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News From The Flinchunis


March-April 1988


deep enough for the ha^^tisinsf


'Getting tJur Foot In The Door''

A. st\cdsT\t svcit\g;etis-iy\ ti-^ip toofC zisto ct remote ptcice -txeccr so-trxe, vittcLgGS'
wfxat^e CL tertxpor^cLry f t a s w e t s ' SBt ti/j hy a nxsclioaX uxis^s^ioix irt orctef to Kiztp cLi-'xt.g: ctctdxcts' (opxxcrtx

ahoxit ihe



effective viszicil aid in oxir teaohing

tife the Christictfx has in Mim. T'f^e old has passedf the nevv' Kcts c?o#r|e for these sevitx precioxcs^ soxit'^.
Xhey trxity have foxind the treasure thoxig-Fc fccr removed fronx the mainstrea.f7x of the city. Bxct as the
y\.postZes F'etsr and

resxtrreccion of Christ cttxd ths rier.v

strtolcsrs^) ovet^come th,is' deccdty Ixcihit. Appi^o>:ifix<:Ltsty th.irty (30)

peopte were ccdtyxitted' 'hos pxtcct in tAs jxttxgle" with a t^sat
fxesd to ovsrcoiTxiz tHeif'



John totcl the oeggar at

he Ga-te


O\ir s't xi detxt


wTs^ 9 B a w -



i I

XitifXLt, it was not a ^^xire oy sitv^r or

sift of

visited t'/xe ho^^itcct oix

Sattu^day evet\itx^ ccfxd

^ve wst-e tt'iity ^i-ate:fit
to 6e so recei'vec?

|g^^a a^B^a^K k
' H It a ' o n

aj^a-Tfe, I

hut the preoic-u 5

saZvation sent fronx heax^en. given oy the



pcitz(3 fxts- ^hzit





the! 5^"" n n_"


B_0_ 3"o"'_tS^.fa_B "b"



Ti'e nsccZty hsZievs t/xcct God o jpbit act t/ie

doofs' forxcs, heca-nie a ^ood
oppoi^ticfxity to g-et "oiiir foot ifx the door" itx order* to teach citxd pi'^ecLoh the Oo.s'peZ to ct groxtp of reoeptive

We praise God for each of yoxc who pray for xcs and sxijj-port ics! Withoxit yortr sending, we ooxitd f\ot
go,..'F7x<xn7c Voxel!

Of^ thcit Scctxirdciy eypeixi-txg wc had a clxcince to offer tes'tirrxony, s'iix^ and
teach. TT'e %vere i-txvited to cotixe hactc

If yoxcr chxtrch 'V,3,S. nxission offering is yet to he comtyxiifed. as we trxentioned in a p'revioxis

newsletter, we wetoottxe yoxir help toward oxer girts' dor-ifX hnitdiitg^

the txe2<t nxortxitxg^f Sxitxday, and condxict a worship service. We were,

to say the least, eyccited ahoxtt this


Checfcs can he mad??- payahte

Jksicc irvan i>et lzi n (y
li* 0

and eager to retxtrn! I^ottowing the tTxorning worship service seven (/7') precioxcs soxils accejDted Christ and were ha ptized for the refnission of their sinsS God was certainty teading^ xis in this hy providing- xts
a streanx jxist hehind the hos pitat

"Soxithisas t

I^'Iission" (for girts' dornx) atxd si:nt

i\/r. ^

Kirs. Leo Scoit

P.O. Bo:k s i s

AtaCoyf Virginia 24211


"Getting Rid Of It Air

"Many of those who believed now caiTrte and openly confessed their evil deeds. A number who had practiced sorcery brought their scrolls together and burned them publicly." (Acts 19:18,19). What a bonfire it must have been! These people living in Ephesus had been steeped in ihe practice of sorcery and now, they were bringing
their books of chants and rituals to be

of sin"! Like most trjbals who are not Christians they, too, were animists, worshippers of spirits of the deceased. And like most animists they had constructed spirit shelves which were
mounted on an interior wall of their

house. We dismantled this shelf, taking

the things outside to be burned.

of the items on the shelf was a


burned in this great bonfire. They were "getting rid of it all!" Recently, \ took a student evangelistic team for which I

vase, which we felt they could keep, but the reply was, "No, get rid of it all?" They wanted to "get rid of all appearance of evil." Can you blame
them? And isn't that what we are to do

' was given responsibility to share the

Gospel with re;sidents of a Lisu tribal village up in the mountains of Northern
Thailand. One of our students had

anyway? Get rid of it all! "If anyone be in Christ, he is a new person. Th old has gone, the new has comef" That's what the Apostle Paul told the
Christians at Corinth in his second letter to them. Like these new babes in

served his nine-month internship v*/orking in this village teaching and preaching. We had the privilege to enter the home of a Chinese family that was interested in the Gospel. As a matter of fact, they had been exposed to the Gospel previously by Alan Bemo, former missionary to Thailand who is fluent in speaking Chinese. Our student intern, being unable to speak Chinese had not had the opportunity to share
with them as he had wanted to do. It

Christ who burned their spirit shelves and everything that went with it, let us "let go ^nd let God" have His way with

Again, we thank God for you, for your prayers and support of the work here. Be in prayer for our students, both returning and new, as a new school year gets underway at

so happened that one of our students, v/ho was also of Lisu tribal background was able to speak in Chinese with this family.' We shared the Gospel plan of salvation with them in Thai and Mary interpreted for us. What a thrill when they said, "Yes, we want to accept Christ and be baptized for the remission

Chiangmai Bible lnstitu&!

We again

hope that you will consider earmarking your V.B.S. offering for our new dorm we plan to build at C.B.I. As we wrote previously, checks should be made payable to; Southeast Asia Evangelizing
Mission" for "new dorm" and sent to

our forwarding agents: Mr. & Mrs. Leo Scott P.O. Box 315 McCoy, Virginia 241TI

:P^Ov 59; :; :50;oqo; : iTHMLAiND:

"Look, Here Is Waterr

(Acts 8:36)
After 15 hours and over ICOO kilometers

This man said to Philip, after ha%-ing heard the Gospel message, "Why shouldn't I be
baptized?" And he was! So we baptized this jT^oung Cambodian rsftsgee who, at the water's edge, said, "I, too, want to accept
Christ." Praise be to God our Fa.ther who

(620 mites) of driving, we had finally'- arrived, The journey took us from Chiangmai in the
northern region of Thailand to Surin, a

lives and reigns in heaven!

Pray for our C.BJ. graduate, Yohan, who is working in this area including the refugee camp. Pray for the churches and their leadsa^s, not Just in this remote corner of this beautiful coiintry, but for God's Kingdom throughout this land. When we witness souls being served in Christ ^ve breathe a prayer thanking God for you, 5ind for your prayerful and financial support. You have made our ministry possible because your
love has reached around the world to these

province in the southeas^tern part of the c-ountry. The pui^ose o the trip was to
visit, preach and encourage the Christians where one of our C.B.I, graduates was

working. This youiig niaii is woi'icing with

Thai-Camhodian people near the border
area of Cambodia. His work also includes

work among refugees in a camp where over 50,000 refiigees live. These people are
waiting eagerly for the opportunity to return to their homeland in peace. Ho-^v v.'-e
thank God for the New Testament Church

that has been established in this camp with

over 200 attending-.

precious souls! Thank You! prayers are with you!

Our love and

Before this trip, approximate-H^ 160 people

had been baptized into Christ. And on the Lord's Day of our visit, more than 20 other souls had accepted Christ to be baptized into

Praj?- foi' oTir work aiid worlcers, both in

the area of evangelism and education at Chiangmai Bible Institute!

Please Remember! If you want any
information about our work such as slides or

Him. One young man Vv-aliced up to me and aslced me about the baptisms taking place.
He said he did not speak Thai but knew a little English, so I proceeded to share with him the Gospel story as simply as I could. After shai'ing briefly with him, this young man said, "I, too, want to accept Jesus
Christ." I then took him to one of the Christian workers who shared further with

displajr material, please feel free to contact our forwarding agents:

N'Ir. ]Mrs. Leo Scott P.O. Box 315

NIcCoY) Virginia 24111

Ph. (703) 639-0317.

For additional information about our

him in his Cambodian language.

then immersed into Christ

He was the

alon<> with the







stvident housing building project, please contact our mission field i-epresent^itivej
Jvir. Russell Hall

oversight of the elders in the chui-'ch there.


concerning Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch.

Roanoke, Virginia 24015

Ph. (703) 345-5579.

"Sermon By Satellite"
For our family, it was like waiting for Christmas Day! An eagerly awaited telephone call was coming from one of our
strp|jartin~g churches. Old Orchard
Church of Christ in

the world in a split second and can do a host of other things just as mind-boggling. Yet as
awesome as it sounds, it can never compare to the astounding efficacy of God's communication system-prayer!
How we covet

Ashland, the usual


Kentucky. type o

But it was not to be




^ou have been praying

us as we labor to


It was a pre-arranged
set-up would

whereby we be speaking
a whole

evangelize and educate

not to one person but

congregation! In fact, we should say, two congregations as a,

number of folk were there from

neighboring church which we

had served for ten years prior to

our coming to the mission field in

the various peoples 3iere. So many people have expressed their love for us in so many ways, but nothing sustains us like your prayers! Would you continue to keep the prayer line working by praying for Chiangmai Bible Institute as we
attempt to raise funds for new

Thailand. The phone call consisted of two basic parts-an

interview with Debbie and myself, and a brief sermon to be



that Sunday night

student housing? Pray for our workers here and those presently in the U.S. Pray that we will be effective in training youn^ people
to be good soldiers in the field of


Our children, Marcie

and Benjy, along with Debbie's help sang a song in Thai. Needless to say, it was one of the

battle serving the Lord. Again we thank you and love you!
For information about slide





presentations, mission etc., please contact:

M/M Leo Scott


marvelous invention, the satellite!

It can relay voices by phone on a 12,000 mile trip half-way around

P.O. Box 315 McCov, VA Ph. (703) 639-0317

nniNiewg; :Froin:

ii:Hov/Dec ^; 19SS

;Boxi :5Si: iGMaiaga^aii:; 50000;;: rHMLANij;

'WAut Christmas Isnt A.boiit'

It isn't about selfishness, rather, it is
about "selxlessness." Who iiSLS ctaiiiaiisti-'ated

this more tria_n God in Ris Eacrificial gi'^,*ig of Kis ^voii, Jesus, I hs-ve personally seen
ChrisTtisjis here in Tlitdianct receive financisd

and fellowship in Jesus Christ^ That isn't to say that there are no "get-togethers", t-hei-^ are, and they're greati But the "koinonia", the fellowship is where the richness and the beauty of Christmas He. In one week's time I knew I had grown close to sistj&rs and brotliers in Clii^ist, Y'es, they ai'e fr-oni a

help oiily tJ> g-iv thst ssLtiie help t-o s.nother bi-other or sist^er iii Ci\i"ist %^*hoj their eyes, hsxd a gres-ter need than thsy. Such seillessxiess rsi^oinds ms of the v.'iclow givingher ofierixig iii the Terrtpje s4ght iti the
presence of the h3-pocriticaI Pharisees who

different culture, coiisitry and laiiguage, but

we bec-s-nie of one heart and oiie mitid in

so arrcrgantiy thougiit they wei-^ tiie gi^atgiver-s of that Jesus expressed other %^dse.
Ciirictiiias isn't commercialism but about about

Clu'-ist, and that my friend, moiT-e^- cannot bu%H Christmas is lo^e. joT^ pf^aise, peac^, v-r'ajTrnth and many othei" feelings aiid expressions during this time of year. Na?d:Christmas, Lord \^'illing. my familj' and I will be spending the holiday's %'\-ith family and
friends in the US. But not

sadness OLii''


Vv-ill fatiiiH'^


result here





fi'oni the Fe|>as"ation irotn


Christ melts av^'ay the ilasliiiig neon lights and , "baj^gain" pric-e t^igs and bi"-eplac-es tiiem ^vith the

ill Thailand. We pi^aiss God

that Ke has allowed us to

*prilarge oilt iellc%%-ship with

*% _

Joy of gi\4ng t-o othef-^. The month of Dec^inbei' in Thsilsjnd, es|>ecialiy in the


this gf^s.t- le^d, f-Q,of -. as and for the


^'iilage churches, marks theC

time for great celebrations
and festivities in. honor of the Christ Child.

Loi'd's church here' iv'Iay God bless you tln^oughout this holiday season' Your -^ppotltj pi-^j'ers and

There is Bible f^achiiig. pj^aching and lots of singing to help bring joy to the %%-or2di I just returned fi'^om a w'^eek of s\.ich Bible teaching asid preaciiing in a village that had n< electricity except t-emjx>f"arilj^ bj- use of
geiierator. Tliere was no iiidoor plumbiiig,





y, truljr appreciated!

In Januarj'^ we be sendmg- you infot^i^ation about our fLu^lough scrhedule.

no bathjf^oams, no hot \^'at'' (bo\'', v%''as tAie

We want more thaji anjrthing to be s\bie to

set up a speaking date with EyEHl;'"
srvtpportiiag chuix:h If possible, we woulct like to do our traveling in July and August while our cliildren are still out of school. Please., pleSLse helfj us in schedulifie- these dates.

creek c-oldf)j no refrigerators, ovens nor s^ft

furmture, not even a bed! But I




eagerness to learn and to dra^^v nearer t

the Lord. What I didii't see was Christmas commerciaiisfn, Pt"^ise the Lord! Christmas isn't about unc-ontroiied booziii*

and -^vild paf'ties, but about the pai'^tnership


FoBv^EEx^G oim pastaeks m Raking

THA>jK you, E.4.CH ANT)