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According to the Burmese Government demands for a Nation-wide ceasefire with all the Ethnic State owners or Ethnic Military Armed Forces, by the end of November 2013, it is a good thing. We as the KNU/KNLA Peace Council urge the Burmese Government to show their sincerity in stepping towards long-lasting peace. This is the time for the Burmese Government to take a chance, not to follow the bad example of the previous military dictatorship which showed no sincerity for genuine peace with the Ethnic Nationalities. For more than 60 years, their stubbornness, narrow-mindedness and powermongering had destroyed not only past generations but attempted to continually destroy the future of the country. We would like to urge the Burmese government to enlighten themselves, shake off the dust from the past, and step into a new chapter - to stop all the civil war and military actions that colonizes all the Ethnic States, and to bring a true Union Spirit with all the Ethnic Leaders. As the KNU/KNLA Peace Council, we would like to advise all the Ethnic Armed Force Leaders, to be cautious and careful not to give in without the terms and conditions that aim for long-lasting peace once and for all. By doing this, everyone will know the Ethnics are not rebels or a disturbance to the country by making war with the Burmese Regime. In fact, we are genuine for Peace since the beginning of Independence of Burma. We have had to use military defense for peaceful purposes in the past, all because our Ethnic States and people were being run over by evil, demonic activities. Whether or not the ceasefire which the Burmese Military-backed Government demand is for longlasting Peace, or whether it is short-term just for their own political ratification - we can test their sincerity based on these 3 major terms and conditions:

A 00006

1. The Burmese Government to pull out all their military bases and troops from the Ethnic areas. 2. To dissipate the 2008 Military Constitution and allow the introduction of a true Democratic Federal Union Constitution and Law - the Peoples Constitution, to be drafted by these 5 main groups: The Ethnic Armed Groups; 88 Student Generation; NLD Party; Civil Society; the Burmese government and their military. 3. We agree on One Army in the country, but we want to see the Burmese Army to reform from Dictatorship Myanmar Army to Ethnic Union Armed Forces (which originated after Burma Independence) for protecting the true Union, the people and the Country.

With all these 3 terms and conditions mentioned above, the Burmese government must show their sincerity for genuine long-lasting peace for the entire nation, declaring in front of the International Media and Governments. We are submitting these 3 main terms and conditions to solve the problem once and for all, instead of going around in political circles, being lost in the desert, which has been dragging the long, longsuffering of all peoples in Burma. We welcome all the Ethnic Armed Forces to make a careful decision whether to sign a Nation-wide Ceasefire at this point of time or not. This is the biggest Ethnic gathering, since the first Panglong Agreement before Burma Independence, in which all the Ethnics have come together to make a historical decision to enforce a true and strong Union of Burma. We as Ethnics, must also know what we are doing, to bring Peace for the Ethnic Nationalities States and minorities within, and all peoples in Burma. In the past, we were in the habit of retreating whenever the opposition was strong and demanding, however, today we must have confidence and not hold back and to show genuine concern with an attitude of constructive engagement with the government. This is to ensure long-lasting Peace which benefits all peoples in Burma, whether it be the government, political parties, Ethnic States for their own self-determination, and for every person in Burma. Let history be remade so the world will know we are sincere and striving for long lasting Peace. The people of Burma, including the Ethnics have been long-suffering under the cruelty of Military-rule since 1962, and we believe true Peace benefits all people in Burma, whether the beggar in the street; farmer; young people; children; disabled people; people of all walks of life, they deserve a better life and a better future in this present generation and for generations to come. It all up to us, on how we make decisions at this time with an open heart and a broad mind. Enough is Enough. We as Ethnics, will no longer tolerate being under bad rulership. Lets make History together for a brighter future for all Humanity for the Democratic Federal Union of Burma.

25th October, 2013