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PDC Parking Distance Park Pilot - Front +Rear

installation manual
Regarding to the OPS function the head unit VW RNS 5! has to ha"e a soft#are inde$ of
at least !!!%
Regarding to the OPS function the head unit VW RCD 5! has to ha"e &art num'er (C)
!(5 *5
+he C,N gate#a- needs to 'e re"ision . or later
/it incl 0
(C)**125C - Control 3nit - (C) 4 5! ** 125 C
) $ (C!**625S Sensors - (C! ** 625 S
) $ 5!**1*. 7older 5! ** 1* .
) $ (C!***(* ,dhesi"e ta&e (C!***(*
6 $ ).!**62* 8u99er ).! ** 62*
$ 5!**6)8 S#itch 5! ** 6) 8 *Car-System's*
Wiring scheme
3n&lug and remo"e 'atter-: then unscre# four marked 'olts to remo"e front grille%
3nscre# 'olts 'ehind mudguards and at the 'ottom of the front 'um&er% Remo"e front
Pull out the sides of 'um&er
and &ull #hole &art to the front to
take it off% *Car-System's*
Drill )mm holes at the marked
&ositions on the front 'um&er% ;note0 drill
onl- four holes: side marks are for Park
<ine ,ssist sensors=
>ount holders to 'um&er and attach
sensors #ith #iring harness%
,ttach 'um&er and scre# it
'ack% Pull and tie #ires near
'atter- holder%
Rear sensors installation is
Remo"e rear lights and
unscre# 'olts holding rear
'um&er% Slide #hole 'um&er to
'ack side of car%
Drill )mm holes at marked
&ositions and attach sensors to
the rear 'um&er
>ount #iring and sensors% *Car-System's*
Pull the #ires through the
marked hole to the inside of car%
?nstall PDC module at the left
side of the trunk 'ehind co"ers%
Plug in three &lugs to the
module% ,ttach round connector to
the ground &oint%
?nstall rear 'u99er at the right
side of trunk 'ehind co"er%
Other #ires &ull to the front of
car and tie as fa'ric installation%
Si$ &ole connector &ull through fire#all to the engine com&artment
8eige connector &ull near gear shift le"er
Red #ire connect to +6" after ignition in fuse'o$
Orange #ire connect to the Can 7i ;&in @ in Can gate#a- module=
8ro#n #ire connect to the Can <o# ;&in @ in Can gate#a- module= *Car-System's*
gre- #ire solder to the
illumination signal from
other 'uttons in eg%
8ro#n #ires solder to
the ground signal
&lug in Park 'utton
?nstall front 'u99er
near ,-&illar
Plug in front 'um&er #iring to the si$ &ole connector% Connect 'atter- and use
VCDS to code modules%
?n Can Aate#a- module add address ! ;&ark assist= *Car-System's*