THE VISION By Jonsig Eirik

At 4 AM, on the 17th of May 2006, I suddenly came wideawake realizing I was looking at a hut at least 20 feet long. I grabbed my Sony hand held recorder that I always keep beside me and started to describe what I saw. Built of poles, the doorway about 5 feet wide and 7 high. I stepped inside and sat on something behind a table that was made with small poles, held together with thongs and covered with bark. I’m almost certain the table had four legs on each side, solidly braced and crossbraced to make it sturdy. A gallon or a bit larger, green bottle lay on its side at the end of the table. It seemed very old, the glass rough and uneven, with an oblong piece about 2 x 3 inches, broken out of the side of it. That was the only manufactured article I saw anywhere. A youngster, a small person, apparently a girl with straggly black hair was standing nearby. She wore a short-sleeved sort of vest coat made from animal skin, very pliable, soft short fur. A necklace strung with what seemed to be teeth, also a claw from a bird in the middle of the necklace. (I wonder what they would use to bore holes in these teeth. I mean, I doubt if they had steel bits) then string them on a fine cord, probably made from finely woven long human hair. Her skirt, knee length, was made from small pieces of different fur, sewn together with fine thong; many different colored furs from different animals. I sensed her skirt material was slightly heavier than her vest as the fur seemed a bit longer. This youngster also had numerous bone ornaments around her ankles. She wore what I can best describe as a low shoe or sandal that came almost to her ankles; little seashells decorated the top of her sandals. She must have been able to see me, or she sensed I was there as she showed me the soles of her sandals; some kind of strange material, I don’t know what it is. It’s a bit rough; some

kind of hide that lasts well when walked on. I should mention that when she looked at me I felt as if she was looking through me. Her skin color is a dark tan. She is carrying something like a bow, for a bow and arrow, although it isn’t; it’s only about two feet long with a handle and it’s wrapped with thong, the whole length. A piece of sharp bone is sticking out from under each wrap of the thong, except on the handle. The thing is shaped like a capitol D with sharp fins on the back. I don’t know if it’s an ornament or possibly a weapon with the sharp bones sticking out, I just don’t know. She’s looking at me while holding this thing in front of her; her eyes are very dark; she wants me to come closer. She’s got a belt around her waist made with thongs, or it appears to be made with thongs. Her belt is covered with little skulls, mostly skulls of small birds with the beaks cleaned and polished, then strung to make this belt. I was looking closely at her belt, so she turned around for me to have a closer look at all of it. That was something to behold how it was made; all these little bird skulls, none over an inch across. In between the skulls were seashells, possibly to break up the pattern, or make a pattern by design. Her skirt had loops at the top made from hide, big loops that this belt would freely go through, but her skirt is held together with a leather tongue with an eye that slips over what appears to be a bone shaped to serves as a button. Now for a better look at what she’s wearing; the top part from the waist up is like a vest, made from hide or pieces of different hide sewn into a fancy pattern; fur from different animals. I’m trying to make this out carefully; the sleeves are short, over half way to the elbow, fancy fur; the end of the sleeve has what seems to be a cord, woven or braided so every time it goes around it goes through a hole in the sleeve making a cuff. The neckline of this jacket, or vest is much the same idea, but this braid is all different colors, very fancy as the braid goes around. On the front of the vest is an ornament laced into the vest, I’ll try to describe it; if you took the head of a small fish and carefully removed the flesh down to the gristle on the lower jaw,

cleaned and polished the gristle then sewed it to the front of the vest with fine thong. Or it might have been a wishbone from a bird to give it that appearance. Her headdress seems to be made out of skin with colored feathers sewn into it, and yet I sense it might be made from intestine material rather than skin, being very thin and pliable. This youngster favors not to talk. She hops upon this table and starts to dance; very fancy movements this girl makes with her long hair down past her shoulders. She has a very nice smile. She gets ready to do this dance on this table while there are three others sitting back by the end of the table. Two are holding flutes that seem to be made of bark pulled off a limb or it’s a section of bamboo; they start to play these things while the third man joins in with a drum. When they start to play, the girl goes through some of the most graceful motions. I can see the rings on her fingers better when she starts to dance. She has many kinds of wrist ornaments all made out of bone, everything is made out of bone; the ones on her wrist several on each arm, springy that open up to slide over her wrists, closing under their own tension. Here I stop for an antacid and a glass of water. In retrospect I think I was still watching the vision while I got a tum and run a glass of water. I don’t know what this dance represents, but they play the flutes to make the strangest kind of sound, accompanied by the deep sound of the drum making a deep sound this music---I guess you could call it music. There are three people doing this playing. I got to explain this better, if you had a tree trunk about ten inches across with the inside rotted out till there was just a shell, two or three feet long with notches cut into the shell, some close, some far apart, on different places on the shell. Apparently, by running a thin sliver of bone over these notches at different speed where the thickness differed, you would get a different sound. This instrument is quite unique; maybe I just imagined it, but I felt my spirit react to the changing tone and rhythm. I can still feel it when I think about it. I couldn’t

see exactly how that fellow held that of if he just had it on his lap, as he also played the drum, which I’ll describe as best I could. I see what looks like a great big hollow bowl, made from thin pieces of wood, carefully fitted and laced together. Several thongs are strung across the top of the bowl; he pulls on them and let them go, to make a twang in the music this kid dances to. I loved to watch the way she danced on this table; at least 12 feet long and covered with some kind of a bark. I sense its some kind of a ceremonial wrap, and maybe she is doing this dance for me, I don’t know. She keeps smiling at me and doing this dance with her hands over her head, very graceful like Polynesian dances. I have never been to Hawaii but I have seen them on TV and in shows. Then she goes down on all fours, toes and fingers barely touching the table, and the music changes. The rhythm of the drum changes and then she does a summersault on top of the table, then she quickly stands up and the music reverts to where it left off. She does more graceful movements, and I want to tell you, this gadget she was carrying, she’s holding that again. She’d set that down before, when she was dancing. I haven’t the slightest idea what this dance was supposed to represent. She turns around, holds her arms high over the top of her head. She’s wearing a necklace made of some kind of shells; like a choker so it doesn’t fall up over her head when she dances. The bands she wears around her legs are made from a springy kind of bone. I wish I could explain it better but the vision is starting to fade so I don’t know if I can tape much more; its 20 minutes to 5. I want to see more before the vision fades; the girl was dancing on the table; the three musicians, young fellows in their thirties. I don’t know if they were playing for me, or just practicing, or if they could even see me. If this was a vision maybe I was semi invisible, semi transparent. I’m trying to think what more I can write. The whole thing was under a roof made with poles, tied together with thongs; everything around here is held together with thongs. Instead of having shingles to cover the roof, it’s hides. I don’t know what kind, but they were laced together and slightly lapped, so the water would run off. There were no sides. It’s a warm

country with no need for sides. There are huge rocks about a foot high, flat on top part way around, spaced in places. The building is about 7 feet high, oval shape with poles behind the rocks like backs for the seats, then places with no poles across where you enter. Vertical support poles with fancy carvings. A flat board covered with seashells across the top of the main entrance. Each shell about 4 inches across, very beautiful of many different colors, some like pearl, with a bigger shell in the center, probably a conch shell. These are very artistic people. I see nothing anywhere around that resembles what we have. I see nothing that has been manufactured like we have except that green bottle, which I suspect might have come from a different or previous civilization; or even from the future. These are totally primitive people and if they are looking at me I don’t know what they see, as I can’t see myself. I’ll hold out my hand but I can’t see my hand. If they can’t see me, they must realize I am there; thinking I’m a spirit or astral traveler, otherwise why go to all this trouble. I went outside to take a better look at everything, and then I went inside for a moment. They have stopped playing; the girl is sitting on the edge of the table. She is such a nice little person as one would find anywhere, be nice if she fixed her hair, tied it back with a ribbon. She just wears that cap with feathers woven into it; I guess she doesn’t want anything else or ribbons don’t exist, or aren’t in style in her world wherever that is. It’s breaking daylight and the vision is fading; becoming faint so I can’t see them any more. I’m going to let the tape run to the end to clean it off. This is strange. I’m taping everything I see by talking to my little recorder, and yet when I held my hand out I couldn’t see it. This makes me wonder how the dancing girl seemed to react to my presence. Over the last few years, especially lately, I have had short visions, mostly a field with trees around it; always a shade of blue. But never before have I been treated to anything so fascinating, so beautiful as this vision. I can still see it in my mind although I have to refer to the tape for any fine detail I’ve forgotten.

The question now comes to mind, was this memory recall from a past lifetime or did I do some kind of an astral travel; visit a primitive world. This is July 3/07; this vision happened more than a year ago, yet it’s still reasonably clear in my mind--probably always would be. If it were memory recall would that youngster be aware of me, or my spirit, as she appeared to be? Why must such a beautiful experience be so darn complicated? Originally I copied the above information as accurately I could from the tape I made on my little hand held Sony recorder. At that time I considered doing an edit on the text, but left it the way I recorded it; not risk losing any fine detail. However, now that I can share with the world anything that I have written, I agonized over The Vision; should I or shouldn’t I? I decided to share it with any of my Internet friends that might care to read it; I apologize for my use of either the past or present tense as the story moves along. I’m 86 years old and if I wait too long, this information will be lost. If someone figures I’ve lost my marbles, I’m almost inclined to agree with them. I just had a nice thought; I would like to spend every winter at that place. Jonsig.