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melons melons Hi, Im Carl. carrots carrots Can you guess hat a su!ermarket contest is" #ast eek my best $rien% ma%e me gra!es gra!es !artici!ate in my neighbourhoo% one. It as really $unny. &irst they ga'e me a onions onions to $ill my sho!!ing list ith all the !ro%ucts I ha% to buy. I (ust ha% ten minutes !e!!ers !e!!ers trolley ith more than $i$ty %i$$erent items: )ome brea%, ketchu!, milk* I %i%n+t cabbages kno ho much milk so I took three bottles*, a bar o$ chocolate, cabbages tree big slices o$ !otatoes !otatoes cheesecake, an% some 'egetables an% $ruit as onions, cherries, carrots, a melon, an% stra berries stra berries gra!es. $igs I ran along the corri%ors looking $or the %i$$erent aisles. There $igs ere many shel'es !eaches $ille% ith canne% goo%s an% %aily !ro%ucts. I (ust nee%e% some !eaches meat !earsan% t o or !ears three items on sale an% I oul% in. lemons lemons ,hen I arri'e% at the cashier, he tol% me -Thats ninety !oun%s $i$ty... Ho much". cherries cherries I aske% in ama/ement. -Thats a lot o$ money. 0ou must be (oking. Im (ust going in !inea!!les !inea!!les $or a conte1t. -2ut you must !ay $or e'erything you ha'e in your sho!!ing eggs car%., he eggs sai% angrily. beans beans I as the inner as I think that nobo%y else !artici!ate%. cereal cereal cookies 1. Label the pictures with the words in the box. cookies sho!!ing basket sho!!ing basket sho!!ing trolley sho!!ing trolley

2. Read the text and say if the following statements are true or false. Correct the false ones.
3. 4. 5. 6. 8. 9. The su!ermarket contest asnt $unny. Carl ha% a sho!!ing list. He took t o bottles o$ milk. 7nions, carrots an% lettuce are $ruit. Carl %i%n+t !ay $or e'erything he ha% in his sho!!ing trolley. He %i%n+t in the contest.

)ingular !lural

Countable nouns Affirmati e !egati e a/an a/an some any #ncountable nouns Affirmati e !egati e some any

"uestions a/an >ny "uestions any

5. Com!lete the sentences ith any, some, a or an. 3. 4. 5. 6. 8. 9. ;. <. =. There erent ::::::: eggs on the shel$. He ha% :::::::::meat in the trolley. There asnt ::::::$lour le$t. Di% he nee% ::::::::: cherries" He nee%e% :::::::: melon. Di% he ha'e to buy ::::: butter" He bought :::::::::: onions. He bought ::::::::: bar o$ chocolate. Im eating :::::: a!!le.

6. Com!lete the sentences ith: a bottle, a packet, a cup, a bar, a can, a slice, a glass, a bow.

3. 4. 5. 6. 8. 9. ;. <.

::::::::::::::: o$ co$$ee. ::::::::::::::: cereal. ::::::::::::::: toast. ::::::::::::::: cris!s :::::::::::::::orange (uice. :::::::::::::::lemona%e. ::::::::::::::: milk. ::::::::::::::: chocolate.