Public Counter Service Review - Portobello Residents Survey Responses

# Q1: Do you agree that local, accessible policing is i portant! Q": Do you believe it is i portant to spea# to the Police $ace to $ace or are happy to use the 1%1 none ergency nu ber! Face to Face, means fewer misunderstandings. Q&: Do you support the proposed changes to Portobello Police Station! Q': Please use this space to pass on any other thoughts you ay have on this issue:


Yes. Local identity and presence is important to local effective policing and improved cultures. Yes. !bsolutely necessary for the well"being of the community.

I didn’t realise what the current hours were but my concern is that by eroding the houses fewer callers will go. I would only support change which ma%es things better however this is not the case here. (o

The police station is a safe place for people to go in a crisis.

I always prefer to have the option of a face to face contact instead of an #anonymous$ number to call. I want to spea% directly to a person.

The public need to feel safe especially when out and about in the evening and that re&uires ade&uate policing. There has been an increase in burglaries in )itville *t recently which the police were actively involved in helping with. ,on’t thin% police are out on the main )ortobello -igh *treet, Too many men .young and old/ standing about. I feel safer %nowinh that our station is on the -igh *treet and feel so sad about cutbac%s. In an emergency, god %nows how long it will ta%e to get to you2 It’s bad enough now1








Yes I do

I would prefer to tal% face to face with the piolice.

(o. I feel it should stay open1

3 4

Yes Yes

Yes, (ot -appy. Face to Face Important1

(o (o





)ortobello is a family area with a cross section of ages and needs therefore a police station is an essential part of that community. It’s bad enough waiting for police to respond when you report any incidents so it would be worse if you were not able to wal% into the police station. The presence of a local police station ma%es people feel secure and supportive of crime prevention, where as centralised policing is distanced from the community it claims to serve.



*pea% to )olice Face to Face



8f course. It is important for effective crime prevention as it encourages communication and a beneficial relationship between community and police. Yes Yes, I do as part of the community policing children need to learn to respect the police and learn that they are there to help and advise.

*pea%ing to the )olice face to face is a far more effective way of communication. 9sing the 171 number could be abused or an inade&uate way of communicating a complaint. Yes Yes it is better on a face to face basis especially for the elderly. This may change of course as the younger generation have a different outloo% and thoughts.

(o. :educing services or closing police stations will increase incidents of crime and ma%e people feel distanced from the police which may lead to them being unco"operative. (o (o. !lthough for some time it has been wor%ing on a part time basis a presence was there1

11 1

;hat happens when you need to hand in documents to the police if there is no local station. (ot everyone has a car and the elderly would find it difficult. *ome rules<standards need to be published so that people can adhere to them.



Yes, sometimes it is necessary to spea% face to face especially if you are upset.


I thin% it is important to have access to the police at the police station during the evening. )robably we are more aware of crime in the evening = graffiti, damage to par%ed cars and property, fighting, sometimes caused by drun%enness .also domestic violence/. If hours have to be cut, better to be in the morning or afternoon, than the evening. >andalism. ;ill ?ust get worse as there are problems at the moment. ;e are pensioners and we want to be safe. )ortobello has many visitors so the need for police presence is very important. The evening is a very necessary time for police presence as it is the high time for burglary and anti"social behaviour. I hope there is plenty of views on this. )olice presence is the most effective to measure in the prevention of #petty$ mindless futile crime

1+ 10 13

Yes Yes Yes

*pea% Face to Face is important. Face to Face Yes, as there are several levels of policing between emergency and non" emergency

!bsolutely (ot. (o (o

14 15

>ery important, if not essential. Yes

Face to Face whenever possible )olice should be visible and accessible

I am sad about any of the proposed changes. (o



Face to face is preferable.

(o, I do not support the changes.

)art of the reason I, and my family, have moved to )ortobello is the family"friendly nature of much of the town, and the security a local police station offers. !t the very least it@s entirely bemusing for the proposed hours to be cut from the evening " I would imagine that post"3pm is probably when the local police service would need to be accessed most. (<!


Face to face in certain situations.

(o. Late night policing is vital in relation to teenage drin%ing on the beach, (o Face to face where possible



Yes Yes

(o (o especially given the influA of people into the area in the summer, often late into the evening. In the summer a lot of drin%ing ta%es place on the beach. Bost of it does not create problems but sometimes there are problems. If local police cannot respond to these problems immediately when they arise, violence could escalate.


Yes. )ortobello@s beach attracts large numbers of people, particularly in the summer, and crowds of young people in the evenings. The police presence in the centre of )ortobello acts as a deterrent against anti"social behaviour in )ortobello.

I@m probably happy to use the 171 non"emergency number for non"emergencies. Cut the responsibility for %eeping our communities safe lies with the police, and particularly their presence in the community " not a telephone away.

(o. I would prefer operational hours that reflect the increased anti"social behaviour on the wee%ends. *o, perhaps, 5" midnight on Fridays, 11 " midnight on *aturdays and *undays, and the proposed change for the rest of the wee%.

The proposed change doesn@t reflect any thought into the dynamics of anti"social behaviour. The police should not be viewed as having business hours. The police should have a presence in our communities that acts as an incentive for good social behaviour. !nyone who has been into )ortobello@s par%s first thing in the morning will agree that we could do with more police on the street and fewer in the station. I have reported the bro%en bottles in Crighton )ar%, the rubbish on the street, and the debris in )ortobello par% to local authorities but nothing is ever done. ! policeman wal%ing the beat would serve to improve our streets.



Face to Face

(8 it should operate from 4am to midnight

The )olice should be seen to be visible on the streets.


Yes " strongly agree.

Yes " strongly agree.

(o " strongly disagree

I would strongly prefer the )ortobello )olice station to retain its eAisting operational hours. -owever, as a compromise, if it@s necessary to achieve cost savings then retain eAistion operational hours only during the summer months when there is an influA of visitors and increase in anti"social behavour when the weather is warm and the days are long. compared

3 4

Yes Yes, but not necessarily 4am = midnight. 5am"3pm perfectly acceptable as long as 666 emergency and 171 non" emergency operate. I do agree that local, accessible policing is important.

)refer to tal% face to face -appy to use 171.

(o. Yes I hope the money saved by reducing the opening hours of the police station will be used to put more men on the beat = best way for public to get face to face with the police. It is a fact that people feel safer %nowing their police station is open and reassuring, seeing them on the -igh *treet, especially the good community policing we had for many years. :educing things to save money can have unintended conse&uences.


It is very important to spea% to )olice face to face.

,efinitely not.



I have never used 171. If it enables you to spea% to a police officer it would probably be satisfactory. If it leads to a #press 1 for this, press for that$ type of number then probably not.

)resumably research has shown that most activity at the station occurs during the proposed hrs of 5am = 3pm.



I feel it is most important to be able to spea% face to face with someone. Face to Face The 171 number is o% for general en&uires but useless for anything else. Face to Face contact is very important when reporting crime or re&uiring re" assurance. Face to Face is important )refer Face to Face


If we do not have access to a )olice *tation what are we supposed to do when needing help which does not re&uire a 666 call. )roposed change would lead to a poorer service. In my view the proposals for local police stations in Ddinburgh reflect a movement away from local community based policing. (ot uneApected given the centralisation and control from *trathclyde.

'1 '

Yes ,efinitely Yes, very important

(o (o = not in any way.

'' '+

Yes YesEE1

(o to closure (o In the Dvenings there is an icnrweasing opresence of Fteen’ = whilst currently not a ma?or problem I believe this could deteriorate if there is no police Fpresence’.

'0 '3

Yes I believe local accessible policing is essential. The people of Great Critain are policed by common consent " If you ta%e away the constructive relationship, their consent will brea% down.


Yes )ortobello<Hoppa is a community that re&uires regular contact with the officers who police the area. It will run the ris% of reverting to the misery of the 57s .needles on the beach<entire area run down/ without effective policing.

Face to Face< reasonable (8 response times to call. !ny<and youth anti"social behaviour needs to be addressed &uic%ly in )ortobello



In difficult situations face to face is much better.


-aving no police presence in )ortobello in the evenings would have a detrimental effect on the security of the community.

'5 '6

Yes Yes

Yes Yes

(o (o I have been a victim of crime more than once in +.0 years living in )ortobello, most recently my motorcycle was stolen, raced up the prom and burnt out causing danger to the community. (obody has ever been caught for any of the crimes against my propertyI less police J more crime. ;e have enough crime alreadyI)lease no more.

+7 +1 + +'

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Dither, depending on the urgency Face to Face Yes )ersonally not too bothered but if issue needs local understanding then people should have familiar faces<local %nowledge officers. ;hich wouldn’t happen with 171 number.

(o, 4am to midnight would be more suitable. (o (o (o


>ery Buch. I was attac%ed a few years ago in )ortobello. The police force from -owdenhall responded to the incident. Yes.

I haven’t had many issues to deal with but I do believe a face to face response is paramount. Important to have face to face.

,efinitely (ot1

By eAample should be used to deter cuts. The culprit has never been caught, although they have a photograph from bus surveillance of him. Local community policing is a critical component of a fluid busy local community with many young children especially in my own road, where many children play and cycle to school safely. Koncern over response times and an increase in crime<incidents as I feel having a fully operational police station in )ortobello can act as a deterrent.





Important to have a presence and to be able to spea% face to face.

(o, there are a lot of pubs in )ortobello and I feel ta%ing away police presence after 3pm will increase incidents. ,efinitely (ot (o1 )olice can’t build community relations and re" solve<solve incident crimes as easily when they don’t %now the people or area. (o (o

+4 +5

>ery Important Yes = I thin% particulary during the summer months when the beach area is pac%ed having a local police who understand the local issues is important. Yes Yes

Yes Face to Face = communities are living places and a phone number and a policeman in an office does not build community relations. Yes = Face to Face, no using 171 phone number. -appy to use 171 (umber.

-ow do police get to %now their communities. )ortobello is a high density area the face to face police service is needed. -appy to give more feedbac%.

+6 07

It is very unli%ely that we would want a face to face service from the local police station. Bore important that a policemen is available to come to the scene.



I would rather spea% face to face

!bsolutely not

It is imperative to retain the police station as it is to engender a sense of security, community involvement and social cohesion for safety reasons and as a deterrent. ;e are all senior citiLens in this area, I had to phone the police a few wee%s ago and the service was superb. They loo%ed after me very well, it was a rented house, I am 5+ years of age, and need security.



Face to Face


0' 0+

Yes >ery Important I do agree it is important to have a police presence locally

)refer to spea% to face to face If you are upset by something happening to you it can be different to spea% to someone on the phone especially for people of my generation .I am 4+/ and older people. It is much easier to spea% to some me face to face. Face to Face *pea% to Face to Face

(o I would prefer the hours to be from 5am to 6pm. I have always found the police to be prompt and helpful when I have needed them and may hope that the proposed changes do not change that.

00 03

Yes Yes >ery

(ot at all ;ould prefer it at its usual times. )ortobello feels a safer place with police station without changes, leave it alone.


I definitely do, especially in )ortobello which is a tourist attraction, the population has risen, school children, use the high street as a cafM. *ainsburys has opened and a Lidl is due to open. *hoplifting will increase and write to )olice presence minor crimes will grow to serious crime and activities, as the residents of )ortobello will fear that they will be targeted by gangs if they spea% out. Yes Yes

The 171 calls mean absolutely nothing minor crimes li%e social abuse<shop lifting, petty crimes are and there been ignored over the last year as there are not enough police to deal with. -ere what means these people go on to do more serious crimes as they hear the residents and police are unable to deal with them.

(o the rapport that the people had with the community police has been eroded because of the cuts to the police, etc. (o neighbourhood watch meetings no proper policing of the community.

It is ridiculous that with the crime rate rising in *cotland. The police force has been cut so radically. The police in the front line must be very disheartened by these measures and can not do a good ?ob if manpower and resources are being cut continually. Krime is rising, as% Br Bac!s%ill B*). There is no police presence police have been ta%en out the area.

05 06

Face to Face )refer Face to Face

(o (o )olice presence must be more visible. )atrols if possible especially where older people live.

37 31 3

Yes Yes Yes

Important to *pea% Face to Face *pea% Face to Face *pea%ing to a policeman directly means something will be done. Face to Face Face to Face

(o (o (o (o police stations to be shut. The police station should be a stable and accessible heart of the community.

3' 3+

Yes Yes

(o (o To reduce hours at station is a disaster as sometimes response is very poor. I thin% it is very important to maintain a visible police presence in )ortobello, with a staffed police staff.



Face to Face



Yes. Hust %nowing there is help nearby especially if a person is elderly and living alone. If we close the stations = where to we ta%e lost property to, a purse or %eys, etc2 Yes

(on emergency2 = ;hat does that means = elderly alone and get intruders in their home or worse. 8% we will get bac% to you but there’s a &ueue. *o you will have to wait but we will try for today sometime. Face to Face

5am = 3pm then we’re on our own1 *orry shops closed #8h this is a Bonday holiday = *orry1$

,oes this mneans that the #Cobby on the Ceat$ we will no longer see2 Its always a cofort to see them around = wal%ing the streets too. FIs that to be cut out too2$



)ortobello needs. Local police station closure would only bring trouble to us.

35 36 47 41

Yes Yes Krucial for a safe community Yes, I do. >ery much so.

Face to Face I would prefer to spea% to someone face to face There’s a place for both *pea%ing to the police face to face is very important. Cy far the better option.

(o (o (o = I would prefer to see longer opening hours. (o I do not1 ;e .)ortobello residents/ are trying very hard to %eep )ortobello vibrant. The shop%eepers frontage, litter control, etc. These all help to ma%e it a focal point and a police station on the high street I believe is necessary .and comforting/1 8ur street is &uiet at the moment but with so many flats let out to young people it has not always been peaceful. It is very important that )ortobello has its own police station to have to phone ,al%eith is rubbish.


>ery important

Its always better to spea% to a police officer face to face

(ot really as we have had problems at .'7am and police were needed. (o



Yes = Face to Face



Yes it is important to spea% face to face to the police" emergency numbers usually have options to choose from.


I have ?ust become a widow. Two days ago I had a police woman in ta%ing a survey about community policing now you are offering 171. I found it very comforting tal%ing to her and I have seen her around in the street, no one wants a faceless police forces. That’s what 171 is. It is very important to have a local station. You say at present, )ortobello )olice *tation is open 4am = midnight = (onsense1 In fact it is very often shut during the day for whatever reason. ;hen phoning the )ortobello number, the calls are answered at Fettes. *o your information is faulty. I hope community policing will not be affected. They can’t be worse, they are invisible. )lease %eep our station open.

40 43

Yes Yes

*ometimes Face to Face Kontact

(o (o


Yes I thin% the police station is very important to the area.

Yes I prefer spea%ing to the police face to face and I feel happier if I could call for them &uic%ly. Yes

(o I do not. I feel safer when it is open, especially if I am out at night. (o



;e need more not less in this day and age, until the law gets tougher on all who continue to brea% it1 They should leave things as they are.



I would want to spea% to the police face to face.



>ery much so

*pea% to police face to face


I feel you need police down at the beach especially in the summer months as there is a lot of young people who ta%e alcohol and are very noisy and get out of hand. )ortobello’s population has increased greatly over the years and I thin% that’s all the more reason to %eep our police station open all hours. ;e need the police to be seen and be able to call on them when we re&uire them. Friday and *aturday nights have become &uite concerning. The noises from the street can be very alarming .screaming, shouting, etc/ one is unsure how to react. The presence of the police station cand officers help ensure certain situations do not go too much out of control. I thin% it is stupid to even thin% about closing it, after they have spent so much of taApayers money doing it up. You also feel safer %nowing it is there. *tations should be %ept open to deal with problems in their local area.


Yes = >ery much so1

*pea%ing face to face is more satisfying than spea%ing on the phone.







Yes = Gives reassurance to local residents and visitors.

9rgent matters need immediate contacts .face to face/

(o = The reassurance of the )olice station is very much appreciated and gives sense of security.



I would prefer to spea% face to face if I needed to.

(o I don’t.






Yes, but that could be provided by 171, depending on the nature of any problem.

-appy to use 171. )resumably if a call re&uires a face to fae conversation, that would be arranged. 9sing 171 removes the need to go to the police station. Yes = Face to Face I prefer to spea% to the police face to face. It is far better for building a genuine, trusting relationship.

Yes, if more people could instead use 171 .para ' overleaf/ and if the changed are well advertised, so that people don’t go after hours and get upset. (o (o, I do not support the proposal that )ortobello )olice *tation has restricted opening times.

171 could be speeded up, I’ve been told that if it ta%es too long to be connected. Dmail connection could also be useful2

54 55

Yes Yes, I agree that it is highly important

It is the evenings that the most call for a police presence is needed. D.g. 8n the promenade, etc. Dvenings are times when wor%ing people can access the police station. The higher profile that the police have in an area li%e )ortobello the better. I will be less li%ely to feel it is o%ay for my daughter to be out on these dar% nights. -er safety is paramount to me and the police station gives a feeling of security. I’ve lived in this house for 3 years. I’ve seen the results in terms of increased anti"social behaviour when police presence decreases. This would be a highly retrograde step. *tation is only partially open as it is. The whole new system stin%s.


It is vital that local, accessible policing is available, especially for those of us with teenage children who are out and about in the evenings. It gives a feeling of security that any trouble may be nipped in the bud. I agree entirely = it is hugely important to the area.

! police presence is preferable both for those see%ing assistance and to deter those who may be up to something. I thin% that people will be less li%ely to ma%e that phone call in case they are fobbed off. )hone numbers<lines are useful, but no real substitute for face"to"face interaction.

(o. )ortobello is a large town with a record of brea%"ins and a lot of %ids out at night. There could be more trouble and the criminal element may thin% they are less li%ely to be caught red"handed. (o.




Face to face. I am still waiting for a response from a 171 call that I made + wee%s ago.



8f course I find it important. !ccessible police station is essential for safety of )ortobello community.

8f course it is. I feel more comfortable to deal with police face to face rather than on the phone.

(o1 I want to %eep )ortobello )olice *tation opening hours the way they are now.

)ortobello Kommunity over the years made a huge effort to ma%e )ortobello safer, friendlier district. This transition from dodgy police with a bad reputation to nice, welcoming and safe one can be easily destroyed by not reasonable changes such as shortening opening hours of )ortobello )olice *tation. I spent a few years in the forces myself, and too% part in firefighting on ' occasions and have wor%ed with police and firemen and I don’t thin% people realise what they really do = of course they would be missed.


)olicing is always an important factor in any community, and will always be needed.

Yes, spea%ing openly to the police is the way forward.

(o I don’t1 Li%e .others/ in the area you miss seeing the police going about their duties on a daily basis.



)refer to spea% to the police, not happy to use 171 number. I’ve heard stories that it is hard to get through. Yes, I thin% it is important to spea% face to face if needed. Yes, it is better face to face.


60 63

Yes. Yes.

(o. (o. 8nce again changes seem to have advantages for the criminally minded rather than the law abiding.


This is a ridiculously leading &uestion. ;ho is ever going to answer no.

It depends entirely on the circumstances of course11 I’m content to call in a lost bicycle and then follow up face to face but I would feel differently about an assault. It’s important that face to face is available for sensitive matters or for especially vulnerable people. Yes Face to face communication has given great comfort and relief in my case. I want this to continue.

I don’t %now enough about them. ;hat was the spread of the 340 en&uiries and could the available hours be matched with the ma?ority of those2 D.g. 17am to 5pm. I eApect to see fleAibility in both supply and demand of the service. (o (o. If resource priorities re&uire some changes it should not be of this drastic order.

The police station should have its front doors Fopen’ when it Is actually open to demonstrate accessibility and community support. 8ne time I called by to report a fire in the local par% and was told to telephone an issue in. This did not feel li%e community policing. To see more police in the area. Dnclosed a letter detailing personal eAperiences using the local police station, including their good wor% in dealing with a series of thefts in a nursing home in the 1657s and in a brea%"in to Br Turner’s home. #I have deep concern that an erosion of the high &uality of service I’ve found so re"assuring will inevitably follow the proposed level of hours reduction and very strongly support the case for a rethin%$ ;hy after all these years in )ortobello2 If there is a commitment to building and operating in communities then community policing should be at the heart of this. )olicing is proactive as well as reactive. I hope they don’t close our station as we all rely n them.

65 66

Yes It is highly important.

177 Yes 171 Yes, vital.

Yes, face to face. Coth are appropriate in different circumstances. Face to face should always be possible. Yes

(o. (o, we need a local centre for policing.


Yes, of course.

(o I don’t.

17' >ery important. This should allow for &uic%er response times if police officers are in the community. !lso, police visibility<presence is important for deterring crime and increasing community confidence.

I would much rather prefer to discuss a situation face to face. 8fficers are more li%ely to assess how stressful or the impact of the situation is on an individual. !lso, a lot of older .vulnerable/ disabled people are unable to convey their message over a phone, can’t hear, and can’t understand or have no confidence. Kould lead to a reduction of reported crime. It is much, much better to spea% to someone face to face. I had to use 171 once and it was hopeless. It depends on the circumstances. Telephoning or calling into the local station needs to be available option, particularly for older people or those in a vulnerable position. !gain, time may be an important factor in diffusing or deescalating a situation. The ethos of policing is based on face to face communication with the public. It can only be so.

(o. I live near the beach and a lot of fights<disputes arise from alcohol. Therefore much more li%ely to occur early or late evening. Nuic% police response is vutal to diffuse or intervene.

5"3pm is a normal wor%ing day for an office, so why not a police force2

17+ 8f course it is. ;e need a contact close at hand.


;e see very little police presence in this area now, so if under the new proposals I should thin% it will be a lot less. Income taA is the most e&uitable way for society to pay for local and national services. ;hy are politicians so frightened of arguing for increases where necessary2

170 !bsolutely. ;e need local police officers who %now the area, the characters, the potential hotspots. Local police officers who can ma%e a timely and %nowledgeable intervention are more li%ely to deal with an incident efficiently.

(o. I don’t thin% they should cut any hours at our police station but if they have to it ma%es more sense to cut the morning hours. Bost crime and antisocial behaviour occurs at night.

173 Fundamentally important.

)ortobello police station and its ;e are very proud of our police force has always been the best station. in the country, and should be commended and rewarded for its superb wor%.

174 Yes. I and my husband come into the elderly section of )ortobello he has lived in )ortobello all his life and has saw what police in attendance means, summer and winter. 175 Yes 176 Bost certainly

I would miss being able to spea% to the Fbobbies’.


I wish to than% you for ma%ing this appeal on my behalf.



Feel safe with as it is at all times. ,ar% nights now in it is not safe. )lease note Busselburgh station was closed, )ortobello had to help out. Leith police has been curtailed. Those too )ortobello has to help out. Dnough is enough1

Bust be able to spea% to police (o1 That has been done vis"O"vis. earlier.

117 Yes 111 >ery, very important.

Face to face, yes I want to have face to face contact with the police if I have a problem.

(o (o way1 I am 4 years old. I don’t li%e the youths of miAed races and countries hanging about the high street. I no longer go out in the evenings, which is &uite sad.



Yes, but as it is impossible to see into the future. The re&uirement for policing might be urgent. Face"to"face. (o )erhaps letter wardens should be on duty on )ortobello high street when )ortobello *econdary have their lunchbrea%.

11' Yes

11+ Yes, very much. 8nly the last wee% has police answered my call out, as somebody who was ringing my door at all times. They came again and reassured me they would help. I am 6' and this was essential, I am alarmed as it is attached to the police, I would be vulnerable without them. 110 Yes 113 Yes

-appy with their response to my call of 171. !nd always so helpful. The ringing of my door bell happened inspite of being alarmed byt they came down as well as it was am and 0am at night.

The Ddinburgh Kouncil are ridiculous to ta%e away police support even by a few1 ;e need their protection as today it’s vital. *o much crime is present on the streets at nighttime.

;e all need the police help all times, especially the elderly. They have been such an assurance for me living alone and are so willing so why should they not be supported by the council.

Face to face Face to face

(o (o I thin% evening accessibility is necessary, especially when it is busy in summer.

113 Yes 114 It is very important as you then have lots of local eAperience that is %nowledgeable and is far more reliable and efficient than any of the so called modern ideas which seem to be mainly based on savings instead of supplying a superior service to the customers.

I use both, but prefer face to face I believe it is eAtremely important to spea% to the police face to face as you then have a contact so that you don’t waste time in future having to relate all the facts again. *ome wee%s ago, I called the police as an offence was about to be committed, I still await to hear from the police. I am happy to phone 666<171 but a police station that people are not always able to access is confusing and frustrating and perhaps even dangerous.

(o I definitely do not. This is another of these so called modern ideas, li%e for eAample call centres in India, which will only lead to poorer standards of service and frustration for the public<customers as they grow annoyed at wasteage of their time.

115 ! visual presence of police on the beat is more important. I am unsure what issues are handled in the police station building.

(o, I would prefer that police stations are open +<4 or not at all. 5am til 3pm means incidents at night are not easy to report<handle.

-aving lived in )ortobello for eight years now, the behaviour and attitude on the prom is much improved. ;ell done1

116 >ery important

Face to face so far they have done a good ?ob.

(o, too busy at night.

I was recently at a *ilver ;edding in the 3 Klub. By grandson insisted on wal%ing me home, all streetlights were out and I was too scared to wal% past the Three Bon%eys. The rumours are that )ortobello police station is closing and being sold and ;etherspoons are opening another pub. Bore police on the streets to give fol% more sense of security. I thin% it’s important that )ortobello is staffed by policemen who can be seen, and not at the end of a phone. It would be nic if we would see them wal%ing the streets. 8n wor%ing for the police for 15 years as a support wor%er, I %now that they do a great ?ob, and as support wor%ers are being phased out the burden of this wor% falls on the police. !s we are 5' years old we feel safe with our local police station. (o = more police wal%ing the beat. ;e need assurance that there will be somebody on hand to deal with our problems.

1 7 Yes

Face to face is better than 171. (o. !vailability should be +<4.

1 1 Yes

I li%e to spea% face to face




Yes, (o. 8f course it is better to spea% to a human being rather than spea%ing to a programmed machine.

(o (o = on tal%ing to police lately they have an overloaded ?obs list. *o ma%ing their hours shorter, the wor%load would increase. (o. ;e need a police station as there is so much crime today.

1 ' 8f course it is = there is nothing better than having the police on your doorstep.

1 + ,efinitely, 177P 1 0 ;ithout any doubt

Face to face ! definite yes

1 3 Yes, it is vital.

!s a )ortobello resident of over +7 years, I would be most unhappy to only have a 171 number to contact.


Listen to local residents who need a local police presence = )ortobello is used by people from all over the city, for recreation, for visiting, but it also attracts unsavoury members of our society. Bany vulnerable people who may most li%ely be victims of crime will be less able<li%ely to use the phone number when they need someone to spea% to. It’s also more of an effort for older people. I %now this survey won’t really effect the decision about whether to close the station or not, but I do thin% police stations bring about a sense of stability and responsiveness to a community. This will be missed with only a 171 number.

1 4 Yes

>ery important to spea% face to (o1 face. )eople will be less li%ely to report a crime if they have to use the phone

1 5 Yes = it creates a sense of community and civic duty.

I am happy to use the 171 number but it’s important to also have a police base in our community. Bany times I prefer ?ust to pop in as I feel face to face is more effective and dealt with swifter. ;e should be able to spea% to the police at public counter service. Yes = I understand that it costs 10p to phone 1712 Face to face. 171 non" emergency number is a good bac%up, but not sufficient on its own.

(o, reduce the hours it’s open if necessary but closing it will have a negative impact on the community and sends the wrong message.

1 6 Yes, I do agree.

(o, I don’t. ;e really need to There is always trouble of some have the police station manned sort on )ortobello -igh *treet, at all times. especially in the evenings. (o It is important to me as a registered blind person that the station remains. )ortobello is a good place to live but not without problems and perhaps the reason, or one of them, for the fairly safe nature of )ortie has been its central police presence.

1'7 Yes

1'1 Yes






It leaves a lot to be desired to be able to have the police when you most need them. I thin% it is vital to %eep our police stations open and able to, if need be, access one to one contact. ;hen this diminishes you would begin to feel insecure and unsafe. I have already sent in *ave our *tations to Ddinburgh Dvening (ews.

1'' Yes



1'+ Yes

>ery happy = have already used 171 and found it very efficient I would prefer to see human beings policing our community, answering face to face and providing assurance to the residents of )ortobello. I thin% the 171 number is a good enhancement to eAisting services. Important to spea% to the police face"to"face.

Yes = doesn’t mean we are not policed. (o

1'0 Yes

1'3 >ery much so.


This, to me, will mean that teenagers and others will run riot along the promenade, ?umping and shouting as before. This has been curbed considerably, also urinating late at night. 8ur police stations are important to us

1'4 Yes



1'5 Yes

,epends on the circumstances


I feel in this area that longer hours are better, as a lot of visiting people are using the beach and funfair and having access in the evening to the police station is important. )olice are not much help when you go in with a complaint.

1'6 Yes 1+7 Yes 1+1 Yes 1+ Yes

Yes Face to Face Face to Face Dither *pea% to the police face to face

(o (o (o (o

;e need a police station in )ortobello. There was an incident when a young man was assorted in )ortobello, and when he tried to get access to the police station, it was closed, or to change hours, if it is closed altogether, it could be worse.

1+' Yes 1++ >ery much so, especially the community policing. ! friendly face and some you can to the, e.g. an intruder in my house, so I could go straight to the police when the trail was fresh.

Face to Face 171 is faceless and does not inspire and confidence. (ot happy to use 171. The person at the other end is not local to the area. )olice on the ground are familiar with )ortobello, and the people as a whole. !lso, the crime prevention officer is needed a lot to give advice on house safety and security.

(o (o1 !bsolutely not1 The very presence of local police is a deterrent to any wrongdoer. !lso they can piece together any bad patterns of behaviour by a particular person or persons. Local policing is an absolute necessity in )ortobello.

1+0 Yes

)refer face to face if possible

;ould prefer that )ortobello )olice *tation be retained.

! Local police presence is the essence of crime prevention " a police force remote is not really any force at all. )ortobello has changed dramatically in the last 17 years reQ drugs, brea%"ins, etc. It is so important to %eep our police station, their presence is so needed. It ma%es a difference when you %now that someone, li%e the police, is there to listen to you.

1+3 Yes

To *pea% Face to Face


1+4 8f course it is

I would li%e to spea% to someone in the office face to face.

(o. There has been trouble with local gangs of teenagers. ;hen I complained at the station the community police sorted it out. (o I don’t support the changes. :educing police opening hours would be eAtremely detrimental. (o11

1+5 Yes, essential part of our community

;ould much prefer to have a face to face meeting.

;ould li%e to see more officers on the beat. *o that our community can benefit from closer involvement = not reduction of office hours. Dverywhere is facing cuts, I wor% in (-* as a nurse. I have seen staffing cut to dangerous levels and care cannot be given. If the proposed cuts go ahead, this will be the same. The hours should remain to assist the public. I thin% the police should be accessible at all times.

1+6 >ery important, it’s a must.

It depends on the situation, but mostly I would prefer face to face of individual contact.

107 Yes 101 Yes

(o Yes

(o (o



,efinitely face to face, I am in (o my 57s and find it much easier to deal with someone I can see and as% for information Yes. !lthough I have had to use 171 and the call was dealt with promptly and efficiently. ;ould you prefer to spea% to someone face to face rather than on the phone. (o, indeed I do not.

Two years ago this area was &uite troubled by gathering of gangs but the police were on hand and able to stop the trouble before it got started. It’s a disgrace what’s happening, there is a definite need for the police in )ortobello. I am astounded these reductions are being considered. In the same post, there was a letter from Renny Bac!s%ill about concerns in the community following a spate of brea%ins and recent anti"social behaviour1 ;e should not be reducing service hours or closing police stations.

10' >ery important

10+ Yes


100 Yes

;hile I can see the merits of the 171 service, it is very limited. The reassurance and confidence of tal%ing direct to the police is always preferable. 8n some occasions I thin% one should be able to spea% in person. I would rather spea% face to face Yes

(o. It is clear to me the physical presence of the police station, especially after 3pm is an important deterrent to local crime. (o It is already only open at certain times os I cannot imagine what reduced hours will bring. I believe if these proposals go ahead it will lead to disturbances especially at night. Bain doors at )ortobello )olice *tation on the -igh *treet too often closed.

103 Yes

104 Yes


105 Yes


106 ;ithout ,oubt

It depends on the circumstances, but if it were serious then face to face is more important It is important for people to be able to spea% to a police person and for the police to be accessible

(o, particularly as most serious crime needs attention by police locally after 3pm. (o, the prom needs to be political in the evening and during the night a local service would be much better for this. I thin% crime will increase in )ortobello if the station is closed or evening and night hours cut I would imagine that most crimes ta%e place in the evenings, so therefore I thin% that a local police station, protection much needed services is important.

137 Yes very important

131 Yes, definitely

If there were any issues, I (o, I would much rather a would much rather spea% counter service was accessible directly to the )olice. !lso, in to the public as it is presently. the past, I have returned from wal%ing the dog on the beach = and rescued a lost dog. The police were happy to assist, the lost dog, in )ortobello )olice *tation,. )resuming that the non emergency numbers means lost property, etc, this is fair but would still prefer to spea% face to face given the choice. Face to face is preferable I don’t imagine that crime stops at 3pm, also people feel more vulnerable on the streets when its dar%er. (o, I do not support the changes.


>ery Buch *o

13' !bsolutely.

)art of the reason I, and my family, have moved to )ortobello is the family"friendly nature of much of the town, and the security a local police station offers. !t the very least it@s entirely bemusing for the proposed hours to be cut from the evening " I would imagine that post"3pm is probably when the local police service would need to be accessed most...

13+ Yes 130 Yes " it is vital due to regular periodical influA of troublesome young people from outside )ortobello area. !lso regular house brea%"ins are occurring. 133 !bsolutely

Face to face -appy to use 171 number " but there have been occasions to use 666 for fast response. !lso better deterrent to see police on regular beat. I thin%, if possible, it is important to spea% to the )olice face to face

(o (o " as the young people .in *ection 1/ mainly come around in the evenings and at wee%ends. (8

I strongly believe a local presence is essential to support local policing If these young people .in *ection 1/ are aware of the restricted times then they will ma%e use of freedom to cause vandalism which we have already suffered. ;e in )ortobello )!:TIK9L!:LY re&uire a local police station open in the evening. ;e are :D!LLY concerned with the recent increase in criminal activity. -aving had a %nowledge of )ortobello for over +7 years " I have seen and heard of the advantages of having a diligent police presence " especially as we have a close presence to very active stations.

134 Yes

It is important to have face to face police representation in )ortobello, especially during holiday periods because we have an influA of tourists<visitors. I also believe )ortobello is a safer community due to the visual impact of )olice rounds. Face to face is always better, should it move to the 171 number then we no longer have a community police presence. !nd what about those who don@t have phones, are they relegated to second class citiLens2

(o. 8ften incidents occur after 3pm in our community.

135 It@s vital for a safe and secure community.

Baybe I@m being overly cynical but from my perspective it will remove the police and access to the police from a force that is in the heart of the community to something on the fringes.

I appreciate that in an age of slender budgets harsh decisions have to be made by the )olice and that no matter what they do it@s impossible for them to %eep everyone happy. From the perspective of a member of the public any form of withdrawal by the )olice will send a very negative message.

136 yes people need that reassurance that the police are there when we need them

yes I would want to tal% to police face to face

no I do not support the changes. not having the station open after 3pm is craLy considering we have a lot of pubs and trouble is more li%ely to happen between 3pm and midnight I don@t want the hours reduced. I thin% there is validity S added security to the community in %eeping the eAisting opening hours. (o )ortobello is a diverse community with many rapid changes. The police need to be accessible to be able to cope with understand and adapt to the changing needs of this large community. -aving been burgled in the past I would feel much more confident %nowing that I could contact someone near at hand. The lac% of police presence in )ortobello has been a worry for some years now. In that time I have become older S feel more S more vulnerable therefore I welcome the sight of one or two beat policemen. Cesides they cannot stay fit S interested sitting in cars S offices. Let them do the ?ob they were engaged for. I feel a lot of services seem to bypass or are being reduced in )ortobello and this is another instance.

147 yes

I prefer face to face

141 Yes

ability to spea% to someone is more satisfactory


Yes. *ince )ortobello station has been closing their doors it would appear that things have gone downhill.

I am sure in certain cases it is better to have a face to face consultation but 171 is important too. ,oes it have to be one or the other2

These hours imply that crimes happen between 5am " 3pm and I doubt that very much especially in the winter months when dar%ness is an asset to a thief. (8 I do not support the proposed changes.

14' Yes

,ont %now anything about 171 service. In any case I always prefer to spea% to someone, especially when upset if reporting a crime.

(o I dont support these measures.

14+ yes

i would be happy using the 171 yes number if it wor%ed Generally happy to use the non"emergency number I would prefer it to be open longer but if the hours are to be reduced 5"3 is probably reasonable. I would hope that during particularly busy times that it would be open later .such as during warm days in the summer when the population of the area can increase massively/.

it is more important to see a police presence on the streets than to have a counter staffed. ;hile I appreciate the reasons for the reduction in hours, I do have a few reservations. By main concern would be that the police station currently being open later could be a preventative presence " I hope that the earlier closing time doesn@t result in people committing crimes which an open station might have put them off doing. !s mentioned above, there are periods where there are a lot more people in the area " I would hope for there to be increased opening hours during these periods. I would also hope that there will still be a visible police presence in the area after 3pm, again particularly during periods where there are increased numbers of people in the area. If a reduction in hours is re&uired then the station should be closed during the day and maintain presence in the evening, particularly at wee%ends. (ot in favour of being reduced to a telephone service after 3.77pm. Given how many call centres services are now based offshore there is no guarantee that this wouldn@t also happen in time.

140 yes

143 Yes

Face to Face


144 Yes

)refer to spea% to the )olice face"to"face. It provides an important point of contact for the community.

(o " many issues happen outwith @office hours@ and being able to spea% with a person face to face is much more preferable S reassuring.

145 >ery

I Feel face to face contact is very important


There is already a perceived increase in petty crime in )ortobello, our family alone having suffered from a burglary and a bi%e theft in the last 3 months. To reduce the )olice presence in )ortobello further would only give a green light to the criminals. I strongly disagree with the proposal to reduce the hours. I realise that policing has changed over the years and I@m old enough to remember the policeman in @The Tardis@ boAes but this was when no"one had phones or cars, however I really do believe in community policing as it gives a feeling of security to the people of that community and surely that@s worth it@s weight in gold.

146 Local accessible policing is very important as it creates and maintains a bond between the police and the community they serve.

*ometimes it@s enough to be able to spea% to your local police officers. I have always had to hand the local police station number. It@s a long time since I have used it and on chec%ing it now I find that I@m put through to 171.recorded voice/ and can no longer phone direct to the station. ,isappointing but a sign of the times. !t least it@s not the dreaded 75++ 75+0 7547 or 7541 no@s which should be banned as a huge con1 9nfortunately the government is one of the worst offenders so no good complaining to them11 Is 171a free call2 To spea% face to face

(o I don@t support the proposed changes as I feel that )ortobello, being the @seaside@ area of Ddinburgh attracts a great influA of visitors. I feel at least the summer months .Bay"*ept/ re&uire a police presence much later than 15.77 hrs.

157 Yes


151 Yes



I feel that a full and accurate survey has not ta%en place.Two wee%s is no time to ?udge annual activity There may be more activity at the counter at different times of the day and also at different times of the year. Finally, I must confess that I wasn@t aware of the 171 number1 )erhaps a survey should be ta%en on this. !s a )ortobello resident all my life, I thin% it is important that the )olice *tation is manned for as long as practicable during each day. )ortobello is a seaside town with the obvious influA of strangers. )olicing is therefore very important, Cecause )ortobello has uni&ue amenities and is easy to access in the Ddinburgh and Lothians area it is a magnet for young people and their fre&uent negative interactions with their peers and the community. This re&uires a prompt )olice response.


Yes, absolutely

I would much prefer to have the confidence of being able to spea% face to face Yes


15' Yes


15+ Yes

I want to spea% to the )olice directly


150 !ccess to the police is vital to %eep local neighbourhood communities feeling safe and confident in their day to day business. Local businesses, residents and visitors should all be able to access the )olice when they have to. Its not till you need to spea% to a policeman that you notice there is no"one around, then its too late1

In some cases using the 171 to contact the )olice is acceptable, I understand when budgets are tight, a call center is ideal. Cut there will always be instances where a face to face interview with a )olice person is the best solution. Bissing children, or adults you want to %now the )olice are ?ust round the corner and instantly there to help. In the *ummer when there are lots of visitors to the beach, a )olice presence is vital to maintain the feel good factor of safety and security for all members of the public visiting for the day. Its lovely to see the )olice on their bi%es on the )romenade on a busy summers day spea%ing to the public. ;ould prefer face to face

I thin% )ortobello )olice *tation opening times should not be reduced, we need the )olice to be on site and ready to react to any local problem. *ummer sunshine increases the population on a daily basis, to %now there is someone in the *tation in )orty ?ust ma%es you feel a bit more secure and confident if anything should happen, there will be a &uic% response.

153 Yes, very important

(ot at all

8lder fol% li%e myself feel more secure to have a police station nearby and open It is vital that this police station is not closed. It has been in the heart of the community for a long time and it@s loss would compound the problems )ortobello has been eAperiencing with anti"social behaviour and the rise in house brea% ins.

154 Yes

-appy to use 171 if only they would pass on a message correctly


155 Yes it is reassuring to %now that there are local police stations available at various areas in Ddinburgh. !s a member of the public, I feel more confident and safer in %nowing there is a police station not far from where I live.

I@m sure the non"emergency 171 number has its benefits and uses, but being able to spea% to the )olice face to face is a very good way of instilling confidence in the public since they are reassured that they have immediate access to a member of the police force if they ever have the need for their assistance.

I believe that the very nature of policing means that more TnormalT operating hours do not apply. If I am returning a lost wallet, then the hours of 5am to 3pm seem sufficient. -owever, if I am wal%ing home at night through )ortobello, I would feel more reassured and safer %nowing my local police station was open. The physical availability of the police force might help deter any potential local crime < vandalism < harrassment < anti social behaviour etc. Troublema%ers %now the police are not far and the public %now this too.

I really thin% it is important not to lose the local presence of the police. It is vital for the public to feel that the police are available for them and that they are a part of their community. ! police station isn@t an ordinary business operation to wor% from 5am"3pm. ;e especially value their presence in the later hours of the night. I gratefully ac%nowledge the effort put in by all members of the police force. ! lot of their good wor% might go unnoticed but their selfless efforts are vital to %eep Ddinburgh a reasonably safe city.

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