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Policy for Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal is a critical policy for any hospital. The entire length and breadth of staff needs to undergo a Performance Appraisal at least once a year. This policy helps to separate the best performing employees from the other employees. The appraisal becomes more important when the performance gets linked with the compensation.

The process of appraisal is initiated by the HR/ADMIN/Admin department. An appraisal form is handed out to every employee with a deadline to bring it back to the HR/ADMIN/Admin manager. Every employee appraises himself/herself on the self explanatory form. He/She then sits with his or her immediate supervisor/manager/reporting authority [appraiser]. The appraiser then evaluates the employee on the same form. The employee submits the complete form to the HR/ADMIN/Admin manager before the announced deadline The HR/ADMIN manager recommends a hike in salary and/or position based on the performance of the employee. The HR/ADMIN manager then sends recommended forms for the Managing Director's approval. The Managing Director is the final authority for deciding on the pay hike and/or promotion of an employee. The Managing Director can also instruct for 'out of ordinary' pay hike and/or promotion for average scoring employees in exceptional cases.

Performance Appraisal Format

Please submit the following form completely filled by yourself and your immediate reporting authority, duly signed by ____________________ Name: Department: to: Position: current position: Time in Service: Date: Reporting Time in Today's

Please rate the performance on the scale of 0 to 10 where 0 is minimum and 10 is maximum.

Attitudinal Criteria

Score By Employe e

Score By Reportin g Authorit y

1. 2.

I am clear about the Vision and Core Values of the hospital I am on time for duty daily and I do not leave work before duty hours are over I am supportive and I cooperate with my co-workers and other staff of hospital My general morale is high and I maintain a positive outlook towards my work and workplace [include your turnout and appearance while on duty]



5. 6.

I am clear about my roles and responsibilities in my current position I am not involved in any idle talk or gossip about my colleagues or my hospital

Aptitude Criteria KRA [Key Result Areas]

Score By Score By Employe Reportin e g Authorit y


Enlist 2 new skills that you acquired in the previous one year within your responsibility at work. Give up to 5 marks for each skill i] ii]


Enlist 4 instances where you went out of your way to delight the internal and/or external customer [coworker, patient or his attendant]. Give up to 2.5 marks for each instance. i] ii] iii] iv]


Have you taken good care of the equipments and other supplies entrusted to you by the hospital?

Include technical as well as non technical tangibles. 10-Were all the 3 KRA given to you last year met by you this year? For all KRA met, score maximum of 10 marks. If one or more KRA have not been met, score according to the importance of each KRA. The maximum score cannot go beyond 10 Total
Ignore for this year Ignore for this year

Development plan for next year. Include specific KRA with specific targets. Maximum 3 KRA and minimum 2 KRA to be filled.
[To be filled by the reporting authority in presence of the employee]:

KRA 1-




Immediate Career Plan for the next one year.

[To be filled by the reporting authority in presence of the employee]:

Signature of the Employee

Signature of the Reporting Authority



Signature of the HR/ADMIN Manager on receipt of this form: Date of form receipt:

Comments of the HR/ADMIN manager:

Date: Signature:

Comments of the Managing Director

Date: Signature: