Mac Troubleshooting Guide for Hotel Queues

OS X Step 1: Click the Apple Menu, Select ‘System Preferences…’, then click on the ‘Network’ Button.

Step 2: Click the first drop-down box, location, and select ‘New Location…’, call the new location Hotel.

Step 3: Go to the second drop-down box, ‘Show’, and select ‘Network Port Configuration, uncheck everything but ‘Built-in Ethernet’.

Step 4: Click on the second drop-down box, ‘Show’ and select ‘Built-in Ethernet’, then verify that the third drop-down box ‘Configure IPv4’ is set to ‘Using DHCP’

Step 5: Click the ‘Apply Now’ button on the bottom right hand corner of the window, and check to see if the guest is getting a hotel IP address. NOTE: If the guest is not getting an IP address at all, it could be the network cable, port speed, or NCC issue. If the guest gets an IP address starting with FE (hexadecimal IP address), click the configure IPv6 button at the bottom of the screen and turn off the IPv6 feature, then ‘Apply Now’ again, and check the IP. If the guest does get a hotel IP address, have the guest try Safari to load the portal page.

How-To Change Port Speed
Note: You would check this if the caller is getting a FAST flashing Ethernet light on the LRE, or no Ethernet light at all after replacing the LRE. Verify the ‘Location’ is set to Hotel, ‘Show’ is set to ‘Built-in Ethernet’. Then Click the Ethernet button below the ‘Show’ drop-down and select the ‘Configure’ drop-down, and select ‘Manually (Advanced). Next select the ‘Speed’ drop-down box, and select ‘10baseT/UTP’. Click ‘Apply Now’ in the bottom right hand corner of the window, and then click the ‘TCP/IP’ button (same line of buttons as ‘Ethernet’ and check for an IP address.

How-To Check for Proxy Settings
Note: This does not need to be checked if you follow the above directions to create a new location. Verify ‘Show’ is set to ‘Built-in Ethernet’. Then Click the Proxies button below the ‘Show’ drop-down and select ‘Web Proxy (HTTP), verify there is nothing in the ‘Web Proxy Server’ Box to the right.

How The Guest Can Change Their Settings Back Easily
Click the Apple Menu, Select ‘Location’ and tell the caller to set the computer to use ‘Automatic’ of whatever their previous location was set to. In this screenshot, you see I have set up multiple locations to use only the ports/settings I want to use to avoid problems.

OS 9 Step 1: Click the Apple Menu, scroll to Control Panels, select ‘TCP/IP’. Step 2: Go to the File menu and select ‘Configurations’

Step 3: Highlight ‘Default’ and click ‘Duplicate’, name the new configuration ‘Starwood’, then click the ‘Make Active’ button to activate the new profile. After that, click ‘Done’ to get back to TCP/IP.

Step 4: Verify the ‘Connect via:’ drop-down is set to ‘Ethernet’, and ‘Configure’ is set for ‘Using DHCP Server’

Step 5: Select, File Menu, ‘Quit’, then SAVE the settings. You will need to re-open the TCP/IP control panel to check for the IP address. If you get a hotel IP, have them open Internet Explorer and check for the portal page. If you do not get an IP, check wiring, LRE, and escalate to the NCC if necessary. How to change the proxy settings for IE in OS-9. Step 1: Open IE, and select the Edit Menu, and Open the IE preferences. Step 2: On the left side, select proxies, and verify, there are no checkmarks.

Step 3: Press the OK button and try again.