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The State Policy Network (SPN) is an umbrella group of right-wing think tanks across the country.

The Sutherland Institute is SPNs cookie-cutter think tank for the state of Utah. While the Sutherland Institute claims to be focused on issues important to the people of Utah, it actually pushes an agenda dictated by its national right-wing funders and partners.

In July 2012, when the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) held its annual meeting in Salt Lake City, the Sutherland Institute cosponsored ALEC's conference. Responding to criticism for associating itself with ALEC, a controversial right-wing organization that produces "model" bills aimed at benefiting its corporate members, Sutherland released a video defending ALEC and promoting the conference. Sutherland's parent organization, the State Policy Network, is also a longtime member and supporter of ALEC.

Defund and privative Utah's public schools through vouchers and charter schools Restrict Utah workers' collective bargaining rights Deny the science behind global warming, oppose renewable energy, and repeal pollution protections Block access to affordable healthcare for Utah citizens

The Sutherland Institute has received criticism for straddling the line of legal activity allowed for 501c3 nonprofits, which are prohibited from participating in partisan campaign activity and limited in lobbying activity. Sutherland admits that is an active lobbying organization, and has been suspected of exceeding legal lobbying limits. Additionally, Sutherland has contributed $2,750 to the Utah Republican Party between 2002 and 2012, an apparent violation of their 501c3 status with the IRS. [The Salt Lake Tribune,

Oppose marriage equality and restrict the rights of the LGBT community Eliminate "no-fault" divorce, therefore restricting couples' ability to make their own decisions Oppose the minimum wage
Sutherland Institute, accessed 9/6/2013

The Sutherland Institute is not required to disclose where its funding comes from to the public, and does not do so voluntarily. However, available records show that the organization is funded primarily by out-ofstate right-wing organizations. Sutherland's largest known funders are two Virginia-based secretive Kochfunded groups, Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund, known as the "dark money ATM of the conservative movement." Other funders include the Roe Foundation (of SPN founder Thomas Roe) and the Coors family's Castle Rock Foundation (of Coors Brewing Company).
FUNDER Donors Trust/Donors Capital Fund The Roe Foundation Jaquelin Hume Foundation JM Foundation Castle Rock Foundation The Vernon K. Krieble Foundaton State Policy Network BASED IN Virginia South Carolina California New York Colorado Massachusetts Virginia AMOUNT $1,383,500 $205,000 $180,620 $35,000 $30,000 $5,000 $1,324 YEARS 2005-2011 1998-2011 1999-2011 1996-2008 1998-2011 2002 2007