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CompTIA A+ Lesson 1 : Types of Motherboard ,CPU Sockets , Bridges , BUS ,

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From this time on im going to have a second review to courses which i passed bef ore coz i need to review and practice otherwise i will f orget them and i will share all of Lessons brief ly here with you . f irst of all you have to know now a days we have many types of Motherboards but we can categorize them in 5 major type : 1. AT X (Advanced Technology eXtended ) 2. microAT X (sometimes ref erred to as AT X, mAT X or uAT X) 3. Mini-IT X 4. Nano-IT X 5. Pico-IT X except CPU there are 2 other important chips on motherboard which always are covered by heat sink these chips are North Bridge and South Bridge so let we learn whats their role on mother board

North Bridge as you see in photo North bridge is assigned to communicate with high speed devices like memory , VGA and etc South Bridge south bridge will communicate with lower speed devices like I/O devices USB ports and also it will control all of these Devices . Next section is about CPU Socket Package which normally we have 4 type of CPU socket Package 1. dual in-line package (DIP or DIL ) 2. ball grid array (BGA) 3. pin grid array( PGA) 4. land grid array (LGA)

If you are interested more about this topic you can find more information about CPU Socket List of AMD microprocessors List of Intel microprocessors

All of Motherboards components and parts are in connection with each other visa BUS , Most common bus on motherboard are 1. front-side bus (FSB) which is specially assigned to work with North bridge 2. System bus 3. back-side bus (BSB) 4. control bus 5. address bus

Here Also you can find List of Bus and Their Bandwidth