the expense of everyone else.Meg stood in partnership with Park Board Commissioner Anita Tabb, to give an ultimatum to a developer who has been pumping ground water discharge into the lagoon between Lakes Calhoun and Lake of the Isles. This is what we should look for in a leader. One who does her best to enforce the rules meant to protect communities and the assets we all hold dear. Sometimes that means Good Cop. Sometimes that means Bad Cop. Meg can do both.

UNN Editorial

Local elections matter most in day-to-day

By Jessica Van Gilder, Editor
Local and community-specific politics dont always draw the attention they should. Without the energy and circus that surrounds the presidential race, the stakes involved with Ward representation or parks officials may seem smaller, but thats an

immense and unfortunate misconception because local elections matter most. The decisions that most impact day-to-day life, from streets in your neighborhood to safety in your community and improvements to schools and parks, stem from politics on the local level.

All municipal offices are on the 2013 ballotmayor, City Council members, Board of Estimate & Taxation members, and Minneapolis Park & Rec Board commissioners. With so many candidates for mayor on the ballot35 are listed on vote.minneapolismn. govMinneapolis is asking a lot of voters because its not a simple him/her vs. him/her scenario and there is a lot of noise out there about the multitude and variety of candidates. So yes, a little more reading and awareness is required when narrowing down these choices. But Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) also gives citizens the opportunity to seriously consider the merits of up to three mayoral candidates instead of being forced into choosing the lesser of two evils (or best of two greats) scenario. Please see [page #] for a rundown of how RCV works. Youre likely most concerned about the Ward 10 election and the mayoral ballot, but thats not all youre voting on Nov. 5. MoneyBoard of Estimate & Taxation members impact tax levies and City department budgets and since we care about how our hard-earned money is spent, read up on the four candidates, two of whom will receive at-large positions. And considering how many of us are drawn to and enjoy Uptown because of access to the gorgeous lakes, dont disregard the importance of the races for Park & Rec commissioners in Districts 4 and 6 at the very least. The UNN is a platform for informed conversations. We have presented your options in news coverage, as well as printed VOTE page 3

What You Need to Know About Ranked Choice Voting Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) allows you to rank up to three candidates for each municipal office. RCV is used for the following municipal offices: Mayor, City Council, Board of Estimate and Taxation, and Park and Recreation Board (both At-Large and by District). In single seat races, the threshold is 50 plus 1 percent of the ballots cast. If a candidate gets more than half of the votes ina single seatrace, that candidate is declared the winner. If none of the candidates reach this threshold the candidate who received the lowest number of votes is eliminated along with any candidates who cant mathematically win. Those votes are reallocated based on the second-choice votes no those ballots, and so on. Your ballot will count for your 2nd choice only if your 1st choice is eliminated, and it will count for your 3rd choice only if your first two choices are eliminated. If you rank one candidate as your first, second and third choice, it is the same as if you left the second and third choices blank. Your vote for a candidate stays with that candidate throughout all counting rounds until that candidate is defeated and only then is your vote transferred to your next ranked candidate. For more information about RCV and to see sample ballots visit

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Christ tended to attract an assorted crowd, too.
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Meg Tuthills priority is this community. It always has been. She pushes up her sleeves and dives in. She has my vote for 10th Ward City Council Member. I hope youll join me. Anja Curiskis resides in East Calhoun.

3450 Irving Ave. South (overlooking Lake Calhoun)

Divine Liturgy Sunday 9:30 am
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A Clean Green
Uptown residents took part in the CARAG Midtown Greenway cleanup on Oct. 5. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

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Managing Board Ralph Knox, President (ECCO) Elizabeth Walke, Treasurer (CARAG) Anja Curiskis, Secretary (ECCO) Nancy Riestenberg (CARAG) Pat Rounds (ECCO) Samantha Strong (CARAG) Contributing Photographers Bruce Cochran, Beth Marsh, Natasha DSchommer, Drew Trampe, Jessica Van Gilder, Stuart Wainstock (Special Thanks to Urban Outfitters, Uptown)

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OCT. 14 from 1


had prepared in her place. Lisa would have loved to have been here tonight, Ryan Bender said before announcing the birth to enthusiastic shouts and applause from the audience. Bender, Ward 10s only DFL-endorsed candidate, presented a platform that emphasizes public safety, environmental protections and local business. We need more effective and inclusive leadership on the city council, Ryan Bender read from his wifes speech. Benders masters degree in city planning, her career in nonprofit government service and her experience as an advocate for the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition and coordinator for the Safe Routes to School program were cited as evidence of her qualifications for city council. The couples emotional investment in the neighborhood was also presented as an asset to Benders campaign. As a parent, Lisa knows the value of safe streets and good schools, and will work hard to leave a healthy environment for future generations, Ryan Bender said. Meg Tuthill, the Ward 10 incumbent, started the night by personally greeting several members of the audience before the official speeches began. This is my home. This is my community, Tuthill said, referring to her long residence in Ward 10 despite early problems with absentee landlords, drug trafficking in the neighborhood, and being held at gunpoint during a robbery. We decided this was not the neighborhood we wanted it to be, so we worked hard to make that change. Tuthills speech, punctuated by bursts of applause, focused on public safety, small busi-

ness growth, and environmental friendliness. Tuthill cited experience in all three areas, as cofounder of the Lowry Hill East Neighborhood Association (The Wedge), owner of multiple local businesses, and 30 years of volunteer work in Minneapolis school systems. Since I have been in office, we have had over 75 new businesses open throughout the Ward, Tuthill said. Tuthill added that she has also worked to improve existing businesses by reducing the amount of late night noise and discouraging problematic behavior at neighborhood bars and restaurants. Those bars and restaurants are thriving. A number of them are some of my biggest supporters. Tuthill emphasized the importance of intergenerational relationships and collaboration within the community by introducing members of her team who represent different age groups in Ward 10. My staff knows [Ward 10], Tuthill said. Underlying the three main components of her campaign, Tuthill attested to a commitment to constituent service. Constituent service to me is the same as customer service, and you dont last in retail for over 30 years without good customer service, Tuthill said. To round off her speech, Tuthill stated that if elected for a second term, she would not seek a third term, instead opting to pass on her knowledge and experience to a new candidate. I am happy to mentor the next person that would like to be the Minneapolis City Council, the Tenth Ward, Tuthill said. Nate Griggs, the third candidate scheduled to speak at the forum, instead used this time as an opportunity to publicly with-

Ex-candidate Nate Griggs explains his resignation from the race because of a new job at the Oct. 14 Candidate Fourm. (Photo by

draw his candidacy. Despite his resignation, Griggs was greeted enthusiastically by the crowd, and expressed his continued investment in the election. Its time for me to step aside. You have great options on the table, he said. I hope you pick the right one. The fourth and final candidate, Scott Hargarten, although included on the ballot, was not invited to the forum due to uncertainty about the legitimacy of his candidacy. City Council officials are required to have at least 30 days of residency in the Ward they represent, a requirement Hargarten has not met. However, he has previously said he intended to fulfill this mandatory residency before the deadline to run for Ward 10. Since official rules leave the verification of residency requirements up to constituents, Hargarten will not be prevented from appearing on the ballot, although if elected, he will be barred from assuming office without proof of residency. A member of the Minnesota Pirate Party, Hargartens campaign

website lists electoral reform, direct democracy, and campaign finance reform as priorities should he be elected. Due to the decrease of Ward 10 candidates, audience members expressed concern that Minneapolis new ranked choice voting system would fail to function properly. Representatives of voter information organizations, however, assured everyone that ranked voting would work as planned even if only two candidates are eligible to run. Ranked choice voting is designed to allow voters to pick the candidates closest to their values without fear of wasting their vote by selecting up to three candiFor more information on the candidates, visit their official campaign websites. Bender: Tuthill: Hargarten: minneapolis-2013-municipalpirate-candidates To learn more about Minneapolis ranked choice voting, or election procedures, go to

dates, in order of preference. If, after the first round of counting, a voters first-choice candidate does not meet the 50 percent threshold required to win the election, their vote passes on to their second choice and, if necessary after another recount, their third choice. Voters approved ranked choice voting in 2006. The system was first used for municipal elections three years later in 2009.
VOTE from 2

neighbors varying opinions on those options in guest columns (printed in the prior issue and this issue regarding the Ward 10 race). We are not interested in telling you how to vote, but we strongly encourage you to vote as an informed resident with your own convictions formed by critical analysis. This is your community, your neighborhood, your city. Be a part of the change you want to see. Use your voice. Vote on Nov. 5. UNN Editorials represent the researched and written opinions of UNN Editor Jessica Van Gilder and UNN Art Director Bruce Cochran, which are independent of the newsroom and managing board.

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4 - NOVEMBER 2013

crime & safety

Crimes By Location
Aggravated Assaults Arson Auto Theft
A traffic study at Emerson Avenue and 36th Street is monitoring traffic flow for possible traffic light removal. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

September 24 - October 21
Burglary Residential includes garages, attached or unattached, and may include unlocked or open doors. Map Notes

Chelsea Adams, Crime Prevention Specialist 612.673.2819 or

R Rape Robbery Business Robbery Person Shooting *Sound of Shots Fired Theft from Motor Vehicle
*ShotSpotter detects gunshots using multiple sensors, triangulates the position of the gunshot with great accuracy, and immediately alerts 911 operators, who can quickly dispatch police.

Burglary Business Burglary Residential Domestic Aggr. Assault Larceny (Other Theft) Narcotics Arrest

At the beginning of 2013, the MPD stopped producing custom composite crime maps for outside organizations. In addition, some maps have dropped in image resolution. Since that time Production artist Bruce Cochran has donated his time to produce this map from the best quality the MPD provides.

Hustle and Flow

Traffic Testing and Timing in Uptown
By Bruce Cochran Fremont at Lake

Minneapolis Public Works is currently working on three projects for Uptown Traffic. Public Works concluded testing traffic data on Fremont Avenue from Lagoon to Lake. The results of the February to August study are still under review for possible conversion from a one-way to a two-way street.

Emerson at 36th
Initial testing started in early October for the T intersection at 36th Street. For the extent of the current study, traffic managers monitor 311 calls and traffic counts as well as surveying residents and making their own observations. At the end of the study those findings will be brought to the current Ward 10 Council Member.

Signal Timing
Signal timing to improve traffic flow is scheduled to start in late January. Bruce Cochran is Art Director and in charge of Production for the Uptown Neighborhood News and resides in CARAG.

the other is in critical condition. Preliminary information indicates that the suspect and the victims may have known each other and the shooting stemmed from a verbal altercation that occurred earlier in the evening. This appears to be an isolated incident and not a random act. The Minneapolis Police Homicide Unit is investigating this case and witnesses are being interviewed.No arrests have been made at this time. Anyone with any information about this case is asked to call the MPD tipline at 612.692.TIPS (8477).

Music for Medicine

Temple Israel hosted the 2013 Music for Medicine concert, September 29, for Neighborhood Involvement Program (N.I.P.). A reception and chamber music concert featuring members of the Minnesota Orchestra, the event benefits N.I.P. (2431 Hennepin Ave.). Proceeds are used to help fund programs offered by the organization for women, men and children in need of healthcare and social services. More info at
(Photo by

OCT. 22 from 1


improved public safety partly brought about by her work with Uptown bars and restaurants, and improvements in walking and biking paths plus improved housing options. Bender emphasized the need for the neighborhoods to lead the way in creating thriving neighborhoods with safe streets, protecting the environment, supporting local businesses and local foods, and prioritizing progressive values. With a masters degree in city planning Bender said she can help the City grow in a smart way while preserving what makes Ward 10 neighborhoods great. Bender also claimed the support of many small businesses that want a stronger partner in City Hall, noted her endorsement by the Sierra environmental group, and stated she will prioritize people rather than stadiums and corporations. Scott Hargarten, who was not invited to the Oct. 14 forum due to concerns about his eligibility to run in the race, told of how he loves going door-to-door and

asking people what they would most like to see change in politics. He said folks dont like the power of money, the insider-ism, the lobbying, and how voters are manipulated by aggressive advertising and are not listened to. Hargarten went on to say that most politicians, like his opponents, are good people but that the system is fault. Hargarten would support having citizen forums to understand and formulate proposals, internet voting on issues, no political parties and no BS. The first question posed to the candidates was how could they be inclusive and accessible to all of the Ward 10 residents. Bender emphasized the need for jobs and housing options, participation in small area plans, use of the internet, and having an open and welcoming atmosphere in community meetings. Hargarten emphasized neighborhood-grounded communication and forums with listening and respect. Tuthill cited her experiences in going to all the community meetings and noted that she answers her own listed telephone. On improving public safety Hargarten emphasized the need for an engaged, aware community and raised questions about the trust that people feel with the police. Tuthill cited effective community policing and better
TIE from 1

landscaping to avoid hiding places. Bender said the police department will have to replace retiring officers and increase diversity on the force, and that civilian oversight of the police force must be improved to deal with problem officers. The candidates were asked if they would support the Southwest light rail if it involves co-location in the Kenilworth corridor. Tuthill said no, stating the City Council has to stay at the table, that she is skeptical of tunnels, and expressed a need to preserve the corridor. Bender also said no, and noted a need for more community involvement to find better Metro transit solutions. Hargarten said he has no firm opinion and would like to have more dialogue and less head butting on the issue. When it comes to conflicts between residents and businesses interests Hargarten said businesses usually win unless the people are really mad, and he would like to organize solutions before that stage. Tuthill cited her experience in bringing together the businesses, police and residents to solve the Uptown neighborhood noise situation. Bender countered and said the patio noise issue grew worse when problem businesses were grouped with all others in developing solutions, and that what is needed is to really work Get excited, she adds. I am bringing lace, latex, and leather bondage wear directly from Europe to Uptown. Over the course of the past months Sharku developed a business plan, scouted locations, and has ultimately decided to open her store locally. While researching Sharku found few stores in the metro area that cater specifically to the bondage community. Uptowns demographics and open attitude persuaded her to open Bondesque next to Worldwide Wireless at 707 1/2 Lake St., at the intersection of Lake Street and Lyndale. It is the bond of wellbeing that I wish to contribute to Uptown. The neighborhood is already so accepting of everyone no matter the race, gender, or sexual orientation. We all have a recipe to be happy and I am happy to offer one extra ingredient to this pot. The decision to open in Uptown is personal, too; for the past six

with the businesses from the beginning to avoid disputes. One of the key changes for Ward 10 representation moving forward will be working with new areas now included in Ward 10. The candidates were asked how they would work with the Whittier neighborhood to retain its unique character. Tuthill said its necessary to keep working for the diversity in the Whittier neighborhood and that other neighborhoods in the10th Ward can learn from the Whittier community. Hargarten encouraged the Whittier neighbors to fight for what they want. Noting the population in Whittier is 90 percent rental, Bender said it can be hard to get involvement but with new developments poten-

tially changing cost-of-living levels, there needs to be lots of planning. In their closing statements, Hargarten said he isnt a political person and he would like to have others help him reform politics. Hargarten encouraged attendees to look up the Minneapolis Pirate Party. While Tuthill said the10th Ward is doing well its necessary to have more continuity in leadership given the past turnover in 10th Ward Council members. Bender said she would provide the leadership necessary to build coalitions and will work better with others to solve community problems. Gary Farland resides in East Calhoun.

THE UPTOWN NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS IS NOW AVAILABLE AT THESE SELECT LOCATIONS Bremer Bank Brueggers Bagels Bryant Square Park Cheapo Records Chiang Mai Thai Common Roots Cafe Dunn Bros (Hennepin & 34th) Dunn Bros (Lake & Bryant) Falafel King Famous Daves BBQ Gigis Caf Health Resource Center Hennepin-Lake Liquors Isles Bun & Coffee Its Greek to Me Joyce Food Shelf Joyce United Methodist Church Kowalskis Market Magers & Quinn Mohn Electric & Lighting Lagoon Theatre Parents Automotive Pizza Luce Rainbow Foods Sebastian Joes Ice Cream Cafe Southwest Senior Center Subway Spyhouse Coffee Shop Uptown Diner Tea Garden Treetops At Calhoun Vail Place Walker Place The Wedge Co-op YWCA (Uptown)

Lyall Schwarzkopf, a former City Coordinator, now Secretary of the Minneapolis Charter Commission presents the proposal for the City Charter reformulation. (Photo by

where we can feel comfortable looking at a latex suit and whip where nobody is looking at you in a weird way. I want to create a home for people who practice what makes them feel comfortable. If a person is happy being kinky and whipped, so be it. We should have the right to be spanked and love it! Personable and with many years of experience living and working in Uptown, Sharku intends for Bondesque to double as an informal community center for those interested in the bondage lifestyle. She plans to teach lessons about the fetish, host events for the bondage community, and schedule private shopping hours for clients too shy to shop publicly. Online sales will also be available. A native of Kosovo, Sharku initially came to America as 16-yearold exchange student, and has spent months traveling the world connecting with vendors to supply quality leather goods.

years Sharku has lived in worked in the neighborhood. Over the years Sharku also accumulated business experience working at K-mart, Super America, Nico, Venus and other companies. Besides my education, my previous jobs have given me the knowledge of doing business, discipline, leadership skills, and understanding the importance of customers. Sharku shares her eagerness for the store to open with friends and acquaintances she meets through her current job at Super America. I have told many of my customers at my current job about the shop, she says, and so far everyone has been supportive and very kind about the idea. That makes me love this place more than ever. When she is not busy holding down two jobs in Uptown, Sharku fills her time completing coursework for her bachelors degree. She will graduate this

spring with majors in international business and marketing. I value education, she says. When I left Kosovo my dad told me whatever I do I must get my education done. Sharkus drive and de facto expertise makes her confident that the neighborhood is a prime place to market her goods and sense of community. She hopes to lift stereotypes that characterize ones preference for bondage. The lifestyle, she notes, is present in many homes regardless of class or race. Once I see the people who practice this lifestyle walk in my store without first looking to see whos watching, I will know that I have been successful. I am a believer in enjoying life while we live. Being kinky is legal. Trust in yourself and your partner is very important and hard to gain, but once you do its hard to let go!
Lyndel Owens resides in CARAG.

Chinese Restaurant
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(With a $30 or more purchase)

c Uptown Neighborhood News

Take Out Special

6 - NOVEMBER 2013

Looking to Curry Favor

Review: Vos Vietnamese Restaurant
By Beth Marsh
If you are looking for a casual, family-friendly, no-frills eatery that also provides take-out, Vos Vietnamese Restaurant, which opened its second location in September, may fit the bill. My companion and I were seated immediately at a front window table. Although the table and

chairs were clean and the window offered sufficient light, my preferred seating location would be a back table or booth, away from the kitchen noise, which at times drowned out the 1960s elevator music playing in the background. We waited about five minutes before our server brought us menus and took our

Spring Rolls

(Photo by Beth Marsh)

drink orders, but after the apologetic server took our appetizer and dinner orders, the food arrived quickly.

age. Each of the two spring rolls consisted of shredded lettuce, four petite shrimp, and threads of rice noodles with a mildly spicy fish-sauce blend for dipFor my companion and me, a ping. Vegetarian and BBQ pork meal at a Vietnamese restaurant varieties are also available. must start with Goi Cuon (spring rolls), a green salad wrapped We shared a stir-fry with vegetain delicate rice paper, and Vos bles and chicken and a Vietnamspring rolls are larger than aver- ese curry with coconut milk and beef from the entre menu. The crisp tender vegetablesbroccoli, cabbage, peapods, carrots, and onions were identical in both dishes. The onions were abundant, but the chicken and beef 3450 Lyndale Avenue were sparse. The stir-fry sauce was bland, with the seasoning 612.584.3630 being almost undistinguishable, but the sauce on the curry dish Hours was tongue-tingling without MondayFriday: 11am-9pm being overpowering. Saturday: Noon-9pm Meat lovers can choose from Sunday: Closed the Barbecue Entrees list, with Prices offerings of chicken, pork, or beef, some of which are served as Appetizers: $4-$5.95 combo meals with an egg roll or Soup: $3.15 for cup and $8.50 spring roll, fried rice, and meat for bowl served en brochette. Vegetarians can select from more than a Lunch specials (11am-4pm): dozen meat-free dishes, includ$6.25-$6.75 ing several with a choice of mock Entrees: $7.50-$11.50 duck or tofu. Pho (rice noodle Parking soup) is available in both vegetarian and meat varieties. Free on-street parking on Lyndale Avenue and If a sit-down meal is too surrounding streets. FAVOR page 7

Vos Vietnamese Restaurant



Midtown Corridor Public Open Houses

The purpose of the Midtown Corridor Alternatives Analysis(AA) is to determine the benefits, costs and impacts of creating a transitway in the Midtown Greenway or on LakeStreet. The Midtown Corridor has been studied for severaldecades and while those past studies will help inform the AA, this project is an opportunity to startwith a clean slate and provide an unbiased analysis that willhelp balance the various transportation needs in the corridor. Learn more about the alternatives analysis process at

Wednesday, November 20
Intermedia Arts, 2822 Lyndale Avenue South

Thursday, November 21
Colin Powell Center, 2924 4th Avenue South

Uptown Association Project Aims to Combat Graffiti

The Midtown Corridor Alternatives Analysis(AA) project time line.

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(Graph courtesy of Metro Transit)

Uptown Real Estate

Will You Sabotage the Sale of Your Property?
Many sellers unwittingly make negative impressions on prospective buyers. We would like to address some common mistakes sellers make when their homes are on the market. The most important piece is to make yourself scarce. Plan to be away from home at times your home is being shown to prospective buyers. Let the agent do what theyve been hired for; a hovering homeowner or other party can be intimidating to a buyer. They might feel like an untrusted visitor and will not focus fully on the attributes of your home. Your pets are members of the family, so they too, should be absent from home when its being shown. They could create an allergic reaction or elicit fear that quickly eliminates your property from consideration. At the very least they might distract a buyer from giving your home their full attention. In the best case scenario, pets should go on vacation during the time a property is offered for sale. Addressing the flaws of your property is another key to home selling success. Peeling paint, cracks in walls, poorly lit areas, cracked window glassyou name it and the buyer will see it. These things will give the buyer a sense that your home hasnt been well maintained and will diminish its
Mike Weiland & Elke Stephan are co-owners of The Weiland Group of Keller Williams Realty here in Uptown. Together they have over 18 years of experience helping people with their real estate needs. Use our contact information below if youd like to send us your questions or if youd like to explore working with us.

value in their eyes. Also, it might be prudent to have your home staged to create an inviting environment. This might include de-cluttering including storing your excess stuff in a storage unit while your house is on the market. This can give you a head start in your moving process, leaving less for you to do later on! Present the best possible product to the market from day one. We hope you have found our experience-based suggestions thought provoking and helpful. We know how difficult it is to be on the sidelines when selling a property.

Wrapped Boxes at 34th Street and Hennepin Avenue are part of CARAGs vandalism-deterrent art project. (Photo courtesy of the Uptown Association)

Art Outside the Box highlights CARAG art installations

The Uptown Association will host Art Outside the Box, a walking tour of the new graffiti-deterring CARAG art installations, as well as a community Graffiti and Safety Summit, this Saturday Nov. 2. The tour will celebrate the completion of new project designed to combat graffiti and other neighborhood vandalism. The art installations, which consist of 13 artistically wrapped utility boxes throughout the CARAG neighborhood, were made possible through the Innovative Graffiti Prevention Micro Grant from the City of Minneapolis Solid Waste and Recycling Division, with additional financial support from the Uptown Association, FAVOR from 6 the CARAG neighborhood and 1350 Lagoon Avenue, Suite 900, Minneapolis, MN 55408 time-consuming for you, consid- local businesses. The boxes will 612.735.6834 | er calling in for take-out, or visit ART page 9 the restaurant and place a takeout order at the counter. Restaurants such as Vos are rare in the Uptown area because they serve You don't need to go far for great care. no wine or alcoholic drinks, have a relatively quiet atmosphere, Theres a multi-specialty clinic ready to provide expert care right and may have a wider appeal here in Whittier. From family medicine and pediatrics, to than the trendy, adventurous orthopaedics and physical therapy, even surgical and imaging venues. Its menu is standard when compared to other Vietservices, were ready for whatever your family needs. namese restaurants, and the food Convenient scheduling with same-day, after-hours and Saturday is served in plastic serving bowls care, on-site pharmacy and most health plans are accepted. and on plastic platters and plates. Vos could become a favorite To make an appointment, call 612-545-9000. place where all generations are welcome. Its a place for a comfortable, predictable and reasonably priced nosh. On a scale of 1 2810 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55403 to 5, with 5 being the highest, I 612-545-9000 rate Vos Vietnamese Restaurant Hennepin County Medical Center as follows: Food=4, Beverage=3, Service=3, and Atmosphere=4. Brooklyn Center Clinic Brooklyn Park Clinic East Lake Clinic Richfield Clinic St. Anthony Village Clinic

Whittier Clinic

c Uptown Neighborhood News

8 - NOVEMBER 2013

CARAG report
Lake St. 36th St.

Calhoun Area Residents Action Group

The CARAG Board meets the third Tuesday of each month, 7 pm at Bryant Park Community Center, 31st and Bryant. All CARAGresidents are welcome and urged to attend.

Lindgren, Maura Lynch, Nancy Riestenberg, Samantha Strong Meeting was called to order at 7:08 p.m.

Bryant Square Park Update

The Halloween Party is October 31 from 6-9 p.m. and features a dance party and treats. There is still room to sign up for Zumba on Monday nights.

Welcome & Introductions: Diana Boegemann

Boegemann welcomed neighbors to the meeting and introduced the Board of Directors.

Calhoun Area Residents Action Group (CARAG), Monthly Neighborhood Meeting Minutes, October 15, 2013. DRAFT: Subject to approval at the November 2013 CARAG Meeting. Minutes recorded and submitted by Michelle Beauliu.

Council Update: CM Meg Tuthill

Street sweeping will begin October 21, so watch for no parking signs. The Citys budget process has begun and public hearings will be held in November and December. The Meet with Meg will be held on October 21 at the 5th Precinct, 6-7PM. Neighborhood and business associations in the 10th Ward are invited to attend and exchange ideas. Coup detat Restaurant, Jacob Toledo. Toledo plans to open the restaurant with his business partners in December at the Walkway development (Lake & Girard Avenue South). Two chefs from the award winning Travail have created a Mediterranean menu. The space has about 130 seats indoors and additional seating on a second story patio. Ranked Choice Voting, Grace Ramsey- Fair Vote MN. Ramsey presented the background behind RCV and how it will work during the Nov. 5 Minneapolis election. Voters have the opportunity to vote for their first, second, and third choices on the ballot eliminating the need for a primary election earlier in the fall. She encouraged voters to use all three choices in order

to fully take advantage of their voting power. Fair Vote MN is conducting a voter education effort in partnership with the City of Minneapolis. Volunteers are desired at all City precincts on election day to provide voter education about RCV. Contact Fair Vote MN at: for more info.

Agenda & Minutes: Diana Boegemann

Motion, Seconded to approve the meeting agenda with the addition of the Wine Tasting during the Treasurers Report. Approved.*Motion, Seconded to approve the August 20 and September meeting minutes. Approved.

NRP Implementation: Carol Bouska, Scott Engel

Dupont and Emerson Avenues in addition to the temporary bump-outs. Motorists continue to roll through the stop signs making crossings uncomfortable for pedestrians. Motion, Seconded to recommend that Minneapolis Public Works add zebra crosswalks to the intersections of 31st Street and Dupont and Emerson Avenues. Approved.

Board Members Present: Michelle Beaulieu, Courtney Blair, Diana Boegemann, Carol Bouska, Cameron Conway, Jay

Hennepin Ave.

Drive Time

Driving Miss Daisy by Alfred Uhry, runs Nov. 8-Dec. 22, at The Jungle Theater, 2951 Lyndale Ave. (Photo by Drew Trampe)

Bryant Square Park (3101 Bryant Ave)

On the agenda Draft Neighborhood Priority Plan City Council Member Community Updates
Welcome 2013/2014 CARAG Board of Directors
- Michelle Beaulieu, Secretary - Diana Boegeman, President - Cameron Conway, Vice President - Samantha Strong, Treasurer - Nancy Riestenberg - Courtney Blair - Carol Bouska - Jay Lindgren - Maura Lynch

Join the CARAG E-update at to receive emails about CARAG activities and events.

CARAG | 3612 Bryant Avenue S | Minneapolis, MN 55409 | | 612.823.2520

Lyndale Ave.

The NRP Committee will get together at the end of October or early November to discuss progress of projects.

Treasurers Report: Implementation Scott Engel

An applicant for the CARAG 1-3 Unit Home Loan Program was rejected for a loan because their income was about $3,000 over the limit in 2012. However, that income was not reflective of a typical year due to cashing in an IRA during the year. Motion, Seconded to approve a variance from the CARAG NRP Home Loan Guidelines allowing this applicant to qualify for the loan. Approved.

Engel noted that CARAG needs to approve a Neighborhood Priority Plan (NPP) in order to participate in the Community Participation Program (CPP). He will present a NPP at the November meeting and proposed that CARAG take a vote to approve it at the January meeting.

UNN Managing Board

Motion, Seconded to appoint Elizabeth Walke and Nancy Riestenberg to another 2-year term representing CARAG on the Uptown Neighborhood News managing board. Approved.

Land Use & Transportation: Cameron Conway

The committee heard a presentation from the Ackerberg Group about the next phase of the MoZaic development. The project will be built on the surface parking lot behind the Lagoon Cinema and features office space and some retail facing the sculpture plaza. Once Ackerberg applies for site plan review with the City, the LU&T Committee will review it and possibly make a recommendation to the full CARAG neighborhood.The committee reviewed the West 31st Street pedestrian improvements and agreed that crosswalk markings were needed at

Accounting Procedures/ Conflict of Interest Policies

Motion, Seconded to approve the updated 2014 Accounting Procedures and Conflict of Interest Policies as presented. Approved. Bank & Account Signers: Motion, Seconded to select Bremer Bank for CARAG accounts and appoint Boegemann, Conway, and Strong as account signers. Cindy Christian discussed the Hennepin Lake Wine Tasting and how to volunteer and buy tickets. Approved. The meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

CARAG Neighborhood Meeting

Tuesday, November 19, 7pm

10th Ward News

From Council Member Meg Tuthill, 10th Ward
Contact Meg at 612.673.2210,, Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9 am to 5 pm. Visit us at

Polling Location Change

Residents who vote in Ward 10 Precinct 2 (Lowry Hill East south of 26th Street) will have a new polling location for the Nov. 5 general election. Due to a lack of space, the location has moved from the VFW to the Jefferson Elementary School lower gym. The additional space will allow for more voting booths and room for people to wait inside. If you are unsure what precinct you vote in, visit the Secretary of States Poll Finder webpage at For more information on the upcoming election and on ranked choice voting, visit

Contribute to YOUR Neighborhood Association!

Help CARAG raise our goal of $2,000 by the end of the year to support the organizations programs and activities. Your donation will help CARAG continue efforts to make the community an even better place.
$10 - Bronze Level Support $25 - Silver Level Support $50 - Gold Level Support (Get a free CARAG pilsner glass) $100 - Good Neighbor Level (Get a free CARAG t-shirt)

Absentee Voting Now Open

Voters who will not be able to vote at their polling place on Election Day are eligible to vote by absentee ballot now! Voting absentee can be done in person at City Hall, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or on the final two Saturdays before Election Day, Oct. 26 and Nov. 2, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Absentee voting can also be done by mail. Just fill out an Absentee Application Form and return it to: 350 South 5th St, Room 1B, Minneapolis, MN 55415. The application form can be found at public/@clerk/documents/webcontent/wcms1p-108111.pdf

Go to for more information.

Boards and Commissions Fall Openings

The City of Minneapoliss fall cycle for boards and commissions is happening now! There are 12 boards and commissions with a total of 74 open seats. The application review process began Oct. 18. Seats are open until filled. To see the list of open boards and commissions and to apply for an open seat, visit



Short Redhead Reel Reviews

By Wendy Schadewald [Rating Legend: (4=Dont miss, 3=Good, 2=Worth a look, 1=Forget it)] About Time (R) (3.5)
[Language and some sexual content.] A delightfully charming, touching, intriguing, bittersweet, funny, star-dotted (Tom Hollander, Lindsay Duncan, and Richard Cordery), 2-hour, romantic comedy in which a British lawyer (Domhnall Gleeson) learns from his kindhearted father (Bill Nye) on his 21st birthday in Cornwall that he can travel back in time in his own past and uses that gift to meet a beautiful, energetic, publishing house reader (Rachel McAdams) in London and to help his emotionally challenged sister (Lydia Wilson), a coworker (Joshua McGuire), and friends (Will Merrick, et al.) in their own lives. bloody images, and for substance use.] When four desperate Somali pirates (Barkhad Abdi, Barkhad Abdirahman, Faysal Ahmed, and Mahat M. Ali) hijack the Maersk Alabama freighter in April 2009 in this riveting, chilling, well-acted, factually based, 134-minute thriller, which is based on Richard Phillips novel A Captains Duty: Somali Pirates, Navy SEALS, and Dangerous Days at Sea, courageous and selfless Captain Richard Phillips (Tom Hanks), who has left his wife (Catherine Keener) at home in Vermont, tries to protect his crew (David Warshofsky, Ian Ralph, Peter Landi, Angus MacInnes, Mark Holden, San Shella, Corey Johnson, et al.) while U.S. Navy personnel (Yul Vazquez, et al.) and a SEAL team (Max Martini, Scott Oates, Billy Jenkins, et al.) figure out a daring rescue plan. himself and his innocent, gorgeous fiance (Penlope Cruz) in danger after he foolishly gets involved with ruthless drug dealers (Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem, and Brad Pitt) and unwittingly gets on the wrong side of the unforgiving Mexican drug cartel.

Uptown November Film Schedule

Listed in order of release date and subject to change. Please see for final titles, dates and times.

CITY from 1


1320 Lagoon Ave. 612.823.3020 Blue is the Warmest Color We Are What We Are Maison De La Radio

Dallas Buyers Club (R) (3.5)

[Pervasive language, some strong sexual content, nudity, and drug use.] After homophobic, rodeo-loving Texas electrician Ronald Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey) is diagnosed with HIV and given 30 days to live in 1985 and local doctors (Jennifer Garner and Dennis OHare) are unable to enter him in a clinical trial in this dark, realistic, well-acted, insightful, factually based, 117-minute film, he researches alternative treatments in Mexico and then begins an unlikely business with AIDS-affected transsexual Rayon (Jared Leto) to sell $400 monthly memberships in their club to desperate patients in exchange for life-prolonging, non-FDA approved drugs. 1986 through 2013 by Wendy Schadewald. The preceding films were reviewed by Wendy Schadewald, who has been a Twin Cities film critic since 1986. To see more of her film reviews, log on to

The building owner, Lake and Knox LLC, is currently pumping water into a storm sewer at a rate of 170 gallons per minute. The storm sewer empties that groundwater into the lagoon between Lake of the Isles and Lake Calhoun. The developer does not have permission from the City of Minneapolis or the State of Minnesota to pump groundwater from its property into the storm sewers or into the lagoon. The effects of the illegal discharge came to light last winter when it thinned ice on the lagoon, jeopardizing the safety of cross-country skiers on the lake. The continual flow of groundwater has also prevented routine maintenance on the storm sewer, causing other adverse environmental impacts. Despite demands from the City, Lake and Knox LLC has failed to stop its illegal discharge. This has prompted the City Councils decision to authorize litigation.

11/8 Let the Fire Burn How I Live Now 11/12 Medora 11/15 Spinning Plates 11/22 Broken Circle Breakdown The Armstrong Lie 11/29 The Great Beauty

All Is Lost (PG-13) (3)

[Brief strong language.] A dark, thought-provoking, dialogue-free, realistic, harrowing, frustrating, 105-minute thriller that has an ending with several interpretations in which an aging sailor (Robert Redford) on a solo voyage finds himself fighting for his life after his 39-foot sailboat begins taking on water 1,700 miles off the Sumatra Straits in the Indian Ocean.

11/1 12 Years a Slave

2906 Henn. Ave. 612.392.0402

The Counselor (R) (4)

[Graphic violence, some grisly images, strong sexual content, and language.] A powerful, gritty, violent, intense, disturbing, star-studded (Rose Perez, John Leguizamo, Goran Visnjic, Bruno Ganz, Rubn Blades, Toby Kebbell, and Sam Spruell), 2-hour Ridley Scott thriller in which a foolish, greedy, hotshot Texas lawyer (Michael Fassbender) is horrified and frightened when he realizes that he has put hopes to both reduce graffiti and improve the quality of life in the CARAG neighborhood and surrounding areas. Other communities and neighborhood organizations looking to increase anti-graffiti education, graffiti prevention and reduce graffiti in areas that are frequently vandalized are invited to attend to learn more. More than 8,000 cases of graffiti vandalism were reported in Minneapolis in 2011. WHAT: Art Outside The Box The 2013 Tour Tour of artistically wrapped

11/6 Muse: Live at Rome Olympic 11/08 Dallas Buyers Club 11/15 *Kill Your Darlings 11/22 The Book Thief 11/27 Nebraska *Opens either at Lagoon or Uptown

Thank You
For Reading The UNN

Captain Phillips (PG-13) (3.5)

[Sustained intense sequences of menace, some violence with
ART from 7

feature four designs created by Minneapolis artists Gail Katz James, Kirk Sklar, Mark LaCroix and Cindy Lindgren. Comparable projects in the Minneapolis area have reduced graffiti markings by 50 percent or more. The wrap material, which can be easily washed with soap and water, results in cost-effective maintenance, and also furthers Uptown Associations tradition of providing local artists a new setting to demonstrate their work. Through this project and the Graffiti and Safety Summit, the Uptown Association

utility boxes throughout the CARAG neighborhood Community Graffiti and Safety Summit Door prizes for all attendees (Including the grand prize 42 x 42 piece of artwork donated by Bobiam) Food and drink provided by Pizza Luce and Bobiam WHEN:Saturday, Nov. 2, 2013, 1-3 p.m. (Rain or shine) WHERE: Tour begins at 1:05

p.m. from Bryant Square Recreation Center, 3101 Bryant Ave. S., with a presentation to follow at the recreation center. WHO:Guest include: speakers to

Assistant Chief Matt Clark, Minneapolis Police Department Maude Lovelle, Executive Director of the Uptown Association 5th Precinct Inspector Anthony Diaz, Minneapolis Police

Department Angela Brenny, City of Minneapolis Solid Waste and Recycling Michelle Howard, City of Minneapolis Clean City Coordinator Artists Gail Katz James, Kirk Sklar, Mark LaCroix and Cindy Lindgren Guests can RSVP at or by calling 612-823-4581. Walk-ups also welcome.

Follow the UNN on Facebook & Twitter

Friend us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter: @UptownNewsMpls

Sweet Release
Hannah Connolly debut her first EP Flying, Nov. 13 with a CD release at Bryant Lake Bowl with Bomba de Luz and Kara Laudon. The 23-yearolds vocals have been described as both confidant and fragile. In 2011, after a demo release, she was voted one of the Chippewa Valleys Best New Bands in Volume One Magazines reader poll. (Submitted photo)


A champion for neighborhood involvement, environmental stewardship and fiscal responsibility.
DFL, Labor and Sierra Club Endorsed
Prepared and Paid for by Neighbors for Anita. Harvey Ettinger, Treasurer. 72 Groveland Terrace, Minneapolis, MN 55403

10 - NOVEMBER 2013

ECCO report
Lake St. 36th St.

East Calhoun Community Organization

ECCO meets the first Thursday of each month, 7 pm at St. Marys Greek Orthodox Church, 34th & Irving. All ECCOresidents are welcome and urged to attend.

Approximately 50 residents attended the Annual Meeting including Board members: Sarah Sponheim, President; Harry Savage, Co-VP; Linda Todd, Co-VP; Glen Christianson, Treasurer; Emily Balogh; Andrew Bornhoft; Anja Curiskis; Kate Davenport; Liz Heyman; Lara Norkus-Crampton; Jim Smith; and Heather Wulfsberg. Board Member Absent: Susie Goldstein The event began with pizza and a social hour.
Lyndale Ave.

ECCO Board President Sarah Sponheim called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

at Nicollet Island Pavilion. The Park Board is hiring a consultant to study the effects on hydrology and the watershed from the proposed shallow tunnels (for Southwest LRT) between Lake of the Isles and Cedar Lake. Council Member Meg Tuthill, Ward 10 Focusing on fire safety (three Ward 10 young adults have recently died in fires). Election judges are needed for the Nov. 5 election. Contact Megs office at 612-673-2210 for more information. 2014 Budget Public Hearings: Nov. 19 and Dec. 11, both meetings begin at 6:05 p.m. in Room 317, City Hall. The Citys consultant is reviewing the developers proposed plan to solve the dewatering issue at 1800 Lake. Hennepin County Commissioner Gail Dorfman, 3rd District Decisions will be made soon on $1.5 billion Southwest LRT project. More than 30 options were considered. The staff is recommending co-location of freight with LRT in shallow tunnels through the Kenilworth Corridor. The bike trail will be preserved in the corridor (but it will be disrupted during construc-

tion). Construction continues on the new Walker Library (Spring 2014 opening).

Hennepin Ave.

ECCO Meeting Minutes for October 3, 2013. (East Calhoun Neighborhood Monthly Meeting) Minutes recorded and submitted by Monica Smith and approved by the ECCO Board by electronic vote prior to publication.


Remarks from Elected Officials

Senator Scott Dibble, District 61 and Representative Paul Thissen, District 61B Accomplishments in the last session: dealing with the deficit, property tax relief, restoring LGA, funding early childhood education, and marriage equality. Work to be continued: transportation bill, anti-bullying, minimum wage, and capital bonding. Gun control legislation will depend on political momentum (mobilized constituents are opposed to gun control). Commissioner Anita Tabb, District 4, Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board The Park Board received a solar energy grant. A Public Hearing will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 15, 5-7 p.m. at Park Board headquarters to gain community input on locations for solar projects. The Park Board continues work on increasing recycling rates in the parks. A staff proposal is expected soon for implementation in 2014. Mississippi Riverfront redevelopment charette is Oct. 7 and 8

MSP Fair Skies presentation: Kevin Terrell

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants to install Performance-Based Navigation technology, also known as RNAV, at Minneapolis-St Paul airport. RNAV will redirect and significantly increase the number of flights over Southwest Minneapolis and Edina from less than 5 percent of daily flights to 40 percent starting in 2014. Currently, departing airplanes fan out from the airport; RNAV will focus flight departures onto tighter flight paths (seven super highways in the sky). With RNAV, 100 departures a day would fly over ECCO (a 5x increase over the current 20 departures/day) and the noise would consistently exceed 70 decibels. RNAV technology will unfairly burden us with more noise and more emissions. MSP FairSkies is a grassroots organization seeking greater transparency and accountability of the FAA and Metropolitan Airports Commission about RNAV. MSP FairSkies is working with Sen. Scott Dibble and Rep. Frank Hornstein locally and RepresenECCO page 11


Lowry Hill East (Wedge) resident and vocalist Connie Evingson sings Jazz at the Jungle Nov. 10 in Ellingtonia: The Music of Duke Ellington at the Jungle Theater, 2951 Lyndale Avenue. (Photo by Natasha DSchommer)

Thank you!
Uptown Cafeteria Calhoun Square Chino Latino, a Parasole Restaurant Great Clips Hennepin Lake Liquor
the fundraiser sponsors.


NOTE: All events will be held at St. Marys Greek Orthodox Church, 3450 Irving Ave S
Questions? Contact Monica: or 612-821-0131

The East Calhoun board and neighborhood greatly appreciate the contributions of the following in making the 30th Annual Wine Tasting Fundraiser a great and successful event:

t h u r S d Ay, N O v e M b e r 7

ECCO Board and Neighborhood Meeting

7:00 - 9:00 p.m.

The meeting is open to the public. The agenda will be posted on on November 6. w e d N e S d Ay, N O v e M b e r 1 3

Green Team Meeting

7:00 p.m.

t u e S d Ay, N O v e M b e r 1 9

Livability Committee Meeting

7:00 p.m.

Pat Fleetham, event director and Phil Colich, owner of Hennepin Lake Liquor
for their hard work on this fundraiser. And the volunteers who helped make this a wonderful event.

s av E T h E d aT E w e d N e S d Ay, d e C e M b e r 1 8

holiday Caroling Party

Kick off the holiday season by spreading good cheer! More details to come.

Thank you all!

aNd spECial thaNks tO

Mesa Pizza & Dunn Bros. Coffee
for their generous donations to the East Calhoun Annual Meeting!

Introducing the
Emily Balogh Andrew Bornhoft Anja Curiskis Kate Davenport Susie Goldstein Liz Heyman Lara Norkus-Crampton

our new website:

check out

** *

6:30 p.m.

2013-14 ECCO BOard Of dirECtOrs

Harry Savage Jim Smith Sarah Sponheim Linda Todd David Tompkins Heather Wulfsberg Paul Harstad, Alternate
sign up for our monthly e-newsletter to learn more about our events. send a request to or call Monica smith at 612-821-0131.
The East Calhoun Community Organization (ECCO) invites and encourages participation by every resident to each program, service and event organized by ECCO. Should you require an accommodation in order to fully participate, or if you require this document in a different format, please let us know by contacting Monica Smith at 612-821-0131 or at least five days before our event.



community events calendar

(Please send your calendar listings to with the subject line: Community Calendar. Submit by the 15th of each month to be included, space permitting, in the next issue.)


Bryant Lake Bowl - 7pm 810 Lake St. 612.825.8949

Box Wine Theatre Presents A Modest Proposal, a world premiere satire by Adam Sharp inspired by the Jonathan Swift essay of the same name. In 1729 Ireland, the OReally family has fallen upon hard times. They must take out loan after loan in order to make ends meet as their family continues to grow.Unable to pay off their debt, all seems bleak until word spreads of an enlightening new essay by Jonathan Swift which humbly suggests that when parents can no longer be the bread winners, the children can literally become the bread. Join Box Wine Theatre for a dark and hilarious romp when people just dont understand satire. Show runs Fridays Nov. 1, 8, 15, and 22, Saturday, Nov. 23 and Sunday, Nov. 24. All performances begin at 7pm with doors opening at 6pm. Tickets are $12.

make prints to take home. Learn to carve and print relief blocks by hand, and print blocks carved by Highpoint artists, too. Four times a year Highpoint invites the community to an afternoon of hands-on printmaking and creative fun. At these free, public events visitors of all ages can drop in anytime during the afternoon to make prints to take home. Since 2002 Free Ink Days have been an opportunity for the community to create unique, hand made artwork. All materials for the planned activity are supplied by Highpoint (and are non-toxic), and no registration is necessary just drop in anytime during the afternoon, bring your creativity, and be ready to get inky! Staff and volunteers will be able to answer any questions along the way. Past activities have included monoprinting and relief block printing, and have incorporated themes such as Da de los Muertos, Intergalactic Ink, and Prints and Puppetry.

his Cuban Bird Studies from a recent trip to the island. This free program will provide refreshments.



Lake Calhoun - 9am 2510 Calhoun Pkwy. W.
Beast 2 Feast is comprised of a 5K race around Lake Calhoun. The run is timed and benefits Childrens Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. Come out and enjoy the Thanksgiving morning scenery.



Calhoun Square - 10am-3pm 3001 Hennepin Ave. 612.824.1240

Join in the 24th Annual Uptown Coffee Festival. Feed your olfactory and please your pallet. Proceeds benefit the House of Charity. Entry fee is $10.

St. Marys Greek Orthodox Church 3450 Irving Ave. 612.825.9595
St. Marys Greek Orthodox Church will be holding their annual Blessing of the Animals and are inviting church neighbors to participate. Refreshments will be available for parishioners, visitors and their pets. The event begins at 10:30am.



SooVAC Art Gallery 2638 Lyndale Ave. 612.871.2263

Collect Call, celebrates the drive to preserve and champion the arts on a personal level. SooVAC invited several local collectors to share artworks from their private collections, offering the public the opportunity to view works signifying a lifelong commitment to the arts and the artists that have ignited their passion for collecting. The role of the arts collector is vital and complex; it is an investment in the life and legacy of the artists that find a place in their collections. This exhibition offers an insight into the relationships forged between collectors and artists, presenting a sampling of artwork that inspired these art lovers to preserve a moment in time celebrating beauty and achievement. Many of the works in Collect Call were acquired directly from the artist, never having been viewed in a public exhibition, providing audiences an opportunity to experience these works for the first time. The show runs Nov. 9-17. The Opening Reception Saturday, Nov. 9, 6-9pm and there is a Panel Discussion Thursday, Nov. 14, 6-8pm.

This Month The UNN is Giving Away . . .


Stellas Fish Cafe - 4:30-6:30pm 1400 Lake St. 612.824.8862

Networking doesnt need to be all business. Connect with your neighbors, enjoy complimentary appetizers and check out one of Uptowns most popular establishments on the first Monday of the month. The Uptown Associations Monday Night Mingle is free and open to the public as an opportunity make friends and business connections.

FREE Movie Tickets!

RULES: The correct answers to these two questions wins: What Turkey is native to Minnesota and which side has more feathers? Email your answer to
[Previous months winners are not eligible.]
the station. The station has been a success with over 1,000 departing trips so far this year. Co-hosted, with other Ward 10 neighborhoods, an environmental issues candidate forum for city council candidates prior to the DFL convention. Co-hosted with other neighborhoods, a Household Hazardous Waste event in September. Completed a Neighborhood of Rain Gardens project:14 rain gardens planted on private properties this summer as a collaboration between homeowners, the East Calhoun board and Metro Blooms, with funding from Minnehaha Creek Watershed District and the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization. Huge thanks to resident Nathan Campeau for his work and expertise throughout the project. Treasurer Glen Christianson presented the Treasurers Report. Grant: 25 percent NRP funds to 75 percent homeowner funds, $3,000 maximum grant, no income limits. Program funds are nearly depleted. Loan: 4 percent fixed interest rate, flexible terms, $15,000 maximum loan, no income limits. Home Security Grants of up to $250 per household for security upgrades. Tree Treatment Grant of up to $250 per property/per year for professional treatment of elm, ash and oak trees. Expiring for the season on Nov. 1, 2013. Rain Barrel and/or Compost Bin Grants of up to $100 per property. ECCO receives funding from the City of Minneapolis for Community Participation Program (CPP). ECCOs allocation for 2014 is $24,000 (2 percent increase over current year).

Highpoint Center for Printmaking 912 Lake St. 612.871.1326
Join Highpoint for an afternoon of hand-made art activities. From 1 to 4pm Highpoint will celebrate their annual fall Free Ink Day in honor of Da de los Muertos. This all-ages event allows you to



Bryant Square Park - 1pm 3101 Bryant Ave. 763.657.1907

Carol Henderson, Nongame Wildlife Program Supervisor for the Minnesota DNR, will share

ECCO from 10

tatives Keith Ellison and Erik Paulsen on the national level to push for more transparency and environmental impact studies. To learn more, go to and watch the video, sign a petition and follow them on Facebook.

2013 ECCO Annual Report: Sarah Sponheim

Redesigned website: eastcalhoun. orgthanks to Andrew Bornhoft and Monica Smith. Livability Committee, co-chaired by Jim Smith and Kate Davenport. The committee worked on a proposed residential zoning change, new restaurant Lake & Irving, comments to the DNR regarding the dewatering at 1800 Lake, pedestrian safety in Uptown, and late-night noise. Hosted events: Bike Festival in May (thanks to organizers Sheila Eldred, Erika Zabler and Anja Curiskis), Super Sale (thanks to organizer Sylvia Kafkas), puppet show/potluck dinner, and Labor Day celebration (thanks to Brad Albertson for securing all the donations of bingo prizes and food).

Board Elections
The following individuals were elected to the ECCO Board: Anja Curiskis (2nd term), Kate Davenport (2nd term), Harry Savage (2nd term) and David Tompkins (1st term). Paul Harstad was elected to serve as an Alternate. Special thanks to outgoing Treasurer Glen Christianson for his service to the neighborhood. Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m. Next meeting is Thursday, Nov. 7 @ 7 p.m. at St. Marys Greek Orthodox Church.

Neighborhood Programs
Monica Smith gave an overview of programs for residents. Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) was a 20-year City of Minneapolis program that provided funding to neighborhoods to make improvements based on the needs of each neighborhood. The NRP program is phasing out; there is no new funding for this program. East Calhoun is spending down our NRP funds and offers the following programs for residents: Home Improvement Loans and Grants for energy-related improvements or other exterior improvements to your home.

Inventory Control?
Tom Heywoods life size skeleton sculpture, Beatrice, watches over prospective Fluevog shoe shoppers. Although the East Calhoun resident boasts a Halloween birthday, his gallery at 3300 Hennepin Ave. displays mostly terrestrial sculpture. (Photo by Bruce Cochran)

Provided funding for 36th Street Bikeway (to be constructed in 2014). Welcomed a new Nice Ride station at Dunn Bros. on Hennepinthanks to ECCO resident Grant Dietrich for proposing the idea and Sanjeev Azad from Dunn Bros to giving up two parking spaces to accommodate

12 - NOVEMBER 2013

November Businesses Prepare to Open for the Holidays



(Digital Illustration provided by The Walkway)

By Bruce Cochran The Walkway (top)

As The Walkway mixed use development takes shape at Lake Street and Girard Avenue, amenity specifics are coming into view.

Coup dEtat restaurant (A)

Coup dEtat is opening in December on the northwest corner of Lagoon and Girard, facing the Lagoon Theatre. Owners Brent Frederick and Jacob Toledo describe the menu as Con-

temporary American with a Mediterranean twist. With two floors of seating, the restaurant will encompass the ground floor inside, outside and a second mezzanine for a total of 300 seats.

Yogurt Lab new venture (B)

Facing Girard, on the west side of the bottom floor, one of the spaces has been leased to the creators of the Yogurt Lab (3100 Excelsior Blvd.) Still in the exploratory stages, the menu will include soups, salads and sandwiches at a lower price point and more casual than the forthcoming larger anchor eateries on the northwest and southwest corners.

Southwest corner (C,D)

The southwest corner will have another restaurant with indoor, outdoor and mezzanine level seating. The new tenant, currently undecided, will likely offer catering services to the buildings private second floor bar.
(Photo by Bruce Cochran)

(Submitted photo)

Order Your Fresh Turkey Today!

Hot Tub (E)

And just for fun we couldnt resist to call attention to the private hot tub taking shape over the Lake St. sidewalk. If you look closely, the spa sports transparent wallskeep an eye on those jets!


c Uptown Neighborhood News

Sustainably pasture raised Free-Ranged Fresh Turkey for a truly remarkable Thanksgiving feast Free delivery the Saturday before Thanksgiving at the Midtown Farmers Market Also offering sustainably raised goat and lamb.

Kisa Collections Boutique (far left center)

Recently relocated from Turkey, Emily Johnson Kisa and her husband have opened Kisa Collections at 722 Lake Street, #101. The boutique is an extension of my jewelry designs, Kisa said, and will also include mens and womens clothing sourced from throughout Europe. More info at

Huge Purchase... Suits from


The Running Room (center)

Ordinary Guys Selling Extraordinary Suits

Now Open!

Calhoun Square

c Uptown Neighborhood

The Running Room at 2801 Hennepin Ave. recently opened a new location at 1433 Lake St. The original store on Hennepin will temporarily become a discount space until Jan. 1, 2014 and then will close its doors. More info at