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Informational Meeting Rescheduled 2:00 p.m., Monday, Oct.

3, District Office Issue 4 Sept. 25, 2005

Reconstitution continues at District office

Hurricane evacuees need to check in at earliest possible convenience
Another 150 District office employees will Employees who have been called to duty at the
return to work this week to assist with Hurricane District and do not have habitable homes, will
recovery efforts and begin planning for upcoming be permitted to live in the district assembly room
missions. with Col. Wagenaar’s approval. Those asked to
In a continued effort to get 90 percent of the report to one of the eight satellite locations will
workforce back to work in 30 days, District be placed on TDY and eligible for travel
Commander Col. Richard P. Wagenaar has entitlements while their dependents continue to
released new guidance for returning employees to receive evacuation allowance.
full duty. Once the Hurricane Katrina evacuation order
Employees working in the Greater New Orleans is lifted all allowances will be terminated.
area who have livable homes should be returning Employees on TDY will continue to receive
to work if called to duty. Those not called to duty entitlements.
will remain on administrative leave until they are For more information about the back to work
asked to return. Starting Oct. 3, those who are plan, District priorities and the commander’s
working and require time off, or those who are intent for future work, attend an informational
called back to duty and are not ready to return, meeting rescheduled for 2 p.m., Monday, Oct. 3,
will need to request leave (annual, sick, leave under a tent outside the District office.
without pay) from their supervisor or request Employees returning to work need to
administrative leave from Col. Wagenaar, or be remember to bring lunch since the cafeteria is
marked absent from duty. still closed. Bathrooms in the building are now
Employees who do not have a livable home and operational but the water is not potable. Drinking
have not been called back to duty will remain eligible water will be made available.
for evacuation allowance for up to 180 days. see RECONSTITUTION Pg. 2

District Office Numbers

Health Office - Room 143 IMO - Room 189 LMO- Room 263
Vaccinations, EAP Computers, phones Parking, facilities
Peggy Plaisance, x 1223 Fred Lacheney, x 1199 or x 2686 Shelton Kennedy, x 2007
Chris Colombo, x 1315 Mary Pizzuto, x 2009
Security - Room 146
Joe Baker, x 1184 CPOC - Room 243 EOC
Jerome Wise, x 2342 Kathy Borja, x 2792 Lynn Tinto, cell 504-451-7134

Satellite Office Contacts

Fort Worth District Vicksburg District
Mike Palmieri, 817-886-1138 MAJ(P) Starkel, 601-631-5322 Baton Rouge RFO
819 Taylor Street, Ft. Worth, TX 4155 Clay St, Vicksburg, MS Mike Lowe, 225-925-7337
1900 N Lobdell Blvd,
Galveston District Memphis District Baton Rouge, LA
Clyde Barre, 409-762-6300 Gloria Reeves, 901-544-0811
2000 Ft. Point Rd, Galveston, TX 617 N. Main, Memphis, TN Lafayette Area Office
Troy Constance, 337-291-3012
Mobile District St. Louis District 646 Cajundome Blvd, Lafayette, LA
Eric Forest, 251-690-2400 Falcolm Hull, 314-331-8567
109 Saint Joseph St., Mobile, AL 1222 Spruce St., St. Louis, MO

Employees should call 1-877-533-5224 for the latest information

Riverside Task Force Hope Edition Special Issue 4 Sept. 25, 2005

The Second Front Page

Commander’s Comments
For the past month, much of responsibility to restore Category
the world’s attention has been Three hurricane protection for
focused on New Orleans and a New Orleans and the surrounding
large portion of that attention areas by June 1, 2006. That is only
has been on the Corps and what eight months away. This will be a
we are doing here. As you know, phenomenal task, but we’re not in
we built roads, reparied it alone. We’re getting support
breaches and pumped much of from throughout the Valley and
the city dry. Normally, this across the country.
would take months, but we did We continue to move forward Col. Richard P. Wagenaar
it in weeks. The results of our in reconstituting the District.
efforts were realized, especially More people are coming back best way to utilize the
at the 17th St. and London Ave. every day, every week. We have available talents and begin
canals where we “held the line.” large milestones to achieve in the setting the conditions for
However, Hurricane Rita left months to come, and it is recovery.
new challenges in its wake. We important we continue to bring our As always, keep you and
continue to assess our damages, team back together. Only as a your family safe.
not just in New Orleans, but unified team will it be possible to
across the Gulf Coast. reach our goals. That is why I ask Essayons!
Our District is also sitting in you to follow the instructions
the middle of a situation that no provided by the human resources
other District has yet to personnel. If you are not reporting
experience. Not only are we to the District office in New
writing (not re-writing) the Orleans, report to your designated RICHARD P. WAGENAAR
book on reconstitution, but we satellite office. Accountability is Colonel
have also been charged with the essential for us to determine the Commanding

The Castle Kids Child
Development Center is still closed.
The building suffered some damage
and repairs aren’t expected to be
complete until mid November.
The Emergency Operations
Center remains inaccessible to
employees other than those
officially tasked. Employees
needing to reach the EOC may call
(504) 862-1102/2244. All other
questions and concerns should be
directed to (601) 631-5325.
Jeff Richie, a New Orleans District project engineer, inspects cables used to
attach 7,000 pound sandbags to helicopters for delivery to overtop sites.
(Photo by Hank Heusinkveld, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)