Leadership Matters

Time to Shift Gears, Again.

Leadership Matters: Time to Shift Gears, Again.
The cost of doing business is always factored into the business model and a market strategy that yields the highest profit margin. These variables are considered critical to enable: • • • • Faster decision making Ability to make decisions based on real-time data Empower business users Better accountability

Companies sell products and/or services with one main goal – profit! They do so using business intelligence developed from information extracted from various sources such as databases, applications, news reports, stock performance analyses, market trends, micro/macro-economic forecasts and real life experiences. Senior management in businesses either succeed or fail by taking appropriate actions against a backdrop of timely and ethical executions. Since profit is not the motivating incentive in higher education, it is imperative to know what key variables are considered both vital and integral to the decision making process in a university setting. It is sad but true that quite often decisions in higher education are the result of turf wars fueled by vying personalities for limited available funds. The pedagogy of some institutions is NOT student-centric but rather egocentric and therefore fails to deliver on their mission of creating knowledgeable professionals capable of competing successfully in a global market place. Consequently, enrollment and retention is reflective of an institution’s leadership and their commitment, or lack thereof to provide the best and most dynamic career track that students can pursue and achieve. Boards of Regents and Search Committees charged with hiring and appointing Presidents, Chancellors, C-Level Executives and Vice Presidents should give due consideration to the candidate’s academic aptitude, professional experience and business acumen if they hope to create a truly robust learning environment. Prospective executives should demonstrate their ability to understand business concepts and the ever-shifting sands of the market place. Espousing their intentions to run the university or their division like a business with no indication of how they intend to accomplish that objective is just not enough. It is about time that best business practices be adopted where appropriate in our institutions of higher learning or is that too far fetched for American Universities?

Regards, Preston Williams III, M.Sc. • CPA • CIS Senior Partner & CIO | GBC® Global Services | PrestonW

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