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: BTEC Higher National Diploma(HND) in Computing : 1 : Computer Platforms (Unit 1) : Create a case study on a typical system Requirement and to design the Computer system on a new system.

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: Kazi Sharif

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: Mr Sanjib Kumar Saha : 10856 HND in Business

Computer Platform
Project Area
Apex is ready made garments importer, operates its small business in London. The IT system of this organisation is consisting of two computers. As the business is growing up the management are decided to expand the IT section by increasing with two more computer and upgrading the present two computers. In this regard management choose Mr. arif to lead the project. Mr Arif who is the sales manager of this company is supposed to survey the market and will chose the best possible quote for this project. The maximum cost of this project is 2500 GBP. This budget includes all pcs, pc table and the training of the employees for new system. And maximum time period of this project is 1 month.

: 22/01/2010

Feasibility study
Mr Arif did a background analysis about the employees requirements of for the system. Present two computer is using by the managing director and the accountant. Coming two computers user will be the sales manager and another for the receptionist. According to the Varity of the job of the employees requirements are:

Mr Johir (Managing Director)

He is using a pc. He is responsible for look after all the sections (sales, accounts) in this office. This pc need to change the operating system and increasing the hard disk.

Mr Rahman (Accountant)

He is using a pc. He is responsible for all the income, expenses and the employees salary. This pc need to change the operating system and the increasing the hard disk. As an accountant his most of the file will be in spreadsheet program.

Mr Arif (Sales manager)

One of the new pc will be add on this sales section. He is responsible for keep relation with all the buyer as well as observing the market. As he is dealing with sales his computer should have spreadsheet program, a well structure PowerPoint program for addressing the buyer about the products. And a huge hard drive.

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Computer Platform

Miss Irin (Receptionist)

Another new pc is coming in this section. She is responsible to deal with all supplier and the buyer about the order, delivery and all the others affairs. Her task is based on database program. Her pc need a huge hard drive as well.

After doing a analysis on employees requirements, Mr Arif understand a well structure operating system and a vast hard drive with updated other components can fulfil this project. Now he is doing details analysis on computer system.

Components for the required system

HARDWARE: 1. Monitor 2. CPU a. Processor b. Processor c. Hard Drive d. Graphic Card e. Sound Card f. Chassis

g. Memory 3. Keyboard 4. Mouse 5. Printer, scanner. SOFTWARE: 1. Operating system a. Windows XP professional 2. Application programme a. Microsoft Office - MS Word -MS Excel [Type text] Page 3

Computer Platform
- MS PowerPoint. Etc [P1]

These components are very common and basic for a pc. Sales report, customer data information, financial report and so many others documentation jobs are the main objective for this new system. These new systems with above components are sufficient for those kinds of jobs.

Hardware Cost Quantity Total cost


Type: Desktop Power Supply: ATX 38 VAT inc 2 2 170 2 115inc VAT 230 72


Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T8300 (2.40 GHz, 800 MHz FSB, 85inc VAT 3 MB L2 cache) Intel Desktop Board DG31GL

Mother Board


Size1 GB Speed: 133 MHz Type: DDR 2 78 VAT inc 156

Hard Disk

Samsung 250GB (HM251JI) 75 VAT inc 4 inc 2 inc 2 300 360 230

Monitor Video card

Samsung white Lcd 15 Interface: AGP Memory: 32 MB Additional hardware features: MPEG

$180 VAT 115 VAT


Interface: USB Speed: 40 X 30 VAT Windows XP 150inc vat 4 600 = 2348 inc 2 60

Operating system

Microsoft professional

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Computer Platform
[P2 ]

Justification of selected components

The core components are justified with few others product in the market. Processor Name of the Processor Front Bus 667 MHz Intel Celeron processor T1700 Intel Celeron D processor 365 Intel Pentium processor E5400 Intel Pentium D processor 960 Intel Pentium 4 processor 670 Intel Pentium M processor 780 Intel processor QX9775 Intel Core2 Quad processor Q9650 Intel Core2 Duo processor T5200 Intel Core2 Solo processor U2100 Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T8300 800MHz 2.4GHz 3MB 65nm 533 MHz 1.06 GHz 1 MB L2 65 nm 533 MHz 1.60 GHz 2MB L2 65nm 1333 MHz 3.00 GHz 12MB L2 45 nm Core2 Extreme 1600 MHz 3.2 GHz 12MB L2 45 nm 533 MHz 2.26 GHz 2 MB L2 90 nm 800 MHz 3.80 GHz 2 MB L2 90 nm 800 MHz 3.60 GHz 2x2 MB L2 65-nm 800 MHz 2.70 GHz 2MB L2 45nm 533 MHz Size Clock peed 1.83 GHz 3.60 GHz Cache Memory 1 M L2 512 KB L2 Architecture 65nm 65nm

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Computer Platform


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Computer Platform

Extreme Series DX58SO DP45SG D5400XS DX48BT2 Intel Desktop Board Intel X58 Intel P45 Intel 5400 Intel X48 LGA1366 LGA775 LGA771 LGA775 ATX ATX eATX ATX Form Factor

Intel Express Socket Chipset

Executive Series DQ45CB DQ45EK DQ35MP DQ35JO Intel Desktop Board Chipset AMD 790FX AMD 790FX AMD 790FX AMD 790FX AMD 790FX AMD 790FX AMD 790FX Intel Q45 Intel Q45 Intel Q35 Intel Q35 LGA775 LGA775 LGA775 LGA775 MicroATX Mini-ITX microATX microATX Form Factor

Intel Express Socket Chipset Manufacture r ASUS ASUS MSI Gigabyte Gigabyte Jetway DFI Model M3A32-MVP Deluxe/WiFi-AP M3A32-MVP Deluxe K9A2 Platinum GA-MA790FX-DQ6 GA-MA790FX-DS5 HA04 LP UT 790FX-M2R Socket AM2+ AM2+ AM2+ AM2+ AM2+ AM2+ AM2+


Hard drive

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Computer Platform
Hitachi 160GB 0Y30006 SATA2 U300 7200rpm 8MB RoHS Hard Drive Samsung 160GB (HM160HC) 5400rpm ATA100 8MB Notebook Hard Drive (2.5-inch) Samsung 500GB (HM500LI) 5400rpm SATA2 8MB Notebook Hard Drive (2.5 inch) Toshiba 250GB (MK2552GSX) 5,400rpm SATA2 8MB Notebook Hard Drive (2.5-inch) Toshiba 320GB (MK3252GSX) 5400rpm SATA 8MB Notebook Hard Drive (2.5-inch) Samsung 250GB (HM251JI) 5400rpm SATA 8MB Notebook Hard Drive (2.5 inch) Toshiba 160GB (MK1649GSY) SATA2 16MB Notebook Hard Drive, Measuring 2.75 x 3.94 x 0.37 Inches Samsung 320GB (HM320JI) 5400rpm SATA 8MB Notebook Hard Drive (2.5 inch) Hitachi 250GB 0A38006 SATA2 U300 7,200rpm 8MB RoHS Hard Drive with Rotational Speed of 7,200rpm Hitachi 320GB 0A38018 SATA2 U300 7,200rpm 16MB RoHS Hard Drive, Measuring 102 x 147 x 26mm Toshiba 120GB (MK1249GSY) 7,200rpm SATA2 16MB Notebook Hard Drive (2.5 inches) Hitachi 200GB SATA RoHS-approved Notebook Hard Drive with Capacity of 200GB Hitachi 160GB 0A38005 SATA2 U300 7200rpm 8MB RoHS Hard Drive [P5, P6]

Different Types of Operating System

Operating system (commonly abbreviated to OS, O/S or kernel) is an interface between hardware and software in a computer system. The OS is responsible for the management and coordination of activities and the sharing of the limited resources of the computer. The operating system acts as a host for applications that are run on the machine. As a host, main purposes of an operating system are to handle the details of the operation of the hardware.

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Computer Platform

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////;////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


Microsoft Windows is a family of proprietary operating systems that originated as an add-on to the older MS-DOS operating system for the IBM PC. Modern versions are based on the newer Windows NT kernel that was originally intended for OS/2. Windows runs on x86, x86-64 and Itanium processors. Earlier versions also ran on the DEC Alpha, MIPS, Fairchild (later Intergraph) Clipper and PowerPC architectures (some work was done to port it to the SPARC architecture). As of June 2008, Microsoft Windows holds a large amount of the worldwide desktop market share. Windows is also used on servers, supporting applications such as web servers and database servers. In recent years, Microsoft has spent significant marketing and research & development money to demonstrate that Windows is capable of running any enterprise application, which has resulted in consistent price/performance records (see the TPC) and significant acceptance in the enterprise market. The most widely used version of the Microsoft Windows family is Windows XP, released on October 25, 2001. In November 2006, after more than five years of development work, Microsoft released Windows Vista, a major new operating system version of Microsoft Windows family which contains a large number of new features and architectural changes. Chief amongst these are a new user interface and visual style called Windows Aero, a number of new security features such as User Account Control, and a few new multimedia applications such as Windows DVD Maker. A server variant based on the same kernel, Windows Server 2008, was released in early 2008. Windows 7 is currently under development; Microsoft has stated that it intends to scope its development to a threeyear timeline, placing its release sometime at the end of 2009. For this project Microsoft Windows XP(professional) have been chosen. [Type text] Page 9

Computer Platform
Developed by Linus Torvalds and further elaborated by a number of developers throughout the world, Linux (lee'nuhks/ or /li'nuks/,_not_/li:'nuhks) is a freely available multitasking and multiuser operating system. From the outset, Linux was placed under General Public License (GPL). The system can be distributed, used and expanded free of charge. In this way, developers have access to all the source codes, thus being able to integrate new functions easily or to find and eliminate programming bugs quickly. Thereby drivers for new adapters (SCSI controller, graphics cards, etc.) can be integrated very rapidly.

UNIX, which is not an acronym, was developed by some of the members of the Multics team at the bell labs starting in the late 1960's by many of the same people who helped create the C programming language. The UNIX today, however, is not just the work of a couple of programmers. Many other organizations, institutes and various other individuals contributed significant additions to the system we now know today.

Short for Microsoft Disk operating system, MS-DOS is a non-graphical command line operating system created for IBM compatible computers that was first introduced by Microsoft in August 1981 and was last updated in 1994 when MS-DOS 6.22 was released. Although the MS-DOS operating system is not commonly used today, the command shell used through Microsoft Windows is. Unlike Microsoft Windows, which most users are familiar with today, MS-DOS requires the user to type commands instead of using a mouse. The image to the right is an example of what an MS-DOS window more appropriately referred to as the Windows command line looks like under Microsoft Windows. [P3]

Customizing operating system

In order to make the system easier to the user it is a good idea to customize the operating system according to the user task. Few customize options are Customising Desktop Some important icon such as My Computer, Recycle Bin, and My Document can be place on desktop for increasing working speed. Right click from the mouse we get PERSONALIZE option. Select CHANGE DESKTOP ICON then select required icons. Microsoft Word As an organisation there are so many things need to type in every moment. So word icon can be place on desktop. Microsoft Excel Apex is a financial institution, there are accounts need to keep in spreadsheet programs. It is a good idea to keep spreadsheet icon in desktop. [Type text] Page 10

Computer Platform
Microsoft Power Point Convincing the buyer as well as the supplier it is very necessary to present the companys status so nicely so other party will have a clear idea about us. so power point could be place on desktop. Internet Explorer The most important things for surfing on the net is inter net explorer. So it will be placed on desktop Date and Time For remembering the date and time we can place the time and date in task bar. User Accounts In order to use the computer more than one employee the operating system can be spitted in many user accounts. For make a different user account, go to CONTROL PANEL from start menu. Open the USER ACCOUNT make account as much as need. This account can be protected by password. Display setting As it is a office employees have to pass a long time in front of computer. So it is very necessary to keep the monitor display in good resolution. Display setting can be made from PERSONALIZE then click display setting. [P4]

Health & Safety

Health and safety is a very important issue for a computer system. User may be severely affected because of improper use of computer. Few tips for using pc carefully: Keyboard In the time of sitting the computer it is better to place the keyboard by keeping few distances from the monitor. Always keeping the wrist straight when typing. Mouse holding the mouse softly and dont click them. When using mouse keep the wrist straight. RSI- In order to avoid

Sitting comfortably user can avoid the risk of repetitive stain injury. for these reason chair and the table should adjust properly. Eye strain

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Computer Platform
Continuous looking at the flickering screen seriously affects our eyes. Adjusting the brightness and contrast option as well as enough lighting in the room can avoid this problem. In setting time, formatting the text that is large enough to read easily on screen, when sitting in a normal, comfortable working position. selecting colours that are easy on the eye (avoid red text on a blue background, or vice-versa). [P10]

Hardware testing Test Check all cables and connectors Check all device are correctly powered System powered up in a correct way All drive lights function properly All display light function correctly Monitor power switch on/off Insert a Disk to DVD drive Check the keyboard(Esc, Function keys, Caps Lock, Num LK) Software testing: Test no 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Description Microsoft Word Acrobat Reader Microsoft power point Antivirus Screen saver Input Open a test file Open a file Open a slide Scan Local Disk(C Open a screen saver Out put Opened Opened Opened Scanning done Opened Pass/Fail pass Pass Pass Pass pass [P7 ] Status Working properly Working properly Working properly Working properly Working properly Working properly Working properly Working properly Pass/ Fail Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass

User Documentation
In order to familiars the new system with employees, there is a user manual should be provided. This user documentation will help the employee to run the system frequently.

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Computer Platform
Start the CPU and Monitor.

Select the user account and enter password

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Computer Platform

START menu

Run application programs such as Ms Word, Ms excel etc.

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Computer Platform

[P8 ]


In order to secure the system the latest version of AVG anti virus installed with our system. Network licence copy is better to keep all computers secure of this network. Network licence is cheaper rather then buying anti virus separately. I choose McAfee total protection 2009.Its work

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Computer Platform
Anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, and Site Advisor protect computer from malicious software. Firewall blocks outsiders from hacking into PC. Local backup protects electronic files if they are deleted or lost.

Identity theft protection, anti-phishing, and Site Advisor all help keep your identity safe. Full backup: As we know the company hold so many information that deals with lots of other company and their database. So it is very important to make a strong a data backup for it. Full backup involves taking a copy of all data, applications and system files by storing it. [P9]

Training For the new computer system the user need training about the basic of computing. They should know about the possible faulty reasons for hardware and software. The manual book and few related books can help them a lot.

The system has been setup successfully. All the pc are working properly. New IT sector will help to expand the business. Organizations rely on computer and information technology to conduct business and operate efficiently. Apex will get benefit by adopting new technology because it will increase their business image.

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Computer Platform

Bic, Lubomur F.; Shaw, Alan C. (2003). Operating Systems.. Pearson: Prentice Hall. Stallings (2005). Operating Systems, Internals and Design Principles. Pearson: Prentice Hall. Silberschatz, Avi; Galvin, Peter; Gagne, Greg (2008). Operating Systems Concepts. John Wiley & Sons. ISBN.


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Computer Platform
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......................3-4 JUSTIFICATIONS OF SELECTED

COMPONENTS.............................................................................. 5-7 DIFFERENT TYPES OF OPERATING

SYSTEM............................................................................... 7-9 CUSTOMISE OPERATING SYSTEM............910 HEALTH AND SAFETY REQUIREMENTS ........................1011 CHECKING OR TESTING HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE

COMPONENTS.................................... 11 USER .................................................................................................................. 12-13 SECURITY POLICY FOR THE SYSTEM............................................ 14 CONCLUSIONS..... .14 REFERENCE ..15 DEMOSTRATION

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