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RAN Operation and Maintenance Documentation

Descriptions Fault

Technical Description: describes the structures, working principles etc. Hardware Description: describes the cabinets, boards, and cables etc. Feature Parameter Description: describes the working principles of fe
atures and configurable parameters.

Alarm Reference Event Reference

Routine Maintenance Guide* Troubleshooting Guide*


Initial Configuration Guide Reconfiguration Guide* Feature Activation Guide*

MML Command Reference Parameter Reference


KPI Reference* Performance Counter Reference Capacity Monitoring Guide*


Communication Matrix: describes the communication ports used by the



Site Maintenance Guide : describes how to replace the parts etc. Spare Parts Catalog : describes the part No. , part description , replaced and
withdrawn parts information.

Note * means these manuals are released with the RNC Product Documentation.


How to get the Documentation

RAN14.0 (V200R014C00)
You can Click and Download RAN14.0 Feature Documentation BSC6900 UMTS Product Documentation 3900 Series WCDMA NodeB Product Documentation


Product Principle, Architecture and Hardware

Whats the logical structure, working principles of the equipments? Whats the hardware of the products? Whats the principle of system fault management?

Technical Description describes the system logical structures, working principles, networking, transmission.

Hardware Description describes the cabinets, boards, and cables.

Feature Parameter Description describes the working principles of features and configurable parameters.



NodeB NodeB


Fault Management
What should I do for equipment daily maintenance? How to handle each alarm?
Would you please give me some idea for troubleshooting?

1 Routine Maintenance Guide

2 Alarm Reference Event Reference

New doc

Troubleshooting Guide

Instructions include daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance.

The Possible Causes and Procedure section are optimized in the new version.

Aims at the complex performance or device troubles


e.g. HSPA service setup failures?

How to troubleshoot

Troubleshooting flowchart helps you know the whole procedure.

Troubleshooting Guide

Guide to collecting fault information Common maintenance functions Troubleshooting procedure for typical problems


Data Configuration
1 How to do the data configuration? Initial Configuration Guide 2 Reconfiguration Guide


Describes how to reconfigure the RAN during network optimization.

Feature Activation Guide


4 5

MML Command Reference Parameter Reference MO Reference

Describes how to activate a license and configure a feature in RAN.


System Performance Monitor

Whats the meaning of the performance counters? Shows measurement points in figure helps you know the counters well.

Performance counter Reference

Describes all the performance counters, related to radio network, equipment and transport network.

EBC Reference Capacity Monitoring Guide

Describe how to monitor usage of various network resources, locate network resource bottlenecks, and perform network expansion in a timely manner.

KPI Reference
Describe the KPI definition and relative counters.


Hardware Management

Spare Parts Catalog

Which parts should I apply for?

Site Maintenance Guide

How to replace the components or maintain the equipments?


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