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S T U D E N T 'S

S u p p le m e n + a ry R e a d in g

He who knows most grieves most for wasted time.

- D a n te

Posfulant D e g re e 9, M o n o g r a p h 27 AMORC

the R osicrucian stu dent who, a fte r giving F OR sufficlent tim e to his regular w eekly m onograph and experim ents, still has am pie tim e for study, the follow ing supplem entary reading is suggested. T his supplem entary read ing is intended to perm it the Rosicrucian stu dent to peruse subjects which are related to his lessons. It m ust be realized, however, that the supplem entary reading is not of Rosicrucian publication, or w ritten by Rosicrucians, and th at the supplem entary reading is likely, in m any instances, to differ from the R osicrucian principies. The R osicrucian student will. however, greatly broaden his view point by th is ex tra reading. H e will come to appreciate the sim plieity of the presentation o the R osicrucian teachings in the m onographs by this com parative reading. The student who has the ex tra tim e will find this additional reading in stru c tivo and profitable. These suggestions for supple m entary read ing will accom panv your m onographs throu gh the degrees. Alraost all of the w orks are stand ard and can be had in a public library o r procured for you by the library. It m ust be fu rth er understood th at it is absolutely UNNECESSARY for an un derstanding of the Rosicrucian m onographs that these supplem entary w orks be read. B eneath j the w ord Subjeet, below. are the suggested subjects ! for reading. B eneath the word Souroe are indicated the w orks to w hich you are to refer to find the subjeet. SUBJECT Subconscious SOL'RCE Encyclopedia Britanniea

Subco nscioiiKiiess

Encyclopedia Americana


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