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Shiner SEO #2 - Tourism: Friend or Foe?

Topic: Car accidents: Causes of and What to do when they happen Key word: C earwater car accident attorney F orida has more car accidents per capita than a !ut two other states" One reason is tourism: F orida is one of the most popu ar tourist destinations for #mericans$ as we as !ein% an incredi! y popu ar tourist spot for forei%ners" O!&ious y$ tourism is %ood for the state in many ways$ !oostin% its economy with the mi ions of do ars tourists spend annua y$ and creatin% and sustainin% 'o!s in !usinesses and industries re ated to it" (ut tourism a so puts many$ many dri&ers on F orida)s hi%hways and roads" *nfortunate y$ many of these dri&ers do not +now where they are %oin%$ dri&e erratica y$ read maps whi e they dri&e$ ma+e sudden stops and turns$ or may !e prone to drin+ and dri&e since they are on &acation or sprin% !rea+" So what shou d you do when you ha&e a car accident? The fo owin% are some recommended steps to ta+e: ," -nsist that the po ice are ca ed and a report is fi ed with the oca and state po ice 2" .ocument as much as you can a!out the car/motorcyc e$ the accident$ and any in'uries0 e&en con&ersations you had with the other dri&er/!i+er and po ice are important to document 1" Ta + with no one a!out the accident other than your attorney and your doctor if you ha&e one0 do 2OT discuss the accident or post any pictures of yourse f on any form of socia media 3" See+ medica attention immediate y and ha&e a treatment and testin% appropriate y documented 4" Ta+e photos of the car/motorcyc e$ the accident scene$ and your in'uries$ if possi! e 5" 6et contact information for anyone who witnessed the accident0 try to determine if there are any traffic cameras or other security cameras in the area that may ha&e cau%ht the accident on tape 7" Contact your C earwater car and motorcyc e accident attorney" There are se&era ways that tourists can minimi8e their ris+ of car accidents$ some of which are simp y common sense pre&entati&e steps" For e9amp e$ when %ettin% ready to %o somewhere !e sure you +now the way - either ma+e sure you ha&e a %ood 6:S system$ or p an your route with a map carefu y !efore startin% toward your destination" -f you need he p with the p annin%$ as+ the oca Cham!er of Commerce$ or ### if you are a mem!er" # ow e9tra time to reach your destination" -n F orida$ weather can !e a factor in car accidents that tourists may not consider" #fternoon thunderstorms occur a most dai y in F orida durin% the summer months" These storms can produce se&ere i%htenin%$ spawn tornadoes$ and cause f ash f oodin% of roadways" ;urricane season in F orida asts from <une throu%h 2o&em!er" Simp y put: p an your trips around the predicted storms$ and try to stay indoors and off the roadways durin% the time of day when they norma y occur" For more information on what to do if you ha&e !een in'ured in a car accident$ or how to pre&ent an accident from happenin% in the first p ace$ contact your C earwater car accident attorney at Shiner =aw 6roup today" Our attorneys wi ensure that your ri%hts are protected"