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Miss. Sund s S! !een

Mu! mm d Ib# # (Finance) 41

“I dedicate this work of mine to my Teachers, My Parents and to all My Friends, who truly help and guide me in completing this project. “

COM) is a program in which we studied about business and finance.Master of commerce (M. Master of commerce gi#es us and opportunit to touch the practica! e"perience about business and finance as the internship. MUHAMMA& IBRAR . In Pakistan the banking sector is at the maturit stage and banking sectors are the best institutes in which we are easi! understand the practica! e"perience. $he Internship program in an important part to gi#e students an opportunit to ha#e e"perience of practica! fie!d. $his Internship 'eport is on m (i" weeks practica! training at $UBL% UNITE& BAN' LIMITE& (HUNA WALA HASIL PUR. %n!ess and unti! the students e"perience the no#e!t of practica! work& their know!edge of what the stud in theoretica! courses remains incomp!ete. In this Internship 'eport I ha#e tried to gi#e detai!s about the %nited )ank *imited& working and the functions of different departments of the bank. $he most important point in an Internship program is that the student shou!d spend their time in a true manner and with the spirit to !earn practica! orientation of theoretica! stud framework.

.First of a!!& I thank m respected teachers for pro#iding me comprehensi#e know!edge about Commerce Courses and a!so for pro#iding me the opportunit to comp!ete m Internship Program in %)* to enhance m practica! know!edge about banking sector of Pakistan. I am a!so indebted to the fo!!owings because without their he!p& I wou!d not be ab!e to achie#e this practica! know!edge.

. + . 11- 'emittances .epartment+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (! )te# No..epartment+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++. 1ccount .* Purposes of (tud ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (cope of (tud ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ *imitations of (tud ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Methodo!og of 'eport+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (cheme of 'eport++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (! )te# No.eposit ..2 Muhammad Ibrar M./ 13 13 .TABLE OF (ONTENTS (! )te# No. .epartment++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ .)irth of %)*++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (ubsidiaries++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Functions of %)*++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Management of %)*+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Function of 5ierarch +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (HAPTER NO. 1.e#e!opment Finance++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (easona! Finance++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Commercia! Finance+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (! )te# No. 1.Com (Finance) 0 .4 .4 12 14 1/ 10 1.

1 (9O$ 1na! sis+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++/4 P:($ 1na! sis++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++/(HAPTER NO.*3 'ecommendations ./ Introduction++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Financia! 1na! sis+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Common si7e ana! sis of )a!ance (heet+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ -4 -6 44 Common si7e ana! sis of Income (tatement++++++++++++++++++++++++++++41 (HAPTER NO.epartment of %)*+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ C!earing .epartment+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ . (uggestions+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++/6 (HAPTER NO.Credit .Com (Finance) 2 .** Persona! *earning++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++/3 BIBLO4RAPHY Anne5u#e Muhammad Ibrar M.epartments %)*++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++/0 (HAPTER NO.2 Marketing .3 -1 (HAPTER NO.0 8ua!itati#e 1na! sis of %)*+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++42 (HAPTER NO.

It starts with an introduction about )anking fo!!owed b the introduction of UBL. It gi#es a briefing about a!! the financia! products of UBL.* Muhammad Ibrar M. 1!so it discusses the ob=ecti#es& po!icies of the organi7ation.E6E(UTIVE SUMMARY $his is an internship report regarding the different products of UBL. It gi#es a detai! about the supporting department that has he!ped the business in their dai! working. 1!! the (er#ices pro#ided b UBL has a!so been discussed and e"p!ained a!ong with the strength and weaknesses of the organi7ation.Com (Finance) 6 . $his report shows and interna! architecture of the working of the UBL<s )usiness. $his report a!so inc!udes the different features of these products. $here are a!so some suggestions>recommendations for UBL. (HAPTER NO.

$he internship is fo!!owed b comprehensi#e report writing& re?uired to submit to the Is!amia %ni#ersit )ahawa!pur )ahawa!nagar campus In . ii. $his report is proper! e#a!uated on the basis of its description and ana! tica! capabi!ities b interna! and e"terna! e"aminers.Com (Finance) 3 .epartment of Commerce. PURPOSE OF STU&Y7 $he purpose of the stud is to work in rea! !ife situation and !earn banking practice b doing. I did m internship in %nited )ank *imited Chuna 9a!a )ranch. $his is an essentia! academic re?uirement. $o ana! 7e banking operations i. In this conte"t its ob=ecti#es are@ i.INTRO&U(TION7 (tudents of M. $o de#e!op concrete and feasib!e recommendations. $o impro#e report writing ski!!s. S(OPE OF STU&Y7 $he stud is confined to banking operations. iii.e. Aeeping in #iew the purpose of the stud & which is to make an ac?uaintance with practica! doings in the bank& this seems a comprehensi#e effort. LIMITATION OF STU&Y7 Muhammad Ibrar M.Com stud ing courses !eading to Master degree in Commerce are re?uired to undergo an internship programme of (i" 9eaks duration. 1n attempt& a!ong with a!! its !imitations& to co!!ect financia! data and genera! statistics of the bank has been made. operationa! ana! sis& financia! ana! sis.

Bourna!s& newspapers and books. Facts and figures& which otherwise might be e?ua!! important& but not ha#ing a direct bearing on the conc!usions arri#ed at this stud & ha#e been ignored. 1nnua! 'eport (tate )ank Foreign :"change Manua! )ank internship reports on %)* a#ai!ab!e in !ibrar . (HAPTER NO. Persona! Obser#ations.It is to admit that the stud attempts on! those aspects& which are c!ose! re!e#ant to the purpose of the stud . Methodo!ogica! too!s used were@ P#im #" & t 7   ii. Se8ond #" & t 7       )rochures> Manua!s of the bank. METHO&OLO4Y OF STU&Y7 )oth primar i. .iscussion with )ank Personne!.Com (Finance) 14 . Internet. and secondar data were used in compi!ation of the report.+ Muhammad Ibrar M.

'egister ha?daran+e+7ameen @ownership of !and -. 1gri credit officer (1CO) 4.&e9e:o)ment .in n8e *oan pro#ide for tractors agricu!ture instrument tubewe!! turbine& !and !e#e!ing etc $ractor !oans are reco#er within fi#e ear& on ha!f ear! basis other agricu!ture instrument !oans repaid within three ear .Com (Finance) 11 .. Proposa! 1fter in#estigating the 1CO submit a report to head office in this report the fo!!owing thing or re?uirements are mentioned • • • • $erm and condition (ecurit support Recommendation 9orth of !and !oan amount B # on <#i : nd7 Muhammad Ibrar M. Ahasra+e+girdawari@this the actua! record of cu!ti#ated !and ./C borrower contribution the borrower can app! for !oan& the borrower worth can be decide on its propert If a person ha#e14 acher !and $hen the patwari make its unit with some specific process these unit mu!tip! 444 and ha#e some #a!ue or amount then 64C of this #a!ue can obtain b borrower for this process fo!!owing thing are re?uired Procedure for *oan 1pp! 1. $he work of 1CO is to #isit the site and in#estigate about the borrower a!so #isit in tehsi! for !ega!! documents for !and and actua! !and record /.

44 1. *oan pro#ide on different crops (ugar cane@ 9heat@ 'ice@ Potatoes@ Muhammad Ibrar M. C $his mark up or interest is on dai! basis Se son : .Com (Finance) 6444 per acher 4444 to /444 per acher 4/44 to /444 1444 to 1.1fter appro#a! the proposa! the branch entries in DP1(()OOAE and #erif this passbook b patwari and re?uest the patwari p!eases transfer this !and temporar toward bank A<#eement IB • • • • • • • • • • )ank and customer agreement term and condition specif . *oan amount specif ) back price 1greement date of issue and date of end (ignature of customer witness signature Facility letter Pass book Feerbad certificate Mutated fard 1ttach these document with form a case make and this case forward to head office If the head office appro#a! this case then bank charge interest 14 to n8in<7 *oan pro#ide on seasona! crops !ike cotton ice factories& oi! mi!!s& agri re!ated industr . .

in n8in<7 *oons pro#ide for shops medicine sere& business etc the fo!!owing re?uirement are necessar .(omme#8i : . #ene= : • • • 1pp!ication re?uest for renewa! !oan )a!ance sheet Profit !oss ca!cu!ation. Procedure@ • • • • • • Propert documents GOC@ no ob=ection certificate G:C@ non encumbrance certificate (ma!! amount estimate b bank 1bo#e 1 mi!!ion C1 estimator :M>C'M@ propert for securit In 8 se o. Muhammad Ibrar M.Com (Finance) 1- .

A88ount &e) #tment In simp!e word account department performs the fo!!owing functions. Henera!<s t pes of statements ca!!ed b '58 and head office are prepared.(HAPTER NO.Com (Finance) 14 . If there is an mistake in an record it is checked and remo#ed in 1>C department.. In =ourna! s stem entries are reported on =ourna! books and then posted to main !edger. Vou8!e# )#e) # tion7 Iouchers are prepared in • • • Cash $ransfer C!earing Muhammad Ibrar M. Income statement and e"penditure statement at the end of each month is prepared. $he dai! working of a!! the departments is comp!eted and compi!e in this department for the preparation of cash cum da book for the u!timate preparation of dai! statement of affairs of the branch. Henera!! there are two t pes of maintaining of account@ • • Bourna! ( stem Ioucher ( stem In commercia! industria! institution =ourna! s stem is used. • • • • In 1>C department a!! the subsidiar !edgers are inc!ude maintenance of income and e"penditure subsidiar !edgers are prepared. In banking #oucher s stem is used and for e#er transaction #oucher has to be prepared.

e.Com (Finance) 1/ . S8#o:: boo>s It is designed for credit #ouchers i. Muhammad Ibrar M. Re8ei9in< 8 s!ie# boo> Part goes to cashier and deposit the cash.e# boo> @ou#n : :ed<e# boo>s P "ment boo>7 1t the end of business a!! the instruments are entered in pa ing book.Re8o#d boo>s $he books used for record keeping in accounts department are@ • • • • • P "ment boo> S8#o:: boo> ( s!ie#?s boo>s T# ns. Cashier writes grand tota! of these instruments in words and figures signs in fu!! on it and send it to the officer. 1t the c!ose of the business officer after checking recei#ing cashier<s book wi!! sign in fu!! on it. Officer puts his initia! in front of each and e#er entr and affi" cash recei#ed stamp on it.s etc.. Cashier takes the cash enters the #oucher in recei#ing cashier<s book signs in fu!! on it and send it to the officer. Officer check and put initia! in front of each and e#er entr and signed in fu!! on grand tota!. for the amount deposited against the issuance of $$s or .

ormant section Current section . i. Muhammad Ibrar M. @ou#n : :ed<e#7 $he dai! transactions are entered in this !edger. . Su)):ement #" )#e) # tion7 1>C c!erk accumu!ate the different #oucher transaction wise on a sheet and conso!idates into one figure ca!!ed supp!ementar .r. the amount of one che?ues is transfer from one account to other account in the same bank& the account in the same bank& the account from which the che?ues wi!! be drawn is written on right page which is . $here are two t pes of supp!ementar . page and the account in which the che?ues is deposited is written on !eft page of transfer book which is Cr.Com (Finance) 10 .ormant section contained the accounts in which there is no transaction for a !ong period.ebit supp!ementar is used for debit #oucher e"penses and credit supp!ementar is used for credit #oucher e"penses.ebit supp!ementar Credit supp!ementar . $hese are of red and green co!or respecti#e! . ii. $he !edger has two portions@ . Page.T# ns. 9hi!e current section is for running account. From this supp!ementar cash cum da book is he!pfu! for the preparation of statement of affairs of the da .e# boo> $ransfer book is used to keep record of that transaction in which there is no cash in#o!#ement.

9hen this form is submitted in bank the bank officer admits the signatures of the app!icant and keeps this specimen card in record $iii% (!eAue ReAuisition S:i) $his is a re?uest made b the c!ient to the bank to issue him a checkbook containing number of !ea#es mentioned. If the account is to be debited then part debit #oucher is prepared which is actua!! intimation to the part that her account has been debited. $hree photographs if the person is not ab!e to sign. Fi!!ed 1ccount Opening Form -. Muhammad Ibrar M. 9hen this s!ip is submitted in bank& the bank as per instruction the account of the person is debited or the c!ient pa s the amount in cash. 'egard!ess whether the account is debited or cash is debited the account heads of Centra! :"cise dut and (a!es $a" are credited. 1. $hen this fi!!ed form is submitted in bank& the bank admits the signatures of the app!icant and #erifies the introducer<s signatures (specimen is enc!osed in 1ppendi") (ii) S)e8imen Si<n tu#e ( #d $his card contains account number& tit!e of the account and the specimen signatures of the account ho!der.OPENIN4 OF AN A((OUNT 'e?uirements for 1ccount Opening $i% A88ount O)enin< Fo#m It is a form that contains the account number& date& tit!e of the account introducer<s name and address& specia! instruction (if an ) information about Fakat deduction and mode of de!i#er of checkbook etc. )ut if the amount paid is in cash& then cash is debited which is actua!! cashier<s stamp. OPENIN4 OF AN IN&IVI&UAL A((OUNT Fo!!owing are the re?uirements for opening of an indi#idua! account..Com (Finance) 12 . 1 photocop of Gationa! Identit card. .

In this dec!aration the proprietor of the concern wi!! dec!are that he is the so!e proprietor of the OPENIN4 OF AN A((OUNT OF A PRIVATE LT&. Gationa! identit card of the person who wi!! maintain the account is re?uired. (OMPANY If someone is interested in opening an account of a pri#ate !imited compan then in addition to abo#e documents fo!!owing documents are re?uired. OPENIN4 OF AN A((OUNT OF A SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP A((OUNT 1!ong with the other documents& so!e proprietorship dec!aration is a!so must.OPENIN4 OF @OINT A((OUNT For this account in addition to abo#e said documents nationa! I. card of a!! the account opening parties is re?uired. BIRTH OF UBL7 Muhammad Ibrar M. 9ho wi!! run the business& what wi!! be the profit and !oss sharing ratio& what wi!! be the initia! in#estment of each partner& who wi!! be the !imited partner and who wi!! maintain the account with the bank. OPENIN4 OF A PARTNERSHIP A((OUNT 1!ong with the other document& Dpartnership deedE is a!so re?uired. 1!so in the bo" of specia! instruction it shou!d be c!ear! mentioned that one person<s signatures wi!! be enough to get it honored the check or there shou!d be signatures of a!! the parties.Com (Finance) 16 . 1ccording to bank point of #iew the most important thing is the person<s name who wi!! maintain the account with bank. concern. 1 partnership deed is a document that shows the nature of the business that wi!! be carried out b the partners& number of the partners& their share.

NUMBER OF BRAN(HS7 %)* has a !arge network of branches& which e"tends to the remotest areas of the countr . Gow %)* has branches in )ahrain& 8atar& (audi 1rabia& %nited 1rab :mirates& Kemen 1rab 'epub!ic& %A (wit7er!and& :g pt& Oman and $he %nited (tates. In . 14> each. and president> C:O Mr.443 these figures show tota! number of 111. 1mar Fafar Ahan being a member of this new! formed set up manage %)*.-6 branches and in October .414) Internship 'eport On %)* Chuna 9a!a )ranch 5asi! Pur Muhammad Ibrar M.eput Chairman (ir Mohammed 1nwar Per#e7 are the two supreme contro!!ers of the bank<s affairs.On Go#ember 3& 13/3& %)* was notified and inc!uded as a pri#ate schedu!e bank with authori7ed capita! of 's. $hese branches are p!a ing a significant ro!e in channe!ing home remittances and foreign trade of Pakistan. %)* has been #er acti#e in increasing its o#erseas branches network. $he first foreign branches were estab!ished in *ondon in 130-.4 mi!!ionJ issued and paid up capita! of 's.ecember 136-& there were 10. branches-. Chairman 5is 5ighness (haikh Gaha an Mabarak 1! Gaha an and . Current! )O. 14 mi!!ion di#ided into 1 mi!!ion shares of 's. .branches whereas in 1324 it had on! 1. SUBSI&IARIES7 %)* has four subsidiaries& name! @  %nited Gationa! )ank *imited (%G))& %A  %nited )ank 1H (Furich)& (wit7er!and  %nited :"ecuters and trustees Compan *imited  %nited )ank Financia! (er#ices (Pri#ate) *imited FUN(TIONS OF UBL7 -4 Muhammad Ibrar& (.Com (Finance) 13 ..

In a #er shorter period of time it became one of the !eading banks o#ertaking se#era! other o!der and its competitor banks 4.Com (Finance) .%)* is a commercia! bank& which transacts the business of banking in accordance with the pro#isions of )CO& 130. In the !ight of this section %)*<s functions can be categori7ed as under@  1genc ser#ices  Henera! %ti!it (er#ices  %nderwriting of !oans raised b the Ho#ernment or pub!ic bodies and trading b corporations etc.414) Internship 'eport On %)* Chuna 9a!a )ranch 5asi! Pur Muhammad Ibrar M. (ection 2 of the 1ct authori7es banks to engage in the prescribed form of business..  Pro#iding specia!i7ed ser#ices to customers& and  5a==+re!ated ser#ices.4 . $he ma=or contributions/ the bank ahs made are en!isted be!ow@  'ecord setting performance and commitment to ser#e the customers  Persona!i7ed ser#ice and d namic approach  Cata! st of changes  Professiona! management  Modern banking po!ic  5uman resource de#e!opment  (ma!! !oans (or) micro credits 4 / Muhammad Ibrar& (. ROLE OF UBL BAN'IN4 SE(TOR7 $he impressi#e growth and de#e!opment& which %)* achie#e& present it undoubted! the most d namic and progressi#e.

1 .414) Internship 'eport On %)* Chuna 9a!a )ranch 5asi! Pur Muhammad Ibrar M.  %ti!it bi!!s co!!ection  Credit cards (unicard+1324)  $ra#e!ers Che?ues (5umarah+1321) (OMPUTERIBATION OF UBL7 %)* has taken !eading start in the introduction of computers in (1300+1306) in important cities.igita! (i#) assistants and (#) P!ain te!ephone o 1ccounts statement . Pacesetter in economic research estab!ished in 1302& department for economic research. %)+On!ine a web based ser#ice that can be accessed through mu!tip!e media !ink !ike& (i) PC #ia internet (44) Mobi!e phone with 91P or free (M() (iii) Persona! .Com (Finance) . $his has a!so a!!owed the bank to maintain its !eadership within the industr . $he use of computers has enab!ed the bank to sa#e time and efforts raise efficienc and de!i#er the goods speedi! to its customers. :#er branch has been decorated with microcomputers. Its three computers centers 'awa!pindi& *ahore and Aarachi are e?uipped with the modern mainframe computers of #arious capacities. e!ectronic data interchange o Hraphica! ana! sis o 1!erts ser#ice >faci!it & search faci!it and acti#it !ong  Mone" 4# m . 8i:it"7 24 Muhammad Ibrar& (.  UBL C On :ine S"stem77 $hemes of this ser#ice is D1ccess an time& an where& an de#iceE which s mbo!i7es comfort& con#ince and connecti#it .

.$he bank has recent! emp!o ed mone gram ser#ice s stem& which can affect mone transfers within minutes.Com (Finance) .. pro#ided e!ectronic faci!it at its 5a== booth and has insta!!ed now modern computers at designated branches (5a=is) and increasing efficienc . $his faci!it has reduced the ser#ice time to !ess than si" minutes per 5a=i compare to about ha!f+an+hour to 4/ minutes per 5a=i ear!ier.  H DD se#9i8e7 Aeeping to its tradition is august 136. Muhammad Ibrar M. (imi!ar! the s stem used for !oca! transfer of mone transactions is ca!!ed uni+remote.

Ahan 'ukhasana 1sghar H!oba! 5ead 5uman 'esources 1meer Aarachiwa!a Chief financia! Office>5C1 Muhammad Ibrar M.Com (Finance) . %ti!ities Mansoor M.irector Operations . UBL (heikh Gah an Mabarak Gaha an chairman (ir Mohammad 1nwar Per#e7 . Ahan 5ead Corporate )anking Hroup (hahar ar 1hmed 5ead In#estment )anking group (hahid 9a?ar Mehmood 5ead Commercia! bank 1man 17i7 (iddi?ue 1!i sameer Chief (1M (domestic) 5ead Internationa! Operations (.eput C:O Gauman 5ussain .MANA4EMENT OF UBL7 (! #t +.1 Manna .* Senio# M n <ement o.eput Chairman 1mar Fafar Ahan President M.- .ubai) 'isha Mohe uddin H!oba! $reasurer Aha!id Munawar+ud+din 5ead Credit Po!ic (uper#ision Muhammad :=a7uddin 1udit Chief Mehboob 1.

irector (:IP :IP IP Officer Hrade+I Gon C!erica! (taff C!erica! (taff Officer Hrade+II Officer Hrade+III (HAPTER NO.eput Chairman )oard of .4 . UBL Chairman . Muhammad Ibrar M.FUN(TION HIERAR(HY7 O#< niE tion : Hie# #8!" o.irectors :"ecuti#e Committee Managing .Com (Finance) ..

#i. ii. Muhammad Ibrar M. .Com (Finance) . A88ount7 $o open an account in %)* the customer wi!! ha#e to fi!! an account opening form in front of bank officer. G.eposits O)enin< o. 1ccount opening form (pro#ided b bank) $wo photograph (in case of i!!iterate person) (pecimen (ignature card (Pro#ided ) )ank) Che?ue 'e?uisition Form Introduction of 1ccount. &o8uments ReAui#ed in A88ount O)enin<7 i.umed b" 8 s! nd de)osit de) #tment in UBL(!un W : B# n8! Chuna 9a!a )ranch accepts deposits under the fo!!owing three accounts.eposits are the backbone of an bankJ other functions of the bank primari! depend upon the t pe and si7e of deposits. one of the main functions of a bank is to accept deposit. Current account P*( (a#ing account $erms . i#. Fun8tion )e#.&EPOSITE &EPARTEMNT 1s per the definition of D)ankingE under see /(b) of )CO 133. 5e has to sign in a!! re?uired p!aces in front of the officer. i./ . A88ount7 .I. iii. $he banker wi!! run the account according to the ru!es& but if the customer gi#es specia! instructions the )ank wi!! ha#e to fo!!ow it.C Cop . T")es o. Indi9idu : A88ount In this account a sing!e customer operates the account. ii. iii. #.

NATURE OF A((OUNTS IN UBL NOWSHEREA A% (u##ent A88ount7 $hese are non+profitab!e demand accounts. $hese accounts can be opened either in Pakistani rupees or in few ma=or currencies of the wor!d. 144&444>+. Muhammad Ibrar M. $hese account are usua!! maintained for business purpose. Interest is paid to the depositor on a!! fi"ed or term deposits.ue to enormous competition %)* has introduced dai! profit current account for corporate c!ients ca!!ed (%GI(:I:') minimum ba!ance re?uired is 's. $he account wi!! be operated b one account ho!der in case of (either of the sur#i#a!). Minor<s accounts can be opened on the condition that their guardians sha!! operate these accounts. $hese can be with drawn after a specified period of time. $hese accounts can be opened in the name ofJ indi#idua!s& =oint names& trust accounts& charitab!e organi7ations.b. B% PLS S 9in< A88ount $hese accounts were intended with the aim of encouraging thrift among peop!e. . (% Te#m &e)osits7 $erm deposits are a!so ca!!ed fi"ed deposits. If the instructions are not gi#en& a!! the account ho!ders wi!! ha#e to sign the check. )ank offers (4C+ 0C) return on these accounts. If minimum ba!ance re?uirement is not met& bank is authori7ed to reco#er predetermined charges.Com (Finance) .0 . $he account can be opened with minimum amount of rupees 1444>+. %n!ike current accounts& Fakat is app!icab!e on !oca! currenc sa#ing accounts. $he rate of return #aries with the duration for which the amount is kept with bank $here are two t pes of term deposits. @oint 88ount7 In this t pe of account two or more than two persons wi!! open the account. $he basic feature is the profit and !oss sharing as according to non+interest based banking s stem.

. &em nd d# .i.2 . Commission is charged on . A% P#o8edu#e Fo# &. ST&R?S F S)e8i : Te#m &e)osit Re8ei)t $:o8 : 8u##en8"%7 (pecia! $erm .&% .. Muhammad Ibrar M..&. $hree things shou!d be maintained in the form. %)* Chuna 9a!a 'emittances .. *atest techno!og and te!ecom data transmission has made it possib!e to make such transactions with in minutes..+. REMITAN(ES &EPARTEMNT7 Current business trends demand fast mo#ement from one geo+graphic end to another. app!ication form.7 Purchaser is asked to fi!! in an app!ication form du! singed b app!icant..+ NT&R?s F Noti8e Te#m &e)osit Re8ei)t $:o8 : 8u##en8"%7 $hese are term deposit with specia! features that these can be withdrawn an time but after gi#ing a predetermined and pre agreed ear! notice... ii. as bank income. )ank a!so pro#ides this faci!it to genera! pub!ic who don<t ha#e account in %)*. 1fter depositing cash the remittances incharge prepare a .I. $hat is singed b two officers must ha#ing power of attorne .C cop a!ong with . is a negotiab!e instrument issued b branch of the bank drawn on other branch of the same bank.eposit 'eceipts are issued for different periods of maturit ranging from one month to / ears& ha#ing attracti#e returns. $he app!icant is asked to deposit the cash specified on the app!ication form to the te!!er. $he wi!! ha#e to submit a G.t $&... $here is no !imit on denominations.Com (Finance) . .epartment performs fo!!owing functions...  Game of Pa ee  P!ace of pa ment  1mount of ...

9hen issued 5O account is credited and on encashment the same account is debited. $he issuance bank is discharged b pa ment in due course..$& on! test number is gi#en to the customer. Muhammad Ibrar M.C )rand named D5amrahE in Go#ember 1330.6 . %)* takes mai! charges from the app!icant where no e"cise dut is charged.T7 $he procedure for $. '$C<s !ost cases are communicated to 5O and c!ient is either repaid or new '$C<s are issued to him>her. )ut in . $he pa ment under transfer is made b debiting the bu er<s account at the sending office and crediting it the recipient<s account at the pa ing bank.T%7 $ransfer of funds to another branch of the same bank with the he!p of test numbers. 1pp!ication for the PO stamped and the customer<s account ba!ance is checked or cash recei#ed for the amount PO and other charges. 5ere the se!!ing officer of the bank sends instructions in writing b mai! to the pa ing bank for the pa ment of a specified amount of mone . A% P#o8edu#e . $hereafter it is de!i#ered to the customer.e# $MT% 9hen the mone is not re?uired immediate! & the remittances can a!so be made b M$.o# T. Pa Order !eaf is t ped and crossed if re?uired and signed b two authori7ed persons. If the test number agrees the bank make pa ment to the part .Te:e<# )!i8 t# ns. $hese are issued to app!icants with #aried denominations without e"cise dut and commission..$ is same as .$. P " O#de#s7 Pa order is banker che?ue issued fa#oring a named beneficiar . M i: T# ns. it is gi#en on a printed+paper and singed b two officers but& in $.. PO can be cance!!ed at origina! purchaser<s re?uest in writing and surrender the instrument& which then marked cance!ed a!ong with other documents and prior entries. Su))e# T# 9e:e# (!eAues7 %)* has !aunched '.Com (Finance) ..e# $T..

Business $he part must ha#e some specific running business i.#om UBL 9hen a part comes for financing& banker wi!! ask the fo!!owing ?uestions. genera! merchandise& construction business etc. (RE&IT &EPARTMENT OF UBL (!un W : Faci!ities offered b %)* Chuna 9a!a  'unning Finance (for one ear)  . Se8u#it"7 $he bank wi!! secure itse!f against the !ending.(RE&IT &EPARTMENT OF UBL UBL (#edit Po:i8"7 Credits operations are undertaken in accordance to bank<s credit po!ic .e. Go !ending is done with out purpose. $he po!ic strict! prohibits #io!ation of ()P>*oca! centra! bank<s ru!es and suggest financing of se!f !i?uidating& cash f!ow supported and we!! co!!atera!i7ed transactions& which e?uate the princip!e of !ending (safet & !i?uidit & dispersa!& remunerations and suitabi!it ).o# Fin n8in< . $he second ?uestion arises of the cash f!ow that how much f!ow is generated b the part from the current business.emand Finance (-to / ears) P#o8edu#e .3 .  Commercia!  'esidentia! Muhammad Ibrar M. Pu#)ose7 In this the part mentions the purposeJ the want to app! for the finances.Com (Finance) . $here can be two t pe of securit .

$he bank prefers commercia! securit . 'C1.  *etter of continuit  Persona! Huarantee  *etter of h pothecation of stock  . 5e forwards the C1 to (CO.Com (Finance) -4 .* and $a=ak )ui!der are on the pane! of %)* Chuna 9a!a. $he #a!uator wi!! #isit the site and set market #a!ue and F(I of the said propert .P Gote  Mortgage . 5e has three hours of time to stud the C1 and if found correct then he pass it to another credit officer.  1A( (ha=arah  Ga?sha $as#eeri  1ppro#ed )ui!ding P!an  $resh fard  Inta?a! Ga?a! $he part is asked to contact an #a!uator on the pane! of %)*. 5e checks the C1 and after signing it sent to C1. make a check !ess !ist and asked the 'M to contact the part to comp!ete the said documents the are. 5e acts !ike a bridge between the two. 'M rectifies the acceptation and send it back to ('M.. 1fter his e"amination the C1 is passed on to the credit risk manager. $hese document sent for one page !ega! opinion to an !a er on the pane! of %)*. 'e!ationship Manager ('M) is main! responsib!e for the re!ationship between the bank and part .1 is sent back to 'C1.. 5a#ing c!ear !ega! opinion 'M start preparing credit 1ppro#a! (C1). 5ere ('M e"amines the C1 if he found some e"ception he wi!! send it back to the respecti#e 'm. ICM. 9hose office is at %)* '%CO at *ahore& after his signature the C. 1M and then forwarded to %)* '58 in Peshawar.eed  GIC of e"ecutants and witness Muhammad Ibrar M. 5e prepare report of at !east three pages. $he documents are singed b the 'M . ('M studied and pass it to credit officer. In the first instance the part wou!d prepare the fo!!owing propert documents..

1C. ) specia! crossing che?ue is secured. $hen again on he smi!e paper the amount of a!! the Che?ues a!ong with the bank names are added and attached to che?ue presented for c!earing& and ad#ice is a!so attached with the che?ue presented for c!earing. (#oss $(!eAues%7 9hene#er bank recei#es a Che?ue of other bank from the c!ient he cannot make pa ment on the counter. $he ha!f part of s!ip is gi#en back to the customer. 1 cop of . when the found it correct& the issues . Pa ment of cross Che?ues cannot be made on counter its pa ment is possib!e through co!!ecting bankers.Com (Finance) -1 . It is signed b authori7ed person. If it is sto!en the pa ing banker wou!d not suffer because of non+endorsement. 1!ong with the cross che?ue the customer has to fi!! the deposit s!ip.  Inter )ranch $ransaction  Inter )ank $ransaction P#o8edu#e o. On the back of the che?ue the stamp is made of pa ee account wi!! b credited on rea!i7ation. $he fo!!owing entr is passed on sending the che?ue for c!earing.1C is sent to 'M and GICF account is opened and debit transaction starts. (tock report  Insurance po!ic  Part profi!e 1fter comp!etion of charge document 'M send it to 'C1. $he first =ob banker has to perform is to put a specia! crossing across the face of che?ue. .r Muhammad Ibrar M. (:e # n8e o. $he functions of c!earing department are di#ided into two main c!asses. after the specia! crossing and is necessar endorsement the banker write the amount a!ong with che?ue number on paper and attach with each s!ip. )i!! !odged for c!earing LL. (LEARIN4 OF BILLS7 4ene# :7 )ank can make pa ments of on! open Che?ues on the counter pa ment.

$he send the Che?ue to responding bank and after c!earing the Che?ue through c!earing houses (which is G)P) in Chuna 9a!a.r 5o a>cLLL.r )i!! !odged. %)* Chuna 9a!a& recei#ed Che?ues from their spoke braches as we!! as from other %)* branches of the countr & drawn of an other bank in Chuna 9a!a. G)P a>c LLL. $he fo!!owing entr is passed after sending *)C1. LLL. Cr Muhammad Ibrar M.Com (Finance) -. Of the re?uired amount is a#ai!ab!e in the account the wi!! match the signature on the Che?ue a!ong with their (( card. I B (7 It means DInter )ranch $ransactionE when %)* recei#ed a Che?ue a drawn on the customers of his branchJ first the wi!! Che?ue the amount in the account on which Che?ue is drawn. $he send *)C ad#ised to the bank from which the Che?ue was recei#ed. Cr $he Che?ues are sent on the same da for c!earing. . 58 account and Cr Part account.r. . LL. $he pa ing bank recei#es the receipt and the amount is credited in the respecti#e account.)i!! for co!!ection LLL. )i!! for rea!i7ation. $he pa ing banker passed the fo!!owing. . If a!! the re?uirement are comp!eted the bank wi!! send an I)C1 to the bank from which Che?ue is sent L B (7 *)C means !oca! branch Che?ues recei#ed for co!!ection. $he bank recei#es it on other da . Cr $he other entr passed its .

Com (Finance) -- .r (poke )ranch a>cLLL. .r Customer a>cLLL. . Cr (HAPTER NO. Cr In case of spoke branch 5o a>cLLL. In case of his own customers./ INTRO&U(TION $hese section efforts ha#e been made to co#er a!! re!e#ant aspects of the financia! performance of %)*. $he sent the Che?ue to the %)* main branch of that cit & after recei#ing O)C1 the bank wi!! passed the fo!!owing entr . O#ertime comparison and Common (i7e ana! sis are carried out with Muhammad Ibrar M. 5o a>cLLL.OB( 9hen the bank recei#es the Che?ue from its customer or from an other spoke branch drawn on an other bank of an other cit .

Pro#isions for diminution in the #a!ues are made after permanent impairment& if an . %n?uoted securities are #a!ued at the !ower of cost and break up #a!ue and difference is charged to income. Go depreciation is charged on freeho!d !and. SI4NIFI(ANT A((OUNTIN4 POLI(IES • Re9enue Re8o<nition 'eturns on ad#ances and in#estments are recorded on accrua! basis. .-/ of the Companies Ordinance 1364& Muhammad Ibrar -4 M. O=ned (uch assets are showed at their cost or re#a!ued amount !ess accumu!ated depreciation and impairment !oss& if an . .ebts securities purchased at premium or discount are amorti7ed o#er their maturit periods. . • Ad9 n8es $hese items are stated net of pro#isions against non+performing !oans as per ()P P' M IIII. • In9estments7 %)* c!assif its in#estments as stated be!owJ a) 5e!d for trading b) 5e!d to maturit c) 1#ai!ab!e for sa!e+other than the abo#e two t pes In the !ight ()P regu!ations ?uoted securities are shown at market #a!ues and an changes arising are taken to profit and !oss account on! upon actua! rea!i7ation.i#idend income is recogni7ed on accrua! basis of dec!aration of di#idend up to the ear+end.uring the ear& amendment re!ated to section . • Fi5ed Assets nd &e)#e8i tion . ccrua! basis. 'eturns on c!assified assets are recorded on receipt basis.Com (Finance) .the #iew to e"tract concrete conc!usion to describe financia! standing and performance of the bank.

e##ed $he bank accounts for deferred ta"ation on ma=or timing differences& using the !iabi!it method in respect of those timing differences& which ma re#erse in the foreseeab!e future. d. . Hains and !osses are inc!uded in income current! . 1s a resu!t such differentia!s are now transferred to retained earnings>accumu!ated !osses as per the (ecurities and :"change Commission of Pakistan<s ((:CP) c!arifications. 8.surp!us on re#a!uation can now be re#ersed to the e"tent of incrementa! depreciation charged. . $he outstanding ob!igations are shown as a !iabi!it . Le sed 1ssets under financia! !eases are stated at cost.uring ear transactions are con#erted into Pak rupees app! ing the e"change rate at the date of respecti#e transactions. $he finance charges are a!!ocated to accounting periods in a manner so as to pro#ide a constant periodic rate of charge on the outstanding !iabi!it .Com (Finance) -/ . Hains and !osses on sa!e of fi"ed assets are inc!uded in income current! & e"cept that the re!ated surp!us on re#a!uation of fi"ed assets is transferred direct! to retained earnings>accumu!ated !osses. b% &e. • T 5 tion % (u##ent Pro#ision is based on the ta"ab!e income for the ear or minimum ta" computed on the basis of turno#er& whiche#er is higher. 'enta! ob!igations under operating !eases are charged to profit and !oss account as incurred.eferred ta" debits are& howe#er& recogni7ed on! if there is reasonab!e e"pectation of rea!i7ation of the amount. &e. Muhammad Ibrar M. Fo#ei<n (u##en8ies7 )a!ances are trans!ated into rupees at the app!icab!e rate of e"change pre#ai!ing at the ba!ance sheet date or where app!icab!e at contractua! rates.e##ed (ost nd Le se P "ments $hese are amorti7ed o#er a period of fi#e ears. b.

$he bank has designated and imp!emented a frame work of contro!s to identif & monitor and manage these risks are as fo!!owJ • (u##en8" Ris> M n <ement For the purpose of efficient management of this risk& the group enters into read & spot& forward and swap transactions in the inter bank market and with the (tate )ank of Pakistan in order to kedge its assets and !iabi!ities and co#er its foreign e"change position.Com (Finance) -0 . Inte#est # te Ris> M n <ement $he group is main! e"posed to mark up interest rate risk on its deposit !iabi!ities and its !oans and ad#ances and in#estment portfo!ios.126J 3/6.16-& 1-3. $he asset !iabi!it committee of the bank re#iews the portfo!io of the bank to ensure that risk is managed within acceptab!e !imits. Credit risk in the portfo!io is monitored b the C'M who formu!ate appropriated po!icies and procedures to ensure bui!ding and maintaining ?ua!it credits and efficient credit process. $he bank<s financia! institution risk management unit assesses& recommends financia! institutions and a!so contro!s cross border>countr risk. • (#edit Ris> M n <ement Out of the tota! assets of 's. $o manage it the bank app!ies credit !imits to its customers and obtains co!!atera!s. Most of the !oans and ad#ances portfo!io comprises of working capita!& which are reprised on Muhammad Ibrar M. $he bank<s ma=or credit risk is concentrated in te"ti!e sector.-.623M assets sub=ect to credit risk amounted to 's.RIS' MANA4EMENT $he bank is primari! sub=ect to interest rate& credit and currenc risks.-M.

Muhammad Ibrar M. 9here securities are so!d sub=ect to commitment to repurchase them at a predetermined price& the remain on the ba!ance sheet and a !iabi!it is recorded in respect of the consideration recei#ed in D)orrowing from )ankE or D. reprised on a si" month! basis due to the profit and !oss sharing INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO %)* emp!o s di#ersified in#estment portfo!io. %)* #a!ues its securit ho!ding on market #a!ue& in accordance with the guide!ines gi#en in ()P circu!ar.a periodica! basis.C as compared to !ast ear. Con#erse! & securities purchased under ana!ogous commitments to rese!! are not recogni7ed on the ba!ance sheet and consideration paid is record in D!ending to financia! institutionsE or D!oans and ad#ancesE as appropriate.epositsE as appropriate. 1n unrea!i7ed surp!us>deficit arising on such re#a!uation is taken direct! to D(urp!us>.Com (Finance) -2 .446. Pro#ision for diminution in the #a!ue of these securities is made after considering permanent impairment& if an & in their #a!ue. $he group<s interest is !imited since the ma=orit of customer<s deposits are retrospecti#e! princip!es. 9here an acti#e market is not a#ai!ab!e& securities continue to be stated at cost. PROFITABILITY $he operating profit before pro#isions and write offs increased b 64C& where as the profit before ta" and e"traordinar items increased b 0. $he bank in#ests its funds both in risk free assets as we!! as in risk assets. $his enab!es it to minimi7e its uns stematic risk to a great e"tent.eficit on re#a!uation of securitiesE in the ba!ance sheet. $he increase is main! attributed to 14C increase in the net re#enue from funds (G'FF)& 14C increase in fee and brokerage income and 2/C reduction inn write offs>pro#isions for non+performing assets as compared to ear .

446 of the tota! !oan portfo!io. $hese statements are meant to assist #arious parties in decision making who are interested in the acti#ities of the business. $he interna! users of financia! statements !ike management a!so ana! 7e financia! data for p!anning and contro!. (OMMON SIBE ANALYSIS OF BALAN(E SHEET Common si7e ana! sis is an ana! sis of financia! statements where the tota! assets di#ide a!! ba!ance sheet items of asset side and a!! credit side ba!ances di#ided b a!! !iabi!it items& and a!! income statement items are di#ided b net sa!es>re#enues. )ut the focus of interest of a!! is not the same. . $he #arious stakeho!ders of business are interested in the ana! sis of financia!s statements. (hort term creditors are interested in short term !i?uidit of the business and !ong term creditors are interested in the !ong term cash f!ow which the firm can generate o#er the !ong period of time. Financia! statements ana! sis he!ps in determining the financia! conditions at an particu!ar points in time and effecti#eness of operations of a firm during a specific period. For e"amp!e& creditors and credit reporting agencies are interested in finding out the credit worthiness of the firm to which the ha#e e"tended credit or intend to e"tend credit.0C in . $o impro#e the ?ua!it of decision making proper ana! sis of these statements he!ps a !ot.4. Common si7e ana! ses are Muhammad Ibrar M. In#estors are interested in the firm<s abi!it to sustain profitabi!it o#er a period of time. Present! GP1 constitutes 2. bi!!ion as compared to .4C as compared to 14. $he branches reduced to 1422 from 111..Com (Finance) -6 .2C as compared to !ast ear. Ho#ernment agencies ana! 7e financia! data for ta" purposes. $he bank hand!ed o#er 's. $hese statements are means to an end of he!ping stakeho!ders in decision+making.Performing ad#ances increased b 's.446 whi!e GP1s decreased b /-C. 30 bi!!ion of import and e"port business during the ear& an increase of . FINAN(IAL ANALYSIS Financia! statements are the principa! means of reporting the financia! condition and resu!ts of operations of a business entit .

e"treme! he!pfu! to high!ight changes o#er the time in financia! performance and financia! conditions of the compan . $he tab!e shows common si7e ana! sis of the ba!ance sheets for the ears ,442& ,446 ; ,443. $he common si7e ana! sis gi#en in the tab!e shows that there ha#e been impro#ements in the current assets in ,443 as compared to ,446& about 12C. )ut there has been decrease in fi"ed assets of about 10C. $he main reason for this change is increase in short term in#estment showing a constant increase as a percentage to tota! assets. $his imp!ies that the bank is concentrating now more on non+interest income and the interest rates are constant! fa!!ing. (hort+term ad#ances ha#e shown a significant change of 1/C whereas tota! ad#ances show a tota! change of on! 0.-C. $his is #er significant to note that ma=or decrease has occurred in !ong+term performing and non+performing ad#ances. $here is decrease in !ong term assets of about 12C which main! cause the decrease in !ong term ad#ances which are about 1-C and 0C decrease in !ong term in#estment. On the !iabi!it side the tota! current !iabi!it has shown change of about 4C. $he main reason for which is increase in current deposits& which are about 0C. $he !ong+term !iabi!it of the organi7ation is a!so decreased b 4C.

(ommon siEe n :"sis o; 8onso:id ted B : n8e S!eet
assets Cash/Bal. With Banks lending to F.Is Invest ent !"#$ %dvan&es'(e)*o) ing !"#$ +the) %ssets #otal C,))ent %ssets Invest ent !-#$ %dvan&es'(e)*o) ing !-#$ %dvan&es'.on /e)*o) ing !-#$ +/e)ating *i0ed %ssets 1e*e))ed #a0 %ssets #otal -.# %ssets Total Assets Liabilities B/(a2a3les 2007 3609108 4370006 9190430 39489369 8641263 97782157 19388131 28477494 11813855 2864018 8297500 70840998 168623155 1540592 Rs in '000 2008 70463707 3627557 33883311 43632117 2641471 118177074 33623058 26423058 5739798 2831534 5026459 73643958 191821032 1847025 2009 35591280 19050791 29580252 89292490 3509351 177024164 25007413 10312297 3671991 3884990 5486357 48363048 225387212 2991269 Common size (%) 2007 2008 21.5 17.93 2.6 1.89 5.5 17.66 23.4 22.75 5.1 1.38 58 61.61 11.5 17.53 16.89 13.77 7.01 2.99 1.7 1.48 4.92 2.62 42 38.39 100 100 0.91 0.96 2009 15.79 8.45 13.12 39.61 1.55 78.54 11.09 4.57 1.62 1.72 2.43 21.45 100 1.32

Muhammad Ibrar M.Com (Finance)


Bo))o4ings "# 1e/osits ' C,))ent -ease and +the)s #otal C,))ent -ia3ilities Fi0ed 1e/osits +the) -ong te) -ia3ilities #otal -# -ia3ilities Total Liability Shareholder's !"ity "ha)e Ca/ital 5ese)ves %&&, ,lated -osses/()o*its 6ino)it2 Inte)est ",)/l,s on )eval,ation Total

4004130 102568752 8838842 116952316 38747422 21264831 49219400 166171716

174533 118167469 9986608 130175635 43998916 5212755 49211671 179387306

174533 152580240 5933743 161679785 37252204 10883720 48135924 209815709

2.37 60.83 5.24 69.36 22.98 6.21 29.19 98.55 13.33 2.35 '16.18 0.69 1.26 1.45

0.09 61.6 5.2 67.86 22.94 2.72 25.65 93.52 2.7 2.22 '0.38 0.66 1.27 6.48

0.07 67.69 2.63 71.73 16.52 4.82 21.35 93.09 2.3 2.09 0.2 0.62 1.69 6.9

22481680 5180000 5180000 3960453 4258947 4712569 '27282709 '722387 454403 1168264 1271700 1412932 2123751 2445466 3811599 24541439 12433726 15571503

$he common si7e ana! sis of income statement is gi#en in the tab!e. 9hich shows that the %)* has been ab!e to contro! its interest or mark up e"penseN 1s a resu!t of decrease in mark up e"pense as a percentage of tota! re#enues the gross profit margin has shown a trend of continuous increase. $he increasing H>P Margin shows efficienc of the bank in contro!!ing cost of sa!es (Markup e"pense) and better strateg of pricing& products and ser#ices. $he pro#ision for non+performing !oans has a decreasing trend making no pro#ision for non+ performing !oans and diminution in #a!ue of in#estment& which increases the profit of current ear. $he reduction in pro#ision is a good sign& which shows that the bank is reco#ering its disbursed ad#ances. It shows the good credit management of the bank.

Muhammad Ibrar M.Com (Finance)


$here is a great increase in non+markup income& which is about ,-C. 1mong its indi#idua! components in#estment income has shown a !arge increase as a percentage of sa!es. Gon markup e"penses a!so show a rising trend in abso!ute amount though the common si7e in percentages has shown a mi"ed trend due to the changes in re#enue figures. $he non+ performing e"panses a!so increased to about ,/C& which is a #er high percentage& but the other aspect of this is that it increased the efficienc and credit management of the staff. *ike gross profit the net profit margin before ta" has a!so increased with ,4C rate. $he e"traordinar item e"panse has not occurred in ,443 that caused a s!ight increase in the net income. $he ta" e"panse is increased about 2C because of the increase in profit. *oss brought forward from pre#ious ear is reduced b 14C. $he common si7e ana! sis of the %)* is c!ear! showing that the bank has shown a !ot of impro#ement in its performance. $he organi7ation shows profit for the first time in the !ast / ears which is a positi#e sign and it wi!! bui!d up the mora! of the emp!o ees b which the can work more effecti#e! and efficient! increasing the performance of the bank.

(ommon siEe n :"sis o; 8onso:id ted In8ome St tement
Rs in #illions $T #S 6a)k ,/ )even,e a)k ,/ e0/ense g)oss /)o*it /)ovisions and B/1e3ts .et 6a)k ,/ In&o e .on 6a)k ,/ 5et,)n Co ission 7 B)oke)age 1097 1818 2915 6773 4669 632 2008 1514 3522 8686 5879 51 2142 2803 4945 11718 6639 556 9.57 15.85 25.42 59 40.71 5.15 17.63 13.3 30.94 76.2 51.64 0.44 23.1 30.24 53.34 126.42 71.62 6 1ividends/80&hange and +the)s #otal .on 6a)k ,/ In&o e #otal In&o e .on 6a)k 9/ 80/ense %d inist)ative +the) ()ovision and Cha)ges 2007 11468 6347 5121 1263 3858 2008 11385 5476 5909 746 5163 2009 9269 1931 7338 564 6773 Common size (%) 2007 100 55.35 44.65 11.02 33.64 2008 100 48.09 51.9 6.55 45.34 2009 100 20.83 79.89 6.08 73.07

Muhammad Ibrar M.Com (Finance)


Muhammad Ibrar M.38 30.09 210.)/ ent against sh.06 172. .02 237.78 49.ation o* %ssets #)ans*e) to "tat.s on )eval.77 48. 'atios make it easier to understand a specific re!ationship between #arious items of financia! statements then !ooking simp! at the raw numbers themse!#es.84 62.2 0 0 52.lated -oss B) 5ese)ve %&&.Com (Finance) 4.16 65.77 18. .39 0.44 11./ 80/enses 5301 1472 '7200 '5728 1739 '7467 6 19821 0 0 2 27283 5930 2756 25 2781 1319 1462 10 27283 25202 238 332 722 7197 4521 0 4521 1704 2818 21 722 46.84 0.9 ()o*it Be*o)e 80t)ao)dina)2 Ite s 80t)ao)dina)2 Ite s ()o*its 3e*o)e ta0 #a0ation ()o*it/-oss a*te) ta0 "ha)e o* 6ino)it2 Inte)est %&&.9 FINAN(IAL RATIO ANALYSIS $he user of financia! statements finds it he!pfu! to ca!cu!ate ratios when the interpret compan <s financia! statements.lated -oss B)o. %d:.1 2.22 7.59 12.91 16.34 77. .64 221.95 15.2 0.#otal non a)k .36 2.22 12.ght F)d. 'atios focus on specia! re!ationship between two items of ba!ance sheet& income statement or one from each.  *i?uidit 'atio  1sset $urno#er 'atio  *e#erage 'atios  Co#erage 'atios  Profitabi!it 'atios  Market Ia!ue 'atios $he ca!cu!ation and interpretation of these ratios of financia! statements of %)* are as fo!!ows.68 4. $he number of financia! ratios that might be created is #irtua!! !imit!ess& but there are certain basic ratios that are fre?uent! used& these ratios can be p!aced into si" different c!asses.21 24. 527 454 0. 1 financia! ratio is simp! one ?uantit di#ided b another.11 0.08 24.ght F)d. Ca/ital %//)o/)iation and #)ans*e)s ".64 48.78 0 0 5.

5igher the current ratio higher the abi!it to meet the short+term ob!igations as the come due. $he %)*<s current ratio is increased b ()o*it / #otal %ssets > 100 18=. !ow 1$' capita!& as the are se!ecti#e in &EBT TO ASSET RATIO7 $he ana! sis of tota! debt to assets ratio& there has been decrease of one percent as compared to .15C.it2 14. %)*<s assets turno#er ratio has shown a !itt!e decrease.Fin n8i : R tio n :"sis % ARS 2007 C.e > 100 1.)nove) 0.47#otal 8.24=.348BI# / Inte)est 80/ense 79=<)oss ()o*it / 5even. this in turn decreases the risk of inso!#enc .446.e / #otal %ssets 0.34 whi!e in .443 it is reduced to 4. $he change is occurring due to increase in short term in#estment and decrease in short term borrowings.)n +n Invest ent '4.Com (Finance) 4- .worth of debt per Muhammad Ibrar M.446 it is 4.it2 / #otal %ssets 3.it2 '887.91 0.76= 16.442 e#er rupee one of assets was being financed b rupees 4.it2 > 100 45=%dvan&es / 1e/osits > 100 28=Invest ent / 1e/osits > 100 28=Cash / C..84 %sset #.78= 46.50= 12.93#otal 1e3t / #otal %ssets 13.))ent 5atio 0.442.23= 2009&'R#(LA 1.22= Cash 5atio 9.12= 5et.07 1e3t to %sset 0.046a) ()o*it 6a)gin '65.))ent -ia3ilities ()o*it / #otal 8.65= ..99= %dvan&es to 1e/osit 56. ASSETS TURNOVER@ $his shows re#enue generated per rupee in#estment in tota! assets.63= 9.43= 5et.))ent %ssets / C.69= 0..1 <)oss ()o*it 6a)gin 44.99 1e3t to 8.))ent -ia3ilities > 100 (URRENT RATIO7 %)*<s current ratio is increasing o#er the time.54 Cove)age 5atio 0.16C as compared to .46= Invest ent to 1e/osit 20..4 1. $his is because of increase in tota! assets with proportionate increase in re#enue.e > 100 30=.94 14./ 5even. In . )anks ha#e re!ati#e! ad#ancing !oans and generating sma!!er sa!es.3.06 ()o*it / 5even.15 52.74= 41.446 and 0C to .436 or debt and in .)n +n 8.59= 2008 0.

One of the most common! used ratios is the interest co#erage ratio that measures the number of times the income is a#ai!ab!e to pa interest charges. 4ROSS PROFIT MAR4IN7 Hross profit margin is the difference between the re#enue and cost of goods so!d. Hross profit is critica! because it represents the amount of mone remaining to pa operating e"panses financing cost and ta"es.rupee of asset.446. &EBT TO EGUITY7 $his ratio measures how the compan is !e#eraging its debt against the capita! emp!o ed b its shareho!ders. 1na! sis of debt to e?uit ratio indicates that the current position for the debt to e?uit is that for e#er one rupee in e?uit pro#ided b the shareho!ders the bank has 's.Com (Finance) 44 . %)*<s gross profit margin per rupee has shown rising Muhammad Ibrar M. $he ratio is increased from 4.442 and . (OVERA4E RATIO7 $his ratio shows the number of times a compan can co#er or meet its financia! charges or ob!igations. $he %)* interest co#erage ratio has shown significant impro#ement in these three ears. $he decrease ma be attributed to the substantia! decrease in borrowings from financia! institutions but the affect was weakened b an increase in bi!!s pa ab!e and other !iabi!ities.-4. 1!though the decrease is not !arge enough but it is a good sign for bank<s creditors./ as a debt. 1-. $his shows that the bank is hea#i! re! ing on debt financing.14 to -. $he reason for huge difference stated in the tab!e is because of !osses occurred in .

1!though the assets ha#e increased but the operationa! reco#er of the bank is main cause of increasing this ratio.. NET PROFIT MAR4IN7 $his ratio shows the profit that is a#ai!ab!e from each rupee of the sa!e. $his ratio of %)* o#er the recent three ears shows a decreasing trend.443 it is 4/C. %)* has impro#ed net profit margin in the current ears.443 the ratio is 4/C whi!e in . 1fter a!! e"panses ha#e been paid.03C. %)*<s return on in#estment has shown an impro#ement more than 144C. $here is an increase of .442it was in negati#e figures.Com (Finance) 4/ .4C whi!e in .446 it was 4. Get profit margin is a!so showing an increasing trend. In . It shows a good impact on the %)*<s )a!ance (heet. $he net profit margin has reached to -4C as compared to .trend in !ast three ears.442 it was in negati#e figure. In . A&VAN(ES TO &EPOSIT RATIO7 $his ratio shows the companies ad#ances emp!o ed per unit of deposit.. $he return on e?uit is a!so shown a great dea! of positi#e change.443 the ratio is 1. RETURN ON INVESTMENT7 $his ratio measures the profitabi!it per rupee of in#estment in assets.2C in .446 in which it was on! 1.446 it was 40C and in .442 it was in Mi#e figures.442 it was /0C whi!e in .443 as compared to . this shows efficienc of the bank to contro! the cost of sa!es. 9hi!e in . INVESTS TO &EPOSIT7 Muhammad Ibrar M.446 it was on! 10C and in .20C and in .446. In . RETURN ON EGUITY7 $his ratio shows the profit as a proportion of the book #a!ue of the common shareho!ders.

 $he work!oad is not e?ua!! distributed.$his ratio shows the compan <s in#estment emp!o ed per unit of deposit.443 it again decreased. It is because of industria! de#e!opment factors in the countr b which !ending has been increased and in#estment is s!ight! decreased. Muhammad Ibrar M. (HAPTER NO.442 but in .0 GUALITATIVE ANALYSIS OF UBL . I kept critica!! obser#ing the things that I cou!d ana! 7e and the resu!t of the e"ercise is presented as be!ow.uring m two months of internship period I ha#e tried to fu!! commit m se!f in the !earning process.446 as compared to .Com (Finance) 40 .  Coordination !e#e! among di#isions>departments and emp!o ees are poor& particu!ar! speaking of between the top and !ower !e#e!s of management. A% O#< niE tion :@  :"isting organi7ationa! hierarch hinders #ertica! communication and b!ocks f!ow of information among the !e#e!s of management. $his ratio increased in .  $here is centra!i7ation of authorit and branch managers are bound and restricted to take initiati#e.

 . B% &e) #tment :@ internship period in %)*& in #arious departments& I noticed fo!!owing . ii. $here is genera!! the !acking in obser#ing and practicing bank<s re!e#ant procedures and (OP<s. &e)osit &e) #tment7 Gew! designed 1OF has an inbui!t deficienc of restricted space and cannot accommodate more than two names. ( s! &e) #tment7 Got #er fre?uent! but there are instances of fake currenc notes& being identified. Preparation& e"ecution and management of $$s and M$s and particu!ar! . i#. iii. Manua! counting s stem a!so affects efficienc of the bank.uring m • i. 1t times notes recei#ed from other branches were found to ha#e certain fake currenc notes.s ask for mastering app!icab!e ru!es and regu!ations and most of the staff was found ignorant of those. • i.ue to o#er!apping nature of duties and =obs there e"ists chaos and confusion in branches. Code of conduct of cashiers is found unsatisfactor . Counting mistakes occur due to o#ercrowding particu!ar! during the co!!ection of uti!it bi!!s. departmenta! prob!ems. $he emp!o ees are partia!! e?uipped of such know!edge. ii. Muhammad Ibrar M. • i.. iii. $e!egraphic messages re?uire specific ski!!s and training.Com (Finance) 42 . Remitt n8es &e) #tment@ 1pp!ication of tests for authentication of $$s is not known to a! concerned indi#idua!s that reduces the efficienc and further the wrong app!ication of tests pre#ent pa ments and the de!a cou!d dissatisf customers.

#. Identification of customer<s signature is #er important particu!ar! when cash is to be withdrawn b him.Com (Finance) 46 . • i. *arge poo! of potentia! borrowers cannot app! for !oans due to !ack of co!!atera!s. Manua! practices pose prob!ems in those branches where automation has not been done et. Bi::s &e) #tment7 )i!!s are sent to other citiesJ therefore& e"tra care shou!d be e"ercised in making entries and stamp affi"ing. i#. • (:e #in< &e) #tment7 9rong endorsement and stamping causes !oss to the customers and e"tra efforts for the bank to repeat the procedures. 'easons for the return of the che?ues at times are not mentioned on the return memos. (#edit &e) #tment7 $ime!ines in cash disbursement is #er important which is compromised due to !ength processing and documentation re?uirements. Fi!ing and record maintenance of credit re!ated documents are not done efficient! . $he credit proposa! and other documents at times are not proper! and sufficient! prepared before taking appro#a!. 1t times due to !ack of training wrong stamps are app!ied on instruments. ii. #i. i. *ack of infrastructure for carr ing out computeri7ed financia! ana! sis of borrower<s business.(c ?ua!ified indi#idua!s are performing =obs of M)1s. ii. iii. In cases where the presence of customer himse!f is must& is sometime compromised due to inf!uences ofOr fear of !oss of customer. 'e!ationship Managers need to be fu!! e?uipped with the re?uisite know!edge and ski!!s as present! p!ain )1>). iii. Muhammad Ibrar M. 5ea# co!!atera! re?uirements restrict credit business of the bank. iii. • i.ii.

Anow!edge and educationa! background of emp!o ees working in this department do not match with the =ob the are doing. Fo#ei<n E58! n<e &e) #tment7 Prob!ems of bi!!s and remittances departments e?ua!! app! to foreign e"change department. Most of the emp!o ees of this department !ack the abi!it to hand!e the *etters of Credit. • i. 3466->+ mi!!ions showing constant growth o#er the period from 1333 ti!! the da . :mp!o ees at times mismanage their time and fai! to forward bi!!s prompt! . (HAPTER NO. (9O$ stands for (trengths& 9eaknesses& Opportunities and $hreats.Com (Finance) 43 . $here is o#er!apping of functions and comp!ete separation of function has not been achie#ed thus !eading to a state of confusion and conf!ict among emp!o ees.1 SWOT ANALYSIS7 (9O$ is usefu! too! for pro#iding a framework for ana! sis of an organi7ation. i#. It is a common approach to make assessments in terms of interna! and e"terna! en#ironment of the organi7ation& and to formu!ate strategies ana! 7ing its interna! strengths and weaknesses& e"terna! opportunities and threats& coming up is the (9O$ ana! sis for the %)*. Muhammad Ibrar M.ii. :mp!o ees of this department are !acking computer+operating ski!!s. ii. STREN4THS7 • It is one of the !argest pri#ate banks with a deposit base of 's. iii. Proper scrutin at times is not carried out and it causes !oss to the bank or increase procedura! timings. iii.

Others are HOP& G)P $rustee .uring the nationa!i7ation !ife span of the bank po!itica! !ords used inf!uence in bank business and se!ection of emp!o ee at each !e#e! and thus ad#erse! affected the bank<s efficienc and effecti#eness.C. • 1d#ances in#estment of the bank shows a constant growth pattern. $he bank is acti#e! emerging and is engaged in internationa! trade and foreign e"change transactions.Com (Finance) /4 .epartment& (tate *ife Insurance Corporation etc. Foreign trade #o!ume showed an increase of 12C o#er the pre#ious ear. • 1dministrati#e e"penses are /1C of the mark up re#enue. • . • 1ccumu!ated !osses pushed the bank to cut down its promotiona! acti#ities in order to reduce e"penses for !ast few ears.ubai group with .• It has a we!!+knitted and ade?uate! e?uipped branch networking s stem that efficient! co#ers both the domestic and internationa! markets. • $he bank is owned b parties of financia! repute and credit worthiness !ike& ()P with 46. $he current ear<s growth rate is -. • • It is in#o!#ed in both corporate and retai! banking./.ue to risks such as po!itica!& economic and !ega! etc the bank has suffered !osses the main reason was that of pi!ing up of !arge amount of unreco#erab!e !oans and debts which has ad#erse! affected the image of the %)*.03C interest& )est 9a group and 1bu . Muhammad Ibrar M./4C of interest each. WEA'NESSES7 • .

• 1!! banks are facing a stiff competition to attract new customers.. OPPERTUNITIES7 • Hrowing po!icies of the HOP on business and economic sectors pro#ide %)* an opportunit to efficient! meet with the business peop!e re?uirements of instant cash faci!ities e. the go#ernment intentions of de#e!oping housing and agricu!ture sectors. THREATS7 • • • $hreats are a!so e"terna! factors in the en#ironment& which are not in the fa#or of compan & which can serious! hamper the compan <s abi!it to ser#e its customers. Gow the are getting more persona!i7ed ser#ices and inno#ati#e product. 1nd their better performance ma cause !oss of market shares of %)*. Muhammad Ibrar M. • %)* is surrounded b man competitors it has an opportunit to aggressi#e marketing to increase its business.g.FIs were pri#ati7ed& and e!e#en new pri#ate banks were set up. 1ccording to 9or!d )ank report the Pakistan has become Do#er bankedE econom with cut throat competition for deposits in the industr the batt!e is on for the market shares.Com (Finance) /1 . • Ho#ernment is taking #er bo!d steps to promote I$ in Pakistan %)* has an opportunit to impro#e in I$ stock e"change is #er #o!ati!e and takes immediate effect so in times of crises conser#ati#e in#estors turns to sa#ing deposits. $he customers ha#e emerged as the main )eneficiaries of the competition. :"pansion of new commercia! banks !ike 1(A1'I bank& %GIOG bank and etc.• Promotions are carried out on annua! basis ignoring the importance of capabi!ities and performance outputs. • Increase the product range to meet the broader range of customers< needs. 9ith pri#ati7ation program began in Pakistan in 1331& three of fi#e GC)s and three .

Most of the !oans become bad dad debits due to po!itica! pressure Go stab!e go#ernment in Pakistan& Ho#ernment po!icies change with the change of go#ernment. our e"terna! customers& agents and distributors& supp!iers& our competitors& etc.g. )ut %)* is behind the abo#e+mentioned ser#ices. $he organi7ationPs marketing en#ironment is made up of@ 1.• 1!ong with the growth in si7e& the banks are now incorporating inno#ati#e approaches to their traditiona! commercia! banking operations& keeping in the #iew the changing demand of the time. In fact& en#ironmenta! ana! sis shou!d be continuous and feed a!! aspects of p!anning.Com (Finance) /. $he macro+en#ironment e. $he micro+en#ironment e. $he concept of e#ening and (aturda banking& te!ephonic and on!ine banking& 1$M<s and credit cards are direct resu!t of the intensi#e competition. Muhammad Ibrar M..g. $hese are known as PEST factors. . . -. 951$ I( P:($ 1G1*K(I(N It is #er important that an organi7ation considers its en#ironment before beginning the marketing process. Po!itica! (and !ega!) forces& :conomic forces& (ociocu!tura! forces& and $echno!ogica! forces. staff (or interna! customers)& office techno!og & wages and finance& etc. $he interna! en#ironment e. • • • $he po!itica! inf!uences affect the performance of bank #er bad! . %)* face prob!em. • Free7ing of foreign currenc account b the go#ernment of Pakistan is a!so a fear for the bank.g.

Kou need to !ook at@ 1. Kou must consider issues such as@ 1. 9hat is the go#ernmentPs position on marketing ethicsN 4. $he po!itica! arena has a huge inf!uence upon the regu!ation of businesses& and the spending power of consumers and other businesses. . .POLITI(AL FA(TORS. 5ow stab!e is the po!itica! en#ironmentN . Muhammad Ibrar M. 9i!! go#ernment po!ic inf!uence !aws that regu!ate or ta" our businessN -... Interest rates. Is the go#ernment in#o!#ed in trading agreements such as :%& G1F$1& 1(:1G& or othersN E8onomi8 F 8to#s. $his is especia!! true when p!anning for internationa! marketing.oes the go#ernment ha#e a #iew on cu!ture and re!igionN 0.Com (Finance) /- . Marketers need to consider the state of a trading econom in the short and !ong+terms. $he !e#e! of inf!ation :mp!o ment !e#e! per capita. 9hat is the go#ernmentPs po!ic on the econom N /.

P) per capita& and so on. $he socia! and cu!tura! inf!uences on business #ar from countr to countr .g. 9hat are the ro!es of men and women within societ N 0.oes techno!og a!!ow for products and ser#ices to be made more cheap! and to a better standard of ?ua!it N . 9hat are attitudes to foreign products and ser#icesN -.. Consider the fo!!owing points@ 1. . 5ow much time do consumers ha#e for !eisureN /.o the techno!ogies offer consumers and businesses more inno#ati#e products and ser#ices such as Internet banking& new generation mobi!e te!ephones& etcN -. . Factors inc!ude@ 1.oes techno!og offer companies a new wa to communicate with consumers e.omestic Product (H. . 5ow is distribution changed b new techno!ogies e.g. .. books #ia the Internet& f!ight tickets& auctions& etcN 4. 9hat is the dominant re!igionN . banners& Customer 'e!ationship Management (C'M)& etc Muhammad Ibrar M.-. SO(IO(ULTURAL FA(TORS.Com (Finance) /4 . It is #er important that such factors are considered.o the popu!ation ha#e a strong>weak opinion on green issuesN TE(HNOLO4I(AL FA(TORS. $echno!og is #ita! for competiti#e ad#antage& and is a ma=or dri#er of g!oba!i7ation. 5ow !ong are the popu!ation !i#ingN 1re the o!der generations wea!th N 2. .oes !anguage impact upon the diffusion of products onto marketsN 4. *ong+term prospects for the econom Hross .

It has been broken down into the steps& which be!ie#ed to be needed& when de#e!oping a discip!ined action>imp!ementation p!an for !aunching financia! products. Ste) *7 Business Re9ie= 1s we ear! discussed that this imp!ementation p!an wi!! focus on marketing acti#ities of %)* and as a part of the marketing background component& the business re#iew is must. Moreo#er& to bring order and efficienc to the difficu!t task of imp!ementation p!an.Com (Finance) // . It inc!udes the marketing database not on! of %)* but a!so of other banks. $here are #arious steps in#o!#ed in the gi#en imp!ementation p!an& which wi!! come in order& according to their importance and sub=ection on one another.(HAPTER NO.2 A(TION PLAN FOR MAR'ETIN4 &EPARTMENT7 $his wi!! he!p the bank to take !ong+term perspecti#e for its marketing acti#ities& with consideration on strategic approach of the bank. $o de#e!op marketing database& we first need to understand the scope of banking fo!!owed b a comprehensi#e situationa! ana! sis of the financia! product& and market p!ace& which is Muhammad Ibrar M.

g. $his wi!! be accomp!ished through secondar research in Pakistan. In this step the data co!!ected from the business re#iew is shaped into meaningfu! summar points that form the basis of the imp!ementation p!an.7 T #<et M #>ets nd M #>etin< $he target market and marketing ob=ecti#e both are inducted in one step due to their critica! !ink to one another. $his part of imp!ementation p!an is concerning on marketing efforts towards the portion of popu!ation wit simi!ar banking needs and sa#ing habits. Position is the desired perception of the product within the market target of the bank for e"amp!e& if the product is !aunched. Postin<7 Once the bank has defined its potentia! market and has estab!ished marketing ob=ecti#es& it must need to de#e!op posting of its financia! product. T #<et M #>et7 Once the deposits co!!ection being de#e!oped as ?uantifiab!e ob=ecti#e& the staff of marketing department at the 5ub branches and 5ead Office of bank must determine to whom the wi!! be se!!ing their new financia! packages. Ste) -7 P: n St#u8tu#e $o compete with other banks& %)* needs to set strategies for its new product b inc!uding the postings strateg & it wi!! he!p in image bui!ding of the financia! package to be !!e#ant to the target market and competition situation.Com (Finance) /0 . ad#ertisement& pub!icit etc& Muhammad Ibrar M. Ste) . %)*<s own record of financia! products and #er often+ primar research sur#e s of potentia! customers and focus group information. Ste) +7 P#ob:ems nd O))o#tunities $he prob!ems and opportunities step of %)* is a summar of the cha!!enges that wi!! emerge from the marketing database. 9hich is a group of peop!e with common characteristics. Its position shou!d be done in such a wa & that customer is fu!! aware of its ma=or characteristics the bank has stained to bui!d the image of its products as high! profitab!e package. $he business re#iew pro#ides a ?ua!itati#e and ?uantitati#e decision acti#ities and a rationa! for a!! the strategic marketing decisions with in the p!an. $his positioning strateg is supported b the strategic consideration on #arious marketing mi" too!s e. In response to which bank wi!! raise deposits& making this determination is rea!! defining a target market.

$his step of discip!ined imp!ementation p!an pro#ides some strategic p!ans for marketing of the product. Muhammad Ibrar M. 1nother purpose is to pro#ide direction for what is to be accomp!ished b each strategic too! in term of informationa! conte"t.o#m tion : 4o :s7 1!! steps of this imp!ementation p!an are high! dependent& but step /& 0 .*3 RE(OMMEN&ATIONS H SU44ESTIONS 'ecommendations and suggestions are considered to be the most important part of an internship report& without which no report is considered comp!ete and meaningfu!. 2 are much more. 5ere we are concerned with a new package !aunched b the bank. Ste) /7 St# te<i8 M #>etin< Mi57 $his step is high! concerned with getting attention of the customers towards the ser#ice of the %)* offering. re#iew and ana! sis. $hese strategic and tactica! p!ans incorporate marketing e"ecuted.  $he beha#ior with the customers shou!d be impro#ed. 9hen imp!emented& wi!! a!!ow the bank to meet it<s marketing ob=ecti#es and fu!fi!! the o#era!! marketing strategies and information and communication (HAPTER NO. $hese suggestions and recommendation are as fo!!ows. Moreo#er& for bringing suggestions& discussions ha#e been conducted with the staff of %)* officers& who not on! pro#ided the basis for recommendations and suggestions but a!so pointed out some areas& where the change for the de#e!opment is utmost important. Informationa! goa!s means to set the target the market awareness and attitudes package and fu!fi!! the marketing ob=ecti#e of the bank.uring m internship at the UBL I find out week areas that re?uire impro#ements for !ong+term benefit of the organi7ation. 'ea!i7ing the importance of this section& efforts ha#e been made to gi#e feasib!e recommendations& which are categori7ed under the fo!!owing headings.7 In.Com (Finance) /2 . Focus wi!! be on that financia! product.e.Ste) . $his part of the report is based on the pre#ious sections i. .

 $he beha#ior with the customer shou!d be impro#ed.  1!! the branches must be fu!! e?uipped.  $his branch is not doing man functions to open the *>C and to dea! in e"port and import faci!ities. .  $r to estab!ish effecti#e communication between top+!e#e! management and e"ecuti#e.uring the internship I rea!i7ed fo!!owing duties.Com students. (o bank shou!d hire e"port staff for such t pe of acti#ities and start them in the branch.  *ike the other reputed commercia! banks %)* shou!d recruited some officers especia!! from the fresh M)1<s and M. $here is a great need of proper training of emp!o ees.Com (Finance) /6 . (HAPTER NO.  1!so do marketing through internet  :ffecti#e training and ?ua!ified& dutifu! and #igi!ant inspection teams are inducted per force in a!! the banks. )ecause when e#er the were asked about the !atest banking the answer was sorr we don<t know. .         (o!esi9eness E9e# Re d" Fo# (! ::en<es Bo #d Vision Le #nin< F#om (# d:e To 4# 9e A:= "s (#e te O))o#tunities O)en (ommuni8 tion Wit! T!e Boss ))e # n8e (o!esi9eness Muhammad Ibrar M.** PERSONAL LEARNIN4 Persona! !earning is a mora! and ethica! ob!igation set b a person to mo#e in a me!!ow wa to e"ce! in present and future.oing so& the more ta!ented persons wou!d enter in the management and the wi!! tr to make the Gationa! )ank compatib!e with the other banks. .

uring m internship I ana! 7ed thatJ IPeo):e don?t :e 9e t!e o#< niE tions t!e" :e 9e t!ei# bossesJ (o be friend! with our staff and boss and communicate free! to a#oid organi7ationa! switching. . BROA& VISION ITHIN' 4I4J $hink positi#e! to a#oid an kind of discrepanc and hurd!e in our task.o# o))o#tunities := "s 8#e te o))o#tunitiesJ ITime H Tide W ite . Hood coordination and cooperation with peers and other staff members can impu!se a person to perform better in difficu!t situations. OPEN (OMMUNI(ATION WITH YOUR BOOSS $o a#oid an kind of misunderstanding with our boss& communicate free! with him.1 team p!a er can achie#e more than an indi#idua!. LEARNIN4 FORM (RA&LE TO 4RAVE *atest researches and =ourna!s can be #er he!pfu! in order to generate new ideas. .o# NoneJ If ou are ab!e to create opportunities& success is ours. %)* offers man new courses to the emp!o ees to upgrade their know!edge. Positi#e! thinking and broad #ision he!ps ou to achie#e some thing different and new. Gow the ?uestion is howN $he answer is #er simp!e& b generating new and usefu! ideas for the organi7ation.Com (Finance) /3 . Muhammad Ibrar M.uring m internship I noticed that the degree of cohesi#eness among the %)* emp!o ees is high that is wh %)* is achie#ing its target ?uite efficient! . EVER REA&Y FOR (HALLEN4ES If a person can hand!e prob!ems and cha!!enge ade?uate! & he can grow especia!! in Finance fie!d where e#er thing is we!! estimated. ALWAYS (REATE OPPORTUNITIES I&on?t = it .!e. BIBLIO4RAPHY Web sites   IT#e t "ou# News papers  )1GAIGH BO%'G1* Muhammad Ibrar M.ub!. s )#odu8tJ 1ttracti#e appearance can be #er usefu! to impress others.sbp.Com (Finance) 04 .com  www. 1 professiona! shou!d be dressed up proper! to inf!uence others.

com. Boo>s  Principa!s of )anking  Marketing Muhammad Ibrar  www.Com (Finance) 01 .nation.

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