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One to one interaction had taken place with the farmers from Valpoi, Sanguem, Cancona and Margao.

The farmers told about the problems faced by them from many years. The problems are as follows :Problems faced by the farmers 1. Population Pressure - Goa has a huge population of over 15 laks it is increasing at a very fast rate. This has created great demand for land. Every bit of land has been brought under the plough. Even the hill slopes have been cut into terraces for cultivation. 2. Inadequate irrigation facilities - the irrigation facilities available in Goa are far from adequate. So for half of the total area under food crops has been brought under irrigation and the remaining half is left to the mercy of monsoon rains which are erratic in time and space. 3. Depleted soils - Goan soils have been used for growing crops for thousands of years which have resulted in the depletion of soil fertility. With deforestation the sources of maintaining natural fertility of soil has been drying out. Lack of material resources and ignorance of scientific knowledge have further depleted the soils of the natural fertility. Earlier only animal waste was enough to maintain soil fertility. 4. Storage of food grains- Storage of food grains is a big problem. Nearly 10 per cent of our harvest goes waste every year in the absence of proper storage facilities. This colossal wastage can be avoided by developing scientific ware-housing facilities. 5. Farm Implements - Most of the farmers are poor and do not have enough resources to purchase modern farm implements and tools. This hampers the development of agriculture. 6. Credit related issues adequate and timely credit is not given to the farmers which make them wait for the materials needed for the betterment of their farms. 7. Marketing related issues there is a huge difference in retail price and farm gate price which makes the farmers unhappy because they never get enough profit 8. Rising costs- costs are on the rise, for everything it seems. Agriculture is greatly impacted by rising costs associated with the production and operation of the farm. Input costs (fertilizer, seed, chemical, etc.) operational costs, land costs etc. this makes very difficult for the farmers to survive. 9. Farmers are faced with the growing costs to run their farms. These costs include taxes, insurance, and regular farm costs. When we visited a farm, the farmer said that this was one of his main concerns 10. Subsidy on fertilisers is decreased leading to increase in the cost of production. 11. Problems related to irrigation infrastructure, market infrastructure and transport infrastructure add significant cost to farmers' operations