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"We know nothing about you." told Mr. P.A. Sangma
looking at Sonia Gandhi. Every leader in that room were
aware of the fact that the Russian spy agency KGB had
deposited US $2 billion (Rs 9400 Crores) in a Swiss bank
account in 1985 in the "minor" account of Rahul Gandhi
managed by his mother Sonia Gandhi that was reported
years back in .Schweitzer Illustrierte, a Swiss news
magazine. Is Sonia Gandhi, who called Vajpayee a
gaddar (traitor) is the actual traitor? Does Sonia Gandhi
alias Maino is a possible KGB and the Vatican secret
agency Opus Dei's plant in India.

Sonia had bluffed Parliament in the 'Who is who' record

which is part of the Parliament record, wherein it was
stated on page 291 that Sonia Gandhi had a diploma in
English from Cambridge University. This is false
information and Sonia does not have even a high school
certificate. This amounts to lying to the Parliament.
Sonia had gone to work as a housemaid in the town of
Cambridge and was learning English in a teaching shop.
Russian Intelligence agencies have planted her in front
of Rajiv Gandhi to trap him. The nation has no clue
about who Sonia really is. What Sonia was doing
between 1963 to 1967 in UK if she was not studying?
India has no time to waste to find out the truth of Sonia
Gandhi. She has a pedestrian intellect and not a suitable
material to head our nation.

Who is Sonia? She is Antonia Maino of Italy and was

born to Mrs. Paola Maino, in a small village called
Orbassano, near Turin city. Her father was Stephano
Maino and was a member of the fascist party. Sonia's
parents were poor. Sonia was sent to UK from Italy to
work as a housemaid in Cambridge. As her English was
poor she used to attend a part time English speaking
class at a roadside tutorial. Mrs. Antonia Maino was
given the name 'Sonia' by her late mother-in-law, Indira
Gandhi. But there is no notification in the gazette
regarding this change in name. This change of name
runs in Nehru family is to fool the Indian public for their
votes. Indira Gandhi was Indira Priyadasini. Indira
married as per Islamic rites Feroz Khan after converting
herself to Islam. Indira’s muslim name was Maimuna
Begum and later both had changed their name to fool
the public of India on the advice of Ghandi by an
affidavit in a court to Indira Gandhi and Feroz Gandhi. .

Before finding out about Sonia Gandhi, we should see

what chilling incident happened in our neighboring
Sikkim. In Sikkim a CIA agent Hope Cooke was
presented as an American research student to the
Sikkim prince and future King Palden Thondup Namgyal,
for creating an independent Sikkim. . The then king
appointed Ms. Cook as the English language tutor to the
crown prince. Ms. Cook conveniently fell in love with her
student and this culminated in the Royal wedding.
Sikkim. Prince Palden Thondup Namgyal aged 39
married Hope Cooke, 22 in 1963 and conveniently his
father Tashi Namgyal, the eleventh chogyal died in the
same year. Sikkim used to be a protectorate of India,
which had overall responsibility for its defense and
foreign relations. Barring this, the territory enjoyed some
autonomy under the Chogyal (ruler). The Indian
intelligence was aware of CIA plot. Our government in
1975 ended the special status of Sikkim and Cook along
with chogyal emigrated to US. Sonia could be the KGB
or the Pope’s Opus Dei’s answer in India to what CIA did
in Sikkim.

Russian spy agency KGB’s deposit of US $2 billion (Rs

9400 Crores) in a Swiss bank account in 1985 in the
"minor" account of Rahul Gandhi managed by his mother
Sonia Gandhi as was reported years back in .Schweitzer
Illustrierte, a Swiss news magazine was not for free.
Antonia Maino alias Sonia Gandhi has to payback for such
an investment. Is this the amount Russians paid for
buying India? . It is no wonder that Mushareef is asking
for the mediation of Kashmir issue by Sonia Gandhi. Sonia
was Antonia Maino and was born in1944 in Luciana in Italy
as per her birth certificate submitted to our Government.
Strangely her official father Stefano Maino a mason, a
fascist, and a Nazi army volunteer was a prisoner-of-war in
Russia continuously from 1942 to 1945. At the time of
Sonia’s marriage to Rajeev the papers had even reported
that both were of the same age. So a new birth date of
1946 was created and the place of birth became
Orbassano in Italy and the name became Sonia which is
uncommon in Italy. In 1966 she was working in London for
an ISI operative Salman Thassir. Sonia’s link to KGB is also
reported in the press. When Manmohan Singh's
government taken office, Russia called back its career
diplomat Ambassador in New Delhi and posted as the new
Ambassador a person who was the KGB station chief in
New Delhi during the 1970s. So it may not be surprising
that recently we made urgent payment to Russia that was
widely reported, even though the prices are not
negotiated or finalized.

Facts are stranger than fiction. The revelations by the

principal Swedish Bofors case investigator Sten Lindstrom
on the pressure from the congress government in India
that resulted in the misdirection and closing down of the
Bofors investigation is really stunning information that
points the finger at Rajiv and Sonia. The pressure from
India also led to the Swedish National Audit Bureau
sending a blanked out version of its inquiry to India. When
a team of senior executives from Bofors traveled to India
to testify before the Joint Parliamentary Committee, they
were prevented from doing so. Instead they met a small
group of officials to whom they did not hand over any
names He says that Ottavio Quattrocchi, the Italian
middleman who negotiated the political payoff through A E
Services, and who was paid $7,123,000 as a gift must be
interrogated along with Sonia Gandhi . 320 million
Swedish kronor had been paid as bribe for the Bofors deal
to the Hindujas and Win Chadha. Win Chadha used to get
faxes in Dubai on cabinet decisions on Bofors from the
office of Rajiv Gandhi when Rajiv was the prime minister.
I still remember the day Rajiv Gandhi visited the Dubai
businessman Chabria at his office in the Jumbo house in
Bur Dubai in the night like a thief when Chabria was
wanted by the Indian police and it was a real shocker for
me. I would not have believed it had I not seen the
incident. Only time will tell as to what was the reason for
that secret and clandestine meeting in Dubai. Italian
government has approached our government in October
2003 with a request to drop the case against Quattrocchi
which means that the Sonia marrying Rajiv is not a simple
boy meets the girl thing, but could be a planned operation
by the Vatican.

If Sonia becomes the PM of India the havoc that will visit

us is incalculable. Everything about our national
security, defense, scientific and technological progress
by BARC, ISRO, DRDO, ICAR, ICMR, our trade policies will
be an open book to Russia, Rome and even to the
Muslim nations. The Italian mafia will take over Indian
institutions and businesses. The consequences are very
dreadful and macabre to imagine as our nations will be
taken over through the backdoor. In 1996 George
Fernandez moved a resolution in the parliament which
says that a person who is not an Indian by birth should
not be allowed to hold high offices. Sonia never forgot
this incident. Subsequently foreign funds came for the
establishment of Tehelka, a website whose CEO was a
nephew of Arjun Singh of Congress. The chief of Zee TV
is close to Congress. Tehelka went into elaborate
deception to discredit the Defense department of
corruption. They showed senior politicians, bureaucrats
and army officials apparently taking bribes from
journalists posing as arms dealers.'s
sponsor Zee TV prominently featured the story,
sensationalizing it in the bargain. As far as the contents
of the Tehelka tapes are concerned, they are worth
nothing. The 'evidence' of the tapes would be thrown of
any court in five minutes. Even worse, they would not be
admissible even in an FIR (first information report),
without which there cannot be an investigation. To begin
with, the 'evidence' was obtained illegally. Even the
police need a court order to tape secretly. When the
tapes were shown on TV, most people could not make
head or tail of the comments provided by the
broadcaster. Parliament was paralyzed for days by the

Involvement of ISI, KGB, Opus

1. During Nehru's time Indira Gandhi was on the payroll
of KGB. Later as per U.S. Congressional
hearing records Indira Gandhi's family most likely
Rajiv and Sonia, were on the payroll of the Pakistani
Banker the late Agha Hassan Abedi, who
founded the Bank known as Bank of Credit and
Commerce International (BCCI). BCCI was a drug
money laundering outfit finally owned by the ruler of
Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zyed. Mr. Manmohan Singh when
he was the governor of Reserve Bank of India was
advised by RAW not to issue license for opening the
ISI bank BCCI in Bombay as BCCI was funding spying
in India and was also funding the Pakistani nuclear
programme. Yet Manmohan simply approved it. BCCI
was used even by Reliance for its hawala
transactions. (BCCI had grown as a result of it
running a supply centre for ‘Pakistani minor girls’ to
Sheikh Zyed and other leading Sheikhs in the Gulf.
Naturally Sheikh became the leading share holder of
BCCI. These details are available in the US senate
reports.) The BCCI also known as the cocaine bank
collapsed with a loss of $ 16 billion. All that
Manmohan got was a scholarship for his daughter,
but his main benefit turned out to be that the
congress party immediately inducted him to the
party. Many details are available in our parliamentary
proceedings when the collapse of the BCCI was
discussed. Sonia had connections to the Vatican
Bank which was active in Europe and America drug
market where as BCCI specialized in the Asian drug
market. Abedi's reach extended to the U.S. also. He
even had the former Secretary of Defense Clark
Clifford as his lobbyist for a fee of nearly $100
million. All this was exposed in U.S. Congressional
2. KGB might have murdered Indian Prime Minister Lal
Bahadur Sastri, in Tashkent, by poisoning so that
Nehru family can come back to power. Following the
India-Pakistan War of 1965, Shastri met in Tashkent
with President Ayub Khan of Pakistan and signed a
“no-war” declaration. He died the next day Jan 11,
1966. The story put out by KGB that a Muslim cook
with Lal Bahadur Sastri's entourage had poisoned
him in Tashkent and escaped to Pakistan may be a
cover-up for what KGB had done.

3. Sonia Gandhi was groomed and presented in front of

Rajiv Gandhi by KGB, to hook Rajiv which was
successful. Subsequently Rajiv marries Sonia.

4. KGB may be involved in the plane accident of Sanjiv

Gandhi and might be pure murder to eliminate Sanjiv
and to bring in Rajiv as the successor to Indira
Gandhi. This paved the way for Rajiv Gandhi to
become PM, who is married to KGB agent Sonia.

5. Rajiv Gandhi was killed by the Sri Lankan terrorist

group LTTE which is totally supported and financed by
christian organizations abroad. Rajiv Gandhi was
blown up in Tamil Nadu on May 21, 1991 by a Roman
Catholic female suicide bomber Dhanu, 24, whose
real name was Kalaivathi. Once Rajiv was killed the
external spy agencies might have worked behind the
scenes to promote Sonia Gandhi. Potential threats to
Sonia’s leadership were one by one eliminated in
excellently planned natural accidents which are
a KGB specialty. All the deaths of potential future
contenders of congress presidency were killed in
accidents on Sundays. Sunday murders are a
specialty of Christians and this is well proven in
India's North Eastern states where the Christian
terrorists murder Hindus mostly on Sundays.
Muslims generally carryout terrorist killing of Hindus
on Fridays. Rajesh Pilot died in a road accident on
Sunday, Jitendra Prasada died of brain hemorrhage
on Sunday and Madhava Scindia was killed in a place
crash on Sunday. Kamal Nath, another prominent
young Congress leader narrowly escaped when a
small plane he was traveling in crashed, killing some
others on board. On Sunday 30th September.
2001 Madhavrao Scindia who was deputy leader of
the Congress in the Lok Sabha and one of its senior-
most members, and who was also one of the
boyfriend of Sonia in London, was killed along with
seven others. They were charred beyond
recognition in a plane crash. Seventeen minutes
before the plane was due to land in Kanpur, the Air
Traffic Control in the city lost contact with it.
The plane caught fire in mid-air and became a ball of
fire by the time it hit the ground. Mystery shrouds the
circumstances under which the aircraft crashed near
Motta village in Mainpuri district. The Beechcraft C-
90 aircraft used by Mr. Scindia belonged to Jindal
Strips and was maintained by India International
Aviation Ltd. In June 2000 the senior Congress leader
Rajesh Pilot met with the fatal accident in the
highway on a stretch between Jaipur and Dausa.

A retired Indian Police Service officer, Maloy Krishna Dhar,

has revealed in his book Open Secrets certain "facts" that
otherwise would have remained secret in the files of the
Intelligence Bureau, which he served for 29 years. Though
some of these incidents have always been talked about at
informal gatherings, no one from the IB ever tried to
produce it in "black and white". Dhar, in his 519-page
book, makes a reference to an alleged plot by Dhirubhai
Ambani's Reliance Industries to replace the then Prime
Minister, Rajiv Gandhi, with his cousin Arun Nehru. He also
gives vivid accounts of Maneka Gandhi's phone being
tapped during Indira Gandhi's regime, the love life of BJP
leaders Uma Bharti and K.N. Govinda-charya, an
encounter with a Delhi policeman who had managed a
posting at a coveted police station in central Delhi after
spending Rs 5 lakhs for this and the identification of four
Union ministers in Indira Gandhi's Cabinet as alleged
conduits of the KGB, the intelligence agency of the
erstwhile Soviet Union. Although the author doesn't
provide any direct evidence to prove his points, he claims
to have picked only those incidents which had a direct
bearing on him as an IB operative and with which he was
involved on official orders from his boss in the IB. A former
joint director in the IB, Dhar's book also contains a
reference to how Dhirubhai Ambani gained a foothold
inside the Indira Gandhi administration through certain
bureaucrats. The author also claims in his book that Mr.
George Fernandes was rated by the IB as a foreign spy
because of his links with Socialist International. "Several
surveillance measures were adopted to keep a tag on his
activities," Dhar claims in his book. On Maneka Gandhi he
says: "The popular perception that Maneka was thrown out
of 1, Safdarjung Road is not correct. She had meticulously
prepared for the event ... My static watchers and moles
inside the Prime Minister's house had noticed Maneka
transferring out small baggage items, which allegedly
contained cash, from Safdarjung house to her mother's
place at Jorbagh ... Soon after Maneka contrived her exit
from the Safdarjung residence of Indira Gandhi, I was
directed to mount renewed technical and human
intelligence operations against Maneka Gandhi and her
mother... I was directed to bug the target phone and
locate a `safe house' to record the transmitted telephone
and room conversations... The assigned task was
accomplished without breaking into the premises of
Maneka Gandhi." On Dhirubhai Ambani and Arun Nehru
he writes: "Rajiv's woes were aggravated by a spate of
`scandals' ... Arun Nehru, V.C. Shukla and powerful lobbies
that ranged from industrial houses to thirsty and hungry
politicians ably assisted him. In fact, certain accounts
attributed a plotted coup by the Reliance Industry of
Dhirubhai Ambani to replace Rajiv by Arun Nehru. They
were indeed close during the days of bonhomie when Arun
collected funds for Rajiv's political campaign. Dhirubhai
was known to be a kind financier behind many a
successful politician in India."
On the KGB connection, Dhar writes: "My painstaking
research and intelligence penetration had succeeded in
identifying four Union ministers (of Indira Gandhi's
Cabinet) and over two dozen MPs who were on the
payrolls of KGB operatives. Some of them are still
around... But the most surprising area of penetration of
the KGB was the ministry of defense and those layers of
the Armed Forces which were responsible for procurement
of military hardware. My list of these galactic stars did not
amuse my bosses and I was advised to `secure that
information' (sic) in my archive. No one at the top had the
gumption of illuminating the government with the identity
of the Soviet targets... The most interesting case was that
of a member of Parliament who regularly received a pay
packet from the Soviet embassy for covering certain
segments of the kitchen cabinet of Indira Gandhi."