IN THE n County where court is::LIKE THISo n Type of court::LIKE THISo COURT n IF Does this court have a division number?onCourt's division numberonEND IFo
n Year:1990o TERM

SS: COUNTY OF n County where court is::LIKE THISo In re the Paternity of n Child's nameo n Petitioner's nameo , Petitioner, v.
n Respondent's nameo

CAUSE NO.: n Cause numbero


The Petitioner, nPetitioner's nameo, brings this Petition to Establish Paternity on the following grounds and makes the following requests of this court: 1. nRelationship of Petitioner to childo. 2. The child/children’s name and birth date are:
nIF Any children?o

Child’s Name
nFirst child's nameo

Child’s birthdate
nFirst child's birthda teo

Current Residence
nIF Does the first child live with our client?o nClient's addresso, nClient's cityo, Indiana nELSEonOpposing Party Address o, nOpposing Party City o, nOpposing Party State:LIKE THIS onEND IFo nIF Does se cond child live with client? o nClient's addresso, nClient's cityo, I n d i a n an E L S E o n O p p o s i n g P a r t y Address o, nOpposin g Party City o, n O p p o s i n g P a r t y S t a te : L I K E THIS onEND IFo nIF Does the third child live with th e client?onClient's addresso, nClient's cityo, Ind i a n anE L S E onOppo sin g Party Address o, nOppo sing Par ty Cit yo, n O p p o s i n g P a r t y S t a te : L I K E THIS onEND IFo nEND IFo

nIF Got more than one child?o nSecond child's nameo

nSecond child's birthdate o

nThird child's nameo

nThird child's b irthdateo


3. That all the parties and their child are residents of Indiana and of nCounty where court iso County.

4. To date no court has officially established paternity of child/children named in paragraph 2 above. WHEREFORE, Petitioner requests the following relief from this court: 1. An Order setting this matter for hearing. 2. After a hearing, an Order finding nFather's nameo to be the father of nChild's nameo and determining custody, child support, and parenting time. I affirm, under the penalties for perjury, that the foregoing representations are true.

______________________________________ nPetitioner's nameo

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