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Image Processing: The Fundamentals.

Maria Petrou and Panagiota Bosdogianni Copyright 0 1999 John Wiley & Sons Ltd Print ISBN 0-471-99883-4 Electronic ISBN 0-470-84190-7

The material of this book is based largely on classical textbooks. The method described in example 6.10 was taken fromreference 3. Chapter 7 is based mainly on research papers. From the references given below, n u d e r s 13, 15 and 23 refer to thresholdingmethods. References 5, 6, 13, 18-22 and 28 refer to linear edge detectors. Paper 17 refers to non-linear edge detectors with an application of them presented in 10. Reference 21 is an extensive review of the Canny-related approaches to edge detection. 1. M Abramowitz and I A Stegun (eds), 1970. Handbook of Mathematical Functions, Dover Publications, ISBN 0-486-61272-4. 2. K G Beauchamp, 1975. WalshFunctionsandtheirApplications, Press, ISBN 0-12-084050-2. Academic

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in Images. MIT AI Lab Technical

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Image Processing: The Fundamentals

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Topics in

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