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Q-1 The development of surface of cylinder is (A) (C) Q-2 Rectangle Triangle (B) (D) Circle A segment of a circle

In 1st angle projection method, elevation should be drawn on (A) (C) Left hand side of plan Bottom of plan (B) (D) Top of plan Right hand side of plan


The line type (A) (C) Break line Hidden line (B) (D)

is known as Centre line Cutting plane line


The top view of a line perpendicular HP and parallel to VP is (A) (C) Straight Line Arc (B) (D) Point Non of these


The correct symbol of 3rd angle is (A) (B)




The symbol  indicates (A) (C) Radius Diameter (B) (D) Perimeter Area


The included angle of pentagon is (A) (C) 1080 1200 (B) (D) 900 300


The locus of a point on the circumference of a circle rolling on a line is called (A) (C) Cycloid Hypocycloid (B) (D) Epicycloid Circle


Which of the following method is used to draw a parabola ? (A) (C) Concentric circle method Tangent method (B) (D) Arc of circle method Oblong method 1|Page

(A) (C) HTTP URL (B) (D) HTML All of the above Q.16 Which of the following is a valid browser? (A) (C) Netscape Opera (B) (D) Internet explorer All of the above Q.20 From the following which is/are the valid search engines? (A) (C) Google Both a & b (B) (D) Alta vista None of the above 2|Page .18 Q.17 What is the full form of html? (A) (C) Hyper text main language High text main language (B) (D) Hyper text markup language High text markup language Q. it will be drawn an angle of (A) (C) 1600 2400 (B) (D) 600 1200 Q-15 The solid having a polygon for the base and rectangular lateral surfaces is called (A) (C) Prism Tetrahedron (B) (D) Cone Pyramid Q.19 ______________Is a web addressing scheme that spells out the exact location of an internet resource (A) UML (B) URL (C) Email (D) None of the above ____________Is a protocol used on the web to transfer hypertext documents.STORE Q-10 The line joining points on periphery of base of a cone and apex of it are called (A) (C) Q-11 Reference lines Connectors (B) (D) Generators Projectors A circular lamina in isometric projection appears as (A) (C) Ellipse Parallelogram (B) (D) Trapezium Rhombus is known as (B) (D) Centre line Cutting plane line Q-12 The line type (A) (C) Break line Hidden line Q-13 5:1 represents (A) (C) Full scale Reduced scale (B) (D) Enlarged scale None of these Q-14 If an angle of 1200 is required to draw using a scale 2:1.

29 Q. Which symbol is used to seprate them? (A) (C) = @ (B) (D) # & Q.STORE Q.30 What is the name of the device which provides electricity to the computer if suddenly the electricity goes off.21 The computers are on the same site and linked by cables is called as ______________.26 FTP means… (A) (C) File transfer program First terminal program (B) (D) File transfer priority File transfer protocol Q.27 The difference between memory and storage is that memory is __________ and storage is _____________. (A) UPS (B) CPU (C) MODEM (D) SMPS Which of the following device can be used to input printed text (A) (C) OCR MICR (B) (D) OMR All of the above 3|Page . (A) (C) temporary.25 Firewall is used to (A) Prevent computer from fire hazzards (C) Prevent data theft (D) None of above (B) Reduce heat generated by cpu Q.28 The quality of the printing depends on ________ capacity of the printer.24 Full form of modem is __________________ (A) (C) Modulator Mobile device (B) (D) Modulator . permanent Slow.23 Which function key is used to refresh the web page? (A) (C) F1 F5 (B) (D) F2 F3 Q.22 LAN MAN (B) (D) WAN None of the above E-mail id is divided in two part. (A) (C) Q.demodulator None of the above Q. Fast (B) (D) permanent. (A) (C) BPS DTP (B) (D) DPI RAM Q. temporary None of the above Q.

the refrigerating effects is equivalent to 3000 kcal/hour Power available at the shaft of an I.38 In one ton refrigeration machine. the term “one ton” implies (A) One ton refrigerant is used (B) One ton water can be converted into ice (C) One ton ice when melts from and (D) None of the above o at 0 C in 24 hours.39 Draft on pattern means (A) (C) Allowance for machining Compensate for stripping (B) (D) Locating pad Compensation for shrinkage Q.34 A bus is a group of _____ carrying digital signals. (A) (C) wires transistors (B) (D) gates registers Q.C.36 In internal combustion (I.35 URL is an abbreviation of (A) (C) Uniform Resource Locator Universal Resource Limited (B) (D) United Resource Locator None of the above Q.31 A Laser Printers uses (A) (C) Q.40 Casting defects caused by the molten metal is (A) (C) Blow holes Scab (B) (D) Swell All of the above 4|Page . combustion of fuel takes place in (A) (C) Outside the cylinder Not in the cylinder (B) (D) Inside the cylinder None of the above Q.32 Raster scan Heat Sensitive paper (B) (D) Camera lens None of these Which of the following is known as e-mail client? (A) (C) Outlook express Outin express (B) (D) Out express Outlook netscape Q.C engine is known as (A) (C) Brake horse power Net indicated horse power (B) (D) Indicated horse power Pumping power Q.37 Q.) engines.STORE Q.33 What is full form of DNS ? (A) (C) Domain name system Dynamic name system (B) (D) Domain name server Dynamic name server Q.

48 A closed cycle gas turbine works on (A) (C) Carnot cycle Rankine cycle (B) (D) Joule cycle Atkinson cycle Q.49 Antifriction bearings are (A) (C) Ball & roller bearing Thin lubricated bearing (B) (D) Thick lubricated bearing Plastic bearing Q.42 Stainless steel Lead (B) (D) Mild steel Graphite A 1000 tonne press implies that (A) The weight of press is 1000 tonne (B) The press can handle works weighing up to 1000 tonne (C) It can exert pressure up to 1000 tonne (D) Its turn over in a day is 1000 tonne Q.the pipe carrying fuel from fuel pump to nozzle is made of? (A) (C) PVC Steel (B) (D) Plastic Aluminium Q.43 Wire is made by (A) (C) Drawing Rolling (B) (D) Forging Casting Q.47 Pitot tube is used for measurement of (A) (C) Pressure Discharge (B) (D) Temperature Velocity Q.50 The main purpose of heat treatment of steels is to change the (A) (C) Chemical composition Surface finish (B) (D) Mechanical properties Physical properties 5|Page .45 The hardest known material is (A) (C) Ceramic Cemented carbide (B) (D) High speed steel Diamond Q.STORE Q.46 In a diesel engine.41 Foundry crucible is made of (A) (C) Q.44 Which of the following welding process uses non consumable electrodes (A) (C) TIG Thermit (B) (D) MIG Laser Q.

55 Which is not the primary function of coolant in a metal cutting operation (A) To cool the tool and work piece (B) To improve the cutting action and conduct the heat generated (C) To help in giving bright shining (D) To reduce the friction at the cutting point surface to the job The property of a material which enable it to resist fracture due to high impact loads is known as (A) (C) Elasticity Strength (B) (D) Endurance Toughness Q.53 Flank Shank (B) (D) Face Base Q.51 The material of pattern in the investment casting is (A) Resin (B) Sand (C) Wax (D) Wood Which part of the cutting tool is prone to crater wear (A) (C) Q.STORE Q.52 Identify the single point cutting tool (A) (C) Milling cutter Grinding wheel (B) (D) Hacksaw blade Cutting tool used in a slotting machine Q.59 During load shedding (A) (C) System voltage is reduced System frequency is reduced (B) (D) Some loads are switched off System power factor is changed Q.56 Q.58 The positive maximum of a sine wave occurs at (A) (C) 00 90 0 (B) (D) 45 0 180 0 Q.54 Q.57 The Form Factor in reference to alternating current wave form represents the ratio of (A) the Average value to the RMS (B) the Peak value to the RMS value value (C) the RMS value to the Average (D) the RMS value to the Peak value value The ratio of maximum demand of the installation to the sum of individual maximum demand is known as (A) (C) Demand factor Diversity factor (B) (D) Plant use factor Plant capacity factor Q.60 Area under the speed –time curve represents (A) (C) Average speed Net acceleration (B) (D) Average acceleration Distance travelled 6|Page .

65 Lumen /watt is the unit of (A) (C) Luminous efficiency Luminous intensity (B) (D) Light flux brightnes Q.8 leading zero Which of the following is not resistance welding? (A) (C) Projection welding Seam welding (B) (D) MIG welding Flash butt welding Q.64 Isolators are used to disconnect a circuit when (A) (C) Line is on full load There is no current in the line (B) (D) Line is energised Circuit breaker is not open Q.70 In the Fleming’s left hand rule .STORE Q. (B) (D) changes with temperature. thumb always represents (A) current (B) voltage (C) magnetic field (D) direction of force on conductor The most common type of fault is (A) (C) Single phase to ground Two phase to ground (B) (D) Phase to phase Three phase to ground 7|Page .68 A Variable capacitance is one whose capacitance (A) (C) changes with time. Q. changes with voltage. can be changed manually or by mechanical means.63 MHO relay is used for (A) (C) rectifiers transmission lines (B) (D) circuit breakers feeders Q.62 0.67 For arc heating .61 The power factor of incandescent bulb is (A) (C) Q.8 lagging unity (B) (D) 0.66 Which type of wattmeter can not be used for both AC and DC ? (A) (C) Dynamometer type Induction type (B) (D) Electrostatic type None of the above Q. the electrodes are made of (A) (C) Copper ACSR conductor (B) (D) Aluminium Graphite Q.69 Q.

71 Weber is derived unit of (A) (C) Q.73 The centimeter scale on a vernier calliper is divided into eight equal parts.00 cm 5.001 cm Q. the passengers are thrown outwards because of (A) (C) Inertia of direction Speed of motion (B) (D) Acceleration of motion Both (B) and ( C) Q.80 The coefficient of thermal conductivity depends upon (A) Temperature difference of two (B) Area of the plate surfaces (C) Thickness of the plate (D) Material of the plate Woolen clothes are used in winter season because woolen clothes (A) Are good sources for producing (B) Absorb heat from surroundings heat (C) Are bad conductors of heat (D) Provide heat to body continuously Water is used to cool the radiators of engines in cars because (A) (C) Of its low boiling point Of its low density (B) (D) Of its high specific heat Of its easy availability 8|Page .025 cm (B) (D) 0.00 km Q.00 m (B) (D) 5.01 cm 0.78 Q.75 A ball of mass m moves with speed ν and it strikes normally with a wall and reflected back normally.00 mm 5. 1 cm 0. calculate vernier constant (A) (C) 0.72 magnetic moment magnetic flux (B) (D) luminous flux none of these Which of the following measurements is most precise? (A) (C) 5.74 When a bus suddenly takes a turn.77 Water rises in plant fibers due to (A) (C) Capillarity Fluid pressure (B) (D) Viscosity Osmosis Q.79 Q. if its time of contact with wall is t then find force exerted by ball on wall (A) (C) 2mν / t mνt (B) (D) mν /t mν /2t Q. Ten vernier divisions are contained in one cm.STORE Q.76 Hook's law defines (A) (C) Stress Modulus of elasticity (B) (D) Strain Elastic limit Q.

85 When the length of a microscope tube increase. its workability is (A) (C) Very low Medium (B) (D) Low High Q-88 Impact Test on Aggregate is carried out for measurement of its (A) (C) Toughness strength (B) (D) Hardness resistance to wear Q-89 An aggregate is said to be flaky.84 Electron volt is a unit of (A) (C) Potential Power (B) (D) Charge Energy Q.83 Tangent galvanometer is used to measure (A) (C) Steady currents Magnetic moments of bar magnets (B) (D) Current impulses Earth's magnetic field Q.82 Air Vacuum (B) (D) Water Steel The magnetism of magnet is due to (A) (C) The spin motion of electron Pressure of big magnet inside the earth (B) (D) Earth Cosmic rays Q.81 Velocity of sound is maximum in (A) (C) Q.STORE Q. if its least dimension is less then (A) (C) 1/5th of mean dimension 2/5th of mean dimension (B) (D) 4/5th of mean dimension 3/5th of mean dimension Q-90 Le-Chatelier’s apparatus used for testing (A) (C) Hardness of cement Soundness of cement (B) (D) Strength of cement Durability of cement 9|Page . its magnifying power (A) (C) Decreases Does not change (B) (D) Increases May decrease or increase Q-86 Pitch of Roof truss is (A) (C) span/Rise Rise /Half span (B) (D) Rise/span Half span/Rise Q-87 If the slump of concrete mix is 60 mm.

m. (A) (C) coarse sand silt (B) (D) clay fine sand Q-94 Bulking of sand is (A) (C) swelling of sand when wetted Mixing of sand with water (B) (D) Mixing of sand with Lime Mixing of different size of sand particles Q-95 Every material obeys the Hooke’s law within its (A) (C) Elastic limit Limit of proportionality (B) (D) Plastic limit None of the above Q-96 Prismatic Compass is used for measurement of (A) (C) Vertical Angle Bearing (B) (D) Length None of the above Q-97 The temporary hardness of water can be removed by (A) (C) boiling Adding alum (B) (D) Adding lime Filtration Q-98 Vicat apparatus is used for (A) (C) Fineness test Test for setting time (B) (D) Consistency test Test for tensile strength Q-99 The mortar in which both cement and lime are used as binding materials is called (A) (C) Cement mortar Fire resistant mortar (B) (D) Lime mortar Gauged mortar Q-100 Concrete is measured in (A) (C) Cu. Running meter (B) (D) Sq.STORE Q-91 The ratio of volume of voids to total volume of given soil mass is known as (A) (C) Q-92 porosity specific gravity (B) (D) void ratio water content The minimum water content at which the soil mass just begins to crumble when it rolled into thread 3 mm in diameter is known as (A) (C) liquid limit permeability limit (B) (D) shrinkage limit plastic limit Q-93 The soil which contains finest grain particles . Liters 10 | P a g e .