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National Park Service, Interior § 7.


Lake. All frozen lake surfaces are (b) Athletics—(1) Permits for organized
closed to snowmobiling. games. Playing baseball, football, cro-
(2) On roads designated for snow- quet, tennis, and other organized
mobile use only that portion of the games or sports except pursuant to a
road or parking area intended for other permit and upon the grounds provided
motor vehicle use may be used by for such purposes, is prohibited.
snowmobiles. Such roadway is avail- (2) Wet grounds. Persons holding a
able for snowmobile use only when the permit to engage in athletics at certain
designated road or parking area is times and at places authorized for this
closed by snow depth to all other use are prohibited from exercising the
motor vehicles used by the public. privilege of play accorded by the per-
These routes will be marked by signs, mit if the grounds are wet or otherwise
snow poles or other appropriate means. unsuitable for play without damage to
The superintendent shall determine the the turf.
opening and closing dates for use of (3) Golf and tennis; fees. No person
designated snowmobile routes each may use golf or tennis facilities with-
year. Routes will be open to snow- out paying the required fee, and in
mobile travel when they are considered compliance with conditions approved
to be safe for travel but not necessarily by the Regional Director. Trespassing,
free of safety hazards. Snowmobiles intimidating, harassing or otherwise
may travel in these areas with the per- interfering with authorized golf play-
mission of the superintendent, but at ers, or interfering with the play of ten-
their own risk. nis players is prohibited.
(3) Snowmobile use outside des- (4) Ice skating. Ice skating is prohib-
ignated routes is prohibited. ited except in areas and at times des-
(c) Fishing. Unless otherwise des- ignated by the Superintendent. Skat-
ignated, fishing in any manner author- ing in such a manner as to endanger
ized under applicable State law is al- the safety of other persons is prohib-
lowed. ited.
[36 FR 21666, Nov. 12, 1971, as amended at 48 (c) Model planes. Flying a model pow-
FR 29845, June 30, 1983; 52 FR 34777, Sept. 15, ered plane from any park area is pro-
1987] hibited without a permit.
(d) Fishing. Unless otherwise des-
§ 7.93 Guadalupe Mountains National ignated, fishing in a manner authorized
under applicable State law is allowed.
(a) Cave entry. No person shall enter (e) Swimming. Bathing, swimming or
any cave or passageway of any cave wading in any fountain or pool except
without a permit. where officially authorized is prohib-
[48 FR 30296, June 30, 1983] ited. Bathing, swimming or wading in
the Tidal Basin, the Chesapeake and
§§ 7.94–7.95 [Reserved] Ohio Canal, or Rock Creek, or entering
from other areas covered by this sec-
§ 7.96 National Capital Region. tion the Potomac River, Anacostia
(a) Applicability of regulations. This River, Washington Channel or George-
section applies to all park areas admin- town Channel, except for the purpose of
istered by National Capital Region in saving a drowning person, is prohib-
the District of Columbia and in Arling- ited.
ton, Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, (f) Commercial vehicles and common
and Stafford Counties and the City of carriers—(1) Operation in park areas pro-
Alexandria in Virginia and Prince hibited; exceptions. Commercial vehicles
Georges, Charles, Anne Arundel, and and common carriers, loaded or un-
Montgomery Counties in Maryland and loaded, are prohibited on park roads
to other federal reservations in the en- and bridges except on the section of
virons of the District of Columbia, Constitution Avenue east of 19th
policed with the approval or concur- Street or on other roads and bridges
rence of the head of the agency having designated by the Superintendent, or
jurisdiction or control over such res- when authorized by a permit or when
ervations, pursuant to the provisions of operated in compliance with paragraph
the act of March 17, 1948 (62 Stat. 81). (f)(2) of this section.


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§ 7.96 36 CFR Ch. I (7–1–04 Edition)

(2) George Washington Memorial Park- tween Virginia Route 123 and Key
way; passenger-carrying vehicles; permits; Bridge; or between Washington Na-
fees. (i) Taxicabs licensed in the Dis- tional Airport and a terminal in Wash-
trict of Columbia, Maryland, or Vir- ington, D.C., over the George Wash-
ginia, are allowed on any portion of the ington Memorial Parkway between
George Washington Memorial Parkway Washington National Airport and 14th
without a permit or payment of fees. Street Bridge; or between Dulles Inter-
(ii) Passenger-carrying vehicles for national Airport and Washington Na-
hire or compensation, other than taxi- tional Airport over the George Wash-
cabs, having a seating capacity of not ington Memorial Parkway between
more than fourteen (14) passengers, ex- Virginia Route 123 and Washington Na-
cluding the operator, when engaged in tional Airport. Permittees shall file a
services authorized by concession report of all operations and total miles
agreement to be operated from the operated on the George Washington
Washington National Airport and/or Memorial Parkway with the Regional
Dulles International Airport, are al- Director.
lowed on any portion of the George (C) Permits are issued to operators of
Washington Memorial Parkway in Vir- vehicles described in paragraphs
ginia without a permit or payment of (f)(2)(iii) (A) and (B) normally for a pe-
fees. However, when operating on a riod of one year, effective from July 1
sightseeing basis an operator of such a until the following June 30, at the rate
vehicle shall comply with paragraph of one cent (1) per mile for each mile
(f)(2)(iv) of this section.
each such vehicle operates upon the
(iii) Passenger-carrying vehicles for
parkway. Payment shall be made quar-
hire or compensation, other than those
terly within twenty (20) days after the
to which paragraphs (f)(2) (i) and (ii) of
end of the quarter based upon a certifi-
this section apply, are allowed on the
cation by the operator of the total
George Washington Memorial Parkway
mileage operated upon the parkway.
upon issuance of a permit by the Re-
gional Director, under the following (iv) Sightseeing passenger-carrying
conditions: vehicles for hire or compensation other
(A) When operating on a regular than taxicabs may be permitted on the
schedule: to provide passenger service George Washington Memorial Parkway
on any portion between Mount Vernon upon issuance of a permit by the Re-
and the Arlington Memorial Bridge, or gional Director, to provide sightseeing
to provide limited direct nonstop pas- service on any portion of the parkway.
senger service from Key Bridge to a Permits may be issued either on an an-
terminus at the Central Intelligence nual basis for a fee of three dollars
Agency Building at Langley, Virginia, ($3.00) for each passenger-carrying seat
and direct return, or to provide limited in such vehicle; on a quarterly basis for
direct nonstop passenger service from a fee of seventy-five cents (75) per seat;
the interchange at Route 123 to a ter- or on a daily basis at the rate of one
minus at the Central Intelligence dollar ($1.00) per vehicle per day.
Agency Building at Langley, Virginia, (3) Taxicabs—(i) Operations around
and direct return. Permittees shall file Memorials. Parking, except in des-
a schedule of operation and all sched- ignated taxicab stands, or cruising on
ule changes with the Regional Director the access roads to the Washington
showing the number of such vehicles Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the
and total miles to be operated on the Jefferson Memorial, and the circular
parkway. roads around the same, of any taxicab
(B) When operating nonscheduled di- or hack without passengers is prohib-
rect, nonstop service primarily for the ited. However, this section does not
accommodation of air travelers arriv- prohibit the operation of empty cabs
ing at or leaving from Dulles Inter- responding to definite calls for hack
national Airport or Washington Na- service by passengers waiting at such
tional Airport: between Dulles Inter- Memorials, or of empty cabs which
national Airport and a terminal in have just discharged passengers at the
Washington, DC, over the George entrances of the Memorials, when such
Washington Memorial Parkway be- operation is incidental to the empty


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National Park Service, Interior § 7.96

cabs’ leaving the area by the shortest on the east, 15th Street, NW.; and on
route. the west, 17th Street NW.
(ii) Stands. The Superintendent may (v) The term ‘‘White House sidewalk’’
designate taxicab stands in suitable means the south sidewalk of Pennsyl-
and convenient locations to serve the vania Avenue NW., between East and
public. West Executive Avenues NW.
(4) The provisions of this section pro- (vi) The term ‘‘Lafayette Park’’
hibiting commercial trucks and com- means the park areas, including side-
mon carriers do not apply within other walks adjacent thereto, within these
Federal reservations in the environs of bounds: on the south, Pennsylvania Av-
the District of Columbia and do not enue NW.; on the north, H Street NW.;
apply on that portion of Suitland Park- on the east, Madison Place NW.; and on
way between the intersection with the west, Jackson Place NW.
Maryland Route 337 and the end of the (vii) The term ‘‘Ellipse’’ means the
Parkway at Maryland Route 4, a length park areas, including sidewalks adja-
of 0.6 mile. cent thereto, within these bounds: on
(g) Demonstrations and special events— the south, Constitution Avenue NW.;
(1) Definitions. (i) The term ‘‘dem- on the north, E Street, NW.; on the
onstrations’’ includes demonstrations, west, 17th Street NW.; and on the east,
picketing, speechmaking, marching, 15th Street NW.
holding vigils or religious services and (viii) The term ‘‘Regional Director’’
all other like forms of conduct which means the official in charge of the Na-
involve the communication or expres- tional Capital Region, National Park
sion of views or grievances, engaged in Service, U.S. Department of the Inte-
by one or more persons, the conduct of rior, or an authorized representative
which has the effect, intent or propen- thereof.
sity to draw a crowd or onlookers. This (ix) The term ‘‘other park areas’’ in-
term does not include casual park use cludes all areas, including sidewalks
by visitors or tourists which does not adjacent thereto, other than the White
have an intent or propensity to attract House area, administered by the Na-
a crowd or onlookers. tional Capital Region.
(ii) The term ‘‘special events’’ in- (x) The term ‘‘Vietnam Veterans Me-
cludes sports events, pageants, celebra- morial’’ means the structures and adja-
tions, historical reenactments, regat- cent areas extending to and bounded by
tas, entertainments, exhibitions, pa- the south curb of Constitution Avenue
rades, fairs, festivals and similar on the north, the east curb of Henry
events (including such events presented Bacon Drive on the west, the north side
by the National Park Service), which of the north Reflecting Pool walkway
are not demonstrations under para- on the south and a line drawn perpen-
graph (g)(1)(i) of this section, and dicular to Constitution Avenue two
which are engaged in by one or more hundred (200) feet from the east tip of
persons, the conduct of which has the the memorial wall on the east (this is
effect, intent or propensity to draw a also a line extended from the east side
crowd or onlookers. This term also of the western concrete border of the
does not include casual park use by steps to the west of the center steps to
visitors or tourists which does not have the Federal Reserve Building extending
an intent or propensity to attract a to the Reflecting Pool walkway).
crowd or onlookers. (2) Permit requirements. Demonstra-
(iii) The term ‘‘national celebration tions and special events may be held
events’’ means the annually recurring only pursuant to a permit issued in ac-
special events regularly scheduled by cordance with the provisions of this
the National Capital Region, which are section except:
listed in paragraph (g)(4)(i) of this sec- (i) Demonstrations involving 25 per-
tion. sons or fewer may be held without a
(iv) The term ‘‘White House area’’ permit provided that the other condi-
means all park areas, including side- tions required for the issuance of a per-
walks adjacent thereto, within these mit are met and provided further that
bounds; on the south, Constitution Av- the group is not merely an extension of
enue NW.; on the north, H Street NW.; another group already availing itself of


VerDate May<21>2004 04:50 Jul 29, 2004 Jkt 203133 PO 00000 Frm 00143 Fmt 8010 Sfmt 8010 Y:\SGML\203133T.XXX 203133T
§ 7.96 36 CFR Ch. I (7–1–04 Edition)

the 25-person maximum under this pro- (g)(5)(ii) of this section), are deemed
vision or will not unreasonably inter- granted, subject to all limitations and
fere with other demonstrations or spe- restrictions applicable to said park
cial events. area, unless denied within 24 hours of
(ii) Demonstrations may be held in receipt. However, where a permit has
the following park areas without a per- been granted, or is deemed to have
mit provided that the conduct of such been granted pursuant to this sub-
demonstrations is reasonably con- section, the Regional Director may re-
sistent with the protection and use of voke that permit pursuant to para-
the indicated park area and the other graph (g)(6) of this section.
requirements of this section. The nu- (i) White House area. No permit may
merical limitations listed below are ap- be issued authorizing demonstrations
plicable only for demonstrations con- in the White House area, except for the
ducted without a permit in such areas. White House sidewalk, Lafayette Park
Larger demonstrations may take place and the Ellipse. No permit may be
in these areas pursuant to a permit. issued authorizing special events, ex-
(A) Franklin Park. Thirteenth Street, cept for the Ellipse, and except for an-
between I and K Streets NW., for no nual commemorative wreath-laying
more than 500 persons. ceremonies relating to the statutes in
(B) McPherson Square. Fifteenth Lafayette Park.
Street, between I and K Streets NW., (ii) Other park areas. No permits may
for no more than 500 persons. be issued authorizing demonstrations
(C) U.S. Reservation No. 31. West of or special events in the following other
18th Street and south of H Street NW., park areas:
for no more than 100 persons.
(A) The Washington Monument,
(D) Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway.
which means the area enclosed within
West of 23rd Street, south of P Street
the inner circle that surrounds the
NW., for no more than 1,000 persons.
Monument’s base, except for the offi-
(E) U.S. Reservation No. 46. North side
cial annual commemorative Wash-
of Pennsylvania Avenue, west of
ington birthday ceremony.
Eighth Street and south of D Street,
SE., for no more than 25 persons and (B) The Lincoln Memorial, which
south of D Street SE., for no more than means that portion of the park area
25 persons. which is on the same level or above the
(3) Permit applications. Permit appli- base of the large marble columns sur-
cations may be obtained at the Office rounding the structure, and the single
of Public Affairs, National Capital Re- series of marble stairs immediately ad-
gion, 1100 Ohio Drive SW., Washington, jacent to and below that level, except
DC 20242. Applicants shall submit per- for the official annual commemorative
mit applications in writing on a form Lincoln birthday ceremony.
provided by the National Park Service (C) The Jefferson Memorial, which
so as to be received by the Regional Di- means the circular portion of the Jef-
rector at least 48 hours in advance of ferson Memorial enclosed by the outer-
any proposed demonstration or special most series of columns, and all por-
event. This 48-hour period will be tions on the same levels or above the
waived by the Regional Director if the base of these columns, except for the
size and nature of the activity will not official annual commemorative Jeffer-
reasonably require the commitment of son birthday ceremony.
park resources or personnel in excess of (D) The Vietnam Veterans Memorial,
that which are normally available or except for official annual Memorial
which can reasonably be made avail- Day and Veterans Day commemorative
able within the necessary time period. ceremonies. Note: The darkened por-
The Regional Director shall accept per- tions of the diagrams at the conclusion
mit applications only during the hours of paragraph (g) of this section show
of 8 a.m.–4 p.m., Monday through Fri- the areas where demonstrations or spe-
day, holidays excepted. All demonstra- cial events are prohibited.
tion applications, except those seeking (4) Permit processing. (i) Permit appli-
waiver of the numerical limitations ap- cations for demonstrations and special
plicable to Lafayette Park (paragraph events are processed in order of receipt,


VerDate May<21>2004 04:50 Jul 29, 2004 Jkt 203133 PO 00000 Frm 00144 Fmt 8010 Sfmt 8010 Y:\SGML\203133T.XXX 203133T
National Park Service, Interior § 7.96

and the use of a particular area is allo- the activity, will be proposed by the
cated in order of receipt of fully exe- Regional Director to the applicant.
cuted applications, subject to the limi- (B) It reasonably appears that the
tations set forth in this section. Pro- proposed demonstration or special
vided, however, that the following na- event will present a clear and present
tional celebration events have priority danger to the public safety, good order,
use of the particular park area during or health.
the indicated period. (C) The proposed demonstration or
(A) Christmas Pageant of Peace. In the special event is of such a nature or du-
oval portion of the Ellipse only, during ration that it cannot reasonably be ac-
approximately the last three weeks in commodated in the particular area ap-
December. plied for; in that event, the Regional
(B) Cherry Blossom Festival. In the Director shall propose an alternate site
Japanese Lantern area adjacent to the to the applicant, if available for the ac-
Tidal Basin and on the Ellipse and the tivity; in this connection, the Regional
Washington Monument Grounds adja- Director shall reasonably take into ac-
cent to Constitution Avenue, between count possible damage to the park, in-
15th & 17th Streets NW., for six days cluding trees, shrubbery, other plant-
usually in late March or early April. ings, park installations and statues.
(C) Fourth of July Celebration. On the (D) The application proposes activi-
Washington Monument Grounds. ties contrary to any of the provisions
(D) Festival of American Folklife. In of this section or other applicable law
the area bound on the south by Jeffer- or regulation.
son Drive NW.; on the north by Madi- (5) Permit limitations. Issuance of a
son Drive NW.; on the east by 7th permit is subject to the following limi-
Street NW.; on the west by 14th Street tations:
NW., for a two-week period in approxi- (i) No more than 750 persons are per-
mately late June and early July. mitted to conduct a demonstration on
(E) Columbus Day Commemorative the White House sidewalk at any one
Wreath-Laying. At the Columbus statue time.
on the Union Plaza on Columbus Day. (ii) No more than 3,000 persons are
(F) Inaugural ceremonies. The White permitted to conduct a demonstration
House sidewalk and Lafayette Park, in Lafayette Park at any one time.
exclusive of the northeast quadrant, (A) The Regional Director may waive
for the exclusive use of the Inaugual the 3,000 person limitation for Lafay-
Committee on Inauguration Day. ette Park and/or the 750 person limita-
(ii) Other demonstrations or special tion for the White House Sidewalk
events are permitted in park areas upon a showing by the applicant that
under permit to the National Celebra- good faith efforts will be made to plan
tion Events listed in this paragraph to and marshal the demonstration in such
the extent that they do not signifi- a fashion so as to render unlikely any
cantly interfere with the National substantial risk of unreasonable dis-
Celebration Events. No activity con- ruption or violence.
taining structures is permitted closer (B) In making a waiver determina-
than 50 feet to another activity con- tion, the Regional Director shall con-
taining structures without the mutual sider and the applicant shall furnish at
consent of the sponsors of those activi- least ten days in advance of the pro-
ties. posed demonstration, the functions the
(iii) A permit may be denied in writ- marshals will perform, the means by
ing by the Regional Director upon the which they will be identified, and their
following grounds: method of communication with each
(A) A fully executed prior application other and the crowd. This requirement
for the same time and place has been will be satisfied by completion and sub-
received, and a permit has been or will mission of the same form referred to in
be granted authorizing activities which paragraph (g)(3) of this section.
do not reasonably permit multiple oc- (iii) No permit will be issued for a
cupancy of the particular area; in that demonstration on the White House
event, an alternate site, if available for Sidewalk and in Lafayette Park at the


VerDate May<21>2004 04:50 Jul 29, 2004 Jkt 203133 PO 00000 Frm 00145 Fmt 8010 Sfmt 8010 Y:\SGML\203133T.XXX 203133T
§ 7.96 36 CFR Ch. I (7–1–04 Edition)

same time except when the organiza- National Capital Region or elsewhere
tion, group, or other sponsor of such in or about Washington, DC.
demonstration undertakes in good (E) Whether the activities con-
faith all reasonable action, including templated for the proposed special
the provision of sufficient marshals, to event are in conformity with all appli-
insure good order and self-discipline in cable laws and regulations.
conducting such demonstration and (vii) In connection with permitted
any necessary movement of persons, so demonstrations or special events, tem-
that the numerical limitations and porary structures may be erected for
waiver provisions described in para- the purpose of symbolizing a message
graphs (g)(5) (i) and (ii) of this section or meeting logistical needs such as
are observed. first aid facilities, lost children areas
(iv) No permit will be issued author- or the provision of shelter for elec-
izing demonstrations or special events trical and other sensitive equipment or
in excess of the time periods set out displays. Temporary structures may
below: Provided, however, that the stat- not be used outside designated camping
ed periods will be extended for dem- areas for living accommodation activi-
onstrations only, unless another appli- ties such as sleeping, or making prep-
cation requests use of the particular arations to sleep (including the laying
area and said application precludes down of bedding for the purpose of
double occupancy: sleeping), or storing personal belong-
(A) White House area, except the El- ings, or making any fire, or doing any
lipse: Seven days. digging or earth breaking or carrying
on cooking activities. The above-listed
(B) The Ellipse and all other park
activities constitute camping when it
areas: Three weeks.
reasonably appears, in light of all the
(v) The Regional Director may re- circumstances, that the participants,
strict demonstrations and special in conducting these activities, are in
events weekdays (except holidays) be- fact using the area as a living accom-
tween the hours of 7:00 to 9:30 a.m. and modation regardless of the intent of
4:00 to 6:30 p.m. if it reasonably appears the participants or the nature of any
necessary to avoid unreasonable inter- other activities in which they may also
ference with rush-hour traffic. be engaging. Temporary structures are
(vi) Special events are not permitted permitted to the extent described
unless approved by the Regional Direc- above, provided prior notice has been
tor. In determining whether to approve given to the Regional Director, except
a proposed special event, the Regional that:
Director shall consider and base the de- (A) Structures are not permitted on
termination upon the following cri- the White House sidewalk.
teria: (B) All such temporary structures
(A) Whether the objectives and pur- shall be erected in such a manner so as
poses of the proposed special event re- not to harm park resources unreason-
late to and are within the basic mis- ably and shall be removed as soon as
sion and responsibilities of the Na- practicable after the conclusion of the
tional Capital Region, National Park permitted demonstration or special
Service. event.
(B) Whether the park area requested (C) The Regional Director may im-
is reasonably suited in terms of acces- pose reasonable restrictions upon the
sibility, size, and nature of the pro- use of temporary structures in the in-
posed special event. terest of protecting the park areas in-
(C) Whether the proposed special volved, traffic and public safety consid-
event can be permitted within a rea- erations, and other legitimate park
sonable budgetary allocation of Na- value concerns.
tional Park Service funds considering (D) Any structures utilized in a dem-
the event’s public appeal, and the an- onstration extending in duration be-
ticipated participation of the general yond the time limitations specified in
public therein. paragraphs (g)(5)(iv) (A) and (B) of this
(D) Whether the proposed event is du- section shall be capable of being re-
plicative of events previously offered in moved upon 24 hours notice and the


VerDate May<21>2004 04:50 Jul 29, 2004 Jkt 203133 PO 00000 Frm 00146 Fmt 8010 Sfmt 8010 Y:\SGML\203133T.XXX 203133T
National Park Service, Interior § 7.96

site restored, or, the structure shall be set down in the immediate presence of
secured in such a fashion so as not to the owner on those sidewalks.
interfere unreasonably with use of the (x) The following are prohibited in
park area by other permittees author- Lafayette Park:
ized under this section. (A) The erection, placement or use of
(E) Individuals or groups of 25 per- structures of any kind except for the
sons or fewer demonstrating under the following:
small group permit exemption of para- (1) Structures that are being hand-
graph (g)(2)(i) of this section are not al- carried are allowed.
lowed to erect temporary structures (2) When one hundred (100) or more
other than small lecterns or speakers’ persons are participating in a dem-
platforms. This provision does not re- onstration in the Park, a temporary
strict the use of portable signs or ban- speaker’s platform as is reasonably re-
ners. quired to serve the demonstration par-
(viii) No signs or placards shall be ticipants is allowed as long as such
platform is being erected, dismantled
permitted on the White House sidewalk
or used, provided that only one speak-
except those made of cardboard,
er’s platform is allowed per dem-
posterboard or cloth having dimensions
onstrating group, and provided further
no greater than three feet in width,
that such speaker’s platform is author-
twenty feet in length, and one-quarter
ized by a permit issued pursuant to
inch in thickness. No supports shall be
paragraph (g) of this section.
permitted for signs or placards except
(3) When less than one hundred (100)
those made of wood having cross-sec-
persons are participating in a dem-
tional dimensions no greater than
onstration in the Park, a temporary
three-quarter of an inch by three-quar-
‘‘soapbox’’ speaker’s platform is allowed
ter of an inch. Stationary signs or plac- as long as such platform is being erect-
ards shall be no closer than three feet ed, dismantled or used, providing that
from the White House sidewalk fence. only one speaker’s platform is allowed
All signs and placards shall be attended per demonstrating group, and provided
at all times that they remain on the further that the speaker’s platform is
White House sidewalk. Signs or plac- no larger than three (3) feet in length,
ards shall be considered to be attended three (3) feet in width, and three (3)
only when they are in physical contact feet in height, and provided further that
with a person. No signs or placards such speaker’s platform is authorized
shall be tied, fastened, or otherwise at- by a permit issued pursuant to para-
tached to or leaned against the White graph (g) of this section.
House fence, lamp posts or other struc- (4) For the purpose of this section,
tures on the White House sidewalk. No the term ‘‘structure’’ includes props and
signs or placards shall be held, placed displays, such as coffins, crates,
or set down on the center portion of crosses, theaters, cages, and statues;
the White House sidewalk, comprising furniture and furnishings, such as
ten yards on either side of the center desks, chairs, tables, bookcases, cabi-
point on the sidewalk; Provided, how- nets, platforms, podiums and lecterns;
ever, that individuals may demonstrate shelters, such as tents, boxes and other
while carrying signs on that portion of enclosures; wagons and carts; and all
the sidewalk if they continue to move other similar types of property which
along the sidewalk. might tend to harm park resources in-
(ix) No parcel, container, package, cluding aesthetic interests. Provided
bundle or other property shall be however that the term ‘‘structure’’ does
placed or stored on the White House not include signs; bicycles, baby car-
sidewalk or on the west sidewalk of riages and baby strollers lawfully in
East Executive Avenue NW., between the Park that are temporarily placed
Pennsylvania Avenue NW., and E in, or are being moved across, the
Street NW., or on the north sidewalk of Park, and that are attended at all
E Street NW., between East and West times while in the Park (the term ‘‘at-
Executive Avenues NW.; Provided, how- tended’ is defined as an individual
ever, that such property, except struc- being within three (3) feet of his or her
tures, may be momentarily placed or bicycle, baby carriage or baby stroller);


VerDate May<21>2004 04:50 Jul 29, 2004 Jkt 203133 PO 00000 Frm 00147 Fmt 8010 Sfmt 8010 Y:\SGML\203133T.XXX 203133T
§ 7.96 36 CFR Ch. I (7–1–04 Edition)

and wheelchairs and other devices for sidewalk, other than hand-portable
the handicapped in use by handicapped sound amplification equipment which
persons. the Regional Director determines is
(B) The use of signs except for the necessary for crowd-control purposes.
following: (B) The Regional Director reserves
(1) Hand-carried signs are allowed re- the right to limit the sound amplifi-
gardless of size. cation equipment so that it will not
(2) Signs that are not being hand-car- unreasonably disturb nonparticipating
ried and that are no larger than four (4) persons in, or in the vicinity of, the
feet in length, four (4) feet in width and area.
one-quarter (1⁄4) inch in thickness (ex- (xiii) A permit may contain addi-
clusive of braces that are reasonably tional reasonable conditions and addi-
required to meet support and safety re- tional time limitations, consistent
quirements and that are not used so as with this section, in the interest of
to form an enclosure of two (2) or more protecting park resources, the use of
sides) may be used in Lafayette Park, nearby areas by other persons, and
provided that no individual may have
other legitimate park value concerns.
more than two (2) such signs in the
Park at any one time, and provided fur- (xiv) A permit issued under this sec-
ther that such signs must be attended tion does not authorize activities out-
at all times (the term ‘‘attended’ is de- side of areas under administration by
fined as an individual being within the National Capital Region. Appli-
three (3) feet of his or her sign(s)), and cants may also be required to obtain a
provided further that such signs may not permit from the District of Columbia
be elevated in a manner so as to exceed or other appropriate governmental en-
a height of six (6) feet above the ground tity for demonstrations or special
at their highest point, may not be ar- events sought to be conducted either
ranged or combined in a manner so as wholly or in part in other than park
to exceed the size limitations set forth areas.
in this paragraph, and may not be ar- (6) Permit revocation. A permit issued
ranged in such a fashion as to form an for a demonstration is revocable only
enclosure of two (2) or more sides. For upon a ground for which an application
example, under this provision, two therefor would be subject to denial
four-feet by four-feet signs may not be under paragraphs (g) (4) or (5) of this
combined so as to create a sign eight section. Any such revocation, prior to
feet long and four feet wide, and three the conduct of the demonstration, shall
such signs may not be arranged to cre- be in writing and shall be approved by
ate a sign four feet long and twelve feet the Regional Director. During the con-
wide, and two or more signs of any size duct of a demonstration, a permit may
may not be leaned or otherwise placed be revoked by the ranking U.S. Park
together so as to form an enclosure of Police supervisory official in charge if
two or more sides, etc. continuation of the event presents a
(xi) Stages and sound amplification clear and present danger to the public
may not be placed closer than one hun- safety, good order or health or for any
dred (100) feet from the boundaries of violation of applicable law or regula-
the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and tion. A permit issued for a special
sound systems shall be directed away event is revocable, at any time, in the
from the memorial at all times. reasonable discretion of the Regional
(xii) Sound amplification equipment Director.
is allowed in connection with per- (7) Further information on admin-
mitted demonstrations or special istering these regulations can be found
events, provided prior notice has been in policy statements published at 47 FR
given to the Regional Director, except 24299, June 4, 1982, and at 47 FR 24302,
that: June 4, 1982. Copies of the policy state-
(A) Sound amplification equipment ments may be obtained from the Re-
may not be used on the White House gional Director.


VerDate May<21>2004 04:50 Jul 29, 2004 Jkt 203133 PO 00000 Frm 00148 Fmt 8010 Sfmt 8010 Y:\SGML\203133T.XXX 203133T
National Park Service, Interior § 7.96


VerDate May<21>2004 04:50 Jul 29, 2004 Jkt 203133 PO 00000 Frm 00149 Fmt 8010 Sfmt 8006 Y:\SGML\203133T.XXX 203133T
§ 7.96 36 CFR Ch. I (7–1–04 Edition)

(h) Soliciting. Soliciting or demanding modation purposes such as sleeping ac-

gifts, money, goods or services is pro- tivities, or making preparations to
hibited. sleep (including the laying down of
(i) Camping. (1) Camping is defined as bedding for the purpose of sleeping), or
the use of park land for living accom- storing personal belongings, or making


VerDate May<21>2004 04:50 Jul 29, 2004 Jkt 203133 PO 00000 Frm 00150 Fmt 8010 Sfmt 8010 Y:\SGML\203133T.XXX 203133T
National Park Service, Interior § 7.96

any fire, or using any tents or shelter than 21⁄2 feet by 8 feet or 4 feet by 4
or other structure or vehicle for sleep- feet. The dimensions of a sales site
ing or doing any digging or earth may not exceed 6 feet wide by 15 feet
breaking or carrying on cooking activi- long by 6 feet high. With or without a
ties. The above-listed activities con- permit, such sale or distribution is pro-
stitute camping when it reasonably ap- hibited in the following areas:
pears, in light of all the circumstances, (i) Lincoln Memorial area which is on
that the participants, in conducting the same level or above the base of the
these activities, are in fact using the large marble columns surrounding the
area as a living accommodation regard- structure, and the single series of mar-
less of the intent of the participants or ble stairs immediately adjacent to and
the nature of any other activities in below that level.
which they may also be engaging. (ii) Jefferson Memorial area enclosed
Camping is permitted only in areas by the outermost series of columns,
designated by the Superintendent, who and all portions on the same levels or
may establish limitations of time al- above the base of these columns.
lowed for camping in any public camp- (iii) Washington Monument area en-
ground. Upon the posting of such limi- closed within the inner circle that sur-
tations in the campground, no person rounds the Monument’s base.
shall camp for a period longer than
(iv) The interior of all park buildings,
that specified for the particular camp-
including, but not limited to, those
portions of Ford’s Theatre adminis-
(2) Further information on admin-
tered by the National Park Service.
istering these regulations can be found
in policy statements published at 47 FR (v) The White House Park area
24302 (June 4, 1982). Copies of the policy bounded on the north by H Street, NW;
statements may be obtained from the on the south by Constitution Avenue,
Regional Director. NW; on the west by 17th Street, NW;
(j)(1) In Lafayette Park the storage and on the east by 15th Street, NW; ex-
of construction material, tools, lum- cept for Lafayette Park, the White
ber, paint, tarps, bedding, luggage, pil- House sidewalk (the south Pennsyl-
lows, sleeping bags, food, clothing, lit- vania Avenue, NW sidewalk between
erature, papers and all other similar East and West Executive Avenues) and
property is prohibited. the Ellipse; Provided, however, that the
(2) Notwithstanding (j)(1) of this sec- free distribution of literature con-
tion, a person in Lafayette Park may ducted without the aid of stands or
have literature, papers, food, clothing, structures, is permitted on East Execu-
blankets and a reasonable cover to pro- tive Avenue.
tect such property, occupying up to (vi) Vietnam Veterans Memorial area
three (3) cubic feet of space, so long as extending to and bounded by the south
such property is attended at all times curb of Constitution Avenue on the
while in the Park (the term ‘‘attended’’ north, the east curb of Henry Bacon
is defined as a person being within Drive on the west, the north side of the
three (3) feet of his or her property). north Reflecting Pool walkway on the
(k) Sales. (1) No sales shall be made south and a line drawn perpendicular
nor admission fee charged and no arti- to Constitution Avenue two hundred
cle may be exposed for sale without a (200) feet from the east tip of the me-
permit except as noted in the following morial wall on the east (this is also a
paragraphs. line extended from the east side of the
(2) No merchandise may be sold dur- western concrete border of the steps to
ing the conduct of special events or the west of the center steps to the Fed-
demonstrations except for books, news- eral Reserve Building extending to the
papers, leaflets, pamphlets, buttons Reflecting Pool walkway); Provided,
and bumper stickers. A permit is re- however, that the free distribution of
quired for the sale or distribution of literature conducted without the aid of
permitted merchandise when done with stands or structures, is permitted on
the aid of a stand or structure. Such the Constitution Avenue and Henry
stand or structure may consist of one Bacon Drive sidewalks adjacent to the
table per site, which may be no larger Vietnam Veterans Memorial.


VerDate May<21>2004 04:50 Jul 29, 2004 Jkt 203133 PO 00000 Frm 00151 Fmt 8010 Sfmt 8010 Y:\SGML\203133T.XXX 203133T
§ 7.97 36 CFR Ch. I (7–1–04 Edition)

(3) Persons engaged in the sale or dis- rity and logistical support. This infor-
tribution of printed matter under this mation will be used to further those
section shall not obstruct or impede purposes. The obligation is required to
pedestrians or vehicles, harass park obtain a benefit.
visitors with physical contact, mis- [51 FR 37011, Oct. 17, 1986, as amended at 57
represent the purposes or affiliations of FR 4576, Feb. 6, 1992; 57 FR 29797, July 7, 1992;
those engaged in the sale or distribu- 60 FR 17649, Apr. 7, 1995; 60 FR 33351, June 28,
tion, or misrepresent whether the 1995; 60 FR 55791, Nov. 3, 1995; 62 FR 30234,
printed matter is available without June 3, 1997; 62 FR 32203, June 13, 1997]
cost or donation.
(l) Rock Creek Park. (1) Notwith- § 7.97 Golden Gate National Recre-
standing the provisions of 36 CFR 5.1, ation Area.
the Superintendent of Rock Creek (a) Boat landings—Alcatraz Island. Ex-
Park may permit the recognition of cept in emergencies, the docking of
and the advertising by the primary any privately-owned vessel, as defined
sponsor or sponsors of not more than in § 1.4 of this chapter, or the landing of
two professional tennis tournaments any person at Alcatraz Island without
per year at the Rock Creek Tennis Cen- a permit or contract is prohibited. The
ter. Superintendent may issue a permit
(2) All activities conducted under upon a determination that the appli-
this paragraph shall be appropriate to cant’s needs cannot be provided by au-
park values and consistent with the thorized commercial boat transpor-
protection of park resources and shall tation to Alcatraz Island and that the
comply with criteria specified in a proposed activities of the applicant are
written permit. compatible with the preservation and
(3) Any permit issued under this protection of Alcatraz Island.
paragraph shall be valid only for those (b) Powerless flight. The use of devices
periods of time during which a profes- designed to carry persons through the
sional tennis tournament is being held, air in powerless flight is allowed at
and shall limit all advertising and rec- times and locations designated by the
ognition to the confines of the tennis superintendent, pursuant to the terms
stadium structure and the contiguous and conditions of a permit.
paved plaza, not to include any of the (c) Designated bicycle routes. The use
fields or paved parking lots except of a bicycle is permitted according to
within the interior of permitted tents § 4.30 of this chapter and, in non-devel-
on Parking Lot A. These areas shall be oped areas, as follows:
marked on a map available in the Su- (1) Bicycle use is permitted on routes
perintendent’s office. which have been designated by the Su-
(4) No advertising or recognition ac- perintendent as bicycle routes by the
tivities may take place without a writ- posting of signs, and as designated on
ten permit as specified in this para- maps which are available in the office
graph. Any person who violates a pro- of the superintendent and other places
vision of this paragraph is subject to convenient to the public.
the penalty provisions of 36 CFR 1.3 (2) Bicycle speed limits are as fol-
and revocation of the permit if a per- lows:
mit exists. (i) 15 miles per hour: Upon all des-
(m) Information collection. The infor- ignated routes in Golden Gate National
mation collection requirements con- Recreation Area.
tained in this section have been ap- (ii) 5 miles per hour: On blind curves
proved by the Office of Management and when passing other trail users.
and Budget under 44 U.S.C. 3507 and as- (3) The following are prohibited:
signed clearance number 1024–0021. The (i) The possession of a bicycle on
information is being collected to pro- routes not designated as open to bicy-
vide notification to park managers, cle use.
United States Park Police, Metropoli- (ii) Operating a bicycle on designated
tan Police, and the Secret Service of bicycle routes between sunset and sun-
the plans of organizers of large-scale rise without exhibiting on the bicycle
demonstrations and special events in or on the operator an activated white
order to assist in the provision of secu- light that is visible from a distance of


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