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Sample IEEE Paper for A4 Page Size

First Author#1, Second Author*2, hird Author#!


First-Third Department, First-Third University Address Including Country Name

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econd Company Address Including Country Name


Abstract This document gives formatting instructions for authors preparing papers for publication in the Proceedings of an IEEE conference. The authors must follow the instructions given in the document for the papers to be published. You can use this document as both an instruction set and as a template into which you can type your own text.


I" I# $%&'( I%# his document is a template" An electronic cop) can *e do+nloaded from the conference +e*site" For ,uestions on paper guidelines, please contact the conference pu*lications committee as indicated on the conference +e*site" Information a*out final paper su*mission is a-aila*le from the conference +e*site" II" PA.E /A0%' An eas) +a) to compl) +ith the conference paper formatting re,uirements is to use this document as a template and simpl) t)pe )our te1t into it" A! "age #ayout 0our paper must use a page size corresponding to A4 +hich is 212mm 34"2567 +ide and 285mm 311"9867 long" he margins must *e set as follo+s: op ; 18mm 32"5<67 =ottom ; 4!mm 31"9867 /eft ; $ight ; 14"!2mm 32"<967 0our paper must *e in t+o column format +ith a space of 4"22mm 32"1567 *et+een columns" III" PA.E S 0/E All paragraphs must *e indented" All paragraphs must *e >ustified, i"e" *oth left?>ustified and right?>ustified" A! Te$t Font o% &ntire Document he entire document should *e in imes #e+ $oman or imes font" )pe ! fonts must not *e used" %ther font t)pes ma) *e used if needed for special purposes" $ecommended font sizes are sho+n in a*le 1" '! Title and Author Details itle must *e in 24 pt $egular font" Author name must *e in 11 pt $egular font" Author affiliation must *e in 12 pt Italic" Email address must *e in 8 pt (ourier $egular font"

Font i!e 4

8 12 11 24

"ppearance #in Time $ew %oman or Times& %egular 'old Italic ta*le caption 3in reference item Small (aps7, 3partial7 figure caption, reference item author email address a*stract a*stract heading 3in (ourier7, *od) 3also in =old7 cell in a ta*le le-el?1 heading 3in le-el?2 heading, Small (aps7, le-el?! heading, paragraph author affiliation author name title

All title and author details must *e in single?column format and must *e centered" E-er) +ord in a title must *e capitalized e1cept for short minor +ords such as AaB, AanB, AandB, AasB, AatB, A*)B, AforB, AfromB, AifB, AinB, AintoB, AonB, AorB, AofB, AtheB, AtoB, A+ithB" Author details must not sho+ an) professional title 3e"g" Canaging &irector7, an) academic title 3e"g" &r"7 or an) mem*ership of an) professional organization 3e"g" Senior Cem*er IEEE7" o a-oid confusion, the famil) name must *e +ritten as the last part of each author name 3e"g" Dohn A"E" Smith7" Each affiliation must include, at the -er) least, the name of the compan) and the name of the countr) +here the author is *ased 3e"g" (ausal Productions Pt) /td, Australia7" Email address is compulsor) for the corresponding author" C! ection (eadings #o more than ! le-els of headings should *e used" All headings must *e in 12pt font" E-er) +ord in a heading must *e capitalized e1cept for short minor +ords as listed in Section III?=" )* #evel-) (eading: A le-el?1 heading must *e in Small (aps, centered and num*ered using uppercase $oman numerals" For e1ample, see heading AIII" Page St)leB of this document" he t+o le-el?1 headings +hich must not *e num*ered are AAcFno+ledgmentB and A$eferencesB"

+* #evel-+ (eading, A le-el?2 heading must *e in Italic, left?>ustified and num*ered using an uppercase alpha*etic letter follo+ed *) a period" For e1ample, see heading A(" Section GeadingsB a*o-e" -* #evel-- (eading, A le-el?! heading must *e indented, in Italic and num*ered +ith an Ara*ic numeral follo+ed *) a right parenthesis" he le-el?! heading must end +ith a colon" he *od) of the le-el?! section immediatel) follo+s the le-el? ! heading in the same paragraph" For e1ample, this paragraph *egins +ith a le-el?! heading" D! Figures and Ta.les Figures and ta*les must *e centered in the column" /arge figures and ta*les ma) span across *oth columns" An) ta*le or figure that taFes up more than 1 column +idth must *e positioned either at the top or at the *ottom of the page" .raphics ma) *e full color" All colors +ill *e retained on the (&$%C" .raphics must not use stipple fill patterns *ecause the) ma) not *e reproduced properl)" Please use onl) /#ID FI## colors +hich contrast +ell *oth on screen and on a *lacF?and?+hite hardcop), as sho+n in Fig" 1"

Fig" 2 E1ample of an unaccepta*le lo+?resolution image

Fig" 1 A sample line graph using colors +hich contrast +ell *oth on screen and on a *lacF?and?+hite hardcop)

Fig" ! E1ample of an image +ith accepta*le resolution

Fig" 2 sho+s an e1ample of a lo+?resolution image +hich +ould not *e accepta*le, +hereas Fig" ! sho+s an e1ample of an image +ith ade,uate resolution" (hecF that the resolution is ade,uate to re-eal the important detail in the figure" Please checF all figures in )our paper *oth on screen and on a *lacF?and?+hite hardcop)" Hhen )ou checF )our paper on a *lacF?and?+hite hardcop), please ensure that: the colors used in each figure contrast +ell, the image used in each figure is clear, all te1t la*els in each figure are legi*le" &! Figure Captions Figures must *e num*ered using Ara*ic numerals" Figure captions must *e in 4 pt $egular font" (aptions of a single line 3e"g" Fig" 27 must *e centered +hereas multi?line captions must *e >ustified 3e"g" Fig" 17" (aptions +ith figure num*ers must *e placed after their associated figures, as sho+n in Fig" 1"

F! Ta.le Captions a*les must *e num*ered using uppercase $oman numerals" a*le captions must *e centred and in 4 pt $egular font +ith Small (aps" E-er) +ord in a ta*le caption must *e capitalized e1cept for short minor +ords as listed in Section III?=" (aptions +ith ta*le num*ers must *e placed *efore their associated ta*les, as sho+n in a*le 1" 0! "age Num.ers, (eaders and Footers Page num*ers, headers and footers must not *e used" (! #in1s and 'oo1mar1s All h)perte1t linFs and section *ooFmarFs +ill *e remo-ed from papers during the processing of papers for pu*lication" If )ou need to refer to an Internet email address or '$/ in )our paper, )ou must t)pe out the address or '$/ full) in $egular font"

I! 2e%erences he heading of the $eferences section must not *e num*ered" All reference items must *e in 4 pt font" Please use $egular and Italic st)les to distinguish different fields as sho+n in the $eferences section" #um*er the reference items consecuti-el) in s,uare *racFets 3e"g" I1J7" Hhen referring to a reference item, please simpl) use the reference num*er, as in I2J" &o not use A$ef" I!JB or A$eference I!JB e1cept at the *eginning of a sentence, e"g" A$eference I!J sho+s KB" Cultiple references are each num*ered +ith separate *racFets 3e"g" I2J, I!J, I4JLI9J7" E1amples of reference items of different categories sho+n in the $eferences section include: e1ample of a *ooF in I1J e1ample of a *ooF in a series in I2J e1ample of a >ournal article in I!J e1ample of a conference paper in I4J e1ample of a patent in I<J e1ample of a +e*site in I9J e1ample of a +e* page in I5J e1ample of a data*ooF as a manual in I4J e1ample of a datasheet in I8J e1ample of a masterMs thesis in I12J e1ample of a technical report in I11J e1ample of a standard in I12J IN" (%#(/'SI%#S he -ersion of this template is N2" Cost of the formatting instructions in this document ha-e *een compiled *) (ausal Productions from the IEEE /a eO st)le files" (ausal Productions offers *oth A4 templates and 'S /etter templates for /a eO and Cicrosoft Hord" he /a eO templates depend on the official IEEEtran"cls and IEEEtran"*st files, +hereas the Cicrosoft Hord templates are self?contained" (ausal Productions has used its *est efforts to ensure that the templates ha-e the same appearance"

(ausal Productions permits the distri*ution and re-ision of these templates on the condition that (ausal Productions is credited in the re-ised template as follo+s: Aoriginal -ersion of this template +as pro-ided *) courtes) of (ausal Productions 3+++"causalproductions"com7B" A(E#%H/E&.CE# he heading of the AcFno+ledgment section and the $eferences section must not *e num*ered" (ausal Productions +ishes to acFno+ledge Cichael Shell and other contri*utors for de-eloping and maintaining the IEEE /a eO st)le files +hich ha-e *een used in the preparation of this template" o see the list of contri*utors, please refer to the top of file IEEE ran"cls in the IEEE /a eO distri*ution" $EFE$E#(ES
I1J I2J I!J I4J I<J I9J I5J I4J I8J I12J I11J I12J S" C" Cete- and N" P" NeiFo, #aser Assisted 3icrotechnology, 2nd ed", $" C" %sgood, Dr", Ed" =erlin, .erman): Springer?Nerlag, 1884" D" =recFling, Ed", The Analysis o% Directional Time eries, Applications to 4ind peed and Direction , ser" /ecture #otes in Statistics" =erlin, .erman): Springer, 1848, -ol" 91" S" @hang, (" @hu, D" E" %" Sin, and P" E" " CoF, AA no-el ultrathin ele-ated channel lo+?temperature pol)?Si F ,B I&&& &lectron Device #ett!, -ol" 22, pp" <98L<51, #o-" 1888" C" Hegmuller, D" P" -on der Heid, P" %*erson, and #" .isin, AGigh resolution fi*er distri*uted measurements +ith coherent %F&$,B in "roc! &C/C566, 2222, paper 11"!"4, p" 128" $" E" Sorace, N" S" $einhardt, and S" A" Naughn, AGigh?speed digital? to?$F con-erter,B '"S" Patent < 994 442, Sept" 19, 1885" 322227 he IEEE +e*site" I%nlineJ" A-aila*le: http:PP+++"ieee"orgP C" Shell" 322227 IEEEtran homepage on ( A#" I%nlineJ" A-aila*le: http:PP+++"ctan"orgPte1? archi-ePmacrosPlate1Pcontri*PsupportedPIEEEtranP F#&7Chip ignal "rocessor 83C9:);<=D*, Cotorola, 1889" AP&(A12?52 data sheet,B %pto Speed SA, Cezzo-ico, S+itzerland" A" EarniF, APerformance of (P congestion control +ith rate feed*acF: (PPA=$ and rate adapti-e (PPIP,B C" Eng" thesis, Indian Institute of Science, =angalore, India, Dan" 1888" D" Padh)e, N" Firoiu, and &" o+sle), AA stochastic model of (P $eno congestion a-oidance and control,B 'ni-" of Cassachusetts, Amherst, CA, (CPS(I ech" $ep" 88?22, 1888" 4ireless #AN 3edium Access Control 83AC* and "hysical #ayer 8"(>* peci%ication, IEEE Std" 422"11, 1885"