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2 Guard ME Winter 2002

From the Adjutant General

Impact on National Guard
The events of last September have
had and will continue to have a tremen-
dous impact on the National Guard both
here in Maine and across the Nation.
Uniformed Guardsmen at the Olympics
and in airports are only the most visible
sign of these evolving changes. The
United States stands at one of those his-
toric crossroads which occur every few
generations and we in the Guard are go-
ing to be major players in whatever na-
tional defense strategies the Pentagon
proposes for the protection of our Na-
Interestingly, whatever role
emerges for the National Guard is
bound to take us back closer to our
On the Cover... original roots in the colonial militias.
SSG Daniel Grenier is taking apart a feed Now as then our very homes and com- MG Joseph E. Tinkham, II
tray for a M60 machine gun, in a munities, our families and neighbors are
modification production line. (Photo by: threatened by enemies close by. I believe the Army National Guard
SFC Angela Blevins, PA, MEARNG) As in times past no military forces will soon find itself training for the
stationed at forts or bases can be near mission of homeland defense and con-
Guard ME enough or can respond quickly enough ducting exercises of our plans jointly
to protect individual communities. The with our new partners. It should not
The Magazine of American people must organize to pro- come as a surprise to discover that
the Maine Army National Guard tect themselves and the National Guard much of our training will soon begin to
is already trained and forward deployed be focused in this direction for a time.
Winter 2002
in 2,300 communities Nationwide. What we can't do is forget our deploy-
Public Affairs Officer In performing our resurrected mis- ment “war-time” military mission and
sion of homeland defense we will find the skill sets necessary to execute it.
MAJ Peter Rogers
some new allies; “friendly forces” We in the Guard have for many
which don’t appear in traditional mili- years had the dual mission of support to
Editors tary operation plans. our State in domestic emergencies and
SFC Angela Blevins To paraphrase Governor King who our Nation in time of war.
MSG Daniel Fortin said that now, when he thinks of na- As these two roles converge, a hy-
tional defense, in addition to the Army, brid is emerging with elements of both.
Staff Navy, Air Force and National Guard he That we can reorganize our priorities to
SSG Carl Weiss also must picture the Bangor Police and successfully manage this third mission
Portland Fire Departments. of “Homeland Security” there is no
These and other community early- doubt. Never before has the National
Technical Support responding agencies like them are going Guard been so relevant to the security
CW3 Mark Houdlette to become close partners of the Guard. of our citizens and our way of life.
We will work them into our planning
Advisory Staff and they will work us into theirs.
BG Bill Libby
COL Robert Carmichael
CSM Mark Collins
Photographs and Story Ideas
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Guard ME is currently accepting photographs and story
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fice, Military Bureau, Headquarters
MEARNG, Camp Keyes, Augusta, ME To The Editor, Guard ME,
04333-0033. Telephone (207) 626-
4335. Views and opinions expressed Public Affairs, Maine Army National Guard Headquarters,
are not necessarily those of the De-
partment of the Army. The Adjutant Camp Keyes, Augusta, ME 04333
General is MG Joseph E. Tinkham, II.
The Magazine of the Maine Army National Guard – Winter 2002

In This Issue CSMS Achieves ISO

Page 2 -
Comments from the
9002 Certification statistical data. Everyone at the CSMS
By: SFC Angela Blevins, PA
Adjutant General was involved. Because the National Guard
In today’s society, one of the many already had a quality system in place,
Page 3 & 10 - challenges companies all over the world regulations, Standard Operating Proce-
face is trying to produce a quality product dures (S. O. P.’s) and user manuals for au-
CSMS ISO 9002 or service. The Maine Army National tomation systems, this made the ISO 9002
Certification Guard’s Combined Support Maintenance Quality process easier.
Shop (CSMS) recently became ISO 9002 CWO4 Conrad Damboise, shop man-
qualified. This recognition by the Na- ager at the CSMS, stated that the ISO cer-
Page 4 - tional Maintenance Manager (NMM) tification was needed. “We thought that
MeARNG Internet came about as a result of a two year effort the certification was a very good thing for
Site to standardize quality production proce- us. The process gave us an opportunity to
dures at the shop. look at how we do business and possibly
The CSMS has been involved in the ways of documenting it, so that we do
Page 5 - rebuild of various engines, transfer cases things consistently.”
NCO & Soldier of the and injector pumps over the past several The National Maintenance Manager
Year years under the Intergrated Sustainment as a whole, supplies the CSMS with work,
Maintenance Program (ISM). ISM has through a single stock fund, advertising
been superseded by the NMM. The for bids on projects, like rebuilding en-
Pages 6 & 7 - CSMS developed a quality manual de- gines or firearms. This office also is re-
scribing policies on doing work, contract- sponsible to conduct compliance inspec-
Korean National ing, documentation, customer service, and
Guard Soldiers See 'Certification' page 10

Page 8 -
UK Soldier Exchange

Page 9 -
MeARNG Strength
Page 10 -
Strategic Reorgani-
zation of the

Page 11 -
Comments from
CSM Collins

SPC Lenny Elefson, a mechanic at the CSMS,is adjusting valves and injectors on a
5-Ton Dump Truck. (Photo by: SFC Angela Blevins, PA, MEARNG)
4 Guard ME Winter 2002

Guard Site Valuble Retention Tool

By: MSG Daniel Fortin, PA Maine State Museum site. lar section, this section and its availability
If your wondering who makes up the to the public is what he’s been waiting for.
MAJ John McKenney has been wait- Maine Army National Guard, there’s a sec- “The intent of the website is to make
ing a long time for something like this. tion that features each one of the units in benefit information readily available to
“There is so much emphasis right now in Maine. You’ll find the location of each members and former members so that they
recruiting new sol- can make informed
diers, but where we choices. I care
need the most help is about our current
retaining our young members in the
soldiers. The new Guard and want to
website is a tremen- see them stay in.
dous tool to accom- But, I’m also con-
plish just that.” MAJ cerned about our
McKenney, who is the ‘grey’ area retirees
Military Personnel who might not
Plans and Action Of- know what ben-
ficer, for the Maine efits are available
Army National Guard, to them. The ‘Sol-
has spent a great deal diers Handbook’ is
of his career promot- a good place for
ing the Guard’s ben- them to start.”
efits to its members. In the hand-
The site was the cul- book, users can
mination of a great find the following
deal of hard work by a selections:
large number of Guard
members. According Armed Forces
to SGT John Lodging and
McKenzie, a Com- Recreation
puter Specialist with
STARC and current Commissary
Webmaster for the Privileges
new site, it took a
great deal of collaboration between a lot of unit, the point of contact at the unit, what Dental Coverage (Tricare)
people to make it happen. “We had vol- the unit’s mission is, and the jobs that are
unteers from different sections, Troop available in the unit. This section can be a Education Programs
Command, 240th Group, all the Director- great recruitment tool.
ates, STARC, and of course help from There is a site where one can view the Incentive Programs
many of the technical experts in the orga- monthy television program, ‘Serving
nization to help us put it together. We Communit and Country’. The monthly Employer Support Of the Guard
brainstormed to get started and then put program highlights the Guard’s role in & Reserve
together a lot of prototypes and then we providing service to our local communities
tore those apart. As part of the brain and to our Federal Government. This top- Family Readiness Program
storming process, we had to decide who quality show, is produced and directed
our target audience was. We also looked entirely by Maine Army National Guard Employment Opportunities in the
at other state’s sites to get ideas. We members and airs through local cable TV MEARNG
ended up getting some great ideas from stations statewide.
the Arizona National Guard. We got their Also found at the site is all the cur- Legal Assistance
permission to use some of their ideas and rent issues of the Maine Army National
that helped us a lot. Later we thanked Guard’s newest magazine, ‘Guard ME’. Life Insurance
them for those ideas.” The magazine features timely articles on
Finally, after approximately three units, annual training exercises, history, Medical Coverage
months of the trial and error process, the deployments, and new equipment to name
group came up with a design and look just a few. The publication is featured Military Awards
they thought would work. once every quarter and enjoys wide distri-
The site located at bution to all current Guard members and Military Burial Benefits, first came online in retirees, Guard family members, and inter-
January 1, 2001. It offers its users a vari- ested civilians like our state legislature. Military Exchange (PX)
ety of selections and interesting informa- Probably one of the most important & Clothing Sales
tion. There is a welcoming message from and informative features on the web page
the State’s Adjutant General. There is a is the, ‘Soldiers Handbook’. According Military & Dependent ID Cards
section on the History of the Maine Army to MAJ McKenney, who played a major
National Guard. This site is linked to the role in deciding what made up this particu- See 'Internet' page 9
Winter 2002 Guard ME 5

Soldier & NCO of Year Challenges

By: SSG Carl Weiss, PA
tional Guard. Staff Sergeant Stephen S. another land navigation and CTT test is
Soucy works for the 11th Civil Support administered. The FORSCOM board adds
Every year the Maine Army National Team, (WMD) in Waterville as an admin- an Army Physical Fitness Test, APFT, to
Guard selects one soldier and one NCO as istrative/readiness NCO and also serves the mix. Soldiers competing for the Army
its Soldier and NCO of the year. On as the Team’s detection line NCO. An level Soldier and NCO of the year must
Wednesday, February 6th, 2002, four of eleven-year veteran of the Army, he put all their skills on display.
Maine’s best Guardsmen will square off joined the Guard in 2000. Sergeant Mat- In addition to the board questions,
against each other for the right to be thew A. Kervin is assigned to the 112th APFT and land navigation test, the sol-
named Soldier and NCO of the year. Each Medical Company (Air Ambulance) in diers must qualify with their M-16, show
enlisted man, will face a panel of three Bangor as UH60 crew chief technician. their competence in first aid, camouflage,
Command Sergeants Major; the State If there is a common thread among write an essay, take a 25 question written
CSM and the two major command CSMs. these four soldiers it is the amount of time test and perform a mystery test, to be an-
The candidates will be asked to display all have spent on their own time preparing nounced at the board.
their knowledge in US Army history, first for the boards. In each case, fellow sol-
aid, weapons, current events, customs diers, friends or spouses have helped
and courtesies, physical fitness and land them by grilling them with questions on Congratulations
navigation. For each soldier this board military knowledge and subjects. Sgt to the
represents the culmination of five months Kervin said it best when he laughed, “If following soldiers:
hard work. my wife was sitting in front of the board
Last September, First Sergeants of she could probably do better than me.
units throughout the state, requested She has been a tremendous help and has
names of outstanding soldiers and NCO’s learned a lot about the military over the
from their platoon sergeants. The soldier past several months.”
had to be in the grade of Private to Spe- “All four finalists have shown their
cialist or Corporal and the NCO had to be outstanding soldier and communication
a Sergeant, Staff Sergeant or Sergeant skills throughout the first three competi-
First Class. The unit then held a competi- tions,” said State CSM Mark J. Collins,
tion between the best individuals from President of the State level board. “These
each platoon. four soldiers have shown that they are the
Basic soldiering questions were asked best of what the Maine Army National
on drill and ceremony, weapons knowl- Guard has. They have all made their re-
edge, land navigation and current events. spective units proud of their accomplish-
Ultimately, a soldier and NCO were cho- ments.”
sen to represent their unit at the Battalion This year’s winners will move onto
level board. From here, the Battalion win- the Regional soldier and NCO of the year
ners moved to the Major Commands board, to be held in May at Camp
board, which comprise the 240th Group and Edwards, Massachusetts. The regional SPC Jason P. Dufrense, Detachment 1, Co
the 52nd Troop Command. board, formally known as the 1st Army C, 133rd Engineer Battalion, selected as the
Two soldiers and NCO’s emerged board, has been modified this year to in- Maine Army National Guard Soldier of the
from this competition. This years finalists clude the state board winners from Con- year 2002. (Photo by: SSG Carl Weiss, PA,
represent a wide variety of military spe- MeARNG)
necticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New
cialties, in addition to belonging to four Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Rhode
different units. Specialist John M. Island and Vermont.
Michaud is an infantryman assigned to The regional board winners then
Company B, 3/172nd Infantry, (Mountain) move on to the 1st Army board to be held
in Brewer. Specialist Jason R. Dufrense is in August in Atlanta. The 1st Army win-
a carpenter with Detachment 1, Company ners then compete in the Forces Com-
C, 133rd Engineer Battalion in Norway. mand, FORSCOM, board also held in At-
Both are traditional Guardsmen. Michaud lanta in August. The FORSCOM winners
works at Procter and Gamble and Dufrense then have the opportunity to show their
is a physical therapist at Stevens Memo- skills at the Army at the Army level to the
rial Hospital in Norway. Michaud brings Sergeant Major of the Army, SMA Jack
active Army experience to the board, serv- Tilley, in September.
ing two years with the 10th Mountain Divi- In the past, all boards have been of
sion prior to joining the Maine Army Na- the oral question and answer variety.
tional Guard in 1999. Dufrense is a relative This year, competitors at the Regional
newcomer to the military, enlisting in the level will demonstrate their knowledge in
Maine Guard just two years ago. A self- land navigation and selected common task SSG Stephen S. Soucy, 11th WMD-CST,
professed military buff, he enjoys reading training, CTT to the board members. selected as the Maine Army National Guard
about history and the military. As the competition increases with Non-Commissioned Officer of the year 2002.
The two NCO finalists are both full each level achieved, so too does the diffi- (Photo by: SSG Carl Weiss, PA, MeARNG)
time employees with the Maine Army Na- culty of the board. At the 1st Army level,
6 Guard ME Winter 2002

'Citizen Soldiers' Major Contributor

50th Anniversary of the Korean War Celebration
By: MSG Daniel Fortin, PA

It was called a ‘police action’ not a

war. It came on the heals of one of the
most devastating conflicts America was
ever involved in and a conflict in Viet-
nam that tore America apart politically.
It started at the dawn of the ‘Cold War’
and later became known as the ‘Forgot-
ten War’.
Beginning on June 25, 2000 and
running through Veteran’s Day, Novem-
ber 11, 2003, America is trying to iden-
tify, thank and honor the veterans of the
Korean War, and their families, espe-
cially those who lost loved ones. For
them, it was a conflict they will never
Through the ceremonies and func-
tions that will make up the Commemora-
tion of the 50th Anniversary of the Ko-
rean War, the participants will attempt to
inform future generations of the United
States military’s contributions to the Na-
tion in maintaining world peace and free-
dom through readiness and engagement.
The Army National Guard played an im-
portant role in helping to maintain that
At the outbreak of the Korean War,
on June 25th, 1950, regular military forces
stationed in South Korea suffered one
disastrous setback after another. After
those initial setbacks, it became appar-
ent that a far larger number of Guard and
Reserve units would be needed for the
fight. In early September, four National what it was like.
Guard Infantry Divisions were called to “ I was a 21 year old kid working in
active duty, the 40th (California), the 45th the blueberry fields in eastern Maine
(Oklahoma), 28th (Pennsylvania) and 43rd when I was called-up,” Hunter recalls. “ I
(Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Ver- was sent to Fort Indian Town Gap in
mont). The 40th , or the “Sunshine Divi- Pennsylvania for Basic Training and then prison camp there. Then his unit moved
sion”, and the 45th , the “Thunderbird Di- I was assigned to the 40th. We then went to “Heartbreak Ridge” and defended the
vision”, would both see combat in Ko- by train to Seattle, Washington. From northern edge of the “Punchbowl” when
rea, while the 28th and the 43rd would be there we sailed to Japan for more training. the armistice was signed. Hunter re-
sent to Germany to help bolster NATO Finally we were sent to Korea and arrived membered the unbearable climate espe-
against the ever-present threat of a So- on February 13, 1953. The whole experi- cially when he was in combat.
viet invasion. ence was good for me then”. “It seems that it was always either
These four divisions were among Hunter was a radio chief with the 160th bitterly cold or extremely hot. In be-
the first of over 700 Army National Infantry Regiment, 40th Infantry Division tween the two extremes there was just a
Guard units mobilized for the Korean of the California Army National Guard. lot of mud.”
War. The 138,000 citizen soldiers feder- By the time the 40th and the 45th had ar- But some of the more vivid and
alized with their units represented about rived into Korea, the war had evolved into happier memories Hunter recalls are
one-third of the Army National Guard’s a static defensive combat of trench and those he remembers when he stayed at a
total strength. bunker warfare and small unit patrolling. place they called, “Sand Bag City”.
What was it like for these ordinary The 40th swapped positions with the 24th “I remember we had two
civilians to suddenly find themselves Infantry Division and the 45th relieved the Globetrotters in our outfit. Our basket-
pressed into service? Vernon Hunter, 1st Cavalry Division. ball team was pretty good. Our team
who now lives in the small coastal town Hunter remembers his unit first going ended up going to Seoul, Korea to com-
of West Rockport, Maine remembers to a place called Kojodow to guard a pete in the 8th Army Tournament.”
Winter 2002 Guard ME 7

to the 'Forgotten War' Effort

The 50th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration Flag is

symbolic of the unified effort of the United States, the Republic
of Korea and our allies to stop Communist aggression on the
Korean Peninsula 50 years ago. The light blue and white streamer
that runs through the center of the flag is the U.N. Battle
Streamer. The 22 stars represent the 22 allied nations that fought
side-by-side to save South Korea. The words “Freedom is not
Free” were added by our Veterans who, more than anyone else,
know the great price of liberty. The flag is in both the English
and Korean (Hangul) languages. In the center is the “Tae Guk”
symbol from the South Korean flag, familiar to many as the
symbol for the philosophy of Yin and Yang. In Korea, known as
Eum and Yang, the symbol stands for peace and harmony. South
Korea has adopted this as their official Commemoration Flag. The
Institute of Heraldry assisted the 50th Anniversary of the Korean
War Commemoration Committee with the design of the flag. It is
the goal of the Committee to see this flag flying in
Commemoration Communities across the Nation to honor and
thank the veterans of the Korean War, their families and most of
all, those who lost loved ones.

Sand Bag City also had some spe- of the Oklahoma Army National Guard. resentatives of the United States (repre-
cial visitors from time to time. “I remem- His first experiences were pretty jarring. senting the United Nations) and the
ber when Marilyn Monroe and later “I was 20 years old when I was North Korean Government.
Helen Hayes came to perform for us. I drafted and I was married with a kid on What Bean remembers most was
tell you what, that was something spe- the way. It was quite a shock.” That coming home. “ Our unit was the first
cial to us!” was March 29, 1953. On May 3, 1953 unit to come home after the cease fire.
Hunter also had the opportunity to his son was born and five days later We came home with our colors. We
take some college courses when he was Bean received a radio gram from Tokyo sailed first to Honolulu, then we went
at Sand Bag City. He attended the Uni- telling him of his son's birth. “When I through the Panama Canal and then
versity of California in Korea and once got the radio gram my unit was at the stopped in San Juan, Puerto Rico to
back in the States received his Masters Yangu Valley at the 38th parallel.” It drop off some soldiers there. Then we
Degree in Education. He taught in would be almost another entire year un- sailed into New York and disembarked at
Maine schools for over 35 years. So til Bean would see his son for the first Camp Kilmer, New Jersey. Then they
the military was a good experience for time. had a ticker-tape parade for us down
him. On July 27, 1953, three years, one Broadway. It was something special.”
Robert Bean of Vienna, Maine month and two days after the North Ko-
served as a medic with the 180th Infantry rean invasion which began the fighting,
Regiment, 45th “Thunderbird” Division an armistice was signed by military rep-
8 Guard ME Winter 2002

NCO Exchange Program On Hold After Attacks

By: SSG Carl Weiss, PA

On the 19th century oceans, American

sailors, both civilian and military kept a
wary eye for British Man-O-Wars. A
chance encounter with the world’s mighti-
est navy of the time, often meant two
choices; join the British crew or sink with
the ship. Thankfully, the impressment of
American sailors and servicemen doesn’t
exist today. On the contrary, the United
States and the government of Great Brit-
ain are rock steady allies. While the sail-
ors of yore had little or no choice to serve
under the British flag, today’s soldiers of
the Maine Army National Guard do have a
choice. Thanks to a program that’s been
around for nearly 20 years, some of
Maine’s finest junior NCO’s have the op-
portunity to travel “across the pond” and
train with their British counterparts; hon-
ing infantry and artillery skills.
The US-UK NCO Exchange Program SGT Michael Cox (far left) of South Portland and SPC Robert LaChance of
has been swapping reserve soldiers of Westbrook give familiarization and safety training on the M60 Machine Gun to
both countries for two weeks of annual Squadron Sergeant Major David Weightman (center back) and Staff Sergeant David
training for two decades now. This na- Law (back right). (Photo by: MSG Toby Youngs, PA, MEARNG, Ret.)
tionwide program sends some top Ameri-
can Sergeants and Staff Sergeants from According to the Maine Army Na- York City cancelled their trip. We hope to
local National Guard units to the United tional Guard’s training specialist/officer, get back on track with this program and
Kingdom to train alongside their reserv- Major Michael G. Pooler, “The intent of continue to send and receive soldiers.”
this program is to create a better under-
ists, known as the Territorial Army or TA. Sergeant Major Terrance Werley, the
American National Guard units also play standing between two armies on how each NCO exchange program manager at Na-
army works in a combat environment.
host to visiting TA soldiers during annual tional Guard Bureau said, “It is the premier
training. Since we are allies, the likelihood of find- NCO exchange run by the Army National
ing ourselves in a Guard. The cultural exchange opportuni-
combat or hostile en- ties it gives to our young sergeants and
vironment, on a joint staff sergeants can’t be beat. Our combat
multi national opera- and combat support roles mean we would
tion is high.” Some of be working alongside the TA guys if we
the skills that each all went to war.”
army teaches the Although the American and British
other include leader- armed forces are allies, members of the
ship styles, tactics, North Atlantic Treaty Organization,
weapons and profes- NATO and have shared training and tac-
sionalism. tics, there are differences between the two
“We don’t just reserve systems. The American GI and
send anyone who British Tommy both train on a part time
wishes to go” said basis; to include monthly drills and annual
Pooler. “The idea is training periods.
to select good solid However, the National Guard troops
NCO’s and junior of- are paid for drills and annual training and
ficers, who will repre- qualify for a pension at age 60, provided
sent the Maine Army they complete 20 good years of service.
Sergeant Andy Watson (left) and Sergeant Stephen Driver, National Guard and The members of the TA are paid, tax free,
both membes of 103rd Battalion REME, Territorial Army in the United States for their training periods, but don’t qualify
Britian, inspect the underside of an M984A1 Truck 8x8 well.” “Last fall two for a pension, unless they served in the
Wrecker while with Company A, 133rd Engineers during soldiers from our regular Army at some point in their ca-
Annual Training 2000. (Photo by: MSG Daniel Fortin, PA, Mountain Company reers.
MeARNG) were slated to leave The American soldiers are allowed to
for the UK in late Sep- serve until age 60, but the TA soldiers
tember, but the terror- may only serve until age 45.
ist attacks in New
Winter 2002 Guard ME 9

MeARNG By: COL Donald Grinnel

In November, The Maine Army Na-
tional Guard was presented with an award
ods. There are two ways soldiers come off
that list – they either return to a drilling
status or they are separated. BG Libby
Receives for achieving National Guard Bureau end-
strength goals for TY 2001. LTC David M.
focused on this issue in his guidance.
Initial Entry Training Losses. The ma-

Duehring, MEARNG Recruiting and Re- jor concern as we enter 2002 is the loss of
tention Manager, received the award on soldiers from the Guard before they com-
behalf of The Adjutant General at an plete Basic and AIT. Almost 24% of our

awards dinner in Washington, DC. This new enlistees never become MOSQ. BG
is the third consecutive year that the Libby has established a goal of no more
MEARNG has met its ends-strength that 12% IET losses. He tasked the Com-
goals, and one of only a few states to do mand Sergeants Major in each of the com-
so over that timeframe. The award recog- mands to work with all new recruits to
nizes various factors in the three tenants keep them in the Guard.
of strength maintenance, Recruiting, Re- BG Libby congratulated all who were
tention, and Attrition Management. involved in meeting the TY 2001 goals. He
In conjunction with the TY 2002 NGB is convinced that even though he has
goals, the Deputy Adjutant General, BG “raised the bar” in TY 2002, recruiting and
John W. Libby, has published his retention is the duty of every soldier. He
strength goals for 2002. He has set an challenged all to do everything they can
aggressive campaign in several areas. to help in meeting the TY 2002 goals.
End Strength Objective. His goal for TY2002 End Strength Objective
the ESO for the MEARNG to achieve by (ESO)
30 September 2002 is 2295. He estab- Unit ESO
Presented To lished an ESO goal for each of the units to HHD, STARC 245
achieve. 11TH WMD-CST 21
Retention. BG Libby asked all com- Selective Service 3
MAINE manders to extend not less than 65% of Det 14, OSACOM 7
Army National Guard our first term soldiers who reach ETS and Det 3, STARC Med 52
extending more than 80% of career sol- 240th Reg (RTI) 26
diers who reach ETS. Hq, 52nd Trp Cmd 41
For meeting end-strength Attrition Management. The goal for 195th Army Band 34
objective while achieving overall attrition management is less than Co B, 3/172 Inf (Mtn) 168
at least 15%. That means that we cannot afford HHD, 286th POL Sup Bn 42
to lose more than 339 MEARNG soldiers 112th Med Co (Air Amb) 132
-65% First Term Extension Rate this year. He challenged commanders to Co E, 120th Avn (ATS) 29
-80% Careerist Extension Rate maintain unit strength by “Managing One 1136th Trans Co 149
-85% Overall Extension Rate Soldier at a Time” and to “Train to Main- 152nd Maint Co (Hv) (Gs) 182
tain”. 1st Bn/ 152nd FA 428
for NoVal Pay. The goal for TY 2002 is 1152nd Tow Art Sup Tm 11
to have less than 2% of MEARNG sol- HHC, 246 Engr Gp 77
Fiscal Year 2001 diers on the NoValPay list. Soldiers ap- 133rd Engr Bn (Cbt) (Hv) 601
pear on this list when they have accumu- MEARNG Total 2295
lated twelve consecutive missed drill peri-
'Internet' nity to stay for a week at Cape Cod in a nent and timely infromation. Now with
Continued from Page 4 condominium for $234. This place had a just the click of a button, any interested
Military Pay Scale full kitchen, three bedrooms, living room, person can get the information they need.
indoor pool and a jacuzzi right in the We feel confident this was the best way
Maine Army National Guard condo. If you were going to pay for for us to go.”
Teams something comparable it would cost you SGT MacKenzie went on to say that
over $1,200! This is available for all as time goes on the website will be con-
Military Retirement Guardmember and most don’t know about tinually improved. “This is really an on-
it.” going project. You’ll notice that we have
One of the most popular sites is the Keeping a web page like this, with all a site entitled, ‘Feedback page’. We really
Armed Forces Lodging and Recreation its necessary regulations and time sensi- would like to know what people think. Af-
site. At this site, you can find a link to the tive information updated, can be a daunt- ter all, this is their page.”
Armed Forces Vacation Club. There ing task according to SGT MacKenzie.
Guardmembers, their families, and Guard This problem was especially troublesome
retirees can get great deals on lodging and in the ‘Soldiers Handbook’. “ No one has
recreation sites anywhere in the world. “ I enough time to continually monitor and
have personnally used this site for quite a update all the information available
while now and have saved a lot of money. through Congress, NGB, etc. So, we de-
One night I came home from work and my cided to link each site to the appropriate
wife was on the internet”, said MAJ government and association sites already
McKenney. “ She had found an opportu- being updated and maintained with perti-
10 Guard ME Winter 2002

Strategic Reorganization of the MeARNG

By: BG John Libby, DAG The anticipated date when we could begin Effective 1 October 2002, the 286th
recruiting for this unit is October 2003. POL Battalion and it’s subordinate units,
In the Maine Army National Guard 2. A proposal, approved by the Adju- 1136 th Transportation Company, 152d
Strategic Plan, we commit to “ensuring tants General of both Maine and Rhode Maintenance Company and the future
that our force structure must maintain a Island, is currently being studied at the Military Police Platoon, will come under
balance of forces that take advantage of National Guard Bureau that would result the command and control of the 240th En-
the skills, technology, culture and geogra- in a Military Police Platoon of 33 soldiers gineer Group. This shift in administrative
phy of this state”. We additionally commit being added to Maine’s force structure. responsibility will provide us with a more
to considering demographics; the full This would provide the MeARNG with a effective and efficient organization, ensur-
spectrum of units and developing in- capability to better support our state mis- ing maximum readiness for all of our units.
creased opportunities for females. Most sion and one that attract enlistees. The Stationing
importantly, we commit to maintaining anticipated date when we could begin re- We are always in the process of re-
“those units that have a history of great cruiting for this unit would be October viewing the locations of both our units
tradition and success in this state”. 2002. and armories in order to ensure efficiency
Within the philosophy expressed 3. The National Guard Bureau re- in recruiting, retention and training. No
above, the reorganization planning for the cently announced the aviation moderniza- station decisions are made without input
Maine Army National Guard is a dynamic tion plan for the entire National Guard. from commands at every level and consid-
process that is consistently changing and Maine is significantly affected by the eration of impacts on individual soldiers.
under review. It must be recognized that changes in the plan. Part of our current long-range vision in-
much of the reorganization process is The 112th Med Company is unaffected cludes:
driven externally by the needs of the other than a decrease in three assigned 1.The development of an Armed
Army and some of the process is based UH60 aircraft. The biggest change affects Forces Reserve Center (AFRC) in the
on opportunities that are developed within Company C, 1/137th who loses all their UH- southern Maine area allowing us to part-
our organization. 1 aircraft. This unit is replaced with a De- ner with the US Army Reserves and US
Let’s look at some of the issues that tachment of a General Support Aviation Marine Corps Reserves in constructing a
are under consideration at the present Company (GSAC) and four UH60 aircraft. state of the art facility and replace some of
time: Additionally, Maine receives a Detach- our aging and costly facilities in the area.
Force Structure (Units) ment of an Aviation Intermediate Mainte- 2.The commitment to maintaining a
1. A proposed reorganization of the nance Company. presence in the Calais Armory.
3 rd Battalion, 172 Infantry Battalion Unfortunately, we lose 22 aviator 3.The desire to station a unit in the
(Mountain) is being studied that, if ap- slots within this change though the total Bath Armory.
proved, would result in the replacement of number of aviation positions increases by 4.The need to develop stationing
our Company A, 3/172 by an Infantry Bat- seven soldiers. We believe this scenario plans for both the Scout Battalion and
talion (Scout) Headquarters and Head- is the best we could have hoped for under Military Police Platoon
quarters Company and Company A. The the circumstances. Maine has been close In summary, the reorganization of the
remained of the Battalion’s Infantry Com- to 20 aviators short of authorized for a Maine Army National Guard is a continual
panies (B & C) would be located in New number of years. The specific timeline to process with the goal of maintaining a bal-
Hampshire. While the number of infantry implement the plan is not known at this ance of forces that take advantage of the
soldiers would essentially be unchanged, time. skills, technology, culture and geography
the Scout Battalion structure would result Command and Control of Maine.
in a significantly higher-grade structure.
'Certification'' responsible for a certain type of compo-
Continued from Page 3 nent to be repaired. The NMM then gives a self- supporting system. When there is a
tions and evaluations that certify the me- the CSMS the number of components to project or line offered, we project the man-
chanics and procedures. repair and the money or man-hours to do hours and parts it takes to repair the com-
A prerequisite to bidding on a project it. Then the CSMS usually hires a couple ponent. Then when the job is awarded,
is that the bidder must be ISO9002 certi- of people to help with the work. Most of they receive the contracted labor and re-
fied or compliant, before being considered. the people were brought on as temps, pair parts money.”
ISO certification is not an insignificant then hired permanently because they al- The ISO certification is a continuous
achievement. Almost all European, manu- ready knew the processes. audit, every year there is an internal audit,
facturing and engineering facilities are ISO “Some of the guys that work on the and the results go forward to the National
9000 compliant. engine lines are probably as good a me- Maintenance Manager. Every three years
According to Mr. Damboise, “The ad- chanic as you would find anywhere in the there is an external audit conducted by
vantage for us to be certified is it gives us country,” said LTC David Turner, Director the NMM.
a way of looking at all the processes that of Logistics Maintenance at Camp Keyes. “The most important part is that this
we do and improve them, and then being “They are all National Guard members and continuous review of procedures has
recognized for doing it. We have always we like the way they work and they know made the CSMS better, not just on the na-
wanted to participate in the ISM program the system.” tional level maintenance work, but also on
and now the NMM, because we are paid “Since the CSMS get the money for our normal unit readiness work load as
to rebuild engines.” rebuilding components, we don’t have to well. Unit readiness is and will always be
In the past, the CSMS would have up ask the technician program to support it,” the first priority of the CSMS,” said LTC
to six lines in operation, each line being Mr. Damboise went on to say. “So this is Turner.
Winter 2001 Guard ME 11

From the State Command Sergeant Major

Honor Guard- The Maine Guard's Representative
Embedded in our mili- Frank R. Norwood. MSG supply functions and
tary services are our military Norwood joined the Maine SSG Michael W.
traditions, customs and cour- State Select Honor Guard in Buhelt manages the
tesies, drill and ceremonies February 1989 and he served administrative func-
and exacting standards. The as the NCOIC from December tions.
twenty-soldier team that 1993 to December 2001. On the average,
comprises the Maine State Under MSG Norwood’s a Maine State Select
Select Honor Guard embod- capable leadership and Honor Guard mem-
ies the epitome our military mentorship the Maine State ber donates about
traditions and standards. Select Honor Guard has one hundred and
The Maine State Select evolved to the professional twenty hours of time
Honor Guard represents the team that represents us today. per year preparing
Maine Army National Guard Over the years he has per- uniforms, attending
and the soldiers of the formed at over 500 functions. practices and per-
Maine Army National Guard The dedication and profes- forming at functions.
at a wide variety of official sionalism demonstrated by I have often
functions ranging from mili- MSG Norwood has certainly been asked the ques-
tary funerals to Gubernato- set the standard for excellence. tion, what motivates
rial Inaugurations. SFC Skeffington has se- these soldiers to CSM Mark J. Collins
On December 1, 2001, lected his leadership team con- dedicate so much
SFC Edmund Skeffington sisting of SFC Angela B. time and effort? The answer Thank you for what
assumed the NCOIC posi- Blevins, Assistant NCOIC; is pride in the Maine Army you do for the Maine Army
tion of the Maine State Se- SFC Clayton Grimm and SSG National Guard and pride in National Guard.
lect Honor Guard from MSG Sean M Grimshaw manage the the military uniform.

Looking to the Maine Army National Guard Soldier

How have the events of September 11th, 2001,
effected your Guard life?

PVT2 Jarad Day SPC Lenny Elefson SGT Anthony Stinson SPC Jim Umble
Truck Driver, 1136th Truck Driver, Truck Driver, Truck Driver,
Transporation, Bangor 1136th Transportation 1136th Transportation 1136th Transportation
I use to think nothing As a guard member we At first, everyone was tense, My life has changed from
could happen to the U.S., know the risks. My wife takes now it feels as though the bar- being a one weekend a month
there isn't a giant bubble care of everything. She pays riers are relaxing. We, (the soldier, to being a full time
around us to protect us..You the bills and knows what to do unit), use to do local security guard at Bangor
never know when something when I am gone. humantarian aid. Now we are International Airport.
like this might happen. We aiding the country, and I am
have to be ready, for any- assisting with Guard duty.
thing else.