PERSATUAN BAHASA INGGERIS (ENGLISH LANGUAGE SOCIETY) Introduction: English Language Society (ELS) is established with the aims

of providing enrichment activities and cultivating interest in the English Language among the members. English Language Society plays a vital role in widening the pupils’ involvement in activities and upgrading their profici8ency in using English Language. English Language Society also functions as a society to train pupils in the skills of managing and organi ing a society. English Language Society also helps to promote unity! tolerance and fellowship among members. Matka at dan tu!uan : "ntuk memperkenalkan! menggalakkan dan memupuk penggunaan bahasa #nggeris sebagai bahasa kedua di kalangan ahli persatuan P"r#" $a%aan & Con'titution $he society shall be known as the %&ersatuan 'ahasa #nggeris% of S() &#$*S hereafter referred to as the %English Language Society% +. *ims and ,b-ectives . $o promote! encourage and cultivate the use of English as a second language among members and society as a whole. . $o promote unity and better understanding among members. . $o instill a sense of responsibility! creativity! initiative and organi ational skills. . $o provide enrichment activities and cultivating interest in the English Language among the pupils. . $o provide effective language learning opportunities to the usage and practice of the language among the pupils. . $o provide the opportunity to learn the language through #/$. . $o give a balance education to the pupils with emphasis on both academic and e0tra. curriculum activities. 1. (embership . *ll students irrespective of race or religion shall be members. 2. 3oting 4ights . ,nly members who have ported for the English Society as their 5E4), will be allowed to vote. 6. Subscription . $he semester subscription shall be the sum of 4inggit (alaysia one only. . Special contributions maybe raised from members by resolution of the general

9. 5eneral (eeting . >ebates 8. * visit (Lawatan Sambil 'ela-ar) +7. /horal reading= speaking 8. Sing.bearers of the society and who shall be elected at the general meeting.a. Scrabble games 2. $elematch +2.meeting of the society 7. . Sub-ect to the following provision in these rules! the funds of the society may be e0pended for any purpose necessary for . English #n /amp +6. Elocution contest general meeting shall be held annually for the election of the office. Aatching (ovie . /ommittee . &lay reading 6.rgani ing a social party=farewell party ++. . . $he carrying out its ob-ects! including the e0penses of its administration. @ui and Language games +1. (Su%%"'tion') Acti(iti"' : +. . *t least one half of the membership of the society must be present at a general meeting for its proceedings to be valid and to constitute a moral.o e0penditure e0ceeding 4(7< in any one time shall be incumed without the prior sanction of the chairman.long ?. :inancial &rovision . $he committee will comprise the following who shall be termed the office. Story telling +<.bearers. 8. .rgani ing a film show=video show 7. . /onducting meeting and writing minutes and official letter 1.

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