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French furniture

The Different Periods of French Furniture

Refer to the word for furniture either in an encyclopedia or on the Net and it is defined as
movable objects that can bear the human body or hold objects above the ground or supply
storage. For sure, that explanation is very comprehensive indeed! Sorts of furniture
performing a storage use takes in bookshelves, cabinets, wall storage units, and filing
cabinets. Nevertheless, the basic meaning for most of us, is that furniture can be defined
as functional, aesthetic articles that complement the interior, as well as exterior designs of
our homes and places of work.

There are very many types of furnishings. By and large, it can be sorted according to
function. There is furniture for sitting down, including the beanbag, the bench, the chair,
the couch, and the footstool. Then there are sets of furniture, for example, the bedroom
set taking in the bed and the headboard and also the dining set, with table, chairs and
dresser. In addition, for open areas, there is the side table, the work desk, the end table,
the folding table, and the telephone table.

As we all understand, furniture is extremely significant in our everyday living because it

makes our abodes, workplaces and other living environments desirable and comfortable
to live and function in. But useful purpose is not the only role of furniture. It has to be
acknowledged, we choose furniture for its aesthetic characteristics as well. In so far, as
we need it to be serviceable, we should also hold in mind that it can likewise be utilized
for ornamentation. What is more, luckily, the furniture business comprehends this
situation. Up to now, there is a large number of furniture sets that are created with
accomplishing artistic conception in mind. Several are even accepted as art, now called
decorative art.

In former ages, there have been pieces of furniture that function with a double intention.
Artifacts from previous time periods for example the Classical world, Modern Europe,
Asian History, the nineteenth century, and the era of Modernism have all attested to this.
Glorious art objects of furniture are period pieces. French furniture modes such as
Rococo, Baroque, Art Nouveau, and Neo-classical are much desired art objects.

In the era called the Renaissance, many Italian artists and architects arrived in France and
their influence ushered in the idea of determining furniture as an art form. This was the
time of resplendent furniture innovation. Cabinets then replaced chests, chairs became
cushioned, and tables were given sculptural designs. The introduction of personae from
mythology and ancient days greatly shaped the innovations as nymphs and shepherds,
emblems of the seasons, foliation and friezes became popular. High quality timber,
including walnut, ebony and oak now emerged as the materials of selection. The
decoration style of the French Renaissance Furniture has splendid sculptured carvings as
a top priority in their design, with garlands, friezes and capitals.

Art Nouveau is another important vogue of French Furniture. This forward-looking

movement started in the late nineteenth century and was successfully launched by the
Universal Exhibition. This progressive trend is the style that brought nature,flora and
fauna and the female form as ornamentation for furniture.

The fashion which came after Art Nouveau was named Art Deco. Art Deco was the
opposite of its successor being developed in the art schools of the European capitals. Art
Deco Furniture was the foremost to utilize metals such as wrought iron, steel and chrome
and then lacquer to make the ornamentation intrinsic to the projected design. This
produces a decoration with a pattern of strong colours, in design shapes which contains
baskets of fruit, garlands of leaves and bouquets of flowers.

These very diverse modes of Ornate French Furniture are all worthwhile of further
enquiry and study. French craftsmen thoughout the years have sought means of creating
the serviceable commonplace objects of furniture into articles of wonderful artistic merit.
The materials they have utilized and the sorts of artistic styles are representative of the
periods in the ages during which they were fashioned. This is a captivating topic which
when contemplated, can aid you to make your abode a more idyllic place in which to

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