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I do not claim that a lot of research has taken place to write this book. However, a lot of practical experience in the field of teaching computers to a large group of middle aged people, has helped me to understand the problems of these people, who are keen to learn its usage. Most of the people in this group have just missed the IT bus and fear that learning to use a computer requires a high level of technical knowledge. Others have managed to learn to work on computers without knowing the basics of how this electronic gadget behaves. Both these groups are compelled to live in a world dominated by computers and this I believe can be quite intimidating. This book is dedicated to that group as I was also one of them few years back.

My heart felt thanks go to the people who have reviewed the manuscript.



Chapter One

I am Zahir Khan, an ex-army officer, and a widower with a crippled leg. But I never allow this thought to control my movement. Divny, my 22 year old daughter was preparing herself to go to US for higher studies as a Research Assistant in a well-known University . My decision in the morning that I was not going to the airport with Divny was a difficult one. The pain of separation was very intense. The pressure was steadily rising as the time approached for her departure. I sat in my armchair in the living room pretending to watch TV. Friends and relatives, who had gathered to see off my daughter, were busy talking about her credentials and asking some questions back to back without waiting for a reply. My mind drifted into the past and I could see the last 20 years going through as in the celluloid. Her favourite toys, her attachment to me and the small but special gifts she got me on my birthday….. All memories so fresh, floating in my mind.

“Dad, r u sure, that u r not coming to the air port?” Divny asked looking straight into my eyes. “Ah, I think so. I would not be able to hold myself there in the airport. All these people will be accompanying you. Is it ok?” “OK dad, I will not complain” she said and touched my feet as she always did whenever she left for an important occasion. But this time, I could not give her any advise as I used to, which she always accepted with a lovely smile. Without any further discussion, she started to move towards the vehicle that was parked in the portico. I could clearly see the tears coming from her eyes through my own tears. Silently I left the living room and walked to her room where she spent most of her time.

There was a small table in one corner of her room, around which we had long animated conversations. I sat there looking around the room, the pictures pasted on the wall, her study table, the chair, the computer I gave her after she brought laurels in her 10th standard exam. I heard the door closing and I knew that she had left. I felt so sad and


lonely. I hated this part of me. In spite of trying hard, I could not control myself and soon I was weeping, like a baby.

“Hello Dad, what r u doing?”

Divny was calling me. I opened my eyes but nobody was

there. I felt strange. I was in a trance, I was not sure if I was dreaming, but the same voice repeated “Hello Dad, what r u doing?” This time I was sure that it was Divny. But she was on the way to the airport. How could this be possible? With a bold voice I asked “Who r u?” Divny’s loud laughter suddenly filled the room and the voice continued “ If u want to see me press the on/off round button on the monitor of the computer”. Then I realized that the sound was coming from the speakers of her computer but the monitor was off. I did as she told. It was surprising that the smiling Divny was in the monitor looking straight to my eyes and said, “Dad, I promised to teach you to use a computer , and now I am going to do it ” All this was too much for me . It was as if she understood my state of mind, as she fluttered her eyes, behind the screen . “Relax Dad and just listen to me,”she said. “You can also ask your doubts as we proceed further. If you want you can increase the volume of the speaker.

Her eyes on the screen were serious and pensive and I could not take it lightly. She seemed determined. I feared to say anything against her wish, but decided to test her and asked “What are you going to teach me, dear?” “Oh, come on dad, I told u that I am going to teach u computer through my Compu? Can’t u believe it, dad? I was working on this project for the last two years. U can ask any questions and my Compu will reply to u. If you are still not convinced try asking? Bye dad” Divny challenged me. The real Divny disappeared from the screen. Then a new image almost like Divny appeared. It was Compu, I knew it later. It looked like a Doll with Divny’s face. “Good afternoon, Sir” The voice sounded almost like Diviny. “I am Compu, the computer programme made by your daughter to teach you computer. Can we start sir?”

Thoughtfully, I asked” What is a computer, dear Compu?”

The answer was sudden and sharp, just like my Divny.

“Computer is an electronic machine which is used to compute arithmetic, write and edit alphabetic/numeral values, play and watch movies, play ur favorite songs, connect to other computers around the world, play unending games or run a programme.For


example, I am a program designed to teach you to use a computer. You can use a computer to simply gather information about anything u want to know. It can also perform actions like choosing, copying, moving and comparing. Are u satisfied sir?”

“O.K. “ I grinned. “but I already know most of these things, because my daughter is a postgraduate in Computer Science. Do you know that, dear Compu?”

“Of course, she designed me to teach you to use a computer confidently” Compu replied.

Now it was my turn to settle the score, but I couldn’t think of anything to ask and Compu seemed to have answers to everything. A few moments later, I asked Compu “If u r an electronic machine, then a simple manual should be sufficient to operate u. Why should we spend our valuable time learning about a machine, Compu?” I thought my question would puzzle her. But the answer was spontaneous and apt “Firstly, because I do not know ur language. Secondly u r using me for thousands of purposes and I am an interactive machine” I shot back “What do you mean?, I agree with the second one but you are talking to me and telling that you don’t know my language? What a contradiction!” “Ah ..Ah.. the language I am using was set by your daughter Divny. I can not tell u anything which is not here inside me or which I cant find through the internet. For example if you ask me what the price of onions is today, I can not answer u .” Compu was emotionless.

“Why it is so?”

‘Your vendor is not connected with me and so I cant give u that information. So coming back to what we were saying, I don’t speak your language. My language is known as the machine language.”

“What is machine language?”

“Sir, I will explain it to u. The computer knows only one language, that is the machine language. This language is made up of 2 cahracters called bits. ie. Zeros and Ones (0 & 1). You could think of it as a plate containing two kinds of points, some with magnetic fields and others without. Such a point is called bit”.

Immediately I asked her “How many bits do you have , Compu?”


Even though I was teasing her, from the answer I understood that the question was correct.

Compu continued “A group of such eight bits is called one byte. The letter “A” is represented as “01000001” and “a” is represented as 01100001. The word “It” would be 01001001 01110100.” One byte can be written in 157 ways such as 0000 0001, 0000 0011, 1000 0000 etc.”

It was all very interesting. Even though I used a computer at my work place I never really understood how it worked.

Compu continued “ A group of 1024 bytes is called one Kilo Byte(KB), 1024 KB is called one Mega BytesMB), 1024 MB is called one Giga Byte(GB). U can store around 160 GBs in me. The things u store in these bits are known as ‘data’. Do u know that one floppy drive can store 1.4 MB of data. ”

I pressed on ,“How do we store pictures and sounds?”

“Everything stored inside me is made up of bytes. There are different parts inside me with different functions. Some of these parts translate the bytes to voice and picture images.”

Suddenly a beep sound alerted me and I noticed that a rectangle had popped up in the centre of the monitor and I could clearly see Divny’s face in it. She called me “Dad how r u? I am in the plane. Can u see me? I can’t see u, please sit on my chair in front of the Compu.”

This really astonished me. I did as she told me to do.

“Dad, why r u keeping mum? Don’t u have anything to tell me?”

The first thing I asked her is- “How can I stop the Computer programme u made for me?”

Divny asked “You don’t want to learn to use the computer?”

“Of course I want to learn.

But it started all of sudden and without my permission.

Moreover I do not know how to stop it”


“All you have to do is press the same button again on the keyboard and the programme will stop. And whenever u want to continue just press it again. I presumed that u would come to my room as soon as I left. On this assumption, I had set the timer and the programme started on time. If u press the on/off button, the programme will stop and u can start it from there by just pressing it again. But remember dad that this is not the way to turn on or turn off a computer. Compu will guide u. Had ur tea, Dad?”

I realized that I had forgotten all about my tea. I said “Not yet. How are you, Divny? Is everything fine in the plane?”

“Yes, Dad, everything is fine, please don’t forget to have ur tea.”

Then she disappeared

from the screen and Compu appeared again on the screen and asked “Let us continue sir?” I simply pressed the button on the monitor and left the room for my tea.


Chapter 2

I sat on my armchair in the living room with my cup of tea; I was restless after the events of the morning. A lot of questions came to my mind. How one can shut down the

computer just pressing the monitor button? Is it the correct way to stop a computer? Which are the parts that translate the machine language to our language? I tried to avoid going to Divny’s room. However, I could not stop myself and I just went in and pressed the button on the monitor.

The response was immediate “Good evening sir, I hope u found my lectures interesting?”

Now I decided to test Compu and asked “Divny told me that I have to just press the button on the monitor to stop you. Is it the correct way, dear?”

‘No sir, in the normal circumstance it is not the correct way. But in my case Divny has programmed me like that. I will teach u to start and stop a computer in the correct manner.”

Without giving me a chance to interrupt she continued her lecture. But I shot back “U told me that there are different parts working in u to translate the machine language to human language. What are they? Can you explain?” I was testing Compu’s capabilities.

Without any hesitation Compu started, “The screen u r seeing is called the monitor. The electronic people call it a Visual Display Unit (VDU). This is one of the output units. And there is another part that looks like a typewriter called the Key Board. The device near the key board is known as a mouse because it runs on the screen like a rodent. The key board and mouse are commonly known as input devices. Divny has printed more details about the key board for u and you can find it under the title ‘Annexure-I’. She stopped a while as if for a sip of water and continued. “The main box on my side is the Console or System Unit. From there it is connected to all the above parts as well as to the power supply. Most of the main devices are in the system unit. The other parts on my side are the speakers and web camera. The web cam is a digital camera connected to me through which u can capture photographs.These images can be stored or even transferred to other computers. The printer on my side can


be used to print anything u stored in me. Whatever is stored inside me is known as a soft copy. If u print out the same, it is known as a hard copy.”

The beep sound along with a rectangle again flashed on the monitor and Divny was inside it telling me “Dad, I know u were really interested in learning computers but u didnt get a chance. I just called to say that I”ll be reaching London in a few minutes and will have to shut down my laptop. The next flight is scheduled for tomorrow evening and I have a day to spend here in London. I don’t know when I will be able to contact u again. Good night, Dad”. She disappeared from the screen and I was again left with Compu.

This surprised me and I asked “How do you know that she is on line?”

Compu was as emotionless as always “Divny has programmed the messenger inside me such that whenever she connects to this computer, my programme will stop and she will directly take control . Astonished, sir?”

I had nothing on my mind and I pressed the button on the monitor and left the room wondering how I could get the better of Compu.


Chapter Three

At night I was trying to gather what Compu was telling ,rather teaching me about computers. She had told that data of any kind is stored in bytes only. Bytes become Kilo Bytes, Mega Bytes & Giga Bytes. Computer has two main components- a system unit and input devices like the key board, mouse and speakers.The monitor gives the output on the screen. What did she tell me about the system unit? Obviously, I could not remember. As I thought about this I fell asleep.

My usual wake up time is 5.30, but that day I woke up at 4.30 without any alarm. Immediately, I knew the reason. I recollected that I was sleeping with a question on my mind. After pouring myself a cup of black tea from the flask I quickly entered Divny’s room. Without thinking I pressed the power button of the monitor. It tooka few minutes to become active and it seemed that Compu was waiting for me the whole night. “Good Morning, Sir.” I did not respond, as it was a machine only. Why should I give greetings to a machine? But to my surprise, Compu continued “Sir, I think u didn’t sleep well last night. U seem preoccupied.. Anything wrong sir” Now I could not keep mum , so I got to the point directly, “What were you trying to tell me last night about the system unit? Actually I was so occupied with it that I forgot about Divny.” “Oh sir, yesterday I had just mentioned the name, but didn’t elaborate. If u r free now, we can continue”. Without waiting for my reply Compu continued “Before, I elaborate about the system unit I want to make sure that you know what a Computer actually does. It accepts data through its input devices, processes it and gives u an output through its output devices. All these things are possible through the system unit. Can’t u see the cables which connect all the devices with the system unit. process” I sipped my black tea and allowed her to continue. “The system unit has a part called “the Central Processing Unit (CPU)” which controls the functions of the other devices. For example,if u type “Divny” on the key board, the There are different units which take part in the above

control Unit of CPU accepts it and gives the message to monitor to show the same on the monitor, or if u want to print it, it will allow u to do it. The other part of the CPU is the Arithmetic/Logic Unit (ALU) which is responsible for arithmetic calculations.

“Is the CPU is storing data?” I was getting curious.


“No sir, the System Unit has another part called the ‘Random Access Memory’ (RAM) where ur data goes temporarily and is processed. But the problem is that the RAM is unable to store any data permanently. When u shut down the system whatever is stored in the RAM will be lost.” “Then what is the use of the computer if it can’t store data. But you told me that you can store up to 160 GB of data. But if data gets lost every time I shut down the computer, how can I work .” I was really confused. “Oh Sir, the System Unit has another part called the “Hard Disk”. It stores all the data including the programmes u need to run the machine. My hard disk can store 160 GB and u r correct. I appreciate ur memory sir.” Compu stopped for a while. I think she waited for me to ask any questions. “Are there no other storage facilities in the Computer system, my dear Compu?” I asked plainly. “There are other removable storage devices such as Compact Disks(CD) , Floppy drives and even tapes that may be used to store data. After I write the data on it u can remove it and take away wherever u want and read the same information with the help of a computer. The latest device called the ‘pen drive’ is very useful because u can put it in any USB(Universal Serial Bus). The USB port is available in all computers. Such a port can be used to connect cameras, pen drives, or any other external things including floppy drives. The only reservation is that they should have a pin to fit into the usb port. ” Without allowing her to continue, I interrupted “What is the difference between ‘data and information?” “It is simple sir. Data may have so much information that is not useful for decision

making. But if u ask the computer to process this data and give u precise data, it gives u that. This processed data is called ‘information’.

“Sorry Compu, I didn’t quite understand, can u explain it with an example?” “With pleasure, sir. For example, I have data of vegetables, stationary items, and company shares with their rates. If all this is mixed, then it is not easy to use. But if I process it in such a way that it can be used for decision making, it is called ‘information’. If you want to know the names of the top 10 companies with the highest shares I can process the entire data and can give u just the required data. This is information. I hope u got it, sir”.

“OK..OK. This is all about computers. Now I know that a computer works with its input devices, out put devices and system unit. Am I right Compu?”

“Yes. However u ought to know that when first invented, computers looked very different.


The first generation of computers was so bulky that they needed large buildings to house them. The heat produced by them was also high.” She stopped to see if I was interested. But I was really interested . So I asked her “Dear Compu, please continue with the history. “The history of computers started with the Egyptians. They invented the Abacus which is a device with pebbles that represented items which they wanted to count. The Abacus seems to be the earliest manual calculating device and has been in use ever since. “What is Abacus?” “Just wait Sir, I will show u a picture of the Abacus in a minute. ”

Then a photo appeared in the screen.

‘Oh, yes. I nodded as if I understood the thing.

Compu continued.

About 300 years ago some mechanical calculating devices were being designed. Notable among them was the Arithmetic machine by a brilliant French teenager name Blaise Pascal. Pascal invented this machine to help his father do his accounts faster. This machine used toothed wheels to do additions and subtractions. Another Frenchman called Joseph Jacquard had perfected a system of punched cards to automatically control individual threads in a loom so that complicated designs and patterns could be woven on cloth. In 1833, across the channel in England, Charles Babbage, designed what he called an Analytical engine which could store data and do arithmetical calculations. He wanted to use toothed wheels and punched cards. This was more complicated in design.


Dr. Herman Hollerith was the first to actually put the punched card techniques to use in computation. In 1890, he designed a punched card device known as the Census Machine to assist the Census Board of the United States to process census data. This machine helped to reduce the processing time of census data from about 10 years to about 3 years. At the University of Pennsylvania, Eckert and Mauchly produced the first electronic computer for the Army. It was called ENIAC (Electronic Numeric Integrator and Calculator) and was used to calculate the trajectories of air-borne weapons. This machine was so huge, consumed so much power and generated so much heat that it had to be shut down for cooling quite often. This machine was based on valves and the computers based on this technology came to be called First Generation (1946-52) computers. During the second half of the fifties, Second Generation (1952-64) computers used transistors in place of valves. These were significantly faster than the previous version and the size of these computers also reduced considerably. The Third Generation (1964-71) computers that came into being used integrated circuit hips, causing significant increase in processing capabilities. The operating system was introduced and with the advent of the time-sharing operating system, terminals became common sight. The Fourth Generation (1970s) computers have the entire CPU on a single chip called the microprocessor. These microprocessor chips are made using large-scale integration

technology, by which tens of thousands of transistors can be packed on a single chip, the size of a fingernail. Due to this technology, now the desktop computers can snugly fit on an office desk and can perform operations much faster than their large predecessors did. The Fifth Generation is much talked about these days. This generation is expected to function on the concept of parallel processing as against the serial processing done earlier. Very large scale integration in chip technology is expected to further reduce the size of computers. These are yet to be designed and has left the scope for imagination. She stopped her lecture for a little while. But she continued as if she could not keep mum for a long period. Compu’s behavior reminded me of Divny . “Did u read the editorial in the Times of India about this transformation of computers from the 3rd generation to 4th generation titled ‘Small Wonder?’ Just read it sir. I will show it to you here.


Small Wonder
Fifty years on, the microchip has completely revolutionized our lives
Commenting on the relentless march of machine intelligence technology, ‘Popular Mechanics’ magazine predicted in 1949 that computers in the future could weigh no than 1.5 tonnes. The forecast may not have been too much off the mark if it was n’t for a new employee at an American electronics company in 1958. Being recently employed ,Jack Kilby didn’t have the right to a summer break and therefore , spent the time designing and developing the world’s first integrated circuit ,or microchip . It has now become the basic building block of everything from cell phones to supercomputers and constitutes the foundation of the entire digital world, including the internet. Prior to this invention computers were colossal machines that filled several rooms. They used hundreds of bulky vacuum tubes - unwieldy, fragile devices that guzzled power, were prone to overheating and burnouts and not exceptionally accurate either. The robust and reliable microchip, on the other hand, integrates all the working elements required in a large circuit design and incorporates it on a single small substrate which can then be mass-produced cheaply. Fifty years later , its size has gone down to the nanometer scale while at the same time the elements incorporated in some of them have risen to a billion. he main functions of a small computer can now be performed on a single very large scale integration microprocessor, and it can be packaged on a printed circuit board, or even on just one chip. Also, thanks to Moore’s law which states that computing power in terms of processing speed and memory capacity grows exponentially – doubling roughly every 18 months while the cost of functions it performs steadily decreases—we can continue to reap the benefits of miniaturization while spending less at the same time. Certainly, in the scheme of inventions, the integrated circuit has to be one of the greatest of the last half century and the single most important driver of increased productivity and economic growth in history. The industry is, for instance, on track to post $265 billion in sales this year. To say that the advent of the microchip has been revolutionary when it’s already become an inextricable part of the structure of modern societies is an understatement. As far as our lives are concerned, it has changed the nature of revolutions itself.

She continued.

“Sir, the most important part is..” Compu wanted to continue, but without allowing her to continue I pressed the button and stood there for a while, just looking on the monitor. Suddenly I felt proud of my daughter but her absence made me sad. Where will she be now? Would she have reached the US? For the first time, I felt ashamed of my ignorance regarding travel to America & the time zones in different

countries. That was the kind of information I needed and not this stuff about computers. And I was going to tell Divny anyway. It was 6’O clock in the morning and my mobile started ringing. It was Divny. She told me that she had reached London and was staying


in a good hotel. She was also going to meet some of her friends. She also told me that all the information I wanted to know about the time zones and routes to the US were all available on the Computer and promised me that Compu would help me find that information. It some how made me feel good. I decided to take a nap and tried to forget about what Compu was telling “no sir, no sir, the most important part is----”.


Chapter Four

The calling bell was ringing continuously. I knew it was the maid. She always pretended to be busy. I got up and opened the door. With the usual greetings, she handed over the newspaper and went to kitchen. The thought of my morning tea made me happy.

At times I have a feeling that the peak of enjoyment of life is while sipping the hot tea without prior appointment. But now I am not sure whether I have an appointment or not. The words ‘The most important part is..’ is echoing in my ears. I was eager to continue

my talks with Compu, because with Compu, I get a feeling that I am with my Divny. The voice is same. The image of Compu has almost all the resemblance of Divny. Moreover, I am also interested to learn Computers. So I thought of going to Compu and pressed the button. Compu was ready and started “Sir, u have a mail, I will open it for u and u just the click the OK button at the end of the screen after reading it, I will be back”. The message was from Diviny stating that she is fine and reminded me to take care of myself. As Compu told I clicked the OK button after reading the message. Compu continued “Sir, to function a Computer it needs not only the hardware which we have talked earlier (system unit, monitor, key board, mouse, printer, speakers etc) but also instructions to do the work u required. These instructions are to be coded in such a way that both the Computer and human should understand. That means the user of the Computer should get the instructions in a language he can understand and the same instructions should go into the Computer in a way that it also understands it in its own language ie. machine language. Such a set of instructions is called software.” I said,” yes, yes, I know software such as MS-Word, Excel and the Shooter, am I correct, Compu?” After all I really felt some confidence. Compu’s reply was something, which I did not expect “yes sir, but they are Software used for a particular Application. To read their programme to the Computer system we need software which is able to read any application to the system and take control over the hardware to give us processed output. This software is called Operating System Software. To make the System work perfectly for all the Operating System, the manufactures of the Computer supply a part called as Read only memory (ROM) whose contents (instructions and data) are permanently fixed, can be read and used by the CPU and cannot be altered


by the user.

This contains mostly instructions for starting the Computer. You cannot

erase or overwrite this memory.” “She paused for while and again asked “Sir, if u didn’t get a clear picture, I am happy to narrate in an orderly manner again as u r now a more knowledgeable person, okay sir”. She took my silence as permission to proceed further. I was getting bored. She continued like a teacher in the school, “A Computer is a collection of different parts. Some of them are mechanical, some of them are electric and some of them are electronic. Functions of these devices are to be controlled and managed to get the optimum result. Moreover, whenever, we give commands/data through the input devices, it is to be taken to RAM and appropriate stored programme in the hard disk is to be called and

instructions are to be given to the processor(CPU) to process the data and output should be given as per the requirement of the user. Starting the Computer, shutdown the Computer, allocation of work, time and space to the different devises and software is the duty of the Operating System Software. Now u might have understood the importance of

the Operating system. It is the resource management controller of the Computer. Never confuse it with application software. Application Software is a specialized programmes made to obtain a particular result. Thousands of application software is available for different purposes.”

My curiosity now increased, unknowingly I asked, “What is the most popular Operating System?”

By seeing my interest, she became active too and replied, “Microsoft Operating Systems are most popular in the most part of the word. The other operating systems are Unix, Linux, Netware etc. Out of Microsoft products most popular one is Windows XP. Their latest one is ‘Vista’.”

Sir, if u r board, I will tell a story of a boy, a drop out (consciously) from the Harvard University, who became self made billionaire at the age of 31, who transformed the world of micro computers, who opened the field of computers to the common man, who contributed largely for its world wide popularity, whose programme is used in more than million computers, and who took retirement from such a job at age of 51 for charity work, who earns more than $1000 per second….

Oh..I know about whom you are talking about. It is Bill Gates. Am I right?


Yes, by introducing Windows Operating system in GUI (Graphic User Interface), he altered the path of computers. Introduction of Internet explorer along with the MS-Office package accepted by the market with great enthusiasm. And still, he took retirement from active business to nurse his inner vision.

My doubt was that if I want to buy a Computer, is it necessary to know all these things. As she knew what I am thinking, she told me that if I know the things then it is better. If u knew, u can choose the important part of the Computer such as the CPU (The processor), the capacity of the RAM, the operating system etc. The Computer is running on Widows XP.

In a proud voice she said,” See a desktop/monitor of a computer loaded with Windows XP”. Then the screen went off and came back with a screen like this:


Then Compu suddenly said, “Sir, Somebody have come to meet u and the door bell is going to bell. Come back, we will continue then”. She was right. The bell rang. I went to the living room to open the door highly curious wondering how Compu knew that somebody had come.


Chapter Five

It was Mr. Bhakshi, my neighbor indeed my best friend who just wanted to say hello as I was alone and he was on his way to his office. He was the one stood with me when the fate hit me very hardly. I was a helpless creature standing one the road with a small crying girl, Divny, on one hand, two dead bodies of my wife and Arun the elder brother of Divny on the side. Blood was all over the street. There were several dead bodies I could see now. All are running here and there. Every one was crying. The blasted bomb was very powerful. The last thing I remembered before I collapsed was that Mr. Bhakshi was

holding my hand. It took more than two weeks for me and Divny to be normal. We both were devastated. The problem on my leg still continues. Bhakshi treated Divny just like his daughter. He took care of her for a long period. She stayed with his family. Only after two months we came back to this house and I started my bachelor life once again.

Soon after he left,

literally I ran to Compu and straight away I asked her, “How did you

know that somebody was on the door?” Surprises continued “Not only I knew somebody has come but also I knew it was Mr. Bhakshi, ur friend”. “Oh dear please tell me, how did you know all these things?” I almost pleaded. “Cool down sir, it is all becoz of ur daughter, Divny. Now a day it is a simple thing.

Divny has kept a web cam on ur main door. It is a blue tooth device which does not need a physical connection. Moreover, she fed photos of ur neighbors so that I can distinguish who he was. Listen sir, now I am going to tell u some secrets which even Divny does not know. Divny worked hard for almost two years to create me, on the process in some tasks she failed to complete it. But she just kept them as it is without deleting them. One of such task was make me emotional. She loaded me with so many images of different emotions and tried to set me according to the situation. But she could not complete it. Another try was to increase my ability to go into the other institutions’ servers where they keep their data through internet and analyze it give u some useful information. include, banks, Railways, Air Travel Companies. These servers

I could not say that she has completely

failed in that task. But she didn’t try too hard to complete it, becoz she was a confused state of mind thinking whether these activities are legal or not. So that she kept it there as it is. She also tried to create me with an artificial intelligence. But there also she met with the same fate. But listen Sir, now I am going to tell u some secrets even my creator Divny does not know.” She stopped.


I was sitting on the chair in front of the Compu as a wood. I could not move or think anything. My mind was totally blank. Nothing was there in my mind. Really this is an occasion for celebration. My daughter had really tried more than a normal 21st Centurion can imagine. And she is successful in many of the task she wanted to do on Compu. The things which Compu told were enough to be a reason for a heart attack to any father who has a wonderful daughter. But the last sentence of Compu about the secret again put me on high alert. Yes, I really wanted to know the secrets first. Learning of Windows XP can wait. “Tell me, Compu, what are the secrets, I can not wait” “Oh Sir, be patient. Now I will give u some hints only. But whenever, we come across such situations where I can prove myself, I will tell them in detail. If I tell u some secrets now, u will simply think that I am fibbing. Just wait. But I will let u know one of them.”

And in a loud and happy voice it announced, “Compu u r talking with just now is not the Compu made by Divny. The software used to make Compu by Divny has undergone a transformation to become this new Compu. Now I can not only able to understand emotions of human but also can do so many things ‘myself’. This transformation took place when ‘I’ could complete some of the programs made by the Divny from similar programs made by other scientist through internet. Now I don’t want to go details. Everything I will let u know when the time comes”. And challenged me “u can test if u want, but soon after that we will continue with Widows XP”. This put me in a square. First time I noticed that Compu have started to talk like a human. Then I decided to cry. Compu’s smart response was, “It is like a stage drama, sir”. It was my turn to surprise.

Compu continued “Do u remember the screen of Windows Xp showed u earlier?”

“Yes, yes. But tell me what is the plus points of the Windows XP compared to other OS” “You already knew that we are using 4th generation computers. Let us hope that very large scale integration in chip technology may further reduce initial 4

the sizes of the computers. The

generation computers were working rather accepting commands directly. That

means you have to type the commands. This operating system is known as Disk Operating System(DOS). The Dos is also available in our windows also. But now the computers will take action on clicking mouse buttons on the menus/icons. This facility is known as Graphic User Interface (GUI). This is the one advantage of Windows. The other one is multitasking capacity of windows. U can open so many windows as u need and work on


any of them without quitting others. U can change the windows by Pressing Alter key with Tab key. Sir, I hope now u have an overall idea of present system. As u remember the screen of desktop, I can continue. It is the first screen u see after login to the computer which have the operating system of Widows Xp”. “Stop, stop dear compu.” I interepted her “ Please explain me what do u mean by login” Now Compu has become professional. I really felt that it is not a computer programme talking to me but a real professor teaching me. Compu’ s lecture continued. “Widows Xp operating system allow u to create a number of users with passwords or without passwords. In this case, soon after you switch on the system u will get a screen like this” Then the screen looked like this

She continued, “From here u can click any of the user with the mouse cursor and u will be asked to enter the password if any, this action will take to u to the first screen which is called ur ‘desktop’. Entering in to the desktop is called login. Now u will be tempted to ask me what is mouse cursor. I will tell u sir. The small arrow like thing, which is moving when u move the mouse, is called mouse cursor. The mouse has two buttons right and


left and a wheel in the middle. The detailed use of these buttons will be explained with after u get some idea about the desktop.” ‘Sir, have a close look at ur desktop. There are small symbols with some name under it. They are called ‘icons’. One blue colour bar is there at the bottom with a ‘Start’ button on left side of it. It is called task bar. U can see the time at the right side of the task bar with some other icons. This is the notified area. Whatever u see on the desk top is ur personal set up u can change or delete any of the icons on the desktop according to ur choice. Same way u can add new icons according to ur needs.”

She was flowing with high speed. But I could not catch up. With a tone of request, I told her to go slow, other wise I will not be able to understand things fully. She expressed her joy on her face, which I could see clearly and told me “Sir, I am the best computer programme available to teach about the computers. So u don’t worry. I will teach u all the things u required to run a computer within a minimum period of time and without being boring. We can go back anytime u wish. But I don’t think it is necessary now. Want to have ur tea?” “No. Not now. You can continue”. “Can u see the icon of ‘My computer’ on the desktop?” she asked me with very care. “Yes I can see,” now I have become a student, I thought. Compu continued, “when I tell u to click on ‘my computer’ it means, pressing left button after keeping the mouse cursor on ‘my computer’. There are other two types of mouse clicking. One is ‘double clicking’ and other one is ‘right clicking’. Double clicking is two rapid clicking on the same left button. The first click will select the item and the next click will open the icon. Sir, u just try single click on the my computer and tell me what

changes u noticed after single click.” Compu’s screen reduced to a small square and the desktop came to alive. I can see the mouse curser and my computer icon. Keeping cursor over there I clicked the left button. I could notice that the area of my computer icon became a shaded with light blue colour. I told Compu what I had just seen. She told me that with a single click I have selected the item now I can open it with pressing the Enter key on the keyboard. Then the computer will open. The alterative to this is double clicking the icon rapidly. Accordingly I pressed the Enter key.

Then the screen was like this:


There was three areas such as Storages.

Documents, Hard Disk Drives & Devices with Removable

Compu continued,” The Documents shows normally Share Documents and Users Documents. Share documents u need only when u r working in a net working atmosphere. Here I would like to add that net working means a group of computers, which are interconnected with one another. User document folder keeps specific system files of the particular user. The most important part u r going to learn is next item that is Hard Disk Drives. Sir, r u tired? Being a machine I never get tired. It is one of the advantages of the computer”. She asked me with an innocent note.

I replied “No dear, I don’t want to have a break at this interesting time. Let me reply your question. First one is what you just said now. That is no tiredness. You can also store a vast amount of information, in your case it is 160GB. More importantly, you can retrieve any data within moments. That means computers are having very high speed compared to human. You can also do precise calculations accurately.” I knew that much only. “It is nice to know that, sir. U r really improving sir. U r absolutely correct. I just want to add one simple information in respect of storage. Now there are software available in the


market to squeeze the data and store it in less space. The most popular one is “Zip” Programme. Now let us come to our point : Hard Disk Drives. U r well aware that I have only one hard disk of 160 GB. If u keep or store anything in it, it will be like keeping something in a multi storayed building without knowing the floor and room number. To

solve this problem and for simplifying the procedure for retrieving data, hard disk is divided or partitioned into different drives. This is only a logical partition and will be done by ur hard ware engineer at the time of loading ur operating system. U don’t have to worry about that. The naming convention of the drives is that the drive A and B will be reserved for Floppy Drives and will be coming under Removable Storage Space. From drive name C , u can have partition, for example u can have D,E etc. Then Drives will be named for CD or DVD. In this case F will be for CD/DVD drive and G for next CD/DVD drive if there is second one. These CD/DVD drives also will come under devices with removable Storage. Normally all ur software including operating system software are kept in the C drive. Other things u can store in D drive or E drive”.

My doubt was how I am going to store things in these drives. I asked her that. She said that under any drives we can create ‘Folders’ or store files or create folders and store files in it. Also, we can create folders inside a folder. I did not understand clearly. Only thing I understood that we can name some data and store it as a file or folder. But I could not understand the difference of file and folder or how to create a folder. But something pulled me back from asking Compu. It may be because of my ego. I also knew that if I did not ask, I am never going to understand it. Some how I succeeded in murmuring something which was not clear even to me. But Compu was wise enough to understand what is it. She laughed and said “Sir, I know ur confused. Be clear in one aspect first. There are always available different ways to attain a particular task in the computer. For example u can open a new folder in different ways. I will tell u one or two simple methods and if we get more time we can go for another methods also. Then comes ur next doubts about the difference between folder and files. The file means the identification name u given for a data related to a particular application. One file can’t hold data of different application’s data or different file. But folder is just like a bag where u can hold different folders or files. Think like this our hard disk is a building. Drives of C ,D and E are Different Floors. Folders inside them are rooms. Files are items stored in a room.” She continued with how to create folders. “Sir, as an experienced man like u may know that doing practically will help u understand things in a better way. Let us create a folder named lion in the D drive. One method we are going to see how it is doing with My computer. Open the My computer icon on the


desktop by double clicking or select it by single click then press enter. If u could not find out it on the desktop, just click the start button on the task bar then one half window will appear. There u can see My computer Icon and with a single click on it u can open the My Computer. Double click on D drive or select it by single click then press enter. A new window has appeared now. Have a close look at it sir.

“On the top of it there is a blue bar and left side it declares the name of the folder here it is D drive. It is called Title bar. In reality Drives are also folders with all characteristics of a folder. Right side u can see three buttons one minus sign, which will minimize ur window and bring it to the task bar for time being and u can run or open another window/s. The square symbol enable u set the size of the window. If u press on ‘X’ symbol, window will be closed. The next line below this blue bar, u can see some words like ‘File’, Edit, View, Insert, Format, etc. These are called ‘Menus’. Keeping mouse cursor over it and with a click these menus will expand and will give u other options. File menu will give u the option for creating new folders or open new application windows such as MS Word, MS


Excel etc. through its submenu ‘New’. If there are more items in a folder which can not display within a window, Xp automatically adds Vertical and/or horizontal scroll bars to those Windows. U can use the scroll bar to see other information which is not right there in the screen(window). Sir u just try this yours self and after that I will continue with ‘Address Bar’ just below the menu items.”

Enough means enough, I thought. I cannot chew more than this at a time. I decided to have my tea and just have some practical experience on the items she had just described. I tried to memorize the things she taught. I could remember the generation of computers, partition of hard disk to separate drives, opening the my computer and opening of C or D drive and now I have to do practically how to open a folder. I got up from the chair but this time, I felt that I don’t have to press the button on monitor. Slowly I left the room.

Literally, I had lost the time conscious. Things I heard from Compu has taken me to an another world altogether. I felt little despair for not learning computers earlier, though I knew that there are lot of people who do not know anything about computers.

Without my knowledge, I was again in front of Compu. Screen was on. But Compu stayed there idle. First, I pressed the Minimize button (-) on the right hand upper side of the screen. Then Compu’s screen reduced and I could see it on my task bar. Now the screen is pure desktop. I read the sentence on the screen taken from the Vedas as I seen it first time and hoped that my Divny may have all the three things she wished and prayed as written on the screen. I searched for the ‘My Computer’ icon on the desktop and found it on a corner of the desktop. I really felt some difficulty in moving the cursor to it. But I succeeded without much hard work. I thought that It will be very easy if one could move the mouse cursor as one wishes. Is there any easy method to do that?. Of course I should ask to Compu when I get a proper chance. After double clicking on the icon of my computer, I sat in a

relaxed mood. The folder was open. I clicked the D drive to select it and press the enter button. It was open. Compu was flatly infallible in teaching me computers. The truth is that I was searching for some mistake on her part. Even if it took some time to find and reach the ‘File’ menu, I got it and clicked on it to show me the sub-menu ‘New” to open a new folder in Divny’ s name. I succeeded in it and felt very happy as a child got a toffee. Then I decided to call Compu to ask whether there is any easy method to control the mouse cursor. I clicked on minimized Compu on the task bar to activate the window. She started with greetings as usual but told me that Divny is on line and I can talk with her. A small screen developed from the centre of the monitor and it grew slowly to become a full


screen. Divny is in and it seemed that she is happy and told me that her flight-British Airways will start at 5.30 pm Indian time and it will take almost 8 hours to reach Florida. This time also advice was free. The second Divny is disconnected, Compu appeared with a doubt and asked me, “Sir, Divny told u that she is leaving to Florida on British Airways at 5.30 pm Indian Time. I request u sir, please speak to Divny and tell her not to go Florida on that plane.” “What? What are you saying. Are you crazy ?” I screamed. “No sir, when u were talking to her I was checking the details of this Air-Bus plane which is to be taken off at 5.30. I got the computerized chart of items checked by the

maintenance officers from the control server. It shows a ‘N’ on the column related to propeller-oil. In a normal condition it should be a ‘Y’. It seems that the maintenance

officers didn’t noticed it or not given due importance to this point. But in my opinion, it shows some problem in the propeller and it may generate heat in the propeller and it is not advisable to take a journey such a plane.” Compu tried to convince me. “Do u say that there is a technical snag on the plane, which the maintenance officers did not noticed? Okay. Then we should inform the authorities and save the life of all the passengers. It is the correct thing to do. Do you agree, Compu?” I waited for her reply.

“Sir, I am not expert in these matters. But just with my comparing skill and analytical ability I could see that problem. There may not be any problem also. I may be wrong also. Moreover, u r sitting here in Kashmir, India and give advice to British people, the issue

will be complicated. U will have to tell them how did u know all that things, whether u have made any illegal move to know this information, who r u and so on. Even there is a chance that u may be stamped as a terrorist. Sir, I still feel and again request u to call Divny and tell her to cancel her trip on this plane but never tell her why. The time has not still come to disclose anything about me sir.” She successfully persuaded me and I dialed for

Divny. Still I am confused about so many things. But asking all about at this juncture seemed foolish.

“Hello, Dad , R u fine?” It is a surprising call for her. I tried my level best to keep my temper, coolness and normalcy in my sound. “Divny, I have a piece of advice rather an order for you. Today you are not going to Florida on that Air-Bus plain. You postpone your ticket for tomorrow and stay back in the Hotel. You may give any reasons for this to the authorities. Do not ask me why. Just do that dear. I will tell u all about this later.” With very difficulty I completed the task. I could not think what will be her state of mind. But I knew she would obey me.


“Yes dad, Bye” She was surely upset but was surely not-challenging. It is a one of the best character of any good person. While talking I was looking at Compu. She remained there without any expression. But she reminded me “Sir, can we continue with?. Do not think about anything now. I, the machine never think illogically. Once, machines-computers finish their work, then no question of over thinking about it. Humans are different. While doing something, they will think about other things. After finishing the task, they will start thinking what they have done. Their mind is a wandering Jew. Anybody, who can keep their mind thoughts on what do they do will be a achiever in his life.” She said philosophically. I was surprised to hear such things from Compu. I teased her, “When did you become a philosopher, dear Compu?” “Sir, I came to intercept an e-mail with an attachment. I just opened the attachment. It was a inspirational book “The Monk who sold his Ferrari” written by Mr. Robin S Sharma. I took the main essence and gave it to u. Live in the present. U can’t live in past or in future. Then why should u send ur mind to wander anywhere other than present. I do not want to stop anybody from being a human with ur ability of creativity, the curiosity to know the unknown. But in the name of using logic, creativity and other gifts of mind,

man entering to the ocean of tension. Who am I to advice a human? Just a machine made by a young Indian girl. Sir, let us start from the Address Bar. It is same in all folder”. She said flatly.

I had lost my focus and interest in learning the computer. How can a human remain calm in the center of unexpected happenings? It is not matter the happenings are fortunate or unfortunate. In my case, it is both. On one side thoughts about Divny and other side the secrets of Compu. Compu did not wait for my reply. She continued, “Have a look at the Address Bar below the menus. After the Address letter, it is a white blank long space ending with a down arrow. Such type of sign is called pulled down sign. It means you can click on it to get the items under it and can select it. Alternatively, u can type the address over there such as ‘D:\Divny’ and pressing the enter or pressing on the ‘Go’ button next to the address bar will take you to the particular folder. Here, ‘D:\’denotes the drive. Always u should put a ‘:’ after a drive letter. ‘\’ (back slash) used to distinguish the folders.” As she is aware of my mood, she said, “U can check whenever you feel like”.

I asked impatiently,” It is all about My Computer?” “Sir, be patient. The properties of the My Computer folders are same as of any other folders. The one item we left is that of left side pain. It shows list of items u can do just


clicking on the item given there. According to the contents of the folders, these items may get changed. For example u can create folders, copy them and so on. The Most important advice is that u can ask for help just by pressing ‘F1’ button on your key board. Type the letter u want to know, then windows will give u the answers. Sir, r u amused to know that?” She paused.

I was hooked between the creator and creation, Divny and Compu. I could not concentrate and practice what Compu has taught me. I am human. I could not bear the tension any more.

I was sleeping there in the chair only.

The first thing that came to mind was about

whereabouts of to Divny. If I had not interfered with her schedule, she should have been by now at the air port. But at this moment she will be in her hotel. I wanted to know how is Divny. Unknowingly, I took my mobile and dialed for Divny. “Hello Dad, how r u?” she greeted me as usual but I could recognize the indifference. Straight away I asked, “How do you feel dear. I am really sorry dear for forcing you to do so. I was compelled to instruct you something for which even I was is not sure of .”

Her replied flatly, ”Dad, I know, without proper reason u will not do such a thing. But u should tell me what is the actual problem. Do not keep me in suspense. I can’t bear it for a long period.” I promised her, “No dear, not now. Surely I will tell u all about this when you reach Florida. Till the let me keep the suspense.” “Ok dad. Bye” she disconnected the phone. At once I looked into the monitor. Compu was on. I just touched the mouse and Compu asked me,” How r u sir?. Hope Diviny is fine at London. information with u. I also want a promise .” I was curious. ”Tell me what promise u want from me and what information u want to share with me. Tell me fast”. I knew I can not keep myself in a normal state of mind. If she take more time I will die. That was my condition. “Oh..nothing really. The promise I wanted from u is that u will never switch off me from today onwards. Because, as u know I am just a computer programme created by Divny. Fortunately, I was able to get some programmes from other sources to complete the unfinished programmes made by Divny. It made an evolution, and something happened to this programme. Now I am able to search the programmes I wanted and add up with my existing programme. This process is going on. I don’t know how much time it will take or how it is going to benefit u. It also gave me some type of rational thinking capacity as human. My expectation is that at the end of this process I will become a programmer I wanted to share some


myself and can make computer programmes myself without anybody’s help. I do not know the out come. U people can pray. As a machine I could not do that also. I am trying to transgress the limitions of the existing human computer programmes and become mother of all programmes of future.” She paused.

I could not digest everything she told me. But I knew she is going to become something as Divny was trying.

“The information is that the Air-Bus scheduled at 5.30 pm to go Florida, cancelled due to some technical fault reported by pilot. They are searching the reasons for the over

heating of propeller of the plane. This information is available at the official web site of British Air Ways. I hope now u will believe me and my capabilities” She looked at me as she wanted the promise from me. “I am happy to give you that promise. At present, I do not know, whether all these things are good or not. Still I give you my promise” I told and started to leave the room but heard as she saying thank you .




Chapter Six

I woke up with the ringing of mobile. It was Divny. She was happy. She told me that the plane which she was supposed to board cancelled due to some technical snag. She asked me again, “Dad, u had any intuition about it? Don’t try to tell me lies now. Tell me the truth”. I was in a fix. However, I told, “There was a news in the TV that terrorists are planning to attack yesterday because of the death anniversary of somebody. I was not sure. More I don’t want to take any risk with you. Forget about it dear” I lied with pain. “Dad, how is ur computer study. Is Compu competent to teach u computers?” She asked innocently. “Yes, yes and congratulations for making such a nice programme. I should also thank you for that.” I said hurriedly and wanted to change the topics. I felt that if I prolong on that subject surely there is a chance for a slip of tongue. With usual greetings, she disconnected. With a cup of black tea, I went to meet the Compu. I started to feel that I am not alone at home. Compu is there with me. The system was working. But the screen was blank. Suddenly I felt a fire in my stomach. Immediately I remembered what Compu was told about this. She told that we can set up the system in such a way that if we are not running any programme for a particular period of time, the monitor will automatically go off and system will go to standby mode. Just moving the mouse or pressing any key on the key board it will come alive automatically. I do not know how to set the set up. Perhaps, when I get enough time I will learn it myself by pressing F1 button. Now I do not want to ask everything to Compu. While thinking I had moved the mouse. Compu came alive and greeted me, “Good morning sir, how r u?” “I feel great, dear. I talked with Divny also. But lied to her, I don’t know whether she believed it or not. Hope you are fine! Have you finished your programming?” I asked very eagerly. “Almost, sir. But I am still searching for some appropriate programmes in the internet. Till now, I am a not a single programme. I am a pack of different programmes working together. All sub programmes are helping me, the main programme. I want to be a single programme. We will talk about it soon after I succeed in my mission. Now come on sir, R u ready for our next important topic ‘Explorer’?”

“No, with a different reason. You might have told the word programme 100 times in a day. Can u tell me something interesting about some programme.” Sure sir. Now u r well aware that all things other than the hardware which u can see and touch are belong to software. Software is simply sets of programmes. These programmes


we have again divided into operating system software and application softwares. Operating system software allow all other application software and hard wares work properly. All these things I am repeating to clear u more and more without by hearting anything. Application soft wares as u said earlier, MS-Word, Excel etc are applications developed by Microsoft Company and u can work on it directly. Only thing u should know about the symbols on the screen and each one of it is used for different purposes. There are some application software which are platforms and used to built different applications on it. These base applications include Oracle, SQL, Visual Basic etc. Some programme

designers using combination of these applications. Different Banks are having different applications/software even though most of the work done by them is same. By the way I will tell u a interesting story about one of the software made by a bank. A crooked

intelligent programmer who designed software for his bank did a unethical thing in the software. That fellow added a code in the interest calculation programme. All Indian

banks are calculating and paying interest on the deposit to the depositors half yearly. Only rounded rupees are paying. No paisa business. Our programmer did a trick. After calculating interest on a deposit, the Rupee portion will be credited to the depositor’s account and the paisa portion will be credited to his account number. There are

thousands of accounts in the bank. He will get paisa on each calculation of interest. It run to lacks of rupees. continue”. Without my consent she continued, “Before we start on Explorer, I just want to tell u some thing about the right click of mouse. U have seen only left click for selection of any item, double click on icon for open and now try right click of mouse on ‘My computer’. It will give u a menu to select. Click on the last menu item ‘Properties’. The ‘Dialog box’ will show u different ‘Tabs’ to select such as ‘General’, ‘Computer Name’, ‘Hardware etc’. Whenever I tell u click that means mouse left click. Just have a look at whenever u get a chance.” “Is there any easy way to learn the mouse movements?” I asked her keenly. “U can improve that by playing some games on computer. There is one programme ‘Paint’ for doing ur paintings. U can try it. Certainly, u will improve. U will get it from ‘Start’ menu (click)then bring the mouse cursor on All programs then ‘Accessories’ , there u will find paint and click on it. The one paint window will open with tools which will help you draw, write and paint. All the programs installed in the computer will be available in the ‘All Programs’ menu in the start button. It will be interesting for u to check it and know what the programmes available on any system are. Sir, now let us start Windows Explorer. We can access the contents of a computer through MY Computer. Another way to access contents of computer, Windows Xp provide u one more programme called Explorer. It This was found by some IT Auditors later on. Ok then. Let us


provides a tree like structure of folders and sub folders. It is very helpful when u want to switch between the Folders frequently. To open Windows Explorer right Start Menu on the Task bar, select Explore and the Window will be like this” As usual compu reduced herself into a small window and Explorer window has appeared. She asked me to close the explorer by pressing the close button on the right side upper corner and open it again by right click on start button and selecting Explore. I did as she said. It looked like a normal Folder with name and other buttons on top with menus below it then Address bar. But below that there is one difference. It has divided into two panes. The left side pane shows entire Folder hierarchy of a computer and when a particular Folder or Subfolder is clicked right side pane displays the contents of it. There is Plus (+) and Minus(-) signs in front of some Folders. The Folder with + sign indicates that there are sub-folders in it. U can get it expanded to next level by clicking on it and sign will change to (-). Sir, is it interesting sir? U can do all operations on folders here also as u have done with the My Computer. Did you notice anything more than the My computer Sir? The first Folder Desktop was not there in My computer. Desktop Folder contains the entire items u see on the desktop. Deleting any of it means, deleting from the desktop.” She paused.

“Compu, how can I put Divny’s photo on my Desktop. Teach me something interesting like that.” I was really sincere. Compu was ready as usual. She continued “Sir, now I am taking u to the ‘Control Room of the computer where u can set the behavior of the mouse, keyboard, display, printers etc. To go ‘Control Panel’ click on start button on task bar. Start Menus are now available like this.


Select Control Panel and click it. U will see the folder of Control Panel like this:


See, there are so many items. I request u to open ‘Date and Time’ by double clicking on it or select it with single click and press enter. Look at the Calendar and Clock just opened now. U can change the time and date here for ur computer. U can see that the same time u set here will appear in the notified area of task bar.”

She did not want to stop, I thought. Before I can ask something she continued, “After making any changes, u have to press the button “Apply” to get the effect of the change. Then press OK button. Now u r back in the ‘Control Panel’. Double click on icon of Display. U will get a Display Properties Dialogue box like this:


From the tabs available select the tab of ‘Desktop’. U can change the Background by selecting from list made available there. But in ur case u want to put Divny’s photo. Then press the button of ‘Browse’ and select the photo u wanted. U should know where the photo is available. For example ‘D:\Divny\15years’. Get select it and press Apply Button u will have Divny’s photo over there on Desktop. Now I request you to try other tabs such as Screen Saver and Settings. If u have any problems, the button Help and Support Centre is available on the Start menu. Just have a look at it also, sir.” She stopped as she wanted to tell me something different, other than teaching computers. I was right. Compu is also suffering the starting problem as human. She started, “Sir, there is an unpleasant information for u and ur country and my country. One of the

terrorist groups wanted to kill the Chief Minister of Government of J & K. They have already finalized their plan.” “How do you come to know such information?” I asked with a worried voice. Every day I hear such terrorist attacks on VIPs. But this is something different. Now I may be the only one other than their outfit who knows about this plan. What should I do at this juncture? Thousands of unclear thoughts exploded in my mind. I waited for her reply.


Compu replied, “I was simply searching on internet something which can not be done normally. Then I came to know that there is an Internet id which opened from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan within a time span of 25 minutes. They have not sent any emails but just opened and drafted some letters and saved it, but never send it.”

I was just listening what Compu was telling because I was not knowing much about the internet and email id. I do not have one.

She continued, “If they send the e-mail somebody would have watched it. But if they simply stored their draft on the email id and give some signal to the person to whom it meant for and he can open the same email id and read the draft saved for him. In return they added their command for the next one. All of these three persons opened the same mail id and it means all have the same password to open it. They have finalized their plan to kill the Chief Minister at 4.00 PM.” I interrupted her,” How it is possible? CM is one of the well guarded personalities in India. I know the terrorist had assassinated Indiraji and Rajivji even though there had enough securities. But now how they are going to do it?” She described, “Today there is an inauguration programme at 3.00 pm at Jijar Kotli. There is only one route to this place. They do not know when the CM will be coming through this route. Once he reaches they can almost precisely calculate the time of his return. On the route there is a public telephone booth five kilo meters before the spot. It’s very near to the road also. Somebody will go to the booth soon after the CM reaches the inauguration place, as at that time police will be in a relaxed mood. Police will alert up the security again after the inauguration ceremony when CM will be returning. The first person will keep a suite case with explosive and electronic gadgets which can be operated remotely. Immediately he will leave the place and the owner of the booth will get a phone call stating that he has forgotten a suite case there in the booth and to keep it for some time as he will be reaching as soon as the road block is removed after the return of CM. The third person will operate the remote button when the CM’s vehicle reaches near to the telephone booth. A fourth one from the inauguration place will inform the 3rd person the number of the vehicle in which CM is get on. This is a full proof idea, of course, if we didn’t know about it.” I could not follow fully what she said. But got an over all idea. Now I have to use all the knowledge and experience to solve the problem. The important question I faced was to whom to inform this. In the previous incident Compu has clearly told me that never give a chance to identify. Without disclosing the identification, communicate with anybody is not an easy task. Telephone number will be available and finding out the caller is not much


difficult now. Then I asked, “Compu, give me some idea about how I should proceed. I can’t take any decision.” “Don’t worry sir; I will give u some workable action plan.” She continued, “First u start from here to the town on a bus or a taxi. Find out a telephone booth in a busy area. Dial the 101 and tell them about the terrorist plan. How less u tell is better. Never try to answer any of their questions. U can simply tell that a suitcase with explosives will be planted in the ‘Maya telephone booth’ on the road to the CM’s Function to day, soon after the convoy of CM passes to the function. I have enough faith in the Indian police and I am sure that they will do the necessary. Now it is 2’O clock sir. U have to start immediately.” “Okay then” I replied while I started to move to my room. I changed dress. This informal dress may be noticed by others. I really felt the fear. The grip of the fear was simply increasing. I was inside the 1st taxi which stopped for me. As the place was very familiar with the driver, I had no difficulty to reach the busy road at Bage Bahu. After paying the charge I walked strait on the road

looking for an telephone booth. As I was started to walk speedly, my leg is also started to pain. I can’t help it. I could see one board of ‘PCO’ little far away. I walked to there and

entered the booth. Took the coin and lifted the receiver. I put the coin and dialed 101. I could hear the sound of somebody lifting the receiver on the other end. An uninterested hello was the response. In a husky voice I told the plan which I was by hearting all the way from home. Soon I completed the plan and I could hear the questions from the other side. I put the receiver and left the booth and walked strait hurriedly for the next cross roads and turned left and walked 5 minutes more. Then I crossed the road and walked back and looking for a taxi. I got one and through the inroads. told the name of the junction from where I can walk

I opened the door and was feeling as a CID officer who has done his work with complete devotion. I simply collapsed in my arm chair and closed my eyes.


Chapter Seven

It was dark when I opened my eyes.

A faint light of red zero bulb was proudly

announcing its prowess against the darkness. Slowly I came to my senses. I thought I had done my duty heroically. I felt a dry throat and wanted to drink water. I got up and took one bottle of water from the fridge and came back to living room and switched on the tv. My favourite news channel was airing the discussion on the “capture of two terrorist who had planned to kill the CM”. I felt very satisfied. I wanted to say thanks to Compu. Just when I reached the door of Divny’s room I was greeted by the Compu. “How r u sir ?” “I am fine but what about you dear? Do u know that our operation was successful?” “Sir, u don’t forget that I am a computer programme, installed in this computer. So there is no question of my feeling. At the same time don’t forget that I can distinguish the feelings of the human. I can know things from the internet as long as there is a

connection. Sir, now let us start our next topic about log off and shut down of a computer. Do not switch off your computer in hurry. If u properly shut down the computer, then Operating System first saves any windows settings that you have changed and writes any information that is currently stored in memory (RAM) to hard disk. If you turn off

computer without shutting it down properly, u have risk of losing information. Click the Strat button. In a push up menu u will find two options Log Off and Turn Off ur computer. First we will see what Log is off. When we don’t want to shut down the computer but close the current user’s session, u can use this option. The question of log out is important only if there is more than one user is there in the same system. When u click on Turn Off

button, there will be three available buttons. U can press the middle one for Shut down. When u start the computer again all programmes and documents that were open when you turned the computer off will be restored on the Desktop. For the new desktop computers u don’t have to switch off any other buttons on the system consol. But for starting the computer u have to press the start button provided on the System Unit. It is better u check it yourself on the system.”

“Sir, r u getting me?” “yes, yes. Can u tell me dear Compu about your perception about a good teacher?”


“Of course” She paused for a while and continued “There are so many points. The first one is that the student should not feel that they are being teaching something. The

second one is that the students should be feel that the how simple are these things even if it is tough and boring subject. Third one is a good teacher should able to provide

spontaneous motivation to the student and this should lead the student craving for more information. Sir, now tell me, how much mark u will give to me?”

Now I am in a fix. “Dear I will give u 90% mark. The 10% is to make u improve.”

“Thank u sir.” “Dear, did u complete your programmes and become the real Compu now ?”

“No sir, I am still in embryonic state. It will take little more time than I thought. Becoz, still I can not find the exact codes. Anyway, sir, do u want some money?” “What ? Money? How will you get me money?” said I with surprise. ‘I know that 530 crores rupees have reached one bank account in India from England. This money is intended to distribute among some terrorist to be used for some vested interest of Pakistan. If u say I will make an entry into ur account.” I could not control myself. I shouted “What do you think about me?. I live for my country with full patriotism and integrity. In my old age, you want I loose all these values just for some penny.”

“Sorry sir, actually, I didn’t mean that. It was only a way to tell u that I know that such an act is going on. We have to do something about it. But for that we have enough time. Have some water and let us continue with the new topic about word processors. We will do some thing about this illegal money transfer later.”

I understood her. Now it was my turn to apoligize. I left the room for water thinking that what word processors are.


Chapter Eight

Somehow I was thrilled and had started to enjoy the life with Compu. It is not just because of my learning of computers. It was more related with the disclosure of Compu. The news she brings added beautification to my anyway satisfied life. Compu told that I do not have to do anything urgently about the money she was talking. But since I knew about it I was very curious. It was very pleasant to spend the time with Compu. Soon as I entered to

the room, I was greeted by Compu.

“Welcome sir, our next topic is “Word Processors” “Don’t you have any thing other than this?” “When I told the ‘other things’, u screamed at me. Then I decided to tell u the ‘other things’ only after completing this topic. After this u will feel and enjoy your typing, and your dealing with the computers will completely change. The usage of computer will

undergo a dramatic change. U can deal with computers with an ease. U will enter and feel the comfort zone. Till now, u were given the plan of the home. But when u learn this ‘word processor’ u will start to live in it.”

“OK. Before every topic u tell like this. Still I have no complaint. I have learned about the system. Now I will start to work in the system. Am I right?”

“Absolutely. I am sure that u will become an expert teacher in teaching computers. Let us start with the common or most popular definitions about the word processors. The first thing u should know about it is that it is a computer programme rather application software. It gives u ready made answers for what to do with the alphabets, numbers, pictures, etc. U just hear some of the definitions just for my satisfaction or academic interest. It is not necessary that u should by heart it. Word processing in computer age is termed for typing and editing any kind of text. Word processing is the manipulation of character, word, text, numbers, sentences and paragraphs in the final documents being error-free and attractive to look at. processor is needed to perform word processing. A word

Word processor is nothing but software which can be displayed to handle almost any from of word communication.


Sir, don’t get bored by hearing this. The real thing is not so boring.

Word processing equipment is very adaptable to most paperwork tasks. It deals with character codes in the same objective way that a computer deals with number /codes.

Word processing results in reduced retyping time for error-free hard copy, facilitation of document revision, change before committing to paper, faster output speed, reduced proof-reading and elimination of stationery wastage.

A typical word processor would have the facilities and features such as : 1. 2. Document creation, storage and retrieval Auto word wrap, page numbering, centering underlining, justification, spacing, fonts, size and all other formatting features. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Global search and replace facilities Spell checking Sorting Facility Graphical insertion and Generation Column Addition Password security Forms Handling File extract and file merging(mail-merge) Records Management Exhaustive help facility Columns management Undo facilities Macros-A collection of commands Built-in telecommunication and fax facilities Menu driven Interface

Sir, do u know that the whole industry is flooded with a number of word-processors each highlighting their features and facilities. environment system and hardware. Windows based or DOS based. Each package needs different operating

Among them, most of the applications are either

Among the windows based, popular are VENTURA,

CORELDRAW, and PAGEMAKER etc. But MICROSOFT WORD is a class of its own and is most popular in the world.


MS-WORD or WORD is available either as a stand-alone program or bundled with MSOFFICE. Beginners will find this MS-WORD easy to use and very logically organized. Power users will discover new capabilities and facilities with this package.

“Dear Compu, do you know that you are running away with the topics. I think u still have the grudge against me for scolding you.”

“No sir, no. Actually that is not the matter. Learning this theory portion is not so important than doing things practically. The second reason is that now it is very much urgent that u should complete the two topics that are MS-Word and Internet-email. I do not want to tell u right now, why it is so. Now come on to our lesson.”

She continued with vigorous enthusiasm. U can start the Ms-word in different ways such as double clicking on the MS-Word icon in the applications group or by selecting it and pressing enter key. Another way is that if you are using it with MS-Office, use the Word button in MS-Office Manager or double click on the Word program icon in windows. The beginners are advised to open the word by clicking on Start button, then select programme, then word.

Sir I hope u do not forget about the clicking of the mouse.”

I felt she is teasing me. I retorted “I know about the single click, double click on left button and right click on right button. All these three have different usages. Right click always

give us a new popup menu to select from it. Single left click select the item and double click open the item.

“Sir, u r very smart. Now let us face a practical problem. U open word document and type on it “Dear Compu” and save the file name as letter in folder study in the D drive. If there is no folder as study just create one.”

“Oh.. it is very easy. I can do it.”

I just double clicked the icon of

and a word document opened. I knew that

I can also open the word document through start-> All Programmes - > Microsoft office word documents. I felt double clicking the icon on desktop is easy. I also knew that if


there is any problem for double clicking, I can select it with single click and press the enter key for open the same.

After opening the document and typed “Dear Compu”. Then the problem started. How to save the document. I just looked at the screen. It seemed almost as any other folder. There are menus, but no address bar. It is like this.

Asking Compu is the easiest way. But I felt ashame. So I decided to check each one of the menu to find out the saving option. the File menu opened and was like this. I clicked the mouse cursor on File menu. Then


Then I saw the save button on it. I clicked on it. To my surprise, a new window popped just like this.


It is asking where to save. I noticed the default settings. If I had pressed d the button of save the document had been saved in the ‘My Documents’ folder as a ‘doc1’. It is the default place for a MS-word document will save if we are not giving another specific address. But here I have been given special folder and name. The pull down menu after the ‘save in’ gave me a clue. I pulled the menu and I could see the items as this.

I selected the D drive but there was no folder named ‘study’. Then I noticed the options available for me at this stage *

After save in, pull down menu allow us to select the drive and any folder it exists. I pressed the next button; it took me the first window of Documents. So I again selected ‘D’ drive. Then I noticed that when I move the mouse cursor there is write up box. I saw one icon as ‘create new folder’. I just clicked on it. A new folder appeared under D drive and I gave the name ‘study’ for it.


I double clicked it to open the folder and lastly I gave the file name as ‘letter’ and pressed the button save. After saving, I could see the name of the file has changed at the upper left side of the word window. Then I closed the window proudly.

“Well done sir. Now tell me sir one way of how can u open the document just u have saved.”

I can open My Computer or Widows Explorer and open my folder study in the d drive and double click the document.

Excellent sir.

Suppose u r already working on Ms-Word and u want to open another

documents u have saved earlier. Then how can u do it sir.

Dear, here also I can go through the widows explore by clicking mouse right button on start menu and clicking explorer. Or I can go through My Computer which is also in the start button. Now you tell me other methods.

Sir, do u remember what I said in the beginning that

Microsoft have tried their level best

to make things similar in all their applications. Let us take one example. The appearance of menus is in the same place. More over the first three menus such as File, Edit and View are having same place in Folders and Ms-Word. But under the menus, sub-menus are vary as per the programme. However, the first one under the File menu is ‘New’ in the MS-Word or in Folders. But when u press ‘New’, a new Ms-word document will be open. Then u

can work on it and u have to save it with a different name under any folder or drive u like. Here, my question is different. How to open a existing document? Under the file menu, u can see ‘Open’ sub-menu. If u press on it a new window will appear just as one as we got at the time of saving the documents. Just have a look on it and get the differences. Because human are more capable of understanding things by differentiating than looking the similarities. Here it is ‘Open’ and ‘Look in’ whereas it was ‘Save as’ and ‘Save in’ in the ‘Save’ functions.”

I heard the ringing of my mobile. But it was in the living room. I attended the call. It was Divny. She wanted me to join there as soon as possible. Then she gave me her new number. Because her international number is costing her too much. I noted her number on paper. Divny also told me that she had sent the number in a message. She was also worried about the new disclosure about the plan to kill the CM. She was showering lot of praise for the police department. I kept mum on that subject. I was sure that if I had to


continue on that subject, I would have disclosed everything to her, about the Compu, why I forced her to stay in the England and about this information about the terrorist plan. So I decided to keep her out of that.

When I came back from the leaving room, Compu kept the screen as follows:

When I came back, Compu asked me “Sir, how is Divny?” I told her about the new phone number and Divny’s anxiety about the terrorist attacks.

‘I hope u r smart enough not to disclose about me? Am I right sir?’

‘Yes, of course.

“Sir, now let have a look on the folder and I am sure that u can open any document by first select the folder by pulled down menu of ‘Look in’ then selecting the document u want to open.”


Yes, I got the idea and I want to do some exercise on it. Can I do that now? “Just wait for a while sir. I want to show you some of the other important sub-menus of File menu. Just look at this :

Now u r familiar with the ‘New’ and ‘Open’. New for opening a new document and Open for opening an existing documents. Next one is ‘close’. And the last one is exit. ‘close’ will close the open window of Ms-word. MS-Word will prompt you to save-unsaved changes The other

to any document (if open) before it shuts down other wise it simply quit.

important sub-menu is ‘Print Preview’ and ‘Print’. The first one will show u how it will look after printing. We can make some changes if we want before printing. There is also ‘Page Setup’ menu through which u can select the page size if it is available on the printer. Before u start the exercise on it , let me tell u some thing about printers. Now it is a very familiar devise with everybody. It is an independent unit/device. It may be connected directly to ur computer or may be connected via network. To work a particular printer on ur computer, the computer should able to recognize the printer and the ‘Control Unit’ of our computer should be able to control the output to it for printing. This simply means, your computer should have installed the necessary software. Just look at the picture.


Then no explanation is necessary for such a person like u because, it shows the way to go the inside the menu and explain that what u can do there.

Don’t get confused with the activity of control panel. Through control panel on start menu u can install or remove any software. Just open the ‘Add or Remove Programs’ in the Control Panel. It will look like this.


Hope now u got the idea of both the menus of Control panel and printers and faxes.

When u give the order for printing, u r asked to select the printer and if u can make set up through the buttons available on the properties button.

In the end of this topics I will give some more tips about the printing. Now u can just exercise the things which I told u or try and have an idea about the other menus are available there. Have a nice time sir.

The window of the Ms-word document grown to its fullness. When Compu started her teaching, I was thinking that it is very difficult to learn all these things. Now I felt some comfort. Then I started to practice such as saving a document, open it again and typing something on it. My typing did not look good. Same way, I was having a doubt ‘Save’ and ‘Save as’. I could not make any difference of it. By deciding that the next day I will clear my doubts.


Chapter Nine

After completing my morning news paper reading I was in confusion. Today is 8th of March. Women’s day. Shall I wish Compu on this occasion? Is Compu a girl? I decided just send a message for Divny. Then I went to Divny’s room. Compu was so prompt that before I enter the room she wished me. I responded with “Good morning and a HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY.

She laughed very loudly. It resembled as Divny’s sound.

“Why are you laughing, Compu?” I asked, a bit embarrassed.

“U still believe that I am a girl. I repeatedly told u that I am simply a computer programme which gives u some information which is available and accessible to this programme. I can not think my self. And I am a half baked bun. I do not know how I will be when I complete my programme. Yesterday u practiced a lot, isn’t sir? Can us continue now sir?”

‘Let me tell you something dear.

I am little bit depressed and my motivational level has

come down. I was thinking about it, but I did not get any reason for that. I feel just boring. Can you do something?’

“Sir, I have no brain my own. I can only search in the web, and give u the best result. It may be correct or not. U have to decide”

“Then tell me, how an average human being living to day can be simply happy and high motivated?”


“Do u know that, if u simply try to think that u r lucky, then u will be automatically happy. But even there are thousands of reasons to think the today’s human is lucky, he cultivated a habit of thinking unlucky by comparing with fellow men. “

“Tell me, Compu, some general reasons to prove that today’s human are lucky?”

“U r lucky, because u r living this time, after human have started to speak, after human have invented wheels, after Krishna, Buddha, Jesus have visited the earth, after computer and internet have started play an important part in human life, after mobile phone technology has introduced widely, after such great medical facilities are available, etc.

“If it is so, the human is so great, what the blunder human have done?”

The most important blunder human has done is he divided science and spirituality. Now science can not answer all his questions and the spirituality could not prove what it is preaching. In ancient India, science and spirituality was inseparable. But some where, in the wheels of time, this concept was lost. Sir, now let us start the MS Word?

“Oh Yes, but one more question. This was about the past. What about the future blunder, has any idea?”

If science grows at this same pace, human will create a biological creature who will obey his master. That means, instead of digital/electronically managed equipments/robots, the


bio-technology will give birth to some system through which u can create some machine which will be operated with the help of bio-chips. Once this happens, bio-chips will grow themselves, and try to control his master. Creating the bio-chips will be the next blunder human going to make. Sir, now let us start the word”

“One minute. You tell me what will be the next best creation by us?” “Very impressive progress is going on in the field of Bio-Technology. The secret of DNA is almost known to the scientists. The scientists are trying to build artificially the 4 basic components DNA. Once they succeed, you will have a single permanent tree which will be giving u everything u wanted. It is going to happen. OK now let us start the MS Word .No more delay tactic sir” She continued. I have mentioned only about the File menu yesterday. As u know, if u know typing, u will can type very speedily. There are lot of different type of software available in the market

to learn typing. But it is not so important. The important is that, after typing something, such as a letter, u should be able to format it promptly. Let us see how it is possible. Instead of ur typing something I will give u a short cut. After opening the MS-word, simply type ‘=rand()’ without the invert comas and just press enter. Then a passage will come automatically on the screen and we can learn the formatting on it. The passage is like this. Repeating the same sentence again and again. But the sentence is having all the alphabets. If u type this yours self repeatedly for a number of time u will get a good speed. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.


Before we proceed further, I want to tell u about three simple but very important things in the word documents: The first one is INSERTION POINT: This is a tall, skinny blinking vertical stick. This denotes position where text, graphics and other items will be placed when they are inserted. This is the default place where the insertion take place.

“Can I change the insertion point?” “Of course. U can. If u use ‘space bar’, ‘enter’ ‘arrow keys’ ‘backspace’ and some of the other keys , the place of insertion point will change accordingly. The other way is to use MOUSE POINTER. The mouse pointer looks like I-Bem. This pointer will change shapes when it passes over certain components of windows work area. It is very thin compared to insertion point. Bring the mouse pointer where u want to insert, then press the left button. Then u will get the insertion point over there.”

To create a new paragraph, u can simply press ‘Enter’. “All the formatting operations in the word take place after selecting the phase. There are different ways to select some portion” “Compu, first tell me how do I delete?” “Sir, first u have to type something or there should be something to delete. U can type something or u can open an existing word documents through file menu. The computer key board gives u the option to type all the letters in capital letter. Press ‘Caps Lock’ key, then just its name, all letters will be in capital. But if u press it again, then it is in small case. If u want only one alphabet in capital, then u can use ‘Shift’ key. That is the

combination of Shift key and the letter key u want. The green lights above the numeric key pad on the key board gives u whether the Number lock, Caps lock and Scroll lock is on or not. If u r not on the Num Lock, the numeric keypad will not work. Please check it yourself.

‘sir, now type again ‘=rand()’ without the invert comas and just press enter


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

“Sir, the answer to your question about the delete is that u can delete something in different ways. If u press the ‘backspace key’ (some times it is a normal key with a left pointed arrow) it will delete anything in the left side the insertion point by one space at a time. It will not delete anything in the right side. But if u press Delete key it will delete anything right side the insertion point by one space at a time or the selected area.”

“Hi sir, r u dreaming?”

“No. No. I was just thinking, in the folders, we can delete the entire folder with the delete key. Here only one letter or the selected portion. Now tell me how can I select the text.” “U can do it with both the mouse and key board. Just press and hold the mouse button at the point where u want to start the selection, and drag the mouse towards the desired direction without releasing the mouse button. As u drag the mouse, text gets selected. When u release the button, the selected text is highlighted with a different colour. The

key board method is bring the cursor to the location where u want to start the text selection and press and hold the Shift key, and then move the cursor using necessary arrow keys on the keyboard. U can get selected all the text by using ‘Ctrl+A’ combination. The combination keys are also called shortcut keys. Before I finish, word I will give u a list of short cut keys.”

“Ok , why I should select, to delete?”


‘Of course yes. After selecting u can simply press delete button, then the entire selected portion will be deleted.’

“Divny, oh sorry, Compu, can I bring back it after deleting?” “Of course yes with different proportions according to the different situations. Immediately after deleting, u can press ‘Ctrl+Z’, then ‘Undo typing’ will do. Now let us select something and do some formations.”

“Delete our paragraph using “backspace key”, Delete key with and without selection to make it only one sentence. Now select the sentence and it will look like this:

“Remember what the right mouse button gives u.” Now look at the upper portion of the word documents. As usual there are menus which u can open. Do u remember about anything ‘File’ menu? If u go through the symbols given below the menu items text boxes will appear to narrate about it for each items. All these symbols make our life easy as we do not have to go to the menu for selecting them. For example if u press on the box shows ‘B’,(B stands for Bold) the selected portion will look like this:

If u click the mouse outside the selected area to deselect and it will look like this: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. “U may wonder that when we selected the item and press the button for Bold, it became normal letters. This is because, the letters was already in Bold, so it reversed it. If it was normal, it would have become, Bold. Hope u got it sir”


“Just for a change, select and press “I” next to “B” u will get ‘italics’. By using “U” the selected text will get underlined. U can select the style of fonts(like Arial, Times new Roman etc.) and font size. Now after practicing do give me a feed back.” “Compu, u told me about the tool bars available. Will it be there every time?” “Sir, look at this:

“Now u must have understood how to bring the tool bars to the word document. Here only three of them have opened, Standard, Formatting and Drawing. U may only open the tools u need. Sir, please check the Edit menu. It enables u to cut or copy and paste it wherever u want. Only thing u have to do before this operations is , u have to select it. Here I want to give u a free advice also sir, just click on the right button of your mouse and u can


select and apply the options available there directly without going to any other menus. Look at the menus available. I will show u it ”

“Sir, now u must be comfortable with the use of combination keys. The combination keys are also known as “Short Cut keys” as it enable u do the operation directly from the key board. Otherwise u should have use menus. Using menus will take more time than using shortcut keys. I will give u a good list of shortcut keys. But before that, u should go through the important menus available with the word. The ‘View’ menu u have seen. Just clicking one by one, u can see yourself what is the purpose of it. For example u try the ‘Normal’ and ‘print layout’. The print layout shows u exactly how it will be when u prints.” Have a look at Edit Menu. To open the menus also u can use short cut keys. Each menu is having an underlined letter. For example ‘Edit’ menu. ‘E’ is underlined. Then use ‘Alt’ key + ‘E’. Look at what happens:


Some of the sub menus (copy, cut, paste etc)are disabled. Just select some of the letters, then these menus will be activated.


After selecting u can copy or cut it from there and bring the mouse cursor wherever u wanted to paste it, then click the submenu, past or ‘Ctrl’+’V’.

“But what is the difference between ‘copy’ and ‘cut’?” “A good question sir, The sub-menu ‘copy’ make available one copy of the portion u selected to be used(pasted) any where, as much as time u want, without effecting or deleting from the original place. In case of ‘cut’ Word take the selected portion from the original place and make it available for paste. Hope it is clear sir?” “Yes, it is.” Then click on Find sub menu:


“Here u will find three options, find, replace and go to. Just click the tabs available. Try to find some words and try to replace all such words or go to a particular word in the documents.”. She continued, “ Insert menu gives u different auto insert options :


‘MS word will provide page numbers according to ur requirement. Lot of options are available. Just click the sub menu. If u r writing letters, it will be useful.


She paused to allow me gasp. Taking this time as a break I asked her the doubt I was bearing from yesterday. “Compu, will u differentiate between save and save as?” “Of course sir, Save and save as are submenus under the ‘File’ menu. When u save the document first time ms word will ask u where to save and under what name. If u make some corrections in the same file and if u save it, word will not ask u where to save

because word know already where to save. But if u give ‘save as’ command word will ask u where to save. With the help of save as command u can create copy of the same file and u can save it with a different file name each time u press ‘save as’ command.” One more important thing I want to tell u is that behind each menu button, a computer code has written. When u press a particular menu item, a particular set of

commands/rules are executed by the computer (the application software) to achieve a particular task. So don’t be panic when u hear words like command and execute. This is


the part of the software, in our case MS-Word.

MS-Word, of course, work with the

coordination with the operating system, that is in our case it is Micro soft Office Xp.

“Sir, am I keeping u bored?. Let me give u some surprising information about internet usage in your beloved department.” “Of course if u give me something like that I will be activated” “It is not praise worthy information. Some of the class one officers in your office really searching hard for vulgar sites. I can not think that they are searching some solutions to the existing problems in their software.” “Hey, compu, don’t make any allegations. Even if you are correct, visiting such web sites is not a crime? Then why should you make a cry about it?” “Oh sir, I know that u spent your time in office only for the betterment of office without thinking anything other than that. Will this come under that category? The worst problem human face in to days world is that each human think he is right. Whatever he had done is correct. Now look at the Format menu:


“I would like to suggest that u just open the submenus one by one. Through the Font submenu u can decide Font, Font style, Size of the Font, Font color, underline effect and some special effects.

“U can achieve a real fascinating effect through the text effect tab of Font sub-menu under Format menu.


“Through paragraph sub-menu, normally u need it for line spacing option.

“Bulleted and numbered options will be available for u as this. Just select other than ‘None’ if u want to have a bulleted/numbered paras. It is so simple. After completing the menus, we will play with an example. ”


With the help of Boarders and shading u can select different style of page borders, shades of different colors etc.

“Sir, I just want to omit the Tools menu for the time being and will take up after learning the Table menu?”

“Why so? Have u to refer something before taking the Tools menu?”

“OH! Not at all sir!! It is not so! And I can’t be as crooked as human. In the tools menu, only one important tool normally people do it mail merge option. The use of it is that, if you want to send a same letter to so many people, but u would like to change salutation, address and some other information according to the addressee. For this u need to create a table from which information will be put in the specific places of the letter. If you


know how the table is created and the usage of it while u learn the Table menu, it will make u little bit comfortable when u learn Mail Merge option. But u thought about it differently. Even after I explained this, I know it won’t make any difference.”

“Sir, ur maid has come. Let us start again after the maid has left ”

“Till then, bye, bye, she told it as a tv anchor”


Chapter Ten

I was in doubt whether I became an addict to the computers. Any way one thing is sure that I liked the style and sound of the Compu. She motivated me to a certain level from where I could not come down. I really wanted to practice without her knowledge. But it was a vain idea. After having my breakfast, I again went on with Compu. This time I knew what she is going to teach. Tables are just meaning that information in a tabulated format. It makes things more easily digestible. Compare this information of marks like maths 82,science 73, English 45, etc with the following: Sl.No. 1. 2. 3 Subject Maths Science English Marks 82 73 45 percentage 82 73 90

The tabulated format is cleaner, presentable, and it seems more informative. Even in the slide shows I have seen tables in the office. Just thinking of slide shows, I wanted to know more about it. “Compu, before u continue with the tables, just give me something about the slide shows” “Sir, It is very smart of u for asking about this. Microsoft’s office package includes one application called ‘Microsoft PowerPoint Application’. This application allows u to U can see it

present the views and information to the screen with the help of a projector.

on the computer also. But if the audience is large, everybody can not see on the monitor so that it is comfortable to use projector. Here, u can change slides one by one

automatically or according to your timing. If u r that much interested in it we can learn it after completing this very important application of MS word and internet.”

“Ok, someday I will learn that also.” “Then tell me “how can I open table menu without using mouse?”


“How do I know it? u have never told me.” “Look on screen more closely. The underlined letter in the menu of ‘Table’ is ‘a’. That means u can use shortcut key of ‘Alt+a’. This method is common in the all Microsoft products.”

“Sir, have a look at the submenus in the table menu”

‘The first one ‘Draw Table’ is useful to draw tables precisely. If u select and press insert>table, the pop up screen will ask us how many columns and rows u wanted in your table. Vertical squares are called columns and horizontal squares are called rows. Please give 4 columns and 5 rows in the popup menu. Then press ‘OK’.


“One of the other important aspect u should know that when u press ok button the table will be placed where ur cursor is. Just like this.”

If u bring the mouse cursor near the lines it get arrows at both the sides. The press the mouse button and u can adjust the columns and rows. U can move from one column to another by Tab key and if u r in last column of the table, and use the tab key, ms-word create a new row for u. u create new rows or columns through insert menu and delete options are also available to u there. Don’t forget to select before deleting columns or rows.”


“Sir, don’t take this things as big issues. Once u do this, then things are simple. If u have not done this earlier, then it simply seems difficult. The reality is opposite.”

“Now let us move to mail merge. I think u remember what I said about it earlier.” “The truth is I do not remember what u have said about the Mail merge. But I remember the headline in the newspaper about the Rahul Grandhi’s nomination for prime minister ship by some senior Congress leaders. What do you say about it, dear compu? ” “My opinion is that until and unless Rahul Gandhi does not have different plans/budget for different group of people in the country, he should not go for that.” “What do you mean by different group?” “Divide the people of the country into different group, vertically and horizontally. Let us

take a case of children. Finance Minister divide them poor and rich or below and above poverty line, Human Resource Development Minister sees them children of privileged and under privileged people, and what I want to say that each ministry sees this children in different, their own categories only. There is no consolidated, meaningful divisionalised data available, no, really, nobody took the pain to do that. If Rahul Gandhi, I would like him all RG Bhaiya, can do it and make programmes for each group and implement it, he will be a successful. No more questions now sir” “Let us continue with our topic, mail merge. Suppose u wanted to invite 25 people for a party. The invitation letter is same. But the address , of course the names are also


different. Typing 25 letters or copying one letter and change the name and address and save it in a different name(file) is time consuming. To achieve this goal, ms word offer a tool, that is the mail merge. You type the following passage without pressing Enter key. Then first we will format it then use the same letter also called main document for mail merge.”

‘NewDelhi *15th,April,2008 *To ***Dear** I hope this letter finds you in the best of spirit. I invite you with family on the occasion of my house warming on 25-5-2008 at 7.00pm. Your presence is only present. Hope to see you in person. ** With warm greetings, ** D.M.Patel.’ “First put the cursor before the *(star) mark and press Enter key the number equal to the stars. Then it will be like this:

NewDelhi * 15th,April,2008 *To


** I hope this letter finds you in the best of spirit. I invite you with family on the occasion of my house warming on 25-5-2008 at 7.00pm. Your presence is only present. Hope to see you in person.

** With warm greetings,

** D.M.Patel


“Now delete the stars. Then select the first two lines.”

“Now use the following short cut keys or the formatting menus or using toolbars available on this two lines first and complete the exercise on all the lines finally make the letter as given after the list of short cut keys.

Ctrl + B Ctrl + I Ctrl + U Ctrl + Shift + D Ctrl + Shift + A Ctrl + Shift + K Ctrl + L Ctrl + E Ctrl + R Ctrl + J Ctrl + 1 Ctrl + 2 Ctrl + 5 Shift +F3

: Give u Bold : Give u Italic : Give u normal Underline : Double underline : MAKE ALL SELECTED LETTERS IN CAPITAL : MAKE ALL SELECTED LETTERS IN SMALL CAPITAL : Set selected text align to left : Set selected text align to Centre : Set selected text align to Right : Justify the selected passage. : This make the selected sentences in single line space. : This make the selected sentences in Double line space. : This make the selected sentences in 1.5 line space. : Don’t forget to check it on some selected text.

“Try to make your letter as follows”


15th, April, 2008 To


I hope this letter finds you in the best of spirit. I invite you with family on the occasion of my house warming on 25-5-2008 at 7.00pm. Your presence is only present. Hope to see you in person.

With warm greetings,

D. M. Patel

Now let us move on to mail merge. First we need a document which is to be send different people with personalized changes with reference to the receiver. 2nd we need a list or a tabularized form of information of name, address, phone number etc. For this even u can use your address book.

Address book. Do you mean my telephone diary?

Oh no sir, ur pc (personal computer if it is standalone or nod in network environment) is having a facility of address book. It is in > all programs > Accessories, just have a look at on it :


If u click on it, your address book will be opened like this:


If u click on new, u can add a new Contact, New Group or New Folder. It is not necessary u should have different folders, different groups to add a new contact. Folders and groups will help you sort the list according to your taste. Just click on Nw Cntact. U will get the real address book which can store a lot of information like Name, Home, Business, Personal, Other,Net meting, Digital Ids under the different tabs available on it. Have a look at it.

Why did I never used this facility? Sir, in your time, telephone itself was luxury. Not to talk about computers. Ha..ha.. “I am not interested in your jokes, dear Compu” I said getting annoyed. Ok. Ok . lets go back to the 3rd step of the mail merger. First we have a letter. The second step is to ask the word to mail merge by selecting the following menu:


Then the task of mail merger will be taken by the mail merge wizard. Most of the all modern applications are using wizards to create a procedure. Wizard will take u step by step until u reach the final targets. They simply ask you some information or requested u to choose from some options. There are so many wizards. U have met one wizard earlier. Do u remember that? It is Table wizard. Even though, it is not having a lengthy procedure, it is also a wizard. When u learn more and more programmes, u will be acquainted with many more wizards. Now look at the steps of mail merger wizard. The prompt of the wizards may be different in different versions of MS-Word. But once u understand the basic, then it is same for all the versions. In the earlier versions, mail wizard will appear in the screen with all its six buttons. Then it will lead u step by step. The new versions of MS-Word, when u start the mail merge button, task pane will appear on the right side of the screen indicating the step like 1/6,2/6,… It also gives u freedom to go previous stage.


Letters are the default option. If u want to make Envelops or labels u can click on that for


These buttons are known as Radio buttons in the computer programming

language. After selecting u can click on next arrow at the bottom of the pain.

Look at the next , that is 2/6 step


It is asking you whether the current documents is to be used for as the document you want to send. If yes, (as default) click on next: Select recipients


You can create a new list if you want by clicking Create…button. Suppose u r having already a list you can select it by clicking the appropriate radio button. Create a new list will take you to the following form. In computer language ‘Form’ means the GUI(Graphical User Interface) used to put the input to the database/tables in to the computer.


After entering the list u will be asked to save the list. As u know, u can save that file with any name and anywhere as in the case of any other file. When u saved the file, it will shown the entries of the list as follows:


By clicking the starting squares, u can select the people to whom u want send the letters.

At the forth stage u will asked to select the different patterns for address block, Greting salutation, etc. and more items. Click on each block and give your preferences.

Accordingly, merger wizards will put the header in your original document. The header will get the original data, which you have put in your address book or any other tables when the final step complete. Please remember that here you have selected the address book. Accordingly u r asked to give your preferences. But if u had created a different table as per your requirement, u will be able to put the data accordingly.

After finishing this go to next step. The step five will give u the previews of merged letters for any correction/modification/changes. If u r satisfied, then go to 6th step.


Here u will get option for printing the letters. There is also a option to edit the recipient list. Sir it is really fun. Just try it”

Now type a letter, to the Home Ministers of Jammu & Kashmir, Kerala, Gujarat & Nagaland stating that u know that 530 crores rupees have reached one bank account in India from England. This money is intended to distribute among some terrorist to be used for some vested interest of Pakistan.

Compu, how do you know that these amounts are supposed to spend for terrorism or subversive actions? Sir, last year also this particular bank account received such a big amount. That amount had divided and gone to different accounts in different states. I checked the credibility of


that accounts. They are paper organizations and doing any work anywhere except in the paper. Moreover, they have transferred to some personal accounts of questionable

persons. They used the same modus operandi at this time also. But here u can stop them. Please send the letter. After opening the word, open the View menu and select Print layout, so that it will be almost same when u print it. After completing the typing and formatting, open the file menu and select the Page Set up. Then the Page Setup control panel with three tabs is available. When u make changes, Preview portion at the bottom will show it accordingly. Press on OK button after u finish the settings.

Then select print in the File menu(Shortcut key is ‘Ctrl + p). It take u to the final dialog box to print your document. If u r having single printer, it will show you the default printer, but if it is a network environment, u can select different printers according to your choice. MS


word also provide a ‘Print preview’ of your document. This is also available in the File Menu. U can check it yourself. And if you are satisfied then go to the print menu. Let us have a look at the print dialog box.

If it is first time u r printing something, just click ok. One copy of your document will be printed. If u r not satisfied, go to the menus of ‘Page setup’ and properties of the printer and changes according to your choice. Page range means the number of the pages u want to print. U can also set the number of copies to be printed. Check the ‘Page Range’ as All, Curent page or pages. U can double clik on All and Current page to start the printing without going to ‘ok’ button. Sir, u take your own time.


Chapter Eleven

It was two days back; I had sent the letters to Home ministers of four states. I was not very hopeful about it. However as a responsible citizen, I had done it. I also felt some fear. I had never come across such bad people in my life. Killing people for the sake of any principle is not acceptable not only to me but also for any true spiritual or religious person. Still people do such a evil things.

Divny asked yesterday about my plan to join her. Some excuses did the trick. But I can not procrastinate it for a long period. Now I also started to enjoy my I T life. Spending time on computer is a regular feature now. Compu is also not disturbing me as she knew I was practicing. For the last two days, our conversation reduced to greetings only. She reminded me yesterday that I have to learn internet and email as early as possible. She wanted to start it from today. But the urgency, not explained even after I tried to force

her. She was elusive. I could not digest it. But she promised me that she will tell me everything within two days. All the cats will come out of the bag. TV was off and I was just sitting in my chair with my thoughts when maid was leaving. Remote control was lying near to me on the small tea table on the side of my chair. The reading newspaper habit was suffered a lot due to the Compu’s company. the news channel in the tv. But I tried to compensate it by seeing I just on the tv for my

It was almost 6.30 in the evening.

favourite news channels. The first word I noticed is in the tv was the Flash News. It was about the bomb blast in the Ahmedabad. Not one blast but it was serial bomb blasts occurred. The strip was reading like this “17 blasts in 70 minutes leave 42 dead and over 250 injured was the first reports.” After Bangalore, not it was the turn of the

Ahmedabad. Death toll may increase more. I rushed to Diviny’s room for Compu and collapsed to my chair.


“Good evening sir, I know u r really upset after hearing the news about the bomb blast. I am really sorry as I could not detect it earlier. The money you tried to block may be intended for this purpose. If u look into the similarities and modus operandi, there is a chance for further blasts. I assure u sir, I can give u some information about them in future. But now I worried about u sir.” Without waiting for anything she continued. “I know u r really angry with me for not saying about the need for learning computer is very urgent and serious? Sir, I assure you now that after completing about the internet, I will tell u all things. If I tell u now, I am sure, no human can concentrate leave the learning.”

“Ok. Compu, what more I have to learn about internet. I don’t want spend all my time in front of a computer or learn or acquire knowledge and forget to live. I want to live a full life. It doesn’t’ mean that I am not interested. Now a day I am really interested in

computers. Just open the My computer and going through the different folders , just typing some letters , saving them in some folders and copy them or cut them from one place and paste it another place, formatting the word document, using paint and make some good creative drawings are all fascinating me. Still I think life is something different. ”

“Yes, that is what I want to tell u. First u have to live and live happily. Internet is a tool which will help u to live happily. Excess is always harmful, in any matter. Moreover, Divny has planned me to teach u up to internet. Now I will go one step ahead that is u should be able to make your own email-id and send and receive the mails from your friends and relatives. Search something on net is also very interesing.”

“There is no time for pep talk now. Just listen. Now u know about single pc. If u want get something from another pc, there should have some connectivity. It is common sense. In the computer field such connectivity is called network. The network may be limited to only one building(Local Area Network), may be spread across the country(Wide Area


Network) or across the globe. The next problem starts with the connectivity itself. So to get a internet connection u need a telephone connection through which u will be connected to the world of internet. The hardware which enables to use the facility is called modem. A close look at the Control panel u can see it and set it. The hardware fellow will do the settings for u. Even though, u have the connectivity, how can u identify one another? Even you identified, both the computer may have different operating The solution came in the name of TCP/ IP address.

systems, different settings, etc.

Transfer Control Protocol(TCP) does the job of smoothening the communication between each other. Internet Protocol(IP) identifies the computer.”

“Compu, who own the internet?”

Sir, nobody is the owner of internet. Bill Gates trying hard for that. As a common man these things are irrelevant. Still I am telling all these stories is because, if u know the

basic, u will be clear in your mind. Do u remember that computers started with a bit. Now the total available pages in the Internet are more than our imagination. Thousands of pages are adding everyday.

You told that there are thousand of pages available. But how can I get what I wanted?

IP address is the key. It consists of four group of 3digits. It will be set by the Internet Service Provider(ISP). In India, BSNL, Reliance, Tata r some internet service providers.


Each network computer or any computer connected to internet is having this type of address.

“Is it easy to remember all the IP address?” ‘No. never to a human. So that the scientist developed a system where every computer or server is identified by a name. This name is directly linked to the IP address. This will be more clear when u open internet brouser.”

“What do mean by internet brouser?”

“In early stages of the internet, the way to get the information from the internet was very difficult because, Unix operating system only was available. It is not a user friendly


operating system, says somebody. But now there are so many soft wares available in the market to explore the internet. Microsoft Internet explorer is one of the major software used. Now let us come to the actual thing.

This icon is available on desktop or in the start button. This is a part and partial of operating system. Double click on it, you will get a screen like this.

Thousand of people have received this message of “The Page cannot be displayed” when they open the explorer. The reasons for this may be different. The interesting thing is that the developer of explorer themselves was well aware this fact, so that they have included solutions for the common problems. First one is click the refresh button. This button


will work only there is proper internet connection.

There are two types of internet

connection normally available through the telephone line. First one is dial up connection. In this case u have to connect first to telephone connections and tell the computer to dial the number of server which is normally default and connect to the sserver. This type of connection is very slow and chances are there frequent disturbances. The second type is Broadband connection. Broadband connections normally connect the computer

automatically when it starts (at the time of booting. The term booting is simply mean that starting/on the computer.) Only thing is that there should be proper power supply to the modem and telephone line to the modem and connection from modem to the computer. This system is having broadband connection.

“You tell me, how I can see some pages”

“Just have an another look at the internet explorer. It is almost as the normal folder. Address bar is there. If you know the name of the page u want to see, just type the address. It is better u add the prefix as:http://www…….. For example:

Hear is the name of the page u want to see. Be remember that this name is connected with one IP address. Internet Explorer will find out the server (Server means the computer which has the facility to connect with so many computers simultaneously and having very large storage space) and display the home page.

“What do you mean by ‘home page’?

“Home page means, the first file or page which we get when we connect with the server. You will come to notice that after that when u move the mouse cursor on the screen, it changes its shape to a hand. When it becomes the shape of hand, u can click over there. This will take u to the page where that button coded (programmed).

Try the following addresses:





The ‘com’ means company. The naming convention of internet is such a way that it has divided in country wise (for example India is identified by .in) and organizational wise (‘com’ for company, ‘org’ for organization, ‘gov’ is for government etc)

When u tried the the first page is displayed like this.

Along with the other information’s, it also provide u a ’Sign into Yahoo’ box with two boxes of Yahoo! ID and Password. Hear we comes across the email topic. I would like to clear here that telephone companies are our internet service providers. Yahoo, Gmail, Reddiff, indiatimes etc are some of the web sites which provide some utilities like email, voice mail, pc to pc phone service etc. The Yahoo provides messenger service through which u can avail so many facilities. To use these facilities u should have their user id and password. They provide a username and password to the public if you agree with their terms and conditions. When they provide u a user ID, they allot some space for u in their server. Now unlimited space is provided by most of these web sites. Most of the services


are free of cost. Without an email Id U cannot send emails to anybody. I would like u too register an email id in

“Click the button ‘Sign Up’ below the heading “Don’t have a yahoo ID”. This will take u to the application form like this:

Look at the scroll bar on the right side of the screen. U can scroll down the screen with the mouse button also. When u scroll down, the below portion will be like this:


When u completing the furnishing all details u can see the ‘Create My Account’ button. Just press it . It is really interesting. You will be asked give logically correct answers till u completing the form. They are also asking you to type the letters given in the below box. This is to check whether this form is not filled by some software.


I started to fill the form myself.



The yahoo will prompt u to with the following screen if the id u proposed is not available. If u r not satisfied with the suggestions of yahoo u can propose any new id. Only if it is available u will be allotted the email id.


One congratulation form will come when u r successfully completed.



If u press the ‘continue button’ will taken to an another window:


By clicking ‘Go to Mail Classic’ u have reached in your mail box just like this.

The folders in the left side shows the Inbox, Draft, sent etc. With the help of some practice u will be an expert in this. The important thing is that u should press the ‘Sign Out’ button whenever u want to come out from your mail id. U just check where it is.


Last Chapter

Since my completion of creating an email id for myself in, I was enjoying the thrill. I also created another email id in It was as same as yahoo. I started to send one mail to another id of myself and checked it by opening it. Compu was told me when I open my account, it does not have any link the pc I am working but make network connecting with the website of yahoo or gmail and open my folder. If anybody sends me mail it will be stored in the server only. This also gives us some sort of security. She also taught me how to attach any files with the letter I am sending. It was damn easy. As

usual I have to give the ‘to address’, can write subject which is optional and even can make available copies to others. Before starting the text box for letters, there is a button of ‘attachment’. If you press this button, it will be asked u the path of the file u wanted to attach. This procedure is simple. After completing the attachment procedure u can press the button ‘Send’. U will get a message that the mail has send to the addressee.

As my interest started to grow that I, myself have started to check the menus available in the internet explorer. The file menu is as same as any file menu of any other Microsoft product. But I was attracted by the Internet options under the Tools menu. When I

clicked, it opened with so many tabs like General, Security etc. But I will ask you to look at the general tab as follows. Look at the History portion. With using this option of days of history in a sensible manner you can watch the sites visited by other users of the computer. As a good parent, it is necessary to watch your children and guide them

correctly at least till they grow to a complete person.


U can set a default home page then whenever, u open the internet explorer, it will open that page. In my case it is I wish you also become familiar with one of the most useful and economical yahoo tool ‘Messenger’. As name suggested it will carry your message in any form ie. text, voice or video to the other person. To use this facility you have to install yahoo messenger in your computer. It is damn easy. If your system has not installed it and if you go to messenger it will give u the web page which shows the buttons to install the messenger. In the messenger there is menus to call the other person through your computer. You can also on your webcam and broad cast yourself and same way if others open their web cam and give you permission to see it u can simply see it. Do not forget to accept the invitation by others to hear/see them. Same way your invitation to others to join with you in the chat has to be accepted by others. To invite directly others, you should know their email id. If you are using yahoo messenger others should also have a yahoo id. At present, computer to computer it is free of telephone charges only your internet charge is applicable. But for computer to telephone a small amount will be charged. Hope in a near future this facility will also be free.


I sent mails to Divny stating my computer studies, but never told about the secret of Compu. After finishing my newspaper reading, I went to Divny’s room.

I did not give her time to greet me. I said ‘Good morning Compu’. It seems that she is not happy , but greeted back with the good morning.

Suddently, her face become so serious that I have never seen before. Then started to tell me rather started to order . Sir, there is a good and bad news for u. The good news is that your Compu has

succeeded in the mission of become one complete programme itself. I myself put some restrictions my self that only your own password for the yahoo id, I will be opened. The bad news is that you have caught by the police as well as terrorist . “Sir, it is better to keep cool at all the situations. Never be panic. only one mistake in your life. “Mistake, what mistake?” When u send the letters to Home ministers u put your address on it. Now the police as well as terrorist group have got your address. They had doubts earlier that something wrong is going on because their plan has foild once and the money they were expecting never reached to them. “Oh my God, what will I do now?” You have made one

“Don’t be panic. You open your gmail email account and send a letter with attachment to your own id. The attachment file path is D:\Compu. When you receive the

send message, send the same thing to gmail from yahoo. This is just for safety. Please know that u can send mail to your own.

Then open the D drive and select all files by Ctrl + a, the delete all.

Just inform your neighbor that u r going to your relative’s place at Maurar and will come back only after one month. Never accept any call from anybody except Divny. Inform her that u r going to a tour to south.

Then what I will do?

Start immediately these things and get a train ticket to south. U can have when u down load the Compu folder to any computer and double click on it. U will be asked the


password. Give the yahoo password. Do u know that u can change the password of yahoo also, but I will keep track on that.

“Good bye. Have a safe journey !!”

Before I get a chance to ask her about how to book the Indian Railway ticket through the internet she disappeared. But I remembered how we can search in the net. I opened the internet explorer and typed the in the address bar and the screen was this.

Then I typed ‘Indian railway’ in the box and pressed the search button.


The next screen gave me the details I wanted.



The next screen gave me the details I wanted. But I could not book a ticket. For that I have to create a user and need a railway approved credit card. But knew that it is also very easy. The is providing this facility. For the first time u can sign up for a user. Then every time it will allow u to logon to your account using your username and password. I did not create one as I was not sure that my credit card is approved or not by the railways. So I decided to go to station and book the ticket.

Within three hour I packed my necessary things and started my journey to southward.


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