Hot, Rich and Dominant 3 Collars and Dollars
Hot, Rich and Dominant, Volume 3 by Amy Valenti

Published by Amy Valenti, 2013.

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. HOT, RICH AND DOMINANT 3 COLLARS AND DOLLARS

First edition. January 25, 2013. Copyright © 2013 Amy Valenti.
Written by Amy Valenti.


he'd still have captured my heart. but my new boss' son. with an incredibly attractive man stretched out next to me.Chapter One Dear Diary. But that's not the hottest thing about him by a long shot —even if he'd been as broke as I am. it was on a bed in the corner of a private dungeon. Not just any man. heir to more cash than I could ever make in a hundred lifetimes. He's considerate and funny and fantastic in bed. and only arrogant when he's . When I woke up this morning.

but it's more intense than anything else I've ever experienced.I think. And I don't know how many different ways there are to fall from the . And last night he spanked and paddled and flogged me until I was dizzy (in a really good way). Is this my life? I feel completely different to the person I was just a couple of days ago. I'm kind of scared. though. the farther you fall. I never thought I'd be into this. I don't understand how something that's so taboo.toying with me. so shocking to so many people can feel so good... They say that the higher you fly. then made me orgasm over and over before he even thought about his own pleasure.

I love my life. and yesterday was the first day I'd ever offered myself up as a willing target—first in Marc's office. as I moved to snuggle closer to him. I'd always bruised easily. was a little less optimistic.. I still couldn't believe I was in an actual dungeon.. then here in his mansion.. That hurts.high I'm on right now. I'd always thought they . Ouch. I had the feeling my ass was going to be a mass of bruises this morning. My second thought.. My first thought when I woke up to find Marc Cassidy sleeping beside me was.

he remembered exactly whom he'd taken . his lips curving. As I shifted again." My heart skipped. though his eyes remained shut. trying to ease the pressure on a bruised patch of skin. I guess. and that it was downright classy—and even contained a luxurious king-size bed. The bed we were in right now. and it had surprised me that Marc's was on the second floor of his mansion.would be basement rooms with stone walls and the odd rat for effect—more like a medieval torture chamber. Marc stirred and pulled me closer. "Nell. I'd never had occasion to think about kinky dungeons that much. Even though this was my first time waking up with him.

but it seemed like a huge thing to me. He gave me a warm. Marc laughed. and at the sound of my voice he roused himself from sleep enough for his eyelids to open. Was there something obvious I was missing? I usually spent my Saturday mornings doing the housework I'd neglected during the week. "Morning. Maybe I was making a big deal out of nothing." I said softly. drowsy smile and a rush of desire pooled between my thighs. "Saturday bed before he'd even opened his eyes. And you know what that means. presumably at my ." I tried to think.

" "Hmmm. a little harder as a ripple of want travelled through my body. and pulled my body flush with his as he kissed me.. "I'm not sure I could sleep all the way until noon. I flicked out my tongue to meet his halfway. which was pretty difficult when he was pressing his erection right against my naked hip. since it'd be kinda creepy if you were asleep for what I have planned. ." I tried to feign innocence. then another. "It means I can keep you in bed until noon if I want to.." "Glad to hear it." he teased.confusion. It started out as a languid brush of his lips against mine.. and he dragged me on top of him with a low growl into my mouth. The third time..

He reached over to the nightstand. Forgot you'd be tender today.My senses spun as I pressed as close as I could." "It's okay. "Sorry. Sir. sliding my body over his until he could grind his hard cock against my clit." It was the first time I'd called him that since our scene had ended the night before. and when I rocked against his erection something in him seemed to give up resisting. just a little. and I bit back a purr as he brought my beautiful new play collar . I gasped into the kiss as he cupped and squeezed my bruised ass cheeks. and he tensed slightly with the awareness of what I was giving him permission to do. He squeezed my ass again. and he broke off to murmur.

" I did. Eleanor?" "That's a start. Sir." . "I want you facing the opposite way. relishing the pressure of his hard-on against my hot. straddling him with my clit pressed against his shaft. and he gave my ass a light swat. "Is this what you want.back into my line of sight. "Sit up. held captive in his grip. Then he murmured against my throat." I tilted my hips against his again. Marc sat up with me. though I desperately wanted to. and for a couple of seconds I was powerless to move. His lips twitched. needy pussy. grabbing a fistful of my hair and pulling my head back a little. and tried not to wriggle too much.

As I moved. My limbs and breathing both shook a little while I did as he asked. his rigid cock nestled in the crease between my ass cheeks before pressing against the small of my back. "Let go of your hair now. Eleanor.and released me." he ordered quietly. he moved his hands down and around to my breasts. From the collar. Marc positioned himself with his back against the headboard. closing my eyes as he slipped the collar around my neck and tightened the buckle at my nape. cupping one in each warm palm. and when I sat down on his thighs again. but keep it to one . "Hold your hair out of the way. and I did.

I want access to this beautiful neck of yours. "Thank you. "Calm down. Not that I wasn't looking forward to it." I allowed him to pull me back against his chest as I lowered my arms. "Oh." Marc nuzzled my ear." He rolled my nipples between his fingertips. You seem to be under the impression that I can't be gentle. but it was an instinctual response.side. gently at first. I knew what those fingers could do by now and tensed for the pain I anticipated would be coming at any moment." I took a deep breath and relaxed as . Eleanor. Sir. I haven't even started yet.

craving pressure on my clit. At the moment. we were breathing in sync—had I matched my breathing to his. he was still hard against my tailbone. and his gentle strokes over and around my nipples slowly drove me crazy. or had it been the other way around? "That's it. the sensation of Marc's thick cock sliding deep inside me.much as I could. and I could tell my writhing was having an effect on him. letting the warmth of Marc's skin and his light caresses of my breasts soothe me. too. Before I knew it. against my spine. beautiful. "Sir?" . I began to rock my hips almost without realising it." His voice vibrated through his chest.

"No. I pressed back harder against his cock. but it was just the right amount of pain to enhance the pleasure. "Why not."Hmmm?" He didn't pause for a second. Am I right?" My squirming in his lap was agitating my bruises a little. deciding that if he had . He's enjoying this! "Because you only want to provoke me into losing control so I'll give you the fucking you're so desperate for." I hadn't been expecting that answer. "Can I touch you?" Marc kissed my neck before responding. Sir?" His lips curved against my skin. and the whimper I let out was completely accidental.

letting my head fall back against his shoulder. but when I moaned with anticipation he returned his caress to my nipple. "Yes. and it won't all feel this good. "You have a lot to learn about submission." Marc chuckled. or he'd stop touching me. At one point he slid his hand down just below my navel. Sir. "Sir—" "No talking. Enjoy it while you so figured out. My frustration built as he kept his touches light and teasing. I might as well own up to it." His voice carried an edge to it now. . Eleanor." I bit my lip and nodded. The message was clear—stop pushing my luck. never dipping down to find my throbbing clit.

I cried out sharply. I was going to explode or something. If I'd been able to breathe at that moment. you're wet. since I . I dug my fingers into the bedcovers and resolved to keep quiet. By the time he delved between my pussy lips. I was halfway out of my mind. As he slipped his fingers through the slick wetness and circled my clit with a deft touch. bucking my hips to try to generate as much friction as I could. pressing down more firmly and making me gasp." he growled in my ear. I would have told him I'd gladly fuck him—but it was just as well I couldn't get the words out . "Fuck me.If he didn't get me off soon.

and I almost sobbed. almost to himself. Eleanor. "But then. but I wanted him so badly that I would have agreed to anything at that moment. then pushing in a fraction of an inch. "If I fuck you. why shouldn't I take what I want?" he added. "I don't know if I should let you have my cock. It was futile. I nodded emphatically. I moaned and tilted my hips. will you promise not to come until I give you permission?" After my screw-up the night before I wasn't sure I could obey." Marc took hold of my . trying to drive him deeper inside. positioning a fingertip right at my entrance. "Good girl." he said.wasn't allowed to speak.

and I forced myself to relax as I descended enough that the head of his impressive erection rested against my entrance. holding it ready for me to sink down on. then. indicating that I should kneel up for a moment.hips. and he trailed his lips over my back before telling me. He dug his fingers into my . Marc exhaled hard as I took him inside me a little way. and I tightened my inner muscles around his cock." I gave an appreciative purr as I looked down between my legs and saw Marc had one hand wrapped around his cock. "Lower yourself down on me. Unsteadily. I did. trying to provoke him. My pussy clenched in anticipation at the sight.

waist and slammed me down the rest of the way, startling a cry from my lips that almost drowned out his groan. For a moment we stayed still, adjusting to the sensation of being joined once again. I didn't think it would ever get old—that heady combination of his collar around my neck and his cock in my pussy. He wrapped his arms tightly around my waist and took a deep, shuddering breath against my neck, as if he were trying to maintain a grip on his own sanity. Please take me, Sir... I wasn't permitted to say the words, but my body language must have said it all, because he loosened his grip around my middle and bucked his hips,

encouraging me to start moving. Finally! I began to ride him, trying to keep a steady pace, knowing that no matter how close I got to orgasm, without Marc's permission I wasn't allowed to come. Once I'd set the rhythm, he joined in, thrusting up as I drove down. Facing away from him, I couldn't see his reactions, but the angle was perfect for hitting my G-spot every time. Liquid fire built between my labia, and soon I was wound tighter than clockwork, my muscles trembling. I can't hold off any longer. I can't... I tried to ignore the desperate thought. Last night I'd inadvertently come without permission—I couldn't do the same thing again. Half sobbing, I tried to slow the

pace, to take some of the pressure off, but it was too little, too late. I was too far gone now, and at any moment I was going to lose control completely— "Let it go, Eleanor. Come now." Yes! Oh, fuck, yes... I cried out with relief and release as my pussy spasmed hard around his shaft. Over and over, waves of ecstasy flooded through my body, and all coherent thought blanked out entirely, leaving me drifting on delicious aftershocks. Marc held me tightly as he followed me into oblivion, and I sagged against him, trembling and sated, while my mind slowly relearned how to function. A few breathless moments passed before Marc rolled me off his lap onto

trying to pull fragments of thoughts into some kind of sensible order. smiling against his chest. "Talk to me. "I. does he? "Definitely. I bit back the words and scrambled for something else to say. "I take it that's a good thing?" He really doesn't have a clue how he makes me feel. then pulled me back into his arms... I lay there panting.the mattress. Still dazed. and I burrowed as close as I could get." he said softly after a minute or two." . He lay down." Though I wasn't looking at him. Sir. I love you. My brain is mush. I could hear the smile in his voice.

recovering. last night you were asking if anyone else lives here. Then Marc pulled away a little.but do you mind if I shower first.. Not a ..We lay together quietly for a while." Part of me wanted to snuggle under the blankets and go back to sleep. Sir? I get the feeling I have spectacular bed-hair right now. Melting at the affection in his gaze. wrapped in his arms. "Ready to get up yet? As I recall. Thought you might want to meet them. Who else occupied this sprawling mansion with Marc? And would they approve of me? "Sure.. tilting up my chin so he could get a good look at me. I smiled at him..but now I was curious.

" .great way to make a first impression.

Marc got out of bed and stretched. and when he pulled me up and into his arms again—his warm. causing a ripplelike effect that set me off drooling again. I also noticed I'd left one or two nailmarks in his firm buttocks during last night's sexual escapades. Marc held out his hand for me to take. bare skin against mine setting off a chain reaction that made my post-orgasmic body forget it was satisfied—I almost begged him to come back under the covers with me.Chapter Two Grinning. His muscles shifted just beneath the skin of his arms and back. unashamed of his nakedness. . which brought my attention back to my own bruised ass.

he switched on the shower before turning his attention to me.His knowing look told me he was perfectly aware of what I wanted. I shook my head." In the en suite attached to the dungeon. "Have you taken a look yet?" His gentle caress of my ass made it perfectly clear what he was talking about. beautiful. I'd wanted to look last night. "Come on. From where I was standing. It would have made everything real. glancing in the mirror that was beginning to fog up in the corners as steam built in the room. but at the same time I'd been kinda scared to do it. I could only see my reflection from my navel up —the bathroom counter obscured the .

I grabbed his shoulders and wound my legs around his hips instinctively." The bruises weren't continuous or laid out in any kind of pattern—more like uneven patches and specks of purple and green here and there—but I was pretty sure that last night I'd been a deep shade of red to go with the contusions . he's getting hard again. then shivered as it dawned on me just what position we were now in. Marc solved that problem by lifting me off the of me. Oh. "Look at your reflection.. Gasping at the unexpected motion. I looked over my shoulder and exhaled shakily." he murmured in my ear. god.. "Wow.

. still gazing over my shoulder at the parts of my ass that were visible in my reflection.that remained. skimming his fingers over one bruise to the right of my tailbone." Marc said. more for emphasis than out of reflex. having to look more closely now that the mirror was almost completely fogged up. and held me for a few moments more before sitting me on the bathroom counter. the bruising was vivid enough to take my breath away. "You took all that pain for me. "Ouch. "Not bad for your first spanking. while ." he said." I said. I did the same. On the bruises. He smiled.. Even eight or nine hours later.

leaning my weight back on my hands and my head against the steamy mirror as he flicked his tongue expertly. . "And you looked fucking amazing doing it. and I squirmed against the counter.tugging lightly on my collar with the other hand. Eleanor. All I managed was a startled. "Mmm. taking me completely by surprise.. still mesmerised by the marks that seemed almost like badges of honour now. I'm so proud of you.. then bit down just a little. He saved me from having to come up with anything by closing his mouth around one of my nipples." I wasn't sure how to answer him." Then my body registered his technique.

"Please..." "I'm not psychic," he teased, rolling my nipple between his finger and thumb. "You're gonna have to be more specific." I groaned, searching desperately for the words. "I want you, Sir." The look in his eyes went from amused to sadistically so. "I'm right here." Even though he'd drawn out our last encounter, he was going to make me say it? I didn't think I could take another second of playing around. If he wanted me begging for him, I could live with that, just as long as it got me what I craved. Leaning forward, I whispered in his

ear, "I need you to fuck me, Sir. Right here, right now. Hard and fast, until—" I broke off with a gasp as he ran his hand over my labia, brushing over my clit and pushing down just hard enough to make my legs quiver on either side of his waist. "Don't stop now, Eleanor. Until what?" Heat rose to my cheeks until they were almost as hot as my needy pussy. "Until I come so hard around your cock that it drives you out of your mind—" That was all Marc needed to hear. He drove deep into me, sheathing himself entirely, then began to take me just as I'd described—with hard, rapid thrusts that set my entire body alight. I braced myself against the counter and

pushed against him wherever I could, relishing the desperation of his movements, the knowledge that it was me who'd pushed him to this state of animal hunger. I bit back a cry and he ground out, "Don't keep it in. Let me hear you." "Oh, now you want me to talk, Sir?" Even though I was this breathless, I couldn't resist the teasing. He delivered a firm slap to my thigh as a reprimand, and I gasped, shocked and aroused at the same time. "God, that's hot..." Marc did it again, not slowing the pace of his thrusts even a little. The sting only enhanced the burn of pleasure in my pussy, and I moaned. "Harder, Sir?"

All I knew was that I was coming. hoping it would help somehow. I held him as tightly as I could. every pulse of my climax squeezing my pussy tight around his thick.I didn't know whether it was his growl or the slap that accompanied it that tipped me over the edge into an overwhelming orgasm. my world still spinning. . steel-hard cock." I gasped. Marc clutched the counter for support as though his legs were shaking as much as mine were. "Fuck. shakier movements as he took his own pleasure from my shuddering body. He mumbled a curse against my neck. his frenzied pace lapsing into slower. yes.

Wow. he took off my collar and set it aside. Together we stumbled over to the oversized shower cubicle. The water had been running this whole time. he .Breathless. He washed my hair and rinsed it out with a touch that seemed almost tender. I massaged soap suds over his back and watched appreciatively as they ran down his gorgeous ass. then urged me down off the counter. letting our hands and lips do the talking for us. and was good and hot by now. streaming water down on both Marc and me without either of us being left out in the cold. We showered without speaking. I stepped under the spray and realised that the shower head was wider than most.

navy blue towel before I had a chance to get cold. Once we were both thoroughly clean and relaxed. I snuggled into the fluffy fabric and moved aside so he could dry off too. . I was too tired for more than our affectionate touches and light kisses. Then the obvious hit me. "Uh. Marc?" He looked over with raised eyebrows. "What am I gonna wear to meet your friends?" I should have thought of this earlier. Marc seemed to feel the same. Marc shut off the shower.looked amazing wet—but after the two glorious orgasms I'd taken already. then wrapped me in a warm.

"Sir. He grinned over at me. and beckoned for me to follow him back into the dungeon. my stubborn streak beginning to resurface. "None of the people you're about to meet would bat an eyelid if I took you downstairs wearing just a collar." he said. Oops. ." "Over my dead body. and he bit back a smile." I retorted. That meant that today I was either destined to be underwearless once again. "That won't be necessary. or I'd have to wear something of Marc's. no panties." I added belatedly.Last night I'd gone to dinner with Marc wearing a gorgeous—but short—dress and more importantly. Not exactly submissive language.

I buttoned the shirt up for good measure and began to . he headed out into the hallway and shut the door. After a few minutes." he told me. I slipped my arms into the sleeves and closed the soft fabric around my body protectively. wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. Picking up Marc's shirt. "Stay here if you'd be more comfortable that way. Alone once more. I studied the pile of clothing we'd discarded last night. The material reached down to my mid thighs —if there was nothing else I could wear. With a glance behind him.Marc headed over to the door out into the corridor. at least I wouldn't be flashing anyone if they walked in to find me like this. and I hung back.

"Hey. I was still devoid of makeup. and made him look even more tempting than he did in a suit. and managed to make myself slightly more presentable. I found a brush with a very paddle-like back. which I suspected had never been used as an actual brush. They were obviously designer brands." . and stopped when I realised Marc had returned. but that wasn't a must. He was casually dressed in blue jeans and a black shirt that flattered him very much. I ventured back out into the dungeon.rummage in the bathroom for a comb or brush to tame my wet hair. After brushing my teeth with the toothbrush he'd found for me last night.

and his expression turned slightly predatory when he realised what I was wearing. then stepped back—seemingly with an effort." He kissed me gently. "Nope. "That's a good look for you. "What. Sure I can't tempt you to stay like that for a while longer?" I glanced down. in your shirt?" He closed the distance between us and ran his hands down my sides. "I could . studying me intently. "You really have no idea what it does to a guy when he sees his woman wearing one of his shirts?" I shrugged.He turned from the cabinet he'd been putting something into.

just in case he had one of them stay over. But hold that thought. in exactly the same state as we started." I eyed the jeans and T-shirt a little dubiously.?" The thought that he might keep clothing around for women of all shapes and sizes.tell you. and we'll improvise. "And you just happened to have women's clothing lying around because. was a silly one.. but if I get started we'll end up back in bed.. Let me know if anything's too uncomfortable to wear. he turned to pick up a bundle of clothing from the top of the spanking horse he'd put me over last night." While I tried to suppress a smile. "These should be about your size. but he was .

"I mean it. "I live with four women and a couple of them are about your size. "Sorry." . I guess this is all just. and I grabbed his arm.heir to a ton of cash—what did I know about how people like that lived? "Because. I don't even know what I was thinking. Marc.a little out of the realm of my experience. drawing my attention back to him. "Get dressed before I lose control and tie you up. and took the clothing from him. He began to turn away.." His eyes softened.." His expression told me he knew exactly what I was thinking." Marc said." I murmured. and he nodded. then pressed a kiss to my temple. and he didn't appreciate it.

making sure he could get a good look at my breasts in profile. then making sure I was bent over just enough to give him an eyeful when I pulled on the jeans.Smiling. then turned my attention to the clothing on the pile. I headed over to the bed and pulled Marc's shirt over my head. I grinned and continued dressing. I heard his breath catch and looked over my shoulder to find him eyeing me appreciatively. "Tease." Marc accused affectionately as I joined him on the . I turned to the side as I shrugged into the shirt. As I began to shimmy on the pair of comfortable lace-and-cotton panties. giving my ass a wiggle I hoped was seductive as I pulled up the panties.

. Sir?" I asked. and as much as I could go for round three." Firmly he took my hand. His erection was hard against my stomach. "Want me to take care of that. and he pulled me into his arms. and opened the door to the dungeon as if removing the temptation to let me have my wicked way.other side of the dungeon. I just think we need to get out of this .. and ran my hand over the ridge in his jeans. but if I let him put it on me I was going to jump his bones. "Later. "Off for now? Not that I don't want it on. and I'd given a little sigh before I realised it. I also wanted food of some kind. "Collar on or off to go downstairs?" I thought about it.

" . "I can promise you this—we'll be back later." Marc took my hand and tugged me to the dungeon before clothes start coming off again.

Or if I did." "So I could obedience train them?" I ." He gave the cat a scratch under the chin on his way past. I would have guessed dogs. completely undermining all of the splendour around us." Reluctantly.Chapter Three We walked back down the corridor we'd come up last night. "I never took you as a pet guy. "You have a cat?" "Not just one. and I laughed as I noticed a large ginger cat sitting on a table at the end of the hallway. He likes to keep watch. then stopped so I could make a giant fuss of it. I left the purring ginger furball where he was and we moved on. "That's Sentinel.

"So you don't ever ask your subs to.nodded sheepishly. I like my subs spirited. "Like I told you last night." Remembering a conversation I'd had with a kinky friend about her boyfriend." "Noted.. Really not my thing. and I don't take pets into the bedroom. I began." Marc said.." I exhaled with exaggerated relief. I glanced over at him and could have sworn he was filing the information away in some kind of mental vault.?" "No. who'd liked her to act like a dog in the bedroom. We reached a door on the ground ... "Thank god. and he laughed as we began to descend the stairs.

"Morning. "Ready?" Nervously. I nodded. I let him open the door and lead me into what turned out to be a kitchen—bigger than any other kitchen I'd ever seen. and everyone turned to look curiously at me. a petite redhead came forward and hugged Marc —then me." Marc said. but a kitchen nevertheless.floor with muffled laughter coming from behind it." Nodding again. trust me. After a second of quiet. "They're not that scary. and he gave me a peck on the lips. There were so many people in the room that I was momentarily overwhelmed. then a longer kiss. and stopped. drawing attention to us. with no regard for any kind .

Anna's girlfriend. "Then there's Dmitri and Helen— they're a couple—and Dylan and Joy. the woman who just lunged at you is Anna.of protocol that would have indicated that an introduction might have been better first. also a couple." Marc took care of the introductions belatedly. everyone. "That's Marti. "I'm so excited! You brought a girl home!" "This is Nell. and observed me shyly. A brunette girl with glasses was sitting next to her." Everyone greeted me except for ." I waved back." Anna grinned and returned to her seat at the breakfast bar. "Nell. lifting a hand.

aren't you. "Don't worry —she knows. Helen was a little surprised. his throat is perfectly fine but he's under a vow of silence today. "He's got laryngitis at the moment. sweetie?" She tugged on Dmitri's earlobe and he nodded. "Well." "Oh. in that case. . I couldn't help but giggle. Helen explained.Dmitri." Marc shook his head. who looked a little uncomfortable but just waved. shooting me a comical look that communicated more than words ever could have." For a second. "Have you guys all eaten?" Marc asked. Despite my nerves.

"You're gonna cook? Do you want me to help?" Please say no..sleep in a little." "Uh-huh. I can handle it—go sit down. "You haven't earned that punishment yet. "We were gonna wait for you. "Pancakes sound good to you?" My stomach grumbled and I nodded. Dylan confirmed it.Judging from the faint scent of bacon lingering in the air. I made a beeline for the nearest seat—a comfy-looking chair ." Marc turned to me. but then Marti told us you brought someone home last night and we figured you'd. I was pretty sure the answer was 'yes'.." Blushing a little. He leaned close enough so that what he said was for my ears only.

." Joy said smugly. coming to sit nearby and fixing me with a curious look.near the window—and tried not to look too awkward.. watching Marc move around the kitchen. God." Anna said. What was I supposed to say to them? "So.. "Oh." . so that explains it... wasn't it? I knew there was something up with you. Nell.Wednesday." It wasn't until the words left my lips that I realised how they sounded. "I thought you were a little distracted when you came home on. "How long have you known Marc?" "A few days.. they must think I'm such a fast lay! Which I guess I am. I didn't know these people.

Wednesday? That had been my first day at the Cassidy Corporation. I can't even remember... A year?" "Maybe a little more. This was all moving so fast. In fact. "Don't worry." Helen chimed in. Two days later— yesterday—he'd taken me up to his office and things had gotten out of control." Anna told me conspiratorially. "He doesn't do this a lot. you're the first girl he's brought home in. Marc's father's company. "Nell. Today I was having breakfast with his friends. you may have realised these .god. Marc was vicepresident and I'd inadvertently insulted him on my first day.

" I said. Some did little chores for Marc here and there to earn their keep. and I tried my hardest to pretend I wasn't finding the concept of him cooking way too erotic. the others filled me in on the situation in the house. Helen and Dylan had been Marc's . Each of the couples lived in a separate section of the mansion. but it made them feel better about living there rent-free. "I'm getting that. since they had no other way of contributing—not that Marc demanded it. Information like this was gold.good people love to gossip. "So how long have you all been living here?" While Marc cooked. beginning to feel a little more comfortable." Marc told me.

which was beginning to smell wonderfully of made-from-scratch pancakes. I'd already known Marc had issues with his father. but he really didn't seem like the type to let himself be pushed into a career he hadn't chosen. What was the story there? I wanted to ask. The conversation picked up again as a Siamese cat I hadn't noticed jumped ." Helen shut up. apparently. and for a few seconds a lull fell on the room. "Sorry.friends since business school—which his father had insisted he attend. how long had I known Marc? Not long enough to pry. "Could we not talk about my father?" There was a slight edge to Marc's tone. but really.

I rushed to intervene as it became clear the food was about to be taste-tested. Dmitri's warning was just a moment too late. The cat yowled in surprise when I scooped it up. next to the large plate Marc had piled the first few pancakes onto. Marc . In the same instant.down from the top of a kitchen cupboard. at the exact moment his back was turned. "Don't—" I lost my grip on the antagonised feline and it landed neatly on its feet. then tore off under the table with a skitter of paws. conveniently. then twisted and hissed. It landed. Only as pain scored down my neck did I realise this cat was nowhere near as friendly as Sentinel. swiping a paw out at my face.

" "Joy's not a cat-lover. my lips again. His touch was gentle." Helen explained. "Did she get you?" "Amber was going for the pancakes. my eyes.and the moment . She ducked her head to check under the table.. "Again. and as soon as I looked up into his eyes I was captivated." Joy said.pulled me towards him. but that was all I registered before Marc slid his hand over my jaw and tilted my head to one side. but electric.. but then his attention shifted to my lips. his face concerned. disapproval in her tone. How was it possible I'd managed to find a man as breathtaking as this? He examined the scratch on my neck.

"It's not too bad—already stopped bleeding. "We're just happy for Marc. guys. he murmured. as Marc went back to preparing breakfast. and I stepped back. I turned to find the rest of them alternating between giving each other significant looks and grinning at me.stretched on a little longer than it should have. of course. blushing. Marti shook her head. And you. "Show's over." A whisper from behind me broke into my consciousness." Marc said pointedly." . "Am I missing something?" I asked no one in particular. as I remembered how many people were in the room besides us. Belatedly.

since someone just broke his vow of silence and needs correction."How about a mini play party tonight?" Dylan suggested. I. I just like to scare him. So how about it. "I'd definitely be up for that. no. "I know. Dmitri gave me a slight smile in thanks." I protested. He was trying to stop me from getting hurt.." Helen said.. but remained quiet. "Oh.that doesn't seem fair. since he couldn't. um—" . "Oh. Nell?" "Me?" I looked from her to Marc and back as the significance of the words 'play' and 'party' in direct relation to each other sank in. Dmitri gave a theatrical wince. Helen sighed good-naturedly and ruffled her sub's hair.

"How new?" "Yesterday afternoon new." was all Helen said." I said. "So what do you guys have planned for tonight?" . Now they know that not only did I sleep with Marc a couple of days after meeting him. She's new to kink. Oops. Helen. Helen cocked her head to the side. though she gave me an amused sideways glance." Marc didn't look up from the pancake batter he was pouring into the skillet." Dylan said. "So many fun things still to discover —wish I was new again. Nell! "Hmm."Give us a few weeks. Way to go. but I also let him do kinky things to me during work hours.

then looked sideways at me. "Let's eat." "Then we'll figure something out. sipping . I would have been rearranging my plans pretty damn quickly." Most of the kitchen gathering dispersed at that point. As long as Marc wanted me by his side. Joy and Dylan remained. of course. Nell?" If I hadn't been. he turned off the burner." Sliding a final pancake onto the plate to one side of him. Are you free. I was there—barring any emergency calls from friends or family. Marti and Anna taking Amber the Siamese tigress with them and Helen towing Dmitri off by the hair.Marc turned over a pancake. "I'm free. "Haven't decided yet.

cups of coffee." Dylan confided. a cook and a Dom—is there anything you can't do?" "He can't sing. then grinned at me. "See what I have to put up with?" "I can't do either of those things. guys. Just don't creep up on me . "Thanks. and as I poured syrup over my pancakes I wondered which of them was the Dominant in their relationship." I told him. "And don't ask him to do DIY. either." Joy put in. "Though occasionally I do try to sing." Marc rolled his eyes. The food was delicious—I couldn't remember the last time anyone had made pancakes from scratch for me. "A businessman.

. "It's mine. "Maybe I want to hear it. "Hello?" he headed towards the kitchen door. Marc swallowed a bite of food and shook his head. and could faintly hear the sound of vibrations. Marc raised an eyebrow. "Is that your phone?" Dylan asked Joy. digging his phone out of his back pocket." I flushed and concentrated on my pancakes. I listened." Obviously thinking back to our shower earlier. he grimaced. Nell. I'll be right back." After a glance at the caller ID. out of the the shower and you'll never have to hear it. "It's my father." Answering the call with a terse.

it'll look bad." He took my hand.By the time he'd finished and returned. obviously making an effort to wipe the irritation from his demeanour. For me to do something he should be doing instead. I'd finished my breakfast and Dylan was loading up the dishwasher with breakfast plates. It's not quite the Oscars. Joy raised her eyebrow. "What he always wants. If I could get out of it I would. but it's fairly high profile. "What did Daddy Dearest want on a Saturday morning?" Marc scowled and sat back down beside me. My father has . "I have to go to an indie movie awards ceremony tonight. but CassidyCorp is sponsoring the damn thing and if one of us doesn't turn up.

which he wouldn't elaborate on. "I was hoping you wanted to be my plus one. but to appear on his arm at an event where people would take note of Marc's presence? That was way more of a big deal. "It's okay. ." Disappointment seeped into my bloodstream.other plans." I blinked. but I wasn't going to turn it down. effectively silencing me. I'll head back home as soon as you need me gone—" He shook his head. but I tried not to show it. "Seriously?" "Yes or no. Nell?" It wasn't quite the night of forbidden sensuality I'd been conjuring up in my mind. Dinner with him was one thing.

" "Not to sound like a broken record." I said tentatively. "but what am I gonna wear?" ." The rest of the residual annoyance from his phone call seemed to fade. "I was hoping you'd say that. and he gave me a heart-melting smile."Sure.

amongst many other things. "How do you know so much about women's clothes?" I asked him.Chapter Four As it turned out. He grabbed his laptop and motioned for me to sit with him while Marc made some arrangements for transport and other necessities." he explained." "And he looks damn fine in a tutu. prompting a snort from Joy from across the room. . "I'm a concept artist for video games. Dylan was the go-to guy for clothing for awards ceremonies. "I have to come up with characters' outfits. I've done a lot of research." Joy put in.

" I couldn't help it—it was a habit." I buried my head in my hands. amused. "Don't look at the prices." Dylan said. I took in the price of the top listing and winced. It's pretty clear to me that you're not out for . and I've never lived it down. look at the dresses." "This costs more than two months' rent." Sighing melodramatically. "This is nothing to him."Really?" I asked. I can't!" "Yes. you can. I was drunk. Dylan brought up a webpage. "It was once. "Oh. and he doesn't care how much money you have or don't have. "I'm starting to think Marc should be with someone as rich as he is." "Bullshit. It was a dare.

then the dress." I tried to ignore the four. Dyl?" Dylan studied me. I don't even know what to pick. Now. "That one. so no . "These are amazing. and nodded. "And it's one of a kind.and fivefigure price tags down the side of the page and concentrate on the beautiful evening gowns he was showing me. and he seems happier around you than he's been in a long time.his wallet. look. "Think I could pull it off?" "I know you could." I gazed at the long." Joy leaned over my shoulder and watched me scroll down the page. slinky midnight blue-and-silver number she'd pointed out.

just buy the dress. but I couldn't deny I ... I don't want to show him up. and took a will be wearing the same thing. He'll consider it money well spent and probably rip it to pieces trying to get you out of it later.but then." Joy put a firm hand on my shoulder. you wouldn't get it. Men go to these things looking identical. admiring look at the dress." My face heated.." "If you have to ask. Though why you women are so hung up on that. "Honey." I told him. "Are you sure Marc doesn't mind me spending so much? I could find something nice for a tenth of that price. I have no idea. trying again to ignore the extortionate price tag.

Psycho. We decided on a classic. since we'd discovered we had that in common the night before. of course. what about shoes?" As it turned out. Joy offered to pick up my purchases from the exclusive boutique on her way back from her lunchtime yoga class. the arrangements didn't take very long. A horror movie.really liked the sound of that. "Okay. Thanks. so Marc and I took the opportunity to snuggle up on the couch in front of a giant TV screen and watch a movie." "Now. one that I knew almost by heart and had .

" He slipped his hand up under my shirt in retaliation. sending heat . too?" Marc kissed me. Marc obviously knew it as well as I did. A few minutes into the movie. finding my nipple easily and rolling it between his real need to concentrate on. nuzzling his neck. "Are you gonna do this at the awards ceremony. unable to resist. you picked Psycho because you really wanted to watch it?" I asked innocently. He laughed softly. "You got me. "Wandering hands already?" "Oh. I sighed and arched into the touch. I slid my hand under his shirt and swept my thumb in an arc over his warm skin.

" "Mmm.flowing throughout my body to collect between my thighs. His next kiss was more urgent. then worked his fingers between my legs. "No. rubbing the seam of my jeans against my hotspot. and I fumbled with the button at his waistband as I submitted to his lips. "You'd have to stay very still and quiet so no one knew what I was doing to you." I melted against him. almost beginning on a gasp." he murmured when our lips parted. rocking slightly against his fingers and rubbing my palm over the growing bulge in his pants. "But maybe I'll put my hand up under your skirt and tease your sweet little clit.. . he pulled me onto his lap." For emphasis..

pushing it back from my face to get a better view. and entangled his fingers in my hair. I hummed my pleasure and almost giggled when he tensed and groaned. I slid out of his embrace and knelt between his legs. but this was the first time I was getting to suck his cock. "Fuck. wanted to show him what I could do." Marc breathed. Taking his shaft in hand. I wanted it to last. As I took him farther and farther into my mouth. I'd fantasised about it so many times over the past few days. I licked my way around the slick head before flicking my tongue against the sensitive point just below.Once I'd dragged down his zipper and freed his hot. erect cock. thrusting up as much as I'd let . even begged him to let me.

noting the hunger and restrained need in his expression. I'd wanted to watch him lose himself. I gazed up into his face as I sucked him. How far could I take him in? It had been a while since I'd deep-throated anyone. I loved it when he was in control.. Yes. letting my tongue feather over his skin. but ever since the first time he'd taken me. but I was willing to try.him. giving in to me. then took in . to let me distract him from every care he had and to dismantle his defences with my lips and tongue. Gradually I worked his cock all the way to the back of my mouth.. moaning again when he let his head fall back and closed his eyes.

. and he gave a husky cry in response. "God. almost stunned with desire.. sent a powerful jolt of arousal through me." he ground out. swirling my tongue before relaxing my throat and letting the entirety of his length in.a breath and opened my throat. Nell." I drew back enough that I could catch my breath. "Fuck yourself for me. Then I took him deep again. I moaned again. and the way he gazed down at me. giving a gentle thrust into my mouth. and I hummed in pleasure as I . yes. and kissed his cock as I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down far enough that I could get my hand comfortably into my panties. The urge to gag passed quickly. his cock jerking in my mouth.

Sir. then rubbed them over my aching clit." he groaned.coated my fingers with my slippery juices. "Let me try to take it. and before he could say yes or no I took him back into my throat. "You have no idea how badly I want to fuck your mouth right now. I gazed up at Marc." His cock twitched in my hand in response." I plunged the fingers of one hand deep into my pussy and whimpered around his cock. "God. pressing down hard against my clit and . grabbing my head. Drawing back enough to give myself room to breathe. then forcing himself to release it. gyrating against my own touch desperately.

fingering myself harder. giving me time to catch my breath again. At last. It was a million times hotter when he was the one calling the shots. I hadn't realised how much I'd craved it. squeezing . rubbing my thumb over my clit with every thrust." he growled. tugging on my hair.letting the vibrations of my moans titillate him still further. then pulled my head out of his lap completely. He gave a few light. Eleanor. Sir. "I should punish you for giving me orders. I was his Eleanor again—collar or not. slow thrusts into my throat. and I cried out in response. despite my longing to control his pleasure. "Are you ready?" "Yes." I whispered.

. I relaxed and let him take control." he ordered. breathing when I could. then down a little faster. He pulled me partway up again. I sucked and licked my way down his cock. gripping his thighs to steady myself and making soft noises of pleasure to nudge him towards the edge. beginning to take my mouth carefully. "If you can't take it. then up again. pressing my lips against the base of his cock as I swallowed around him. taking him all the way down to the base. hold up your hands. moving at his silent command. then eased my head down thighs together and relishing the pounding of my pulse through my sensitive pussy.

. spilling himself down my throat with a few deep. The need for oxygen was pressing." I crawled back onto his lap. I gasped for air. laying my cheek against his thighs and trying to regain my composure.. "Good girl. but just as I was about to hold up my hands in surrender he came with a groan.His thrusts increased until I thought I couldn't take it anymore. hard thrusts. and after tucking his cock away he pulled my pants and underwear off . my jeans still pulled down to the tops of my thighs. Come up here. Marc stroked my hair. Breathing hard. When he withdrew enough. but my sense of accomplishment was almost as great.

completely. "Fuck, you're so wet. Put your legs up on each side of my head and let me reward you, Eleanor." It was an awkward position to manoeuvre into, but by hooking my knees over the back of the couch I could hold myself in place, with my head between his knees and my pussy in front of his face. He licked the juices from my swollen labia first, then flicked his tongue over my perineum before travelling slowly up my slit, all the way to my clit. The anticipation was almost too much, but when he finally got there I cried out with relief, trying to coax him to lick harder. He took his time, breathing against my pussy rather than drawing away for

air, keeping his lips and tongue in constant motion with kisses and licks and swirls that drove me out of my mind. When he finally brought me over the edge, I practically screamed, shuddering with pleasure as the tension crested, then ebbed gradually. Suddenly boneless, I stopped trying to hold myself in position, and Marc caught me and gathered me into his arms before I could slither to the floor. "You're sexy with your head between my legs," he told me. "Ditto," I gasped. "And to answer your question before you ask it, I'm pretty sure we can't do that at the awards ceremony." "You haven't seen the dress I'm

wearing yet. You might change your mind, Sir."

Before we leave. I'm going to have to make sure the whole place knows you're mine. but just as I felt his body beginning to really react. were you?" I reached the bottom stair carefully.Chapter Five "You really weren't kidding about that dress. "I'm not sure that's a strong enough word. "Hold up a second. he released me. Otherwise there could be a riot. holding the hem of the beautiful." ." For a moment. he pressed against me. his eyes dark with lust. "I take it you approve?" Marc swept me into his arms. midnight blue silk creation I was wearing clear of my feet.

I wouldn't have put it past him. "It's a little too big for an engagement ring. but still." I hadn't even thought about that.Rolling my eyes at the overstatement. I waited while he dug inside his jacket pocket. my heart skipped. He looked stunning in a tux. but . so it helped that I knew exactly what he looked like underneath the outfit. "Don't look so worried." he told me... I couldn't deny that I liked shiny trinkets. even though I was a little worried that whatever was in that box cost more than my salary for a year. Okay. giving me a lopsided smile. When he pulled out a jewellery box. and I wasn't usually a tux kinda girl. Knowing what I already did about Marc.

I turned away. the fancy meal.. turned me to face him. to share every part of his my imagination was running away with me. I almost thought I could see pain in his . Don't let this become an issue. to know his secrets." He cupped my cheek. I was wondering what it'd be like to be married to this guy.. "Nell. to wake up with him every day. I don't want to lose you because you're worried about how much I'm spending. shocked to see he was entirely serious. please." I chanced a look into his eyes. "I just don't know how I could ever repay you for everything you've bought for me already. The dresses.. Flustered.. After two days.

" He held up the box. Slowly. The rest of the vanilla world would see it as a choker and nothing more. When I opened it. given as a token of affection. I nodded. trying to keep my hands steady. "This is. Marc took the box from me and pulled out the delicate silver collar from inside. "Okay. and I took it. It was a collar of silver vines and leaves.. and wanted to ask what had happened to put it there. We had to go. But this wasn't the time..expression. the gasp that tore from my mouth was completely involuntary. something I'd have expected an elven ." When I just trailed off and gawped like some kind of fish. but I knew better.

then whispered against his lips." The predatory look I'd expected was . if elven queens had existed. Sir.queen to wear. but I knew it would soon warm with my body heat. "It's gorgeous. "Since my cat marred that lovely neck of yours earlier." I turned and kissed him briefly. The silver was cool." I shivered when he fastened it around my throat and let his touch linger against the back of my neck. It was so light I wondered if I'd even be able to feel it when the metal's temperature matched my skin's. "I love it. it's only fair that I should cover the scratch up. Thank you so much.

but behind that his expression carried a softness I hadn't expected. and I'd been able to tell from the moment we'd gotten out of the limo that he was tense. someone seemed to have something vitally important to say to Marc. "Time to go. "You're welcome. and it seemed to take forever for us to get there." He brushed his thumb against the collar. . Every three steps. then gave me a light kiss that left me craving more.there. Eleanor." Our seats were in the front row of the old theatre the awards ceremony was being held in.

After the red carpet came the reception area. Things were pretty sedate.I'd seen my fair share of indie movies. and vaguely recognised a few people we passed on the red carpet. by red carpet standards. steering us as swiftly as he could . There was the occasional call for a photograph—luckily not for Marc and me—but there was no one A-list here. The press covering the event weren't as aggressive as the tabloid paparazzi. with all the flash photography going off around them! Marc chatted to this person and that one. where I tried to catch my breath and blink the spots from my eyes. God knew how big-name celebrities managed to see straight.

but I sensed him watching me as we cut through the crowd. Exactly what had his past dates expected him to introduce them as after only one night together? . Marc introduced me as 'Nell' for the most part. as if checking I wasn't sulking. and to have my hand kissed by a couple of the more admiring gentlemen we stopped for. I gave him a smile to reassure him. and as his date when elaboration was called for. and definitely not his submissive. I just made it my job to stand there and smile. and his relieved expression was priceless.towards the interior of the building. so I wasn't too put out. I hadn't expected him to call me his girlfriend.

and things began to get tedious. but a few of the gowns I noticed were outrageously glitzy. I had no idea. When we finally reached our seats. Any time someone caught my eye. I also noticed a few jealous gazes settle on me.The going was slow. I gave them a sweet smile and transferred my attention elsewhere. It helped to admire the amazing outfits some of the other women were wearing. we let out simultaneous sighs of relief and exchanged smiles. I was still smitten with my own dress. "God. though whether it was because of my dress or the man on my arm. Not my style." he murmured in my ear. . but definitely fun to look at. I hate these things.

but he'd assured me without words that he enjoyed cooking. "So. too. and I've heard a lot of ideas since . "That's the best idea I've heard all night. and Marc had seemed distracted during dinner." We'd eaten a quick meal before we'd left. I'd asked if Helen had made him cook as punishment for breaking his vow of silence." I squeezed his hand. "We could get pizza on the way back?" I suggested. do we get popcorn?" "I wish. which Dmitri had prepared for all of us. I'd eaten less than I usually would have due to nerves. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only person in the world who hated it."I could tell.

but since there are more important people than me here I'm off the hook. so I decided to relax for as long as I could. thank god. It was incredible how at ease Marc could make me feel." I laughed and settled down in my seat. It was obviously going to be a while until everyone was in their allocated places. do you have to get up and make a speech? Are you presenting an award?" "No." . "So.we got here. We just get to plaster CassidyCorp banners all over the place. even in a place like this with semifamous people and movie critics and rich bigwigs all around us. If this were a charity function I'd probably have to.

his lips twitching with the urge to smile." I joked. "You go out for the evening. isn't he?" "Yup. My dad's paying you to spend time with me. "Maybe I should pitch you a few marketing ideas while I'm here. Think your dad will pay me overtime?" Marc raised an eyebrow. I get extra for the bruises.There was a big one at one side of the stage. and you still can't escape the office. and he turned to gaze at the stage. "Now the truth comes out. and when he turned on the Dom act he could still make me ." I whispered back. Emotion surged through me—when had I last been so carefree around a date? So able to laugh? I'd been nervous around him at first.

"I'll remind you that you said that a year down the line.tremble. the caress giving me goosebumps. "Marc?" He glanced over at me. but there was nothing volatile about his usual personality. when you're as sick of ." He could take it as a euphemism if he wanted to. "Thanks for making me your plus one. I left it up to him. Maybe my expression was giving me away. I hoped that wasn't a bad thing. I hadn't experienced that in a long while— if ever. He brushed his thumb over my wrist. or at face value. no need to constantly keep me on the defensive. and his focus intensified.

I was surprised at how . cutting off all possibility of a hushed conversation.being invited to these things as I am. When the lights went up at the end of the night." A year? I opened my mouth. then turned his attention towards the stage. leaving me glowing inside. and I resolved to check them out in the future. then closed it again as the house lights dimmed and loud music began. I hadn't seen most of the movies that had been nominated for tonight's awards. Marc squeezed my hand again. but some of them sounded interesting.

so excused myself from Marc and navigated my way towards the bathrooms. and I was able to slip into a quiet corridor to make the journey even faster. I started back the way I'd come. "Hey—how did you get away?" . but it proved as long a process as getting into the theatre had been. Once I'd freshened up." We began to make our way to the exit.quickly the time had passed. pulling me to my feet. "They're not all this interesting. only to meet Marc halfway. Marc caught my expression and smiled. It was significantly easier moving around when I didn't have a sought-after sponsor on my arm. trust me. I desperately needed to visit the ladies' room.

out of sight. Pinned to the wall by his gorgeous body. . and he laid a finger over my lips. smiling slightly. As lust tingled through my skin. sensitive peak. Marc grabbed me and pulled me into an alcove. but Marc cut me off with a slow but demanding kiss. Never mind. Hmm. I took a breath to speak. and Marc let out a sigh of relief I was sure was only slightly exaggerated. "I could have sworn I saw Marc Cassidy come this way. a voice said. Amused.Without replying." Footsteps retreated. I blinked up at him. sliding his hand over the curve of my breast to rub my nipple into a hard. I let my eyes flutter closed and leaned my head back against the wall.

I asked. Eleanor?" "What if someone finds. With a soft half-laugh into my mouth. he drew back from the kiss but still kept me pinned in place. "Forget it.?" I trailed off. then shook my head. "I thought you wanted to get out of here?" "No. he tightened his arms around my waist and took my mouth with his tongue." Slipping my arms around his neck. I want to stay here until the place empties out a little. I kissed him again." He shifted slightly. I don't even care. "That okay with you. After a long moment. I in to his advances without a fight. and I wriggled against him when I felt the hardness of his cock against my abdomen. Opening my eyes.

"I'm just not used to wanting to be an exhibitionist. then stood straight to nuzzle my earlobe. my god. yet oh so wonderfully right at the same time. I gave a half startled cry." He nipped my earlobe with a growl . cupping the naked flesh of my breast in his warm palm. "Something wrong?" The whole idea of being partially naked in a public hallway was wrong.stood on tiptoe to push my clit against his erection.. sighing when he pushed against me even harder.. Sir. When he tugged down the gauzy material covering one of my breasts and trailed his lips down to take my nipple between his teeth. Sir." He smoothed his tongue over the lightly bitten nub. "Oh.

attempting to wrap a leg around his waist. Aren't you?" I took stock of my spiralling emotions. I whispered.of approval. Eleanor. I moaned against his lips. Helplessly. and you're going to love it. I wanted him too much to protest.. "I'm going to fuck you right here. but hindered by my expensive gown." He kissed me with a hunger so intense that it made my knees weak. "Yes. of my pulse pounding between my thighs. of my hyperawareness of our surroundings and the way I craved his every touch. Marc returned his tongue to my hard nipple as he gathered a handful of the sumptuous . where anyone could find us at any moment..

Marc rubbed his fingers over my clit through my underwear. pulling up my skirt enough to press his cock against my sheer panties. My heart skipped a beat at the whirr of his zipper. he tugged my panties to one side and slid his fingers between my thighs. overheated flesh. huh? Beg for my cock. As if his self control had snapped. "You really weren't kidding.cloth. down." I pressed against his fingertips. anxious for more. and I reached down to take his thick length in my hand. then up again. my hand faltering against his rigid shaft as I tried to stay on . his breath coming heavier as I began to stroke him. Eleanor. exploring my slick.

My heart pounded with a combination of terror and arousal. We froze. staring at each other. I couldn't help but relish every touch he offered as I whispered pleas against his neck. and even though I knew someone could find us. . but the pleasure was joined by alarm at the sound of voices in the distance. risky moments. I clutched Marc's shoulders and wrapped both legs around his feet. The moment I realised the noise was fading into the distance. The sensation of him pushing inside me was almost enough to take me over the edge. trying to figure out if we were safe or not. desperate for friction. He tormented me with his fingers for long.

for release. for relief. rolling my hips to meet his thrusts. When I finally fell over the edge. "Please. every pulse of my release forced a low.take me now—" He didn't need any more encouragement. Sir. then groaned his satisfaction into my shoulder. then pulling almost all the way out before pressing in again. husky cry from my throat. slamming me up against the wall and driving deep into me. gasping and trembling and biting back the urge to cry out his name as his surges became almost violent. Marc seemed too close to his own climax to quiet me.. All I could do was hold on. grinding me back against the . he pounded into me a final few times..

" He gave my thigh a light swat. and I let the wall support me. Marc looked me over and smirked." Tugging my collar gently to remind me who was in control. he allowed me to slide down the wall onto my feet. then withdrew from me reluctantly. Sir.wall as his body shook. "Not that I'm complaining. I bit my lip. struggling for breath. you know that?" "Thank you. how many people heard that?" "Let me worry about that. hard but briefly. Marc raised his head from my shoulder to kiss me. "You're a very bad girl. Slowly. but you look like your Dom has just fucked . "Shit. Eleanor. As we straightened ourselves up.

I returned to the restroom and tried to salvage my hair. "Hurry back. "Can you wait five minutes while I head back to the bathroom?" He gave me another swift kiss. my lips kiss-swollen. After reapplying lipstick and shaking out my hair." I grimaced and patted my updo—it was in ruins. and my dress slightly rumpled. I was going to need a mirror. but it could have been worse. .you up against a wall. That was the only major task—my lipstick was gone. then nodded. then twisting and pinning it back into submission—no pun intended—I gave myself a final once-over and returned to his side. Eleanor." On shaky legs.

Sir. so maybe we were safe. No one was giving me an overly knowing or disgusted stare. While he clicked back into work mode. Just as we approached our limo. "When we get home. a . I looked around for anyone who might have heard too much during our frenzied encounter. sub of mine. we reached the almost dispersed crowd and were accosted by yet another associate of Marc's. "You might regret saying that. you can do anything you want."It's so tempting to muss you up again." Marc arched an eyebrow in my direction." Before we could discuss it further." he murmured as we headed back towards the reception area.

"I'll be a minute. "Marc!" His eyebrows rose when he pinpointed the source of the voice. and kissed my cheek." he told me.female voice called out. She and . "Get in the limo where it's warmer. She was tall and blonde. and I followed his gaze to a casually-dressed woman across the street." Curious and a little concerned. with an air of sophistication about her even though she was in jeans rather than the finery I'd seen all around me tonight. but Marc seemed to know her. She obviously hadn't been part of the awards night. I slid into the oversized vehicle and watched through the tinted window as Marc jogged over to talk to the woman.

and as the minutes went by my imagination began to run away with me. "Sorry about that. then started back across the street. Marc joined me in the limo. or go . calling something back over his shoulder in farewell. Was she an old girlfriend of his? Or worse—a former sub? God. She smiled and walked off down the street. quit being a jealous bitch.Marc spoke animatedly. She could be anyone. shaking her head. Want to order pizza in. Nell. After what seemed like an eternity. Marc pulled the woman into a hug. You're having the time of your life with this guy and he hasn't done anything to make you not trust him.

but I'm terrified I'm gonna rip it or something. "I'll be better out of this dress. Marc sat back in his seat. "You okay?" I thought about it." Marc watched me for a moment.someplace to eat?" We decided to order in—mostly because I just knew I'd get pizza sauce on my priceless dress if I tried to eat something while wearing it—and after asking the chauffeur to take us back to the mansion. Was I? Apart from my silly. I love it. insecure weirdness about the Mystery Blonde—which I so wasn't going to bother him with—I was pretty sure I was. I'm surprised I haven't already. as if weighing up whether there was .

and already he's bought me beautiful things I can never hope to repay him for. This is only my second night with him. taken me . made me feel like the most cherished girl in the world. "I'll be better when you're out of the dress. then gave me a slow smile." "You don't even know the meaning of the word yet." I couldn't help the shiver of desire that coursed through me. Eleanor. "You're insatiable. introduced me to his friends. This whole thing with Marc just keeps spiralling further out of my control.something I wasn't telling him. too." **** Dear Diary.

I'm not the jealous type. though —both in terms of things with his father. Am I looking for flaws in his character where there are none? Am I trying to sabotage this wonderful bond that's growing between us? I'm worried.. I hate love. and with the woman he was speaking to tonight. really fast. but with Marc I seem to have gotten really possessive. I get the feeling there's more than I can put my finger on with him.. Maybe I'll feel better about it all heaven and back more times than I can count. I just need to keep calm and trust him with my emotions as much as I . Damn it. and I probably shouldn't be.

He hasn't done anything wrong. But why didn't he tell me who the woman across the street was. or call her over and introduce us? .trust him with my body.

Keep an eye out for Hot..Coming soon! . Rich and Dominant 4—Making a Scene..

Collars and Dollars? Then you should read Model Submissive by Amy Valenti! . Rich and Dominant 3 .Did you love Hot.

Once a cool. She’s been laid off from her job.and flat broke. and her self-confidence has suffered along with her bank balance. Posing for Luke becomes one of the biggest fetishes Izzy has ever had. Luke. Can she recover her dominant side to seduce him into .Isabelle is tall. Izzy jumps at the chance to play dress-up and pose for pictures. When the gorgeous new bartender at Rack and Ruin. offers to pay her to be a model for his friend’s clothing line.. gorgeous. and she struggles with the new feelings coursing through her. now she’s barely able to afford the local kink club’s cover charge. collected Domme accustomed to subs falling at her feet.. kinky.

. will she find herself submitting more than she’d planned? This book is 30. and if she can.000 words approx.more intimate photography sessions. Read more at Amy Valenti’s site.

Learning Curve Hot.Collars and Dollars Rack and Ruin Little Tease Model Submissive Standalone Secretly Submissive Cornered . Rich and Dominant 2 . Rich and Dominant Hot. Rich and Dominant 3 . Rich and Dominant Hot.Also by Amy Valenti Hot.

Watch for more at Amy Valenti’s site. .

On the rare occasions she doesn’t have a laptop on her knee. she loves to curl up with friends and pets – and chocolate – . She hails from England. fickle and very demanding. that’s all fine with her! Her muses are many. she reads. In her free time. writes and plays videogames. and her mind has lived in the gutter since the day she realised what sex was. but if people want to compliment her on her accent. which she doesn’t find quite as exotic and sexy as the average US citizen seems to.About the Author Amy Valenti is a tarnished tease. She has a degree in creative writing and currently works as a proofreader/editor.

Read more at Amy Valenti’s site.or on Facebook facebook. You can find Amy on Twitter @AmyValenti .for TV show and movie marathons. .com/AmyValentiErotica.

Rich and Dominant 4—Making a Scene.. RICH AND DOMINANT 3: COLLARS AND DOLLARS Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Keep an eye out for Hot..Table of Contents Cover Page Copyright Page HOT.Coming soon! Further Reading: Model Submissive Also By Amy Valenti About the Author .

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