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TACIDS: Tactical Identification System Using Facial Recognition

Award # 2007-RG-CX-K001
Submitted by: The Automated Regional Justi e !n"ormation #$stem

Submitted to: %&#& 'e(artment o" Justi e )""i e o" Justi e *rograms +ational !nstitute o" Justi e

Tactical Identification System

TA,-. )/ C)+T.+T#

ABSTRACT........................................................................................3 BACK R!U"D................................................................................# STAT$%$"T !F T&$ 'R!B($%........................................................ )
'UR'!S$.........................................................................................) R$S$ARC& A"D D$SI " %$T&!DS...........................................................*

(!CA( !UTR$AC&...............................................................................+ TACIDS %ARK$T R$S$ARC& 'R!C$SS:..................................................,SIT$ .ISITS A"D 'R!DUCT D$%!S........................................................,) R$S$ARC& FI"DI" S:...................................................................,) I%'(ICATI!"S F!R '!(IC/ A"D 'RACTIC$.....................................,0 %!BI($ A''(ICATI!" T$C&"ICA( A''R!AC&................................,0 DATA S!URC$S............................................................................1%!BI($ D$.IC$ S$($CTI!"...........................................................1, ................................................................................................... 13 S$CURIT/ R$2UIR$%$"TS ........................................................... 13
FU"CTI!"A( !A(S A"D R$2UIR$%$"TS.................................................1*

ACC$SS C!"TR!( 3 AUDITI" ......................................................31 $RR!R &A"D(I" ........................................................................31 TACIDS !UTC!%$S ...................................................................... 31 "$4T ST$'S.................................................................................3+ C!"C(USI!"...............................................................................#-

TACIDS: Tactical Identification System Using Facial Recognition

ARJ!#0 the Automated Regional Justi e !n"ormation #$stem0 a onsortium o" 12 lo al0 state0 and "ederal law en"or ement agen ies was awarded a grant to de2elo( a mo3ile ta ti al identi"i ation and 4uer$ s$stem 3ased on "a ial re ognition "or use 3$ law en"or ement o""i ers and in2estigators& To initiate this e""ort0 ARJ!# om(leted e5tensi2e resear h on urrent te hnologies and standards to in lude a mar6et sur2e$ and e2aluation o" "a ial re ognition (rodu ts& )ne o" the to(-rated "a ial re ognition algorithms was then identi"ied0 along with state o" the art 3iometri (ro essing te hnolog$ as the 3asis "or 3uilding the mo3ile a((li ation& ARJ!# added an en oding (ro ess and a we3 ser2i es om(onent in its e5isting suite o" law en"or ement tools whi h allows an o""i er in the "ield to ta6e a (hoto0 sele t one o" se2eral a2aila3le image re(ositories and u(load it to a ser2er-side om(onent whi h mat hes it against the o2er 107000000 3oo6ing (hotos in the #an 'iego Count$ Cal-*hoto mugshot node and the more than 870000 images ontained in the Chula 9ista *oli e 'e(artment:s )""ender Tra 6 3oo6ing s$stem& *ositi2e mat hes are then (ro essed on the ser2er side and a galler$ o" (otential andidates is sent 3a 6 to the law en"or ement agent "or om(arison& !" the agent identi"ies a (ositi2e mat h "rom the (hoto lineu(0 a 4uer$ ma$ then 3e initiated against ARJ!# )+A#A# ;)""i er +oti"i ation and #mart Alerting #$stem<0 Count$ =arrants0 +C!C0 '>9 and C-.T#0 +lets and ARJ!# regional in idents 2ia the #R/.R# a((li ation& All data returned "rom the 4uer$ along with the (ositi2e mat h is then sent 3a 6 out to the agent in the "ield& Also 3uilt into the a((li ation is the a3ilit$ "or o""i ers to sear h e5isting TAC!'# re ords0 and to reate and u(load ele troni "ield inter2iew in ident re ords to a om(an$ images a(tured in the "ield& This solution allows agents in the "ield to (ositi2el$ identi"$ and 4uer$ "or rele2ant data on indi2iduals who ha2e 3een sto((ed or arrested0 3ut an:t 3e immediatel$ identi"ied 3ased on in"ormation gi2en 3$ the

su3?e t& %ltimatel$ it le2erages the e5isting 3ase o" more than @00 ARJ!# wireless de2i e users in the #an 'iego region0 ea h e4ui((ed with a digital amera and 3road3and onne tion0 and the #an 'iego 3oo6ing (hotos housed and maintained 3$ ARJ!#& The ARJ!# =ireless *rogram has shown great su ess at (ro2iding in"ormation to law en"or ement entities wor6ing in the "ield 4ui 6l$0 se urel$ and relia3l$0 and this (ro?e t gi2es them another tool to e5(and their a(a3ilities& /urthermore0 it sa2es o""i ers time 3$ eliminating the need to trans(ort (ersons to a (oli e "a ilit$ and enhan es o""i er sa"et$ 3$ redu ing (h$si al onta t o""i ers o"ten ha2e to ma6e when indi2iduals are not 3eing oo(erati2e&

>an$ in2estigators and (atrol o""i ers s(end the ma?orit$ o" their shi"t awa$ "rom the o""i e and outside o" their 2ehi les& )"ten time this results in dela$s getting sus(e t and 2ehi le res(onses o2er the radio "rom dis(at hers who ha2e higher (riorities& Too o"ten (otential sus(e ts are misidenti"ied0 or released 3e"ore (ositi2e identi"i ation an 3e on"irmed& =ireless te hnolog$ has (rogressed to the (oint where it is 3eing em3ra ed 3$ law en"or ement more than e2er 3e"ore& This has set the stage "or enhan ing the a3ilit$ "or o""i ers to gain a ess to mission riti al in"ormation that was ne2er 3e"ore (ossi3le& =ith that said0 (ositi2e identi"i ation o" indi2iduals detained and sus(e ted o" riminal a ti2it$ is still a hallenge& !n man$ ases0 (hoto images are a essi3le through wireless de2i es 3ut that assumes that the o""i er has a name0 or other 3iogra(hi al data to sear h on& /a ial re ognition te hnolog$ uses the 3iometri hara teristi s o" the "a e itsel" in order to sear h on similar images within a data3ase0 (ro2iding $et another me hanism o" identi"$ing these (eo(le& Com3ining the "a ial re ognition te hnolog$ with that o" a wireless de2i e that:s alread$ e4ui((ed with a 3uilt-in digital amera (ro2ides a uni4ue o((ortunit$ to 3uild a law en"or ement a((li ation that is a(a3le o" not onl$ assisting in the (ositi2e identi"i ation o" a (erson0 3ut an 3e "urther le2eraged into the reation o" new "ield inter2iew or sus(i ious a ti2it$ re ords0 om(lete with new digital images and automated date0 time and geogra(hi stam(s& These re ords then 3e ome (art o" the data (ool "or "uture 4ueries& !n an e""ort to (ilot an im(lementation o" mo3ile "a ial re ognition te hnolog$ "or (ea e o""i ers0 in 2007 +!J awarded a grant to the

Automated Regional Justi e !n"ormation #$stem ;ARJ!#< to de2elo( an in"ormation sharing (roo"-o"- on e(t0 6nown as TAC!'# ;Ta ti al !denti"i ation #$stem<&

#TAT.>.+T )/ TA. *R),-.>

)"ten as law en"or ement entities wor6 in a ta ti al en2ironment the$ en ounter indi2iduals unwilling to oo(erate and gi2e a urate in"ormation& #ometimes0 this la 6 o" oo(eration renders it im(ossi3le to (ositi2el$ identi"$ the indi2idual& =ith limited ause o""i ers ma$ 3e una3le to detain these (ersons long enough to on"irm their identit$ and thus miss an o((ortunit$ to detain a wanted (erson& *ea e o""i ers ha2e multi(le tools at their dis(osal to assist in the identi"i ation o" (ersons that are onta ted0 starting with (hoto identi"i ation arried and dis(la$ed on demand& !n man$ onta ts0 o""i ers ha2e had (rior onta t and are alread$ "amiliar with the (erson:s identit$& )ther traditional methods in lude as6ing (ertinent 4uestions and then 2eri"$ing through 'e(artment o" >otor 9ehi le dri2er:s li ense and registration re ords and in the ase o" ARJ!#0 2eri"$ing against in ident re ords& >ore re entl$0 "ield (ersonnel ha2e had a ess to mug shot (hotos and Cali"ornia dri2er:s li ense (hotos0 where the$ an ma6e a 2isual om(arison 3etween those (hotos and the (ersons standing in "ront o" them& =hile these tools ha2e 3een a tremendous hel(0 there is nothing to assist when the (erson o" interest gi2es totall$ "alse and un2eri"ia3le in"ormation& =hen all else "ails and i" (ro3a3le ause "or an arrest e5ists0 the (erson an 3e hand u""ed and trans(orted to a "a ilit$ where "inger(rints an (ro2ide (ositi2e identi"i ation& This (ro ess is timel$ and an (ut o""i ers at ris60 as un oo(erati2e indi2iduals an turn 2iolent&

Real-time0 automati a ess to "a ial re ognition tools an 3e e5tremel$ 2alua3le in situations where as ertaining an indi2idual:s identit$ is an essential element o" a rime& >ost im(ortantl$0 6nowing the identit$ o" a sus(e t allows o""i ers to more a uratel$ e2aluate and (redi t (otential dangers that ma$ arise during an in2estigati2e sto(& ARJ!# and its mem3er agen ies ha2e had tremendous su ess with its mo3ile wireless (rogram& ARJ!# law en"or ement users an utiliBe their

la(to(s0 ta3lets or smart (hones through a se ure0 (ri2ate0 wireless networ6 to a ess in"ormation whi h an hel( (ositi2el$ identi"$ wanted indi2iduals& The (rogram urrentl$ su((orts more than @00 users and has hel(ed detain numerous (eo(le who would ha2e otherwise 3een released 3ased on la 6 o" (ro3a3le ause& A "a ial re ognition (lat"orm used on a ase-3$- ase 4uer$ will add to the e5isting tools whi h law en"or ement agents use in the (ositi2e identi"i ation (ro ess& The o2erall 3udget "or the TAC!'# (ro?e t was CD110000& This (ro?e t was su((orted 3$ a grant awarded 3$ the +ational !nstitute o" Justi e ;+!J<0 num3er 2007-RG-CX-K0010 )""i e o" Justi e *rograms0 %&#& 'e(artment o" Justi e& *oints o" 2iew in this do ument are those o" the author and do not ne essaril$ re(resent the o""i ial (osition or (oli ies o" the %&#& 'e(artment o" Justi e& +!J de"ines (u3li ations as an$ (lanned0 written0 2isual or sound material su3stanti2el$ 3ased on the (ro?e t0 "ormall$ (re(ared 3$ the grant re i(ient "or dissemination to the (u3li &

R.#.ARCA A+' '.#!G+ >.TA)'#

/a ial re ognition is a relati2el$ new on e(t that ARJ!# had little e5(erien e with (rior to this grant& !n order to gain an understanding o" urrent 3iometri standards0 "a ial re ognition (rodu ts0 algorithms and how the te hnolog$ an 3est 3ene"it law en"or ement0 ARJ!# om(leted e5tensi2e resear h on ea h o" these to(i s& This resear h in luded a mar6et anal$sis o" (rodu ts and algorithms0 meetings and demonstrations with 2endors0 internet resear h0 (arti i(ating on 3iometri ommittees0 and ondu ting "o us grou(s with law en"or ement o""i ers& 'a5tici6ation in Biomet5ic Committees and Focus 5ou6s:

!t is the (oli $ o" ARJ!# to in2ol2e the law en"or ement user ommunit$ in the resear h0 design0 de2elo(ment and testing o" new a((li ations& ARJ!# also stri2es to wor6 dire tl$ with the mem3er agen ies as well as "ederal agen ies at the national le2el in order to le2erage e5isting resour es and to wor6 in on ert with its (artners& FBI Biometric Center of Excellence (BCOE) and Cal-DOJ The ,C). is the /,!:s (rogram "or e5(loring and ad2an ing the use o" new and enhan ed 3iometri te hnologies and a(a3ilities "or integration into o(erations& The in"ormation (ro2ided 3$ the ,C). assisted ARJ!# in understanding the histor$ o" "a ial re ognition and the

urrent status o" the te hnolog$& A"ter resear hing this (rogram0 ARJ!# rea hed out to ,C). and was in2ited to Clar6s3urg0 =9A "or "urther dis ussion on standards and (oli ies& At this time0 ARJ!# was also wor6ing with CA--')J to ensure the TAC!'# (ro?e t would 3e onsistent with the states 3iometri s standards and (oli ies& ARJ!# (arti i(ated in se2eral CA--')J initiati2es in luding E9ision 201@:0 whi h in or(orates "a ial re ognition te hnolog$& ARJ!# was as6ed 3$ CA--')J to (arti i(ate on the /,!:s /a ial !denti"i ation # ienti"i =or6ing Grou( ;/!#=G< to address the lassi"i ation and indi2idualiBation o" human 3eings through the (hotogra(hi om(arison o" their 2isi3le (h$si al attri3utes su h as "a e0 ear0 s6in te5ture0 and hair& The /!#=G de2elo(s onsensus standards0 guidelines0 and 3est (ra ti es "or the dis i(line o" "a ial re ognition& These standards were used in the de2elo(ment o" the TAC!'# (lat"orm& The main o3?e ti2es o" the wor6ing grou( are: Coordinate intera tion o" mem3ers o" the rele2ant ommunit$ "or "a ial re ognition to ma5imiBe olle ti2e resour esF 'o ument the s ienti"i 3asis "or "a ial re ognitionF #tandardiBe the (ra ti es "or "a ial re ognition to in lude standard o(erating (ro edures and trainingF Ad2an e the s ienti"i 3asis 3$ (romoting olla3oration0 ga( identi"i ation0 and (rioritiBation o" s(e i"i resear h0 de2elo(ment0 test and e2aluation to(i sF *romote the (rodu ts o" the /!#=G to mem3ers o" the (ertinent o(erational ommunities0 in luding riminal ?usti e0 intelligen e0 and identi"$ managementF >aintain urren $ o" the a3o2e and res(ond to emerging hallenges0 su h as te hnolog$ ad2an ement and legal re4uirements&

Nlets ARJ!# was in2ited to (arti i(ate in a s(e ial wor6sho( whi h on2ened in Chi ago on 'e em3er 10 2010& The wor6sho( was s(onsored 3$ +lets ;+ational -aw .n"or ement Tele ommuni ations #$stem< "or the (ur(ose o" de2elo(ing a model *ri2a $ !m(a t Assessment re(ort0 whi h in turn (rodu ed a set o" *oli $ and *ro edure do uments dire tl$ related to the use o" "a ial re ognition te hnolog$ as a((lied to dri2er:s li ense and mug shot (hoto images "or law en"or ement& #u3?e t >atter .5(erts "rom ARJ!#0

/,!0 +ew Jerse$ #tate *oli e0 !llinois #tate *oli e0 +orth Carolina 'e(artment o" >otor 9ehi les0 *inellas Count$ /lorida #heri"":s 'e(artment0 'elaware #tate *oli e0 )regon #tate *oli e0 +ew Gor6 #tate 'e(artment o" >otor 9ehi les0 Cum3erland Count$ *enns$l2ania 'istri t Attorne$ and the Chi ago Aigh !ntensit$ 'rug Tra""i 6ing Area (arti i(ated in this e2ent and all (ro2ided 2alua3le "eed3a 6& The "inal +lets *ri2a $ !m(a t Assessment and *oli $ and *ro edure do uments were om(leted in June 2011 and (u3lished shortl$ therea"ter& These do uments ser2e as the "oundation "or the ARJ!# TAC!'# (oli es and (ro edures&

-)CA- )%TR.ACA
ARJ!# sta"" attended meetings with se2eral user grou(s and ?oined a Te hni al Ad2isor$ Grou( ;TAG< with the #an 'iego #heri"":s 'e(artment Crime -a3:s Cal-!' di2ision& This grou( held regional status meetings regarding mo3ile identi"i ation e""orts "unded 3$ the Cali"ornia RA+ ,oard& To(i s ranged "rom regional Automated /inger(rint !denti"i ation #$stem ;A/!#< u(grade ;"rom +.C to Cogent<0 to mo3ile "inger(rint identi"i ation ;>o3ile!'<0 to the #heri"":s HTa6e >e AomeI (ro?e t to "a ial re ognition te hnolog$ in general& These meetings were 3ene"i ial in setting the stage "or a more glo3al solution to 3iometri identi"i ation te hni4ues while le2eraging e5isting "unding and te hni al resour es in a more ohesi2e o2erall (lan to (ro2ide "ield o""i ers with the most om(rehensi2e tools a2aila3le& )""i ers "rom multi(le agen ies were sele ted to (arti i(ate in the TAC!'# test (ortion o" this (ro?e t a"ter the so"tware solution was in (la e& ARJ!# held multi(le wireless "o us grou(s with o""i ers at the lo al0 state0 and "ederal le2el to o3tain their "eed3a 6 "or the de2elo(ment o" the use ase and "un tional s(e i"i ations& Inte5net 5esea5c7 to identify e8isting studies on t7e to6ic of facial 5ecognition: !nternet resear h was om(leted to o3tain in"o on e5isting standards0 te hnologies and to determine i" o(en sour e te hnologies ould 3e le2eraged "or the de2elo(ment o" TAC!'#& This resear h hel(ed guide the te hni al solution "or the grant and se2eral o" the 6e$ do uments are des ri3ed 3elow&

+!#T /a ial Re ognition #tudies +!#T ;+ational !nstitute o" #tandards and Te hnolog$< J The +!#T we3site was onsulted "or an$ and all do umentation relati2e to /a ial Re ognition standards& *ertinent do uments were downloaded and re2iewed& The most re ent a ti2it$ s(onsored 3$ +!#T in ludes se2eral re(orts that were (u3lished in 2011 and 2012& The A+#!K+!#T-!T- #tandard %(date "or 2011 ;'ata /ormat "or the !nter hange o" /inger(rint0 /a ial L )ther ,iometri !n"ormation<F the Re(ort on the .2aluation o" 2' #till-!mage /a e Re ognition AlgorithmsF and the *er"orman e o" /a e Re ognition Algorithms on Com(ressed !mages are the most rele2ant& The >ulti(le ,iometri Grand Challenge ;>,GC< wor6sho(s ;2001 and 2008<0 where the "o us was more on the o2erall te hnolog$ hallenges than on indi2idual "a ial re ognition algorithms is also a rele2ant do ument0 along with an algorithm stud$ s(onsored 3$ +!#T in 200M /a e Re ognition 9endor Test ;/R9T<0 whi h also in luded results "rom the !ris Challenge .2aluation ;!C.< studies& These studies were s ienti"i in nature and were designed to om(are and ontrast the e""e ti2eness o" 2arious algorithms under ontrolled and un ontrolled ir umstan es& +!#T ondu ted tests in 188M0 20000 2002 and 200M on the su3?e t o" /a e Re ognition& Though these do uments are rather lear that the te hnolog$ has dramati all$ im(ro2ed sin e 188M in redu ing the error rates0 there was no lear winner when it ame to ?udging the 3est algorithms& Colorado #tate %ni2ersit$ /a ial Re ognition do uments Colorado #tate %ni2ersit$ #tud$ J The Com(uter 9ision Grou( at Colorado #tate in /t& Collins0 Colorado was engaged in /a e Re ognition (ro?e ts0 using )(en #our e ode& !n 20100 the$ released a new /a e Re ognition .2aluation #$stem ;2ersion @&1< algorithm 3ut the$ warn it was designed to 3e used in the >AC 10&M o(erating s$stem0 whi h is not industr$ standard& The original s$stem was released in 2007 ;2ersion @&0<& This s$stem was reated to e2aluate how well "a e identi"i ation s$stems (er"orm and not to 3e used as an o"" the shel" "a e identi"i ation s$stem& There"ore0 it has no rele2an e to the

TAC!'# grant& A 2010 u(date to the Colorado #tate %ni2ersit$ we3site: htt(:KKwww& s& olostate&eduKe2al"a ere Knews2010&(h( e5(lains that their "a e re ognition e2aluation site has not hanged mu h sin e its release in 2007 and the$ a 6nowledge and stress that mu h wor6 has 3een done ;in general< in this "ield within the (ast de ade& )(en C9 ;Com(uter 9ision< li3rar$ re"eren e manual )(enC9 J The )(en #our e Com(uter 9ision li3rar$ was de2elo(ed as a me hanism "or so"tware de2elo(ment0 where one o" the om(onents deals with /a e Re ognition& !t an (ro2ide a starting (oint "or de2elo(ers to reate (rodu ts "or *C:s& !ntel Cor(oration (u3lished an )(enC9 Re"eren e >anual in 2000& /or the (ur(oses o" this grant0 )(en #our e is not a 2ia3le o(tion "or de2elo(ing a -aw .n"or ement /a e Re ognition (rodu t in-house& Resear h into the to(i on ludes that mu h de2elo(ment has alread$ ta6en (la e and ad2an ed so"tware has alread$ 3een (rodu ed and im(lemented "or the -aw .n"or ement ommunit$ 3$ se2eral 2endors who ha2e s(ent man$ $ears and sta""-hours a om(lishing this& ARJ!# is not in the (osition o" starting this e""ort "rom s rat h&

TAC!'# >ARK.T R.#.ARCA *R)C.##:

The (ro ess o" resear h "or the TAC!'# ;/a ial Re ognition #o"tware< mar6et sur2e$ onsisted o" 2arious sear hes using 6e$words and (hrases on the ommer iall$ a2aila3le sear h engines su h as HGoogleI and HGahoo&I Ke$words su h as facial recognition software, biometric technologies and law enforcement were utiliBed in the sear h "or 2endors who o""er 3iometri ;s(e i"i all$ "a ial re ognition so"tware solutions< "or law en"or ement& -in6s "ound in the results "rom a 6e$word sear h on a sear h engine were used to "ind in"ormation a3out 2arious 2endors that a((eared to "it the riteria "or this mar6et anal$sis& An$ and all 2endors "ound were in luded in the stud$0 unless it was lear that their solution o""ered no ne5us to -aw .n"or ement a((li ations& /a ial re ognition (rodu ts that were de2elo(ed "or law en"or ement agen ies or were 3eing utiliBed 3$ law en"or ement

agen ies were highl$ (re"erred as the$ are dire tl$ ad2antageous to the resear h& %(on entering a 2endor:s we3 (age0 the "irst a tion ta6en in the resear h was lo ating an$ in"ormation a3out the 2endor:s (rodu tK(rodu ts in the "orm o" Hwhite (a(ersI or an$ other om(lete "orm des ri3ing om(letel$ the (rodu t:s a(a3ilities ;(rodu t 3ro hures in luded<& #e ondl$0 i" in"ormation was not a2aila3le in su h a om(lete "ormat0 the site was sear hed thoroughl$ "or an$ and all data relating to the stud$& All lin6s on the 2endor:s we3 site were sear hed regardless o" their rele2an e to the stud$ "or an$ a((li a3le in"ormation& /inall$0 when little or no in"ormation was a2aila3le on the 2endor:s we3 (age0 the site was sear hed "or an$ onta t in"ormation& ;#ee atta hment A "or a list o" the we3 sites< 9endors were onta ted 2ia email andKor phone as well as through su3mission "orms "or either additional in"ormation on their (rodu t or in"ormation a3out their (rodu t that was la 6ing in the resear h stud$& ,ased on onta t in"ormation o3tained0 the "ollowing te5t was in luded in an e-mail to all o" the 2endors0 e""e ti2el$ soli iting s(e i"i in"ormation a3out their (rodu tKs andKor a(a3ilities& NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Market esearch for Facial %pplication eco!nition "latform #ith Mo$ile ID

&he %'tomated e!ional J'stice Information ()stem (% JI() a!enc)* located in (an Die!o* C% is interested in $'ildin! a facial reco!nition platform* accessi$le +ia ,e$ ser+ices and searcha$le (- to- and.or to man)) from mo$ile "D% or smart phone application/ ,e are in the initial sta!es of market anal)sis to help determine the $est approach* 'sin! the $est of $reed technolo!) to accomplish this task/ % JI( hosts a Cal-"hoto m'!shot data$ase that contains more than - million ima!es* ran!in! from 012B to 3412B (J"E5)/ 6o'r compan) has $een identified +ia Internet and other references as a possi$le candidate for consideration as a ser+ice pro+ider for this pro7ect/

Co'ld )o' please take a moment to ans#er the $elo# listed 8'estions and if interested in this pro7ect* please pro+ide the $est contact person #ithin )o'r compan)9 &hank )o' in ad+ance/ -/ Do )o' offer :a# Enforcement specific $iometric prod'cts9

;/ %re )o'r prod'cts (a) de+eloped in-ho'se< or ($) are )o' a reseller9 0/ Do )o' offer Facial prod'cts9 3/ >/ ?/ eco!nition searches #ithin )o'r s'ite of

If )es to =0* does )o'r sol'tion pro+ide (a) forensic #orkstation< ($) mo$ile application or $oth9 Is )o'r facial reco!nition search en!ine (a) ,e$ $ased< ($) Mo$ile client $ased or $oth9 Do )o' offer a soft#are de+elopment kit for the (a) Facial eco!nition enrollment data$ase and search en!ine< ($) Mo$ile search application or $oth9 %ss'min! an ima!e store that contains ; million photos* can )o' estimate the time it takes for each search to !enerate and ret'rn a ranked list of similar ima!es9 Bsin! the same metric as item =@ a$o+e* ho# man) searches per ho'r can )o'r search en!ine process9 "lease descri$e )o'r pricin! model (licensed per enrolled ima!e* flat rate for ser+er installation* other)/ Do )o' s'pport m'ltiple Facial eco!nition al!orithms9


A/ 4/ -1/ --/ -;/

"lease list one or more of )o'r lar!est* most s'ccessf'l :a# Enforcement implementation that 'tiliCes Facial eco!nition/ "lease descri$e )o'r approach (in !eneral terms) to $'ildin! a Facial eco!nition platform a!ainst the existin! % JI( ima!e repositor)/ "lease descri$e )o'r approach (in !eneral terms) to pro+idin! a mo$ile sol'tion for searchin! the facial reco!nition data$ase and ret'rnin! a list of potential matches to an officer in the field/ &he


approach can incl'de a completed (CO&() prod'ct or a soft#are de+elopment kit for 'se $) % JI( de+elopers/ &hank )o' and I look for#ard to )o'r response* NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN The a3o2e sur2e$ 4uestionnaire was sent to the "ollowing om(anies: 'atawor6s *lus Cognite --1 !dentit$ #olutions !mageware Cogent )mni*er e(tion #$3ernauti5 +euro Te hnolog$ >or(hoTra6 ;#a"ran Grou(< Animetri s Air3orne ,iometri s Grou(

Answers to the sur2e$ 4uestions an 3e "ound in the >ar6et #ur2e$ ta3 o" the en losed H/a ial Re ognition #o"tware Com(aniesI s(readsheet& )n re ei(t o" the om(leted 4uestionnaires0 a set o" sam(le (hoto images ;?(g "iles< was sent to ea h 2endor0 as6ing that the$ do an inhouse e2aluation as to the 2ia3ilit$ o" the (hoto re(ositor$ that ARJ!# hosts& This re(ositor$ re(resents o(ies o" 3oo6ing (hotos a(tured within the #an 'iego Count$ detentions s$stem and is 6nown as the ARJ!# Cal-*hoto +ode& A mutual non-dis losure agreement was e5e uted with ea h om(an$ to ensure that the (hotos were used onl$ "or the intended (ur(ose and that the$ were not to 3e distri3uted outside o" their om(an$& The "ollowing te5t was sent to the 2endors along with the sam(le "iles: NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN &hank )o' for )o'r contin'ed interest in the % JI( facial reco!nition pro7ect/ %ttached is a Cip file containin! -13 photo ima!es ran!in! from 3;2B to -312B in siCe/ "lease let me kno# if )o'r or!aniCation does not allo# Cip files thro'!h )o'r e-mail s)stem and #eDll #ork o't another approach/ %s stated earlier* these ima!es are pro+ided as a mechanism for )o'r staff to determine #hether the 8'alit) of these ima!es is s'fficient for enrollment and s'$se8'ent matchin! #ithin )o'r en+ironment/

I #o'ld appreciate a response #ithin t#o #eeks of receipt of this messa!e and photos* alon! #ith a list of those ima!es ($) file name) that do not #ork #ithin )o'r s)stem and an o+erall assessment of the ima!es as a #hole/ &hank )o' for )o'r efforts* NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

#!T. 9!#!T# A+' *R)'%CT '.>)#

!n addition to the (rodu t demos that were a2aila3le on om(an$ we3sites0 se2eral 2endors ;due to their (ro5imit$ to #an 'iego Count$< were a3le to (ro2ide (rodu t demos& ARJ!# 2isited se2eral om(anies and was also a3le to attend a meeting in whi h 2arious (rodu ts were demonstrated to in lude: :-- Identit) al!orithm) (ol'tions (formerl) Identix* formerl) Eiisa!e

:os %n!eles Co'nt) (heriffDs Department (Co!nitec al!orithm) Data#orks "l's ((an Die!o (heriffDs Department - Co!nitec al!orithm) Co!ent ()stems ("asadena* C%) %ir$orne Biometrics 5ro'p* no# kno#n as Face First* ::C (Co!nitec al!orithm) Coplink Face Match (formerl) Eisiphor)

R.#.ARCA /!+'!+G#:
The atta hed #(readsheet , in ludes the res(onses "rom the mar6et resear h and the results o" the 2ia3ilit$ assessment& ,elow is a summar$ o" the a"orementioned (rodu t demonstrations& :-- Identit) (ol'tions J ARJ!# was introdu ed to the --1 sales re(resentati2e through a trusted and res(e ted mem3er o" the #an 'iego #heri"":s 'e(artment who was interested in "orming an allian e "or new te hnologies related to 3iometri identi"i ation& This resulted in se2eral meetings ;to in lude a om(an$ s$stems engineer<& %ltimatel$0 the sales re(resentati2e 3rought a demonstration s$stem to ARJ!#0 where he demonstrated the enrollment (ro ess ;using a ou(le o" the ARJ!# sam(le images<& Ae then demonstrated the mat hing a(a3ilit$ against a relati2el$ small data3ase that was resident on his la(to(& Ae laimed to ha2e se2eral large-s ale ustomers and s(e i"ied *inellas Count$0 /lorida as the model agen $ "or his (rodu t& ARJ!# onta ted a re(resentati2e "rom *inellas Count$ who on"irmed that the (rodu t is wor6ing 2er$ well& :os %n!eles Co'nt) (heriffDs Department J An ARJ!# re(resentati2e a om(anied two #an 'iego #heri"":s re(resentati2es to -os Angeles

Count$ to witness a demonstration o" their mo3ile a((li ation that utiliBes "a ial re ognition ;Cognite algorithm<& Their s$stem is ustomiBed so that a "ield de(ut$ an use the mo3ile ; ell (hone< a((li ation to a(ture a (hotogra(h o" a su3?e t in the "ield and transmit it 2ia se ure e-mail to the 3a 6-end s$stem0 where the mat hing o urs& The s$stem will return u( to @ (otential mat hes0 along with a lin6 to a se(arate a((li ation to a tuall$ he 6 the results& -os Angeles Count$ re(resentati2es were 4uite ha(($ with their a((li ation and the (er"orman e o" the Cognite sear h engine& The #an 'iego #heri"":s 'e(artment was interested in this demo 3e ause the$ were using a 'ata=or6s *lus algorithm in their e>ug s$stem and at that time the$ were in the (ro ess o" e2aluating a (otential u(grade to Cognite & The$ ha2e sin e instituted that u(grade& Data,orks "l's J The #an 'iego #heri"":s 'e(artment has 3een using 'atawor6s *lus "or "a ial re ognition and there ha2e 3een on erns with the (rodu t:s (er"orman e& ARJ!# sta"" was a3le to 2iew a demo o" their s$stem and it "ailed to lo ate a mat h ;using the same (hoto as that o" the enrolled (hoto<& #in e that time0 #an 'iego has de ided to go ahead with the Cognite u(grade0 whi h has 3een (ro2en to (ro2ide in reased (er"orman e& Co!ent ()stems J ARJ!# sta"" a om(anied a re(resentati2e "rom the #an 'iego #heri"":s 'e(artment to a (re-arranged 2isit at Cogent #$stems0 lo ated in *asadena0 Cali"ornia& This demonstration was well or hestrated and in luded 6e$ sta"" mem3ers and de2elo(ers to answer rele2ant 4uestions& Cogent has re entl$ won the ontra t to re(la e the e5isting A/!# data3ase at the #an 'iego #heri"":s 'e(artment and while the$ admitted that the$ are rather new to the "a ial re ognition as(e t o" 3iometri identi"i ation0 the$ laim to ha2e a 2ia3le (rodu t& The$ did a li2e demo0 using an ARJ!# sta"" (hoto as an e5am(le "or enrollment and mat hing (ur(oses& The mo3ile a((li ation was not $et mature& There was no authenti ation method in (la e 3ut the mat hing om(onent wor6ed as ad2ertised& %ir$orne Biometrics 5ro'p Face First J The om(an$ (resident and lo al re(resentati2e "rom Air3orne ,iometri s Grou( ;lo ated in Camarillo0 CA< 3rought a li2e demo to ARJ!#& This was 3$ "ar0 the most im(ressi2e demonstration to date& The demo onsisted o" the "ollowing: 1 "i5ed 2ideo amera ;CCT9<F 1 la(to( wKser2er side a((li ation and data3ase on lo al area networ6 with the ameraF 7 di""erent ell (hones& The re(resentati2e too6 an ARJ!# sta"" mem3er:s (hoto with the ell (hone amera& The (hoto was ele troni all$ sent to the 3a 6end data3ase where an attem(t to "ind a mat h was made& /inding no mat h0 the a((li ation on the (hone indi ated to the re( that this was a HnewI (erson& The re( olle ted 3io in"ormation and in

e""e t0 enrolled the (hoto ;along with the in ident data and alert su3s ri(tion< into the data3ase& +e5t0 the re( had the sta"" mem3er wal6 in "ront o" the "i5ed CCT9 amera& As he did0 all (resent noti ed that the la(to( s reen ;showing the li2e 2ideo "rom the amera< lo 6ed on the sta"" mem3er:s "a e and "ound an immediate mat h "rom within the data3ase0 dis(la$ing the original image (lus the urrent one side 3$ side& At the same time0 an alert was sent to the re(:s ell (hone0 telling him that the s$stem had "ound a mat h 3ased on the CCT9 amera& The (rodu t name is /a e /irst and the algorithm used is Cognite & Coplink (i;) F FaceMatch 9 A on"eren e all was initiated 3etween ARJ!# and Co(lin6 sta""0 utiliBing a li2e we3-meeting& ARJ!# alread$ utiliBes Co(lin6 in a (rodu tion en2ironment "or all o" its ustomers& The H/a e>at hI om(onent is an add-on "eature o" the e5isting Co(lin6 'ete t (rodu t and is tightl$ ou(led with the e5isting sear h a(a3ilities on (ersons& Co(lin6 ;i2< (ur hased 9isi(hor and its (ro(rietar$ algorithm in the (ast $ear or so& The$ are urrentl$ im(lementing their H/a e>at hI om(onent in )range Count$ at this time& The$ demonstrated /a e>at h on a test data3ase 3ut in their urrent 2ersion o" Co(lin6 'ete t& !t a((eared as a su3-ta3 o" the *erson sear h& This allows "or standard 3iogra(hi "iltering while simultaneousl$ su3mitting a (ro3e image "or om(arison& !t:s as sim(le as dragging and dro((ing or 3rowsing "or a ?(g image into the Co(lin6 /a e>at h (hoto "rame& =hen the sear h is e5e uted0 the user sees di""erent images 4ui 6l$ su(erim(osing in the lower right orner ;mu h li6e a C#! T9 show< and then similar images with (ro3a3ilit$ s ores are dis(la$ed in a galler$ where the o""i er an re2iew ea h one and then sele t "or more detail& )n e sele ted0 the user is (resented with the standard list o" in ident do uments and asso iations "or that (erson& Additionall$0 ARJ!# and )range Count$ are alread$ onne ted node to node and these sear hes an 3e e5e uted a ross nodes& "inellas Co'nt) (heriffDs Office* Florida F Facial eco!nition ()stem )ne o" the law en"or ement leaders in "a ial re ognition s$stems is the *inellas Count$ #heri"":s 'e(artment& The$ ha2e a 2er$ ro3ust s$stem with se2eral law en"or ement (artners0 in luding >iami-'ade (oli e and the /lorida #tate '>9& The$ ha2e 3een using --1 !dentit$ #olutions ;9iisage algorithm< "or se2eral $ears& !t is used to a(ture mug shot images during the 3oo6ing (ro ess and is (ro3ed "rom des6to( and mo3ile a((li ations& The ARJ!# TAC!'# (ro?e t manager witnessed a li2e demonstration o" this (rodu t during an +lets wor6ing grou( meeting in Chi ago& A a(tain "rom the *inellas Count$ #heri"":s )""i e ga2e the demonstration0 adding that the$ ha2e 3een using this te hnolog$ "or a3out ten $ears and that the$ ha2e se2eral su ess stories om(iled&

)" all o" the (ro(rietar$ "a ial re ognition algorithms resear hed0 there are "our that a((eared to ha2e the 3est han e "or su ess within the ARJ!# en2ironment: Cognitec o Currentl$ used 3$ -os Angeles #heri""0 #an 'iego #heri"" and endorsed 3$ Air3orne ,iometri s Grou( (9,:s .iisage o !n use at *inellas Count$0 /lorida and *enns$l2ania #tate *oli e among others Cogent o Relati2el$ new to "a e re ognition 3ut is a Cali"ornia om(an$ with mu h e5(erien e and a great (resen e in 3iometri identi"i ation ;(rimaril$ "inger(rint identi"i ation<& Co6lin;:s .isi67o5 o %ni4ue in that the /a e >at h module is 3uilt into the e5isting Co(lin6 sear h inter"a e0 where a mat h on a "a e $ields identi"iers that are alread$ lin6ed to in ident data ontained within the Co(lin6 data3ase& !t is also a(a3le o" doing node to node sear hes& 'uring the ourse o" this resear h0 ARJ!# has learned that there are se2eral di""erent (ur(oses "or "a e re ognition so"tware within the law en"or ement en2ironment& Aere are a "ew e5am(les: 1& /ield identi"i ation o" (ersons through one to man$ mat hing against (hoto re(ositor$ 2& /orensi (hotos identi"i ation o" un6nown (ersonKs "rom sur2eillan e within a detentions s$stem using "a e

7& !nmate tra 6ing re ognition

D& >itigation o" !' Card and 'ri2er:s -i ense "raud using "a e re ognition @& *roa ti2e alerting o" 6nown riminal and Hwat h listI (ersons 2ia li2e 2ideo This resear h "o used on the "irst e5am(le ;"ield identi"i ation< 3ut 3e ause ARJ!# is a ti2el$ engaged in a (roa ti2e alerting e""ort ;)""i er

+oti"i ation and #mart Alerting #$stem< and /ield !nter2iews ;otherwise 6nown as #us(i ious A ti2it$ Re(orts<0 se2eral o" the e5am(les a((l$&

!>*-!CAT!)+# /)R *)-!CG A+' *RACT!C.

ARJ!# also ta 6led the om(le5 /,! CJ!# re4uirements in the use o" wireless de2i es as related to sensiti2e law en"or ement data& #in e Android was the o(erating s$stem o" hoi e "or this (ro?e t0 ARJ!# too6 se2eral ste(s in order to 3e in om(lian e& The #amsung ta3let de2i es were HrootedI and a se ure "irewall was installed and a ti2ated& The de2i e wireless ser2i e was routed "rom the arrier dire tl$ to the ARJ!# domain 2ia #(rint 'ata -in6 and stati !*& Anti-2irus (rote tion was installed and ena3led&

Remote de2i e management so"tware was installed and a ti2ated0 allowing ARJ!# administrators to se ure0 lo ate0 monitor and otherwise manage the de2i es as ne essar$& A ess to the a((li ations is 2ia Juni(er se ure 9*+ with high le2el en r$(tion& Ad2an ed Authenti ation was ena3led when a essing the 9*+& This was a om(lished through #e ure+et 2-"a tor to6en a ess&

>),!-. A**-!CAT!)+ T.CA+!CA- A**R)ACA

The initial te hni al a((roa h to 3uilding a "a ial re ognition (lat"orm and mo3ile a((li ation was to utiliBe the in"ormation gained as a result o" the mar6et anal$sis (lus the 2arious (rodu t demonstrations to "orm a strategi "un tional re4uirements do ument& This "un tional re4uirements do ument was trans"ormed into a "ormal HRe4uest "or Ouali"i ationsI and was ad2ertised to the 3iometri de2elo(ment 2endors& This R/O (ro ess resulted in a short list to in lude Cognite 0 'atawor6s *lus and Air3orne ,iometri s Grou( ;now 6nown as /a e /irst0 --C<& A"ter re2iewing ea h o" the three om(anies: res(onses the R/O team0 whi h onsisted o" ARJ!# and #an 'iego #heri"" 'e(artment ;#'#'< sta""0 /a e /irst was sele ted to de2elo( the ustom a((li ation with 3a 6-end (ro ess (er the ARJ!# s(e i"i ations& Reasons "or this hoi e in luded0 the high ost o" li enses "or one o" the om(an$:s mo3ile de2i e li enses ;more than the e4ui(ment

"unding awarded in the grant<0 and one o" the re ommended solutions didn:t "it in the ARJ!# en2ironment& /a e /irst0 --C was the most willing to de2elo( a ustom a((li ation at a reasona3le (ri e0 as o((osed to selling an e5isting ommer ial o"" the shel" (rodu t& ARJ!# still needed an algorithm0 so /a e /irst and ARJ!# negotiated with Cognite to a 4uire li enses "or /a e9AC#0 whi h s ored "a2ora3l$ within the mar6et anal$sis and had shown su ess in other law en"or ement (lat"orms& /a e /irst was tas6ed with 3uilding a 3a 6-end (ro ess to handle the re4uests and res(onses "rom the TAC!'# a((li ation on the mo3ile de2i es ;in this ase0 Android ta3lets and (hones< and to ustomiBe their e5isting /a e /irst a((li ation to ARJ!# s(e i"i ations& /a e /irst was also tas6ed with adding "un tionalit$ to allow users to reate "ield inter2iew re ords0 om(lete with the (hoto images0 3iogra(hi al and in ident data a(tured in the "ield and then ma6e the data a2aila3le "or u(load to the ARJ!# .nter(rise data3ase&

'ATA #)%RC.#
ARJ!# re ei2es mug shot re ords "rom the #an 'iego #heri"":s 'e(artment 3oo6ing s$stem entitled e>%G& These re ords are sent 2ia ARJ!# we3 ser2i e to the ARJ!# Cal-*hoto data3ase where more than 1&7 million re ords e5ist ;dating 3a 6 to 188@<& !n addition0 ARJ!# has a((ro5imatel$ 870000 mug shot re ords that were e5tra ted "rom the Chula 9ista *oli e 'e(artment:s 3oo6ing s$stem entitled )""ender Tra 6& !t is a desired goal "or the ARJ!# TAC!'# mo3ile a((li ation to dire tl$ a ess the e>%G s$stem through a we3 ser2i e at some (oint in the "uture& /or this e""ort0 TAC!'# will utiliBe the ARJ!# Cal-*hoto data3ase& )n a (arallel (ro?e t0 ARJ!# added a "a ial re ognition om(onent to the e5isting Co(lin6 s$stem entitled /a e>at h& This s$stem utiliBes the 9isi(hor algorithm whi h is now owned 3$ Co(lin6& ARJ!# will 3e ondu ting side 3$ side om(arisons 3etween TAC!'# and Co(lin6 /a e>at h to e2aluate (er"orman e and su ess"ul "ield identi"i ation in idents&

>),!-. '.9!C. #.-.CT!)+

#in e the wireless (rogram in e(tion in the earl$ 2000:s ARJ!# has rolled out multi(le de2i es to users in throughout #an 'iego& /or this (ro?e t0 it was im(ortant that the de2i es we installed TAC!'# on had a suita3le amera& =ith so man$ o(tions a2aila3le urrentl$ a2aila3le0 the de ision was made to sele t a sam(le o" de2i es0 "ield test them0 and sur2e$ the "ield-testing (arti i(ants& .ight de2i es that ARJ!# had (re2iousl$ a 4uired were sele ted "or "ield testing&

S$($CT$D D$.IC$S &TC $<o # Samsung ala8y Sll $6ic # touc7 &TC $<o S7ift # Samsung "e8us S # &TC $.! 3D Samsung ala8y Tablet S'&9',-&TC 'C),) Tablet I'7one # /ield testing (arti i(ants were sele ted 3$ law en"or ement s(e ialt$ and a2aila3ilit$& 'ARTICI'ATI" A $"CI$S "o5t7 County Regional ang Tas; Fo5ce $scondido 'olice De6a5tment ang Tas; Fo5ce "ational City 'olice De6a5tment Califo5nia Bo5de5 'at5ol US Immig5ation and Customs $nfo5cement The e2aluation had three om(onents whi h were de2elo(ed 3$ ARJ!# and !C. re(resentati2es& A sur2e$ was reated to assist in determining the urrent methods "or a essing and a(turing images& An e2aluation matri5 was de2elo(ed to assess 2arious "un tionalit$

re4uirements as well as the image 4ualit$ o" the de2i es& There were se2eral "o us grou( meetings to o3tain "eed3a 6 the 2arious de2i es& There were two se tions in the sur2e$& !n the se tion on image 4ualit$0 sur2e$ res(ondents a(tured o2er 1100 images& Res(ondents rated the images ;(oor0 satis"a tor$0 e5 ellent< in thirteen ategories: *hotos ta6en outside at night *hotos ta6en outside in the da$ *hotos ta6en inside *hotos ta6en while su3?e t is in motion *hotos ta6en while $ou are in motion *hotos ta6en through a windshield *hotos ta6en while dri2ing A3ilit$ to "o us on $our target Time and s(a e it ta6es to download (hotos to $our ma hine Amount o" time it ta6es to "o us A3ilit$ to ta6e ma ro (hotos ; lose u( su h as a s ar< !mages ta6en in arti"i ial light ;in the "ield with ar headlights< .ase o" a essing de2i e ;too 3ig to arr$ in (o 6et<

!n the se ond se tion o" the sur2e$0 de2i e "eatures that had 3een identi"ied as im(ortant were rated 3$ the (arti i(ants&

,ased on the sur2e$ results and the "eed3a 6 "rom the user grou(s0 ARJ!# determined that the de2i es 3est "it "or the TAC!'# e""ort would 3e #amsung ta3lets& Through another e""ort ARJ!# had de(lo$ed 2@0 ta3lets to the regions Terrorism -iaison )""i ers ;T-)s< whi h will ser2e as a great test 3ed "or TAC!'#& #.C%R!TG

=hen ARJ!# 3egan to im(lement a((li ations "or *'As and #mart *hones0 the o(erating s$stem o" hoi e was =indows >o3ile& #in e that time0 te hnolog$ has hanged dramati all$ and the mar6et has dri2en the ellular arriers to standardiBe on Android and A((le !)# 3ased de2i es& ,e ause A((le is not /!*# om(laint and to ensure we are "ollowing /,! and Cal-')J #e urit$ re4uirements the ARJ!# de2i es use the Android )(erating s$stem& There was a signi"i ant amount o" wor6 that went into ensuring the de2i es and the o(erating s$stems met /,! CJ!# and Cal-')J se urit$

The ARJ!# internal te hni al "ramewor6 "or wireless de2i es was esta3lished to ensure usa3ilit$ "rom an end user stand-(oint0 while maintain om(lete se urit$ and management o" the de2i e& The "ramewor6 mirrors CJ!# re4uirements "or ensuring 3oth the (h$si al and networ6 se urit$ o" the de2i es& The ARJ!# "ramewor6 was e5tensi2el$ tested and onsists o" the "ollowing metri s: The de2i e se urit$ must not inter"ere with the "un tionalit$ o" the de2i e& The de2i e must 3e on"igured to den$ the a3ilit$ to store (otentiall$ sensiti2e data (h$si all$ on the de2i e& The de2i e must meet CJ!# riteria "or /irewall0 .n r$(tion and 9irus *rote tion& The de2i e must use C)T# ;Common o"" the shel"< so"tware to 6ee( osts low& The de2i e must 3e remotel$ managea3le0 and the de2i e on"iguration must 3e (rote ted against hanges and unauthoriBed on"igurations&

CJ!# se urit$ re4uirements s(e i"i all$ state that an$ de2i e whi h onne ts to a law en"or ement networ6 must meet the "ollowing re4uirements: /!*# 1D0-2 .n r$(tion #tandards The de2i e must ha2e a on"igura3le "irewall0 a3le to 3lo 6 (orts and 3e managed& The de2i e must ha2e a management utilit$ "or remote management& The de2i e must ha2e 2irus (rote tion& The de2i e must ha2e a s reen lo 6 (assword0 ena3led u(on start-u(&

The ARJ!# #amsung de2i es ha2e 3een a((ro2ed as /!*# 1D0-2 om(liant de2i es (er the manu"a turer0 whi h is wh$ the$ were s(e i"i all$ hosen "or our (ro?e t& To meet CJ!# re4uirements0 we installed an all-in-one (rodu t alled A9A#T that (ro2ides us a user on"igura3le "irewall0 2irus (rote tion and anti-the"t as well as en r$(tion "eatures& =e ha2e hand on"igured ea h de2i e to 3e e5a t with s(e i"i a((li ations and (orts 3lo 6ed& =e also ha2e se ondar$ 2irus (rote tion so"tware alled J%+)# installed on the de2i es to ensure ma5imum (rote tion&

The ARJ!# so"tware is we3 3ased0 and we ha2e on"igured the de2i es we3 3rowser to lear all a he and data u(on e5it0 and wi(e it "rom memor$& Conne ti2it$ to the ARJ!# we3 a((li ations re4uires the use o" a two "a tor 9*+ to6en0 whi h (ro2ides se ure ommuni ations o2er the wireless networ6& !n addition0 to meet the remote management re4uirements0 we use a (rodu t alled >o3iControl that allows us to ontrol an$ de2i e remotel$0 u(date its on"iguration and shut it down remotel$ i" re4uired& =e are e5(loring other (rodu ts that will enhan e this "un tionalit$& %(on 3oot0 the de2i e is immediatel$ sent to s reen lo 60 where the user is re4uired to enter a (assword& .2er$ time the de2i e times out or goes into (ower sa2ing mode0 u(on wa6ing u( the de2i e re4uires that (assword to 3e entered again 3e"ore use& =hile we were re4uired to R))T the de2i e to install the "irewall0 we use the same A9A#T (rote tion so"tware to lo 6 down the #u(er %ser (ermissions0 (re2enting unauthoriBed administration o" the de2i e& =e also su ess"ull$ reset the R))T (assword "or the de2i es with a hardened (assword "or ARJ!#& Rooting the de2i es was an e5tremel$ la3or intensi2e tas6 mainl$ 3e ause we had to ta6e the standard arrier Android 2ersion on the de2i e and re om(ile the )#0 in?e ting the #u(er %ser R))T a((li ation& =hile there are multi(le R)>:s urrentl$ a2aila3le "or the de2i es that are alread$ rooted0 we ould not ta6e a han e that an$ o" the (u3li all$ a2aila3le ones ontained 3ugs or issues or were alread$ om(romised& .a h de2i e also had to (ass s(e i"i 2alidation testing0 in luding the testing o" the "irewall a((li ation against 6nown e5(loits0 as well as (ur(osel$ e5(osing the de2i e to malware and 2iruses to ensure the de2i e res(onded a ordingl$& !n on"iguring the anti-the"t0 we were a3le to mas6 the de2i e:s #u(er %ser a ess0 en r$(t the administrator (assword and set se urit$ (oli ies on the (hone dire tl$ to ensure that the (hone is wi(ed u(on on"igured triggers& The "inal se urit$ "eature is the use o" a dire t 9*+ onne tion with our hosen wireless arrier0 #(rint& All wireless de2i es ha2e an ARJ!# assigned internal !* address whi h #(rint routes dire tl$ to us&

Regardless o" where the de2i e onne ts on the #(rint networ60 all data tra""i is routed through the se ure ARJ!# onne tion with #(rint0 dire tl$ 3a 6 to ARJ!# "or 3oth !nternet and 9*+ ommuni ations0 meaning the de2i e also (asses through the ARJ!# +etwor6 *ro5$ and /irewall ser2ers dire tl$& The urrent "rame wor6 and solution0 while still a wor6 in (rogress0 is s(e i"i all$ designed to 3e Android de2i e agnosti 0 meet usa3ilit$ re4uirements and CJ!# re4uirements "or se urit$& =e are also loo6ing to olla3orate with other agen ies to re"ine additional se urit$ "eatures and (oli ies to hel( sha(e "uture mo3ile de2i e se urit$ (oli ies& ARJ!# is also e5(loring additional remote management and se urit$ o(tions to "urther enhan e our mo3ile de2i es&

/%+CT!)+A- G)A-# A+' R.O%!R.>.+T#

TAC!'# is a modular so"tware solution "or -aw .n"or ement "ield (ersonnel0 using "a ial re ognition te hnolog$& The (rimar$ (ur(ose is to "a ilitate andKor 2eri"$ the identi"i ation o" indi2iduals en ountered 3$ -aw .n"or ement o""i ials in the "ield when other more traditional means are not e""e ti2e or a2aila3le& !n order "or this te hnolog$ to wor60 se2eral re4uirements needed to 3e met& !denti"$ one or more (hoto image re(ositories ;data3ase< a2aila3le to ARJ!# to in lude identi"$ing demogra(hi s "or ea h image ;name0 address0 date o" 3irth0 dri2er:s li ense num3er0 /,! num3er0 A/!# num3er0 et &< !denti"$ and (ro ure the H3est o" 3reedI enrollment and sear h algorithm& #u ess"ull$ enroll all a2aila3le (hoto image re ords into the TAC!'# data3ase& !m(lement a sear h engine a(a3le o" sear hing se2eral million re ords at a time e""i ientl$0 3ased on (rogramma3le thresholds and (arameters& This data3ase and sear h engine must 3e (orta3le and e5tensi3le& ,uild a we3 ser2i e ;ser2i e oriented ar hite ture (roto ol<0 atta ha3le to an .nter(rise #er2i e ,us that allows one or more

user a((li ations to a sear h (ur(oses&

ess the data3ase "or enrollment and

,uild a G%! user a((li ation "or the des6to( wor6station ;we33ased< "or enrolling and sear hing the TAC!'# data3ase 2ia the we3 ser2i e& ,uild a mo3ile a((li ation "or smart (hone or ta3let ;as de2i e o(erating s$stem agnosti as (ossi3le< "or enrolling and sear hing the TAC!'# data3ase 2ia the we3 ser2i e& Function (ist Functio nal ID 1 Com6onent TAC!'# 'ata3ase Sub9 com6onent *hoto Categor$ Functional Re=ui5ement The TAC!'# data3ase must 3e a3le to di""erentiate whether the enrolled (hoto is a mug shot (hoto ;3ased on 2eri"ied !'< 2ersus one enrolled under di""erent ir umstan es ;/ield !nter2iew0 #ur2eillan e *hoto0 et &<& This will 3e handled 2ia a H(hoto ategor$I "ield in the data3ase& At minimum0 the data3ase ;in addition to the digital (hoto tem(late signature< must in lude or 3e lin6ed to a su""i ient num3er o" "ields "or in lusion o" rossidenti"$ing demogra(hi s& These in lude 3ut are not limited to: -ast +ame0

TAC!'# 'ata3ase

Re ord 'emogra(hi s

/irst +ame0 >iddle +ame0 'ate o" ,irth0 Address;es<0 *hone;s<0 /,! num3er0 'ri2er:s -i ense num3er0 #o ial #e urit$ +um3er0 #tate !' +um3er0 A/!# num3er0 et & 7 TAC!'# 'ata3ase ;#O#er2er 2001 or later< !nde5ed and Tuned The TAC!'# data3ase must 3e stru tured within the #O- #er2er ;2ersion 2001 or later< en2ironment and must 3e inde5ed and tuned so that se2eral million re ords an 3e sear hed within 70 se onds or less& There will 3e a me hanism "or enrolling large 3at hes o" e5isting images0 e""e ti2el$ 3uilding digital tem(lates s(e i"i to the hosen "a ial re ognition algorithm "or ea h image& There will 3e an ongoing enrollment s$stem "or all new image re ords entering the TAC!'# data3ase 2ia inter"a e ingestion "rom other s$stems or dire t enrollment& The sear h engine must 3e a we3 ser2i e0 using #er2i e )riented Ar hite ture *roto ol that is a(a3le o" using a digital (hotogra(h andKor

TAC!'# 'ata3ase

.nrollment #er2i es

TAC!'# 'ata3ase

.nrollment #er2i es

TAC!'# #ear h .ngine we3 ser2i e

demogra(hi sear h riteria to sear h the TAC!'# data3ase and return a s(e i"ied num3er o" (otential andidate res(onses ;3ased on (rogramma3le threshold (arameters<& The res(onses will 3e returned to the user a((li ation "or "urther a tion&

TAC!'# #ear h .ngine we3 ser2i e

The we3 ser2i e will re ei2e in"ormation "rom the user a((li ations to (er"orm enrollment ser2i es0 3ased on one or more a(tured (hotogra(hs and a om(an$ing demogra(hi data& #hot >ug shot images re ei2ed 3$ ARJ!# into the Cal*hoto node will 3e enrolled into the TAC!'# data3ase 2ia automati inter"a e& These (hotos and a om(an$ing re ords will not 3e edita3le through the user a((li ation&

TAC!'# %ser >ug A((li ation !nter"a e

TAC!'# %ser +ew Re ord The TAC!'# user A((li ation .nrollment a((li ation will ontain a module allowing authenti ated users to enroll new (hoto re ords0 along with s(e i"ied demogra(hi and

in ident-related data& These re ords will "all into one or more di""erent ategories ;other than Cal-*hoto mugshots<& 10 TAC!'# %ser #ear h A((li ation >e hanism %ser will 3e a3le to sear h the TAC!'# data3ase 3$ su3mitting a o($ o" a digital image0 along with additional sear h riteria& These riteria will not 3e mandator$0 3ut must in lude s(e i"i in(ut that ould e""e ti2el$ narrow the sear h 3$ items su h as: *hoto Categor$ ;/ield !nter2iew0 >ugshot0 )ther !n ident Re ord<F -ast +ame0 /irst +ame0 A((ro5imate Age0 #e50 Ra e0 Residen e Address0 Crime *otential0 et & !" the s$stem "ails to lo ate a mat h ;as 2eri"ied 3$ the (erson ondu ting the sear h<0 the user must 3e (ro2ided with the o((ortunit$ to enroll the new image into the TAC!'# data3ase and the new re ord will 3e ategoriBed as a "ield entr$& The TAC!'# mo3ile a((li ation must 3e a3le to a(ture and utiliBe the "un tionalit$ o" the smart (hone:s 3uilt-in amera


TAC!'# %ser #ear h A((li ation >e hanism


TAC!'# >o3ile A((li ation

as (art o" the a((li ation& 17 TAC!'# >o3ile A((li ation The TAC!'# mo3ile a((li ation must allow "or the su3mission o" a (hoto image a(tured in the "ield to the TAC!'# sear h engine& A list o" (otential mat h andidates will 3e (resented to the user0 in ran6ing order ;high to low (riorit$< 3ased on the threshold set at the ser2er& 'e"ined 3iogra(hi al data will 3e (resented to the user0 along with the orres(onding mat h (ro3a3ilit$ s ore& !n addition to the a(ture a3ilit$0 using the smart (hone:s on3oard amera0 the TAC!'# mo3ile a((li ation must (ro2ide a me hanism to atta h an e5isting0 lo all$ stored J*G image "or su3mittal to the sear h engine& The TAC!'# mo3ile a((li ation "un tionalit$ must 3e written in modular "orm0 so that it an 3e easil$ integrated into the e5isting #R/.R# mo3ile a((li ation& This will allow "or re ursi2e status and in ident-3ased 4ueries o" TAC!'# sear h results without the need


TAC!'# >o3ile A((li ation


#R/.R# !ntegration

to swit h a((li ations and re-enter the sear h riteria&

ACC.## C)+TR)- L A%'!T!+G %ser authenti ation and authoriBation uses the ARJ!# #e urit$ Center ;-'A* to A ti2e 'ire tor$< 3ut also has its own on"igura3le se urit$ module "or entities that do not utiliBe -'A*& The TAC!'# .ngine will manage items su h as: -ogin se urit$ (arameters ;(assword om(le5it$ re4uirements< The num3er o" login attem(ts 3e"ore lo 6out The TAC!'# .ngine also (ro2ides "ull audit and audit re(orting a(a3ilit$ .RR)R AA+'-!+G The TAC!'# .ngine also anal$Bes and (ro2ides "eed3a 6 to the user on items su h as: =hether ertain data sour es s(e i"ied in the 4ueries are una2aila3le Timeout (arameters (er data sour e !ndi ation to the user as to the status o" ea h data sour e sear hed ;in-(ro ess0 om(lete0 et &< #$stem error messages TAC!'# )%TC)>.# !+ 20110 through a (artnershi( with the 'e(artment o" Aomeland #e urit$0 ARJ!# de(lo$ed 2@0 #amsung ta3lets e4ui((ed with a ess to ARJ!# a((li ations to #an 'iego Count$ Terrorism -iaison )""i ers& ,e ause this grou( was "amiliar with the ARJ!# =ireless *rogram0 #amsung ta3let "un tionalit$0 and is om(rised o" o""i ers "rom multi ?urisdi tions0 it was re ommend a sele ted grou( o" twent$ would ser2e as the TAC!'# test and user grou(& The users with the highest usage and those who had (ro2ided the most "eed3a 6 to ARJ!# were sele ted& The grou(0 whi h onsisted o" (oli e o""i ers0 agents and de(ut$ sheri""s was introdu ed to TAC!'#0 and then trained on the use o" the s$stem& !mmediatel$ a"ter the TAC!'# a((li ation was made a2aila3le "or users to test0 ARJ!# re ei2ed "eed3a 6 regarding the 2alue

the tool 3rought to the law en"or ement ommunit$& +ews o" TAC!'# s(read 4ui 6l$ and ARJ!# users "rom a ross the region were re4uesting a ess to the a((li ation& The demand "or TAC!'# 3e ame e2en more e2ident a"ter the s$stem was (resented to the ARJ!# Chie"s #heri""s >anagement Committee& The Committee was im(ressed with the a((li ations "un tionalit$ and the (otential time sa2ings it would (ro2ide their agen ies& =hile man$ o" these agen ies alread$ had #amsung ta3lets0 some were using #mart(hones& At the agen ies re4uest0 TAC!'# was im(lemented on #mart(hones& ARJ!# was a3le to ensure that the "un tionalit$ o" the a((li ation remained the same and CJ!# se urit$ re4uirements were still a3le to 3e met& This allowed ARJ!# to e5(and the TAC!'# user 3aseF in turn new users were tas6ed with utiliBing the s$stem during routine ta ti al o(erations and to re(ort an$ and all "eed3a 6 related to the s$stem& This a ess greatl$ assisted ARJ!# with testing the TAC!'# a((li ation& ,e ause indi2iduals must ha2e an e5isting (hoto enrolled in TAC!'#0 testing with li2e data was di""i ult& ,$ (ro2iding !mmigration Customs .n"or ement ;!C.< agents with a ess to TAC!'#0 tests were a3le to 3e ondu ted with li2e data& The ma?orit$ o" the time undo umented (ersons are detained 3$ #an 'iego o""i ers the$ are sent to the #'#' ?ail0 and then trans"erred to !C. 'etention Centers& 'uring the lo al 3oo6ing (ro ess their mugshots are a(tured and u(loaded into the #'#' e>ug s$stem0 the same data ourse TAC!'# utiliBes& ,$ (ro2iding !C. 'etention Center agents with a ess to TAC!'#0 the$ were a3le to ta6e indi2iduals who had 3een 3rought "rom the #'#' lo al ?ail out o" their ells and a(ture their images& The images were then run through TAC!'# to determine i" the (hoto lineu( returned to the agent would in lude the re entl$ a(tured lo al #'#' mugshot image& This (ro ess was 2er$ hel("ul in 2alidating the TAC!'# "un tionalit$ and in ensuring that it was a3le to return mat hing images& ARJ!# re ei2ed a 2ariet$ o" su ess stories whi h were hel("ul in 2alidating the e""e ti2eness o" the a((li ation& !n addition0 user meetings were held to identi"$ enhan ements the$ "elt would 3e use"ul in the "uture& ,elow is a sam(le o" su ess stories and "eed3a 6 (ro2ided 3$ TAC!'# users&

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------#A+ '!.G) R.G!)+A- /%G!T!9. TA#K /)RC. H! ?ust wanted to send a (ositi2e note on two e2ents regarding the new TAC!'# (rogram& Three ta3lets were u(graded with the test (rogram last wee6& The 2er$ ne5t da$ we used it on our "irst all& The residen e we were in was a 6nown "lo( house with se2eral o u(ants& )ne male ran out the 3a 6 into the garage to hide 3ut was lo ated and detained& The male was (hotogra(hed and entered into the TAC!'# s$stem& A 88&87P mat h was (ro2ided on the male& A re ords he 6 o" the name and '), (ro2ided the male had an a ti2e "elon$ warrant and was a (arolee at large& J #an 'iego Regional /ugiti2e Tas6 /or eI H)n 01-27-12 the tas6 "or e ondu ted a high ris6 onta t on a residen e with a sighting o" a (arolee at large entering& The residen e was entered and leared "inding se2eral o u(ants inside& The (arolee at large ga2e an in orre t name to o""i ers& The TAC!'# (rogram was utiliBed and a mat h o" 88&87P o" the (hoto was gi2en& A Dth wai2er sear h also "ound a loaded handgun where the (arolee was hiding&I H!n "i2e da$s o" utiliBing the s$stem three arrests ha2e 3een made and se2eral (hotos ha2e 3een u(dated& )ne 10 minute new u(date was reated with a new (hoto&I H'uring the annual QXXXXXQ )(eration0 a male was onta ted and ga2e a "alse name to the 'e(uties& The ARJ!# ta3let was used and a (ositi2e identi"i ation was made on the su3?e t using TAC!'#& The su3?e t had three a ti2e "elon$ warrants "or the"t and se2eral (ending ase throughout #an 'iego Count$ "or storage unit the"t&I H'e(uties ondu ted a tra""i sto( on a 2ehi le& A male (assenger had no identi"i ation and ga2e a name the de(ut$ 3elie2ed was "alse& ! was onta ted and ad2ised the "ield units to send me a (i ture o" the male& The "ield (i ture was downloaded into the TAC!'# (rogram& The "irst (i ture ! re ei2ed showed the su3?e t with his e$es losed and slightl$ loo6ing down& ! had the units send me an additional (i ture and l attem(ted to enter the

urrent (hoto& The TAC!'# (rogram still ga2e a (ositi2e hit on the su3?e t in the 70Rs o" on"iden e& The 2nd (i ture ! re ei2ed was o" good 4ualit$ with o(en e$es and no shadowing& ! re ei2ed a 81P on the on"iden e le2el& The su3?e t was arrested without in ident& Additionall$ the su3?e t was a ti2el$ 3eing sought a"ter 3$ the #an 'iego Regional /ugiti2e Tas6 /or e as a (ossi3le armed and dangerous *arolee at -arge& The ARJ!# ta3let again was a resour e on and o"" the "ield to identi"$ wanted "ugiti2es and (la e them in ?ail without "urther in ident&I H! re ei2ed this (i ture "or !' on the TAC!'# (rogram& #us(e t was 2er$ un oo(erati2e and was (ositi2el$ identi"ied 3$ the sent (hoto to ta3let& #us(e t was an A,108 "ormer (arolee and a 9ista Aome3o$ gangster& Ais new harges will 3e dri2ing a stolen 2ehi le0 "elon$ hit and run and "elon$ e2ading& Just thought ! would send another su ess stor$&I

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------!mmigration Customs .n"or ement HThis is the most awesome thing .9.RSSS =e went o2er to the holding ells this morning to tr$ out the TAC!' so"tware& *ulled out three aliens who were re ent ?ail releases& Too6 (i tures and let the ma hine do the rest& Ait with 88&MP on two o" them0 and the third was at a M1P0 3ut it identi"ied all o" them&H HToda$ while ondu ting warrant ser2i es in ) eanside0 we made onta t with the neigh3ors o" a su3?e t we were loo6ing "or& As we were tal6ing to the indi2iduals who li2ed ne5t door0 our Qs(id$ sensesQ were tingling& #o this neigh3or 3e ame the "o us o" a "ield inter2iew& The su3?e t was 3eing e2asi2e answering our 4uestions& it was determined that the su3?e t was in the %nited #tates illegall$ so we arrested him "or that& ! de ided to trans(ort the su3?e t downtown0 still not 6nowing e5a tl$ who ! had in ustod$& =hile dri2ing him to ?ail0 ! (rodded a little more and the su3?e t stated that in 2007 he re ei2ed a on2i tion "or '%! in #an 'iego and that was the )+-G time he was arrested& #o ! whi((ed out the 'roid and sna((ed a 4ui 6 (hoto and su3mitted "or sear h& The su3?e t loo6ed in4uisiti2el$ at me not 6nowing the truth was onl$ 1 se onds awa$& ! re ei2ed a mat h o" 88&8MP& This re2ealed se2eral (rior arrests and on2i tions and

(ro2ided me an /,! #& =hen ! showed him his 3oo6ing (hoto0 his ?aw dro((ed& Than6s again "or the o((ortunit$ to e2aluate this de2i e&I NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN +ational Cit$ *oli e 'e(artment J Aomi ideKGang %nit HJust wanted to dro( $ou a note on how the "a ial re ognition wor6ed $esterda$& Right a"ter our wee6l$ in2estigations: meeting ! was assisting other dete ti2es on a "ollow u( o" a 6idna((ing K ro33er$& =e ended u( at the sus(e t:s house and onta ted numerous (eo(le& ! onta ted two (eo(le who were not in2ol2ed 3ut were in the sus(e t:s a(artment& )ne had !' and had a *arolee at -arge warrant and was immediatel$ arrested& The other (erson0 a "emale0 had no !' and ga2e the name o" a real (erson in AT& !t was o32ious this "emale had 3een arrested 3e"ore 3ut the re ord:s he 6 showed no hits o" a riminal re ord& At this (oint in the in2estigation she was not a sus(e t in the 6idna((ing and we did not ha2e an$thing else on herU&we 6new she was l$ing a3out her identit$ and were running out o" detention time& ! sent another o""i er on m$ team who had TAC!'# on his #mart(hone the (hoto o" her and within a ou(le o" minutes we had her identi"ied and learned she was a (arolee at large& #he was arrested "or the warrant and identit$ the"tU 2er$ hel("ul tool&I

#an 'iego #heri""Rs 'e(artment H)n 10K@K12 at a3out 17@0 hours0 9ista Tra""i in2estigators res(onded to a re(ort o" a hit and run ollision in the (ar6ing lot o" lo ation 1& The 2ehi le in2ol2ed was su3se4uentl$ sto((ed in a near3$ su3di2ision& 'uring the in2estigation0 a male su3?e t who was dri2ing the 2ehi le at the time o" the tra""i sto( 2er3all$ identi"ied himsel" as 'a2id Hsus(e t oneI& A re ord he 6 was unsu ess"ul in lo ating a dri2er li ense or an$ other in"ormation a3out him and he was ited& Ae (ro2ided a thum3(rint on the itation and was (hotogra(hed (rior to 3eing released&I

H)n 10KMK12 an ARJ!# anal$st >uenBer was emailed a (hoto o" Hsus(e t oneI and his two om(anions& Anal$st >uenBer ran the (hotos (ro2ided through the TAC!'# ta3let and then Co(lin6 /a e >at h& The (rograms resulted in a (ossi3le mat h o" H>r& XXXI& ,oth s$stems $ielded >r& XXX as a high on"iden e mat h& )n 10K11K12 'e(uties "rom the 9ista Gang .n"or ement Team lo ated the motor home in2ol2ed in the original in ident& >r& XXX was onta ted inside the motor home& >r& XXX again identi"ied himsel" as sus(e t one& %(on 3eing (resented with a o($ o" a (re2ious 3oo6ing (hoto0 >r& XXX admitted his true identit$ he was su3se4uentl$ 3oo6ed on a "elon$ warrant&I H! ha2e 3een wor6ing da$ shi"t in the -emon Gro2e K #(ring 9alle$ area& =e swit h to nights on 10-20-12& ! ha2e used the TAC!'# on a3out a doBen su3?e ts who were sto((ed "or 2iolations and were not arr$ing !'& #u3?e ts either onsented to 3eing (hotogra(hed or were 3eing ited "or 2arious reasons& The (rogram has wor6ed 10 o" 12 times a uratel$ !' the su3?e t& The other two were 3elie2ed to not ha2e a (re2ious re ord& The s$stem has led to arrests "or D "elon$ warrants and two *A-Rs& Two other indi2iduals had non-3oo6a3le misdemeanor warrants&I HThe team is 2er$ ha(($ with the s$stem& The$ (lan to use it more when on night shi"t and onta ts go u(& !t has 3een less e""e ti2e when su3?e t is in (artial sun& .ither "ull light or "ull shadow wor6s 3est& Aolding in (anorami 2iew is more e""e ti2e than (ortrait& CanRt wait to add the "inger(rint module&I

The su ess stories that resulted "rom TAC!'# 2alidated the time sa2ings that "a ial re ognition in the "ield ena3les users 3$ assisting them in (ositi2e identi"i ations and in the detainment o" (arolees at large who were not "orth oming with their (re2ious harges& /urthermore the users re(orted the tool:s a3ilit$ to redu e the "re4uen $ o" (h$si al "or e the$ are o"ten re4uired to use when indi2iduals are 3eing un oo(erati2e& ,$ ena3ling o""i ers to remain a short distan e awa$ "rom indi2iduals and ta6ing their (i ture 2erses ha2ing to (h$si all$ sear h them "or identi"i ation or "or ing them into "inger(rints0 TAC!'# has enhan ed o""i er sa"et$&

This (ro?e t also resulted in a re ommended set o" re4uirements "or im(lementation o" the "a ial re ognition (lat"orm in the (u3li sa"et$ mo3ile en2ironment& o =ireless de2i es must 3e a(a3le o" sending and re ei2ing data o2er a wireless networ6 that meets se urit$ re4uirements& !t is also im(erati2e "or the mo3ile de2i es to ha2e ameras that are a(a3le o" intera ting with ustom so"tware& /ortunatel$0 ARJ!# alread$ had a mo3ile (rogram in (la e with a (ri2ate networ60 se urit$ and remote a ess su((ort "or de2i es with 3uilt in ameras& o There are three so"tware li ensing om(onents re4uired to im(lement this solution& Algorithm li ense - the li enses an 3e ostl$ as the$ are 3ased on the num3er o" image HenrollmentsI during the en oding (ro ess& !n the ase o" ARJ!#0 an a((ro(riate num3er was 200000000 images& The en oding (ro ess0 a"ter the initial run0 must ha2e an ongoing (ro ess "or newl$ reated re ords&

,a 6end *ro essing - su3mission o" (ro3e images to the s$stem and (ro2ides the "eed3a 6 to the o""i ers& The 3a 6-end solution must 3e a(a3le o" intera ting with the mo3ile a((li ation& A data3ase o" (hotos must e5ist that ontains images that are o" su""i ient 4ualit$ to 3e en oded&

>o3ile and 'es6to( Client li ense J these li enses are usuall$ 3ased on the num3er o" de2i es that utiliBe the mo3ile or des6to( a((li ation&

+.XT #T.*#
As te hnolog$ ad2an es the use o" mo3ile and 3iometri tools will ontinue to (la$ a (i2otal role in the law en"or ement ommunit$& ARJ!# intends to sta$ at the "ore"ront o" this trend 3$ e5(anding on

these tools as new te hnologies are de2elo(ed0 and 3$ e2aluating those that are alread$ in (la e& ARJ!# will e2aluate the TAC!'# (rogram to address to(i s su h as en2ironmental "a tors0 the rele2an e o" on"identiall$ s ores and how the so"tware om(ares to other similar te hnologies& The e2aluation results will 3e (ro2ided to (u3li sa"et$ agen ies through out the nation who are im(lementing similar s$stems& 'uring this "irst (hase o" TAC!'#0 "eed3a 6 was o3tained on indi2idual:s "a ial e5(ressions and how the$ a""e ted the on"identialit$ rates o" res(onses& %sers also re(orted the in"luen e sunlight (la$ed on image mat hing& ARJ!# intends to e5(and on this 3$ addressing other "a tors su h as s6in olor and the (ro5imit$ to the indi2idual whose image is 3eing a(tured& An agen $ in /lorida using "a ial re ognition does not return on"identialit$ s ores with the asso iated images& ARJ!# was in"ormed that the reason "or this was that the agen $ did not want the s ores to in"luen e user:s de isions while ma6ing (ositi2e identi"i ations& ARJ!# intends to assess how on"identialit$ rates were utiliBed 3$ TAC!'# users when ma6ing (ositi2e identi"i ations& Also (lanned is to om(are the TAC!'# so"tware with other "a ial re ognition (rodu ts su h as C)*-!+K:s /a e >at h& ARJ!# has (ro ured and installed this (rodu t and is in the (ro ess o" testing the so"tware& !mages will 3e su3mitted to 3oth s$stems to om(are the return rates and time& ARJ!# will ontinue to maintain its (artnershi( with +lets and the Cali"ornia 'e(artment o" Justi e and will (arti i(ate whene2er new "a ial re ognition data sour es 3e ome a2aila3le& The TAC!'# solution is staged to allow intera tion with other s$stems through we3 ser2i es0 as long as the other data sour es an (ro2ide su""i ient 3iogra(hi al data along with the return list& *otential sour es ARJ!# is loo6ing at to in lude: Cali"ornia Cal-Gangs0 *arole-.A'# as well as CA 'e(artment o" >otor 9ehi les& /inall$0 the /,! and ARJ!# are (ro(osing to enhan e this tool 3$ de2elo(ing the a3ilit$ "or users to atta h (i tures o" #>Ts to TAC!'# re ords& The images will 3e a om(anied 3$ "ields ontaining sele ta3le des ri(tions o" the s ars mar6s and tattoos& T$(i all$ the

metadata agen ies use to des ri3e #>Ts is 3ased on +C!C standard odes& Aowe2er0 these standards are outdated and do not in lude des ri(tions su h as "ull slee2ed tattoos and gangs whi h ha2e 3e ome mu h more (re2alent o2er the last de ade& +ew des ri(tions will 3e de2elo(ed 3$ a team o" "ederal0 lo al and state law en"or ement o""i ers0 ARJ!#0 and the /,!& The$ will 3e ma((ed to the e5isting +C!C odes to om(l$ with national standards& All o" the data a(tured will 3e stored in the ARJ!# in ident data3ase and will 3e a2aila3le 2ia the ARJ!# "ederated 4uer$ s$stem 6nown as #R/.R#& Another (otential om(onent o" this a((li ation ould 3e the a3ilit$ "or o""i ers to sele t the lo ation o" the #>T on an indi2idual 3$ tou hing the area on a 3od$ lo ation ma( ;see 3elow<& The s$stem would translate the lo ation to the 2arious +C!C lo ation odes ;i&e& u((er right arm< and would sa2e o""i ers time as there are o2er 100 #>T lo ation odes to hoose "rom&

!n on lusion0 ARJ!# would li6e to than6 the %# 'e(artment o" Justi e ;)""i e o" Justi e *rograms< and the +ational !nstitute o" Justi e "or the o((ortunit$ to resear h0 stud$ and im(lement this su ess"ul mo3ile "a ial re ognition (ro?e t& ARJ!# 3elie2es that this will set the stage and 2isionar$ goals "or "uture dire tion and de2elo(ment e""orts toward the ultimate goal o" (u3li sa"et$&