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13-10-30 US: Roger Shuler, Alabama online journalist, beaten, arrested, for reporting on extramarital affair of Republican politician Rob Rile - S!"## "$ %A"#& '#(AS( )R"!( !*( S*(R"++ !, 'R,!(S! !*( A-US(.

13-10-30 US: Roger Shuler, Alabama online journalist, beaten, arrested, for reporting on extramarital affair of Republican politician Rob Rile - S!"## "$ %A"#&

Roger Shuler's booking picture PLEASE WRITE SHERIFF CHRIS CURRY T PR TEST THE A!USE" #$ilto" ccurr 'shelb so(com %%% An&bo'& (ho h$s up)to)'$te ne(s on Roger Shuler's con'itions* ple$se let #e kno( $t" +,-./01&23g#$il4co# Th$nks* 5oseph 6ernik %%%% &he las' pos' on (o"er )huler*s +lo" is on O$'o+er 24, presuma+ly +e,ore his repor'e- arres' .al'hou"h 'he repor' +elo/ s'a'es 'ha' he /as arres'e- on O$'o+er 2301 h''p122le"als$hnau er#+lo"spo'#$o#il2 &he )hel+y 3oun'y 4ail +ookin" re$or-s1 h''p122inma'elis'in"#shel+yal#$om2

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???? &he s'ory o, (o"er )huler eerily resem+les 'ha' o, (i$har- @ine, only i' is /orse, sin$e i' is a $ase o, silen$in" a repor'er# "Republican Rob Riley's efforts to silence our reporting on his extramarital affair with lobbyist Liberty Duke are akin to what one might expect to see in a third-world country", a Washington, D ! -based in"estigati"e #ournalist writes $$$ ;n- some o, 'he 'i'les 'ha' le- 'o )huler*s +ea'in" an- 4ailin"1 &ues-ay, O$'o+er 5, 2013

%udge &n Rob Riley's Lawsuit 'iolates ()* years of + , Law -o &mpose .rior Restraint /n Reports 0bout 1essy 0ffair
&hurs-ay, O$'o+er 10, 2013

Riley -ries -o 2old Legal ,chnau3er &n !ontempt /f !ourt /n .reliminary &n#unction -hat Doesn't 4xist +nder Law
@ri-ay, O$'o+er 15, 2013

Rob Riley's 4fforts -o ,ilence Legal ,chnau3er .osts Draw !omparison to 2ee 2aw's %unior ,amples
=on-ay, O$'o+er 21, 2013

0labama Republican Rob Riley ,eeks 5logger's 0rrest /"er ,eries /f .osts 0bout 4xtramarital 0ffair
&ues-ay, O$'o+er 22, 2013

Rob Riley &s Writing !ourt /rders -o 5enefit 2imself &n Lawsuit Designed -o ,tifle Reporting 0bout 0ffair

Ae-nes-ay, O$'o+er 23, 2013

Riley and 6arrison Lawsuits 0gainst Legal ,chnau3er 7eature 7raudulent !onduct Right /ut /f -he 6ate
&hurs-ay, O$'o+er 24, 2013

Liberty Duke .aid 0 2ea"y .rice &n 8uickie Di"orce -hat 7ollowed 4xtramarital 0ffair With Rob Riley
????? ;n- here is Aayne =a-sen*s repor' on 'he $ase1

,ctober 78-79, 7013 -- S'(3"A# (2"!",$ -- Alabama sheriffs: deputies assault, arrest, and imprison on-line journalist
publicatio !at"# Oct $%, $01& October 25-27, 2013 -- SPECIAL EDITION -- Alabama sher !!s" #e$%t es assa%lt, arrest, a&# m$r so& o&-l &e 'o%r&al st Roger Shuler, the enterprising Alabama on-line journalist, whose Legal Schnauzer website has held accountable corrupt Alabama politicians and judges, was assaulted by four Alabama sheriffs' deputies on the evening of ctober !", arrested, and hauled off to jail# Shuler, a former reporter for the Birmingham Post-Herald, earlier evaded the serving of a subpoena by sheriffs' deputies who engaged Shuler in an unconstitutional traffic stop# $he subpoena had been issued by retired Alabama judge %laud &eilson who had enjoined Shuler from publishing any articles regarding an alleged e'tramarital affair involving a prospective (#S# )ouse of Representatives candidate# $he candidate in *uestion is Rob Riley, +r#, the son of Alabama ,overnor -ob Riley, the man who helped engineer the electoral theft of the governorship from .emocratic ,overnor .on Siegelman in !//! and the subse*uent political prosecution and imprisonment of Siegelman for 0 and a half years on trumped up charges# Riley, +r# sued Shuler and his wife %arol over a Legal Schnauzer report that Riley had engaged in an e'tramarital affair with a lobbyist named Liberty .u1e# 23R reported on &eilson's conflict-of-interest in the matter involving the junior Riley on ctober 40# &eilson also ordered sealed all records relating to the law suit# &eilson's order prohibiting Shuler from publishing any further stories about Riley represents nothing less than a court ordered injunction imposing prior restraint on freedom of the press, a guaranteed right under the 5irst Amendment of the (#S# %onstitution# Although guaranteeing constitutional rights in Alabama has been a problem going bac1 to the days of +im %row and the .i'iecrats, Alabama has retrogressed in recent years to a draconian past that made the state seem more li1e a 6banana republic6 of %entral America than a southern state in &orth America# Shuler has also been pressured with a nuisance suit over his reports about an alleged e'tramarital affair between Alabama , 7 Attorney ,eneral Luther Strange and Attorney ,eneral .epartment employee +essica 3edeiros ,arrison, the latter since divorced from her husband, and published a photo from a gay porn site featuring a na1ed -ill 7ryor when he was a teen# Republican -ill 7ryor, a former Alabama Attorney ,enera, now sits on the (nited States %ourt of Appeals for the

8leventh %ircuit and is a %ommissioner on the (#S# Sentencing %ommission# 7ryor refused to recuse himself from the appeal of Siegelman to the %oirt of Appeals even though 7ryor was heavily involved in the Republican vendetta against and political prosecution of Siegelman# $he (#S# judge who tried and sentenced Siegelman, 3ar1 5uller of the (#S# %ourt for the 3iddle .istrict of Alabama, also came under the scrutiny of Shuler's web site# Shuler e'posed 5uller's e'tramarital affair involving one of his court cler1s# 5uller and his wife subse*uently divorced# 5uller is a good friend of Alabama , 7 honcho -ill %anary, whose wife, Leura %anary, was the (#S# Attorney for the 3iddle .istrict of Alabama who filed trumped up charges against Siegelman# n ctober !4, Shuler's report on the alleged Riley affair stated9

"Alabama Republican Rob Riley has filed a proposed court order that seeks the arrest of my wife and me for reporting here at Legal Schnau er on Riley!s e"tramarital affair with lobbyist Liberty #uke$Riley% who reportedly plans to seek the &$S$ House seat being 'acated by Spencer Bachus% wants two citi ens arrested for( get this(practicing )ournalism$ $ $ $*he skinny+ Rob Riley is deeply connected to some of the most corrupt acti'ities in modern American political history$ So it should be no surprise that% contrary to his ,pro family- and ,pro life- public stances% Riley engaged in an affair with Liberty #uke that led to an abortion and the payment of ./01%111 in hush money$ 2t also should be no surprise that Riley is trying to 3uash our reporting on the sub)ect% especially now that Spencer Bachus has surprised many obser'ers by deciding to abandon his safe 4ongressional seat$ )ow e'actly is Rob Riley trying to circumvent the 5irst Amendment and force our reporting out of public view: $he latest salvo is found in a cover letter and proposed court order, dated ctober ; and prepared under the name of +ay 3urrill, an attorney in the Riley +ac1son law firm# < $he proposed order e'plicitly see1s to have my wife and me arrested if we failed to appear at a court hearing that was set for last $hursday = ctober 4>? at the Shelby %ounty %ourthouse in %olumbiana# $he hearing was designed to hold us in contempt for refusing to abide by an unlawful preliminary injunction#6 &eilson apparently decided, under pressure from Riley's -irmingham law firm, Riley @ +ac1son, to hold Shuler in contempt of court and order Shelby %ounty sheriffs to assault, arrest, and jail Shuler# A copy of the letter from Riley's law firm to &eilson is seen below#

%arol Shuler reported that her husband never came bac1 inside their home after he had gone out to their garage# 2hat she did not 1now is that four sheriffs' deputies appeared on Shuler's property and proceeded to assault him and place him under arrest# 3rs# Shuler feared for her husband's safety when he didn't return home# 3rs# Shuler, who is also under a subpoena to appear in court over the Riley suit, fears that she will be arrested if she leaves her home#

At is clear that what Riley +unior and Senior, as well as Strange and 7ryor are after are the contents of Shuler's computer in order to ascertain his sources in Alabama# 2ith names of sources, the Alabama RepublicBlans will certainly launch a vendetta against all of Shuler's sources in the state# 23R is aware of an unsuccessful attempt to have the &ational 7ress %lub's freedom of the press committee to issue a statement condemning what occurred to Shuler in Alabama as a threat to the press around the country# $he &ational 7ress %lub, in its usual pathetic manner, responded by saying its had bigger issues to deal with# 5or the &ational 7ress %lub, bigger issues include the lac1 of press freedoms in $ur1menistan and Swaziland and the inability of L,-$ bloggers to 6do their thing6 on the Anternet in places li1e (1raine and Singapore#

Roger Shuler of the Legal Schnauzer pictured with his schnauzer# $he problem for the Shulers is that they have no money# 3r# Shuler was 1eeping his blog going from computers at the local library# $here is not enough money for the Shulers' legal e'penses or even enough cash to ma1e bail for Roger# Legal Schnauzer has a 7ay7al donation button, titled 6Support the Schnauzer, on the right-hand site of its web page# C%lic1 hereD 23R urges anyone who can help advance the cause of press freedom in Alabama to give any amount they can afford to Roger and %arol Shuler to help bail Roger out from jail and allow this remnant of a once-vibrant press to once again report on political chicanery and malfeasance endemic to Alabama# EEEE &ote9 23R is ma1ing this article available free to the general public# 2idest dissemination urged#

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