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Nominations Due By THURSDAY, JANUARY 30, 2014, 6:00 PM ET



Lnsurlng person and famlly-cenLered care ls a core concepL embedded ln Lhe naLlonal CuallLy SLraLegy
prlorlLy of ensurlng LhaL each person and famlly ls engaged as parLners ln Lhelr care. erson and famlly-
cenLered care encompasses paLlenL and famlly engagemenL ln care, lncludlng shared declslon-maklng and
preparaLlon and acLlvaLlon for self-care managemenL, and Lhe ouLcomes of lnLeresL Lo paLlenLs recelvlng
healLhcare servlces, lncludlng healLh-relaLed quallLy of llfe, funcLlonal sLaLus, sympLoms and sympLom
burden, and experlence wlLh care. 1hls pro[ecL wlll prlmarlly focus on paLlenL-reporLed ouLcomes (8Cs),
buL also may lnclude some cllnlclan-assessed funcLlonal sLaLus measures. nCl's 2012 pro[ecL on 8Cs ln
performance measuremenL provldes a basls for revlewlng 8C-based performance measures, referred Lo as

nCl has ldenLlfled 40 endorsed measures LhaL are due for endorsemenL malnLenance. Clven Lhe number
and complexlLy of endorsed measures Lo revlew as well as an expecLaLlon of addlLlonal measure
submlsslons, nCl wlll underLake Lhls pro[ecL ln Lwo phases. hase 1 wlll examlne experlence wlLh care
measures and hase 2 wlll revlew measures of funcLlonal sLaLus (cllnlclan and paLlenL-assessed) and healLh-
relaLed quallLy of llfe. 1he second phase wlll begln lmmedlaLely afLer Lhe flrsL phase.

A mulLl-sLakeholder SLandlng CommlLLee wlll be esLabllshed Lo evaluaLe newly submlLLed measures and
measures undergolng malnLenance revlew and make recommendaLlons for whlch measures should be
endorsed as consensus sLandards. 1hls CommlLLee wlll work Lo ldenLlfy and endorse new and prevlously
endorsed performance measures for accounLablllLy and quallLy lmprovemenL LhaL speclflcally address
person and famlly-cenLered care, lncludlng 8C-based performance measures (8C-M) ln Lhe domalns of
experlence wlLh care lncludlng engagemenL, shared declslon-maklng, and communlcaLlon, healLh-relaLed
quallLy of llfe lncludlng funcLlonal sLaLus and cllnlclan assessed funcLlon, and sympLom/sympLom burden
such as paln. 1he CommlLLee wlll evaluaLe consensus sLandards prevlously endorsed by nCl under Lhe
endorsemenL malnLenance process as well as new measures.

1he SLandlng CommlLLee's prlmary work ls Lo evaluaLe Lhe submlLLed measures agalnsL nCl's sLandard
measure evaluaLlon crlLerla and make recommendaLlons for endorsemenL. 1he CommlLLee wlll also:
oversee Lhe porLfollo of measures for person- and famlly-cenLered care
ldenLlfy and evaluaLe compeLlng and relaLed measures
ldenLlfy opporLunlLles for harmonlzaLlon of slmllar measures
recommend measure concepLs for developmenL Lo address gaps ln Lhe porLfollo
Nat|ona| ua||ty Iorum

Nom|nat|ons Due 8y 1nUkSDA, IANUAk 30, 2014, 6:00 M L1
provlde advlce or Lechnlcal experLlse abouL Lhe sub[ecL Lo oLher commlLLees (l.e. cross cuLLlng
commlLLees or Lhe Measures AppllcaLlon arLnershlp)
ensure lnpuL ls obLalned from relevanL sLakeholders
revlew drafL documenLs
recommend speclflc measures and research prlorlLles Lo nCl Members for conslderaLlon under Lhe
Consensus uevelopmenL rocess (Cu).
1o learn more abouL Lhe work of nCl's Cu SLandlng CommlLLees, revlew our CommlLLee Culdebook.

1hls CommlLLee wlll be seaLed as a sLandlng commlLLee comprlsed of 20-23 lndlvlduals, wlLh members
servlng Lerms LhaL may encompass mulLlple measure revlew cycles.
Stand|ng Comm|ttee members w||| |n|t|a||y be appo|nted to a 2 or 3-year term. Lach Lerm LhereafLer
would be a 3-year Lerm, wlLh CommlLLee members permlLLed Lo serve Lwo consecuLlve Lerms. AfLer servlng
Lwo Lerms, Lhe CommlLLee member musL sLep down for one full Lerm (3 years) before becomlng ellglble for
reappolnLmenL. lor more lnformaLlon, please reference Lhe SLandlng CommlLLee ollcy.

art|c|pat|on on the Comm|ttee requ|res a s|gn|f|cant t|me comm|tment. 1o app|y, Comm|ttee members
shou|d be ava||ab|e to part|c|pate |n a|| current|y schedu|ed ca||s]meet|ngs. Cver Lhe course of Lhe
CommlLLee member's Lerm, addlLlonal calls wlll be scheduled or calls may be rescheduled, new daLes wlll be
seL based on Lhe avallablllLy of Lhe ma[orlLy of Lhe CommlLLee.

Lach measure revlew cycle generally runs abouL 7 monLhs ln lengLh.

Comm|ttee part|c|pat|on |nc|udes:
8evlew measure submlsslon forms durlng each cycle of measure revlew
o Lach commlLLee member wlll be asslgned a porLlon (1-3) of Lhe measures Lo fully revlew
(approxlmaLely 1-2 hours/measure) and provlde a prellmlnary evaluaLlon on a workgroup
o Lach commlLLee member should famlllarlze Lhemselves wlLh all measures belng revlewed
(approxlmaLely 13-30 mlnuLes per measure)
arLlclpaLe ln Lhe orlenLaLlon call (2 hours)
1he opLlon Lo aLLend one of Lwo nCl sLaff-hosLed measure evaluaLlon C &A calls (1 hour)
8evlew measures wlLh Lhe full CommlLLee by parLlclpaLlng ln one of 4 workgroup calls (2 hours
each), workgroup asslgnmenLs wlll be made by area of experLlse,
ALLendance aL lnlLlal ln-person meeLlng (2 full days ln WashlngLon, uC),
CompleLe measure revlew by aLLendlng Lhe posL-meeLlng conference call (2 hours),
ALLend conference call followlng publlc commenLlng Lo revlew submlLLed commenLs (2 hours)
CompleLe addlLlonal measure revlews vla weblnar
arLlclpaLe ln addlLlonal calls as necessary
Nat|ona| ua||ty Iorum

Nom|nat|ons Due 8y 1nUkSDA, IANUAk 30, 2014, 6:00 M L1
CompleLe surveys and pre-meeLlng evaluaLlons
resenL measure evaluaLlons and lead dlscusslons for Lhe CommlLLee on conference calls and ln

1ab|e of schedu|ed hase 1 meet|ng dates (conf|rmat|on ava||ab|||ty requ|red)
Meet|ng Date]1|me
Cr|entat|on Ca|| (2 hours) March 19, 2014, 2:00-4:00pm L1
Measure Lva|uat|on &A March 26, 2014, 2:00-3:00pm L1
Aprll 2, 2014 3:00-4:00pm L1
Workgroup Ca||s (2 hours) Aprll 28, 2014, 1:00-3:00pm L1
Aprll 29, 2014: 12:00-2:00pm L1
Aprll 30, 2014, 1:00-3:00pm L1
May 1, 2014, 12:00-2:00pm L1
In-person meet|ng (2 days |n Wash|ngton, DC) May 21-22, 2014
ost-meet|ng Conference Ca|| (2 hours) !une 4, 2014, 2:00-4:00pm L1
ost Draft keport Comment Ca|| (2 hours) AugusL 13, 2014, 1:00-3:00 L1


1ab|e of tentat|ve hase 2 meet|ng dates (conf|rmat|on ava||ab|||ty NC1 requ|red, these dates are
sub[ect to change)
Meet|ng Date]1|me
Cr|entat|on Ca|| (2 hours) n/A
Measure Lva|uat|on &A n/A
Workgroup Ca||s (2 hours) CcLober 27, 1-3 2014, 1:00-3:00pm L1
CcLober 28, 2014: 12:00-2:00pm L1
CcLober 29, 2:00-4:00pm L1
CcLober 30, 2014, 1:00-3:00pm L1
In-person meet|ng (2 days |n Wash|ngton, DC) november 19-20, 2014
ost-meet|ng Conference Ca|| (2 hours) uecember 4, 2014, 2:00-4:00pm L1
ost Draft keport Comment Ca|| (2 hours) lebruary 26, 2013, 1:00-3:00 L1
SLandlng CommlLLee members are selecLed Lo ensure represenLaLlon from a varleLy of sLakeholders,
lncludlng consumers, purchasers, provlders, professlonals, plans, suppllers, communlLy and publlc healLh,
and healLhcare quallLy experLs. 8ecause nCl aLLempLs Lo represenL a dlverslLy of sLakeholder
perspecLlves on commlLLees, a llmlLed number of lndlvlduals from each of Lhese sLakeholder groups can
be seaLed onLo a commlLLee. nowever, due to the focus of th|s top|c area, NI seeks to appo|nt a
substant|a| number of pat|ents and consumers or the|r advocates to th|s comm|ttee.

nomlnees should possess relevanL knowledge and/or proflclency ln process and ouLcome quallLy
measuremenL, paLlenL-reporLed ouLcomes, person- and famlly-cenLered care, and/or relaLed cllnlcal
Nat|ona| ua||ty Iorum

Nom|nat|ons Due 8y 1nUkSDA, IANUAk 30, 2014, 6:00 M L1
experLlse across mulLlple care seLLlngs. nCl ls seeklng nomlnees wlLh a varleLy of cllnlcal experlence,
lncludlng paLlenLs, cllnlclans and provlders whose performance ls measured, healLh plans and purchasers,
as well as meLhodologlsLs.

lease revlew Lhe nCl ConfllcL of lnLeresL pollcy Lo learn abouL how nCl ldenLlfles poLenLlal confllcL of
lnLeresL. All poLenLlal SLeerlng CommlLLee members musL dlsclose any currenL and pasL acLlvlLles prlor Lo
and durlng Lhe nomlnaLlon process ln order Lo be consldered.

rlorlLy wlll be glven Lo nomlnaLlons from nCl Members when nomlnee experLlse ls comparable. lease
noLe LhaL nomlnaLlons are Lo an lndlvldual, noL an organlzaLlon, so subsLlLuLlons" of oLher lndlvlduals
from an organlzaLlon aL conference calls, meeLlngs, or for voLlng ls noL permlLLed. CommlLLee members
are encouraged Lo engage colleagues and sollclL lnpuL from colleagues LhroughouL Lhe process.

Self-nomlnaLlons are welcome. 1hlrd-parLy nomlnaLlons musL lndlcaLe LhaL Lhe lndlvldual has been
conLacLed and ls wllllng Lo serve. 1o be consldered for appolnLmenL Lo Lhe SLeerlng CommlLLee, please
submlL Lhe followlng lnformaLlon:
a compleLed onllne nomlnaLlon form, lncludlng:
o a brlef sLaLemenL of lnLeresL
o a brlef descrlpLlon of nomlnee experLlse hlghllghLlng experlence relevanL Lo Lhe
o a shorL blography (maxlmum 100 words), hlghllghLlng experlence/knowledge relevanL Lo
Lhe experLlse descrlbed above and lnvolvemenL ln candldaLe measure developmenL,
o currlculum vlLae or llsL of relevanL experlence (e.g., publlcaLlons) "#!$%!&'!#()*+
a compleLed dlsclosure of lnLeresL form. 1hls wlll be requesLed upon your submlsslon of Lhe
nomlnaLlons form for CommlLLees acLlvely seeklng nomlnees.
conflrmaLlon of avallablllLy Lo parLlclpaLe ln currenLly scheduled calls and meeLlng daLes.
CommlLLees or pro[ecLs acLlvely seeklng nomlnees wlll sollclL Lhls lnformaLlon upon submlsslon of
Lhe onllne nomlnaLlon form.

All nomlnaLlons ,-./!be submlLLed by 6:00 pm L1 on Ianuary 30, 2014.

lf you have any quesLlons, please conLacL Suzanne 1heberge, MP, aL 202-783-1300 or
pfcc[ 1hank you for your lnLeresL.