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ACFN Uncle Fred Youth Elders Lodge Newsletter

The ACFN Uncle Fred Youth Elders Lodge has a Conference room ACFN Uncle Fred Youth Elders Lodge and board rooms for rent. For more information call 780-697-3207

Youth Elders Lodge

The ACFN Uncle Fred Youth Elders Lodge is open to the membership to come and visit, share stories, do crafts or just come for coffee have a game of crib or marbles and socialize. The Lodge is open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm and closed during lunch. If you would like to learn some traditional activities we would be more than happy to develop a program, please call the Lodge and we can work to get one started with your input and ideas. .

ACFN Uncle Fred Youth Elders Lodge is committed to working together to preserve our past and to create our future.

Moose Hide Tanning Course

Project started in May 2013, traditional instructor Bertha Cyprien taught the course. We did 2 hides again this year and had 8 participants in the program. The hide that was completed will be used for future programs delivered by the Youth Elders Lodge.

Picture on the left side: Elder Dorothy Marcel & granddaughter Tia Rae Woodward scrapping the hide. Picture on the Right side: Member Connie Voyageur, youth Emma Voyageur, Emily Grant, Tia Rae Woodward, Traditional Instructor Bertha Cyprien, Marlene Hall Hanging the hide


Connie Voyageur and Daughter Emma Voyageur scrapping the hide

Marlene Hall fleshing the hide (scrapping)

Emily Grant, Roxanne Marcel, youth Emma Voyageur, Traditional Instructor Bertha Cyprien, Marlene Hall, Connie Voyageur

Traditional Duck Preparation and Bannock on a Stick

ON May 2013 Elder Charlie Voyageur taught bannock making and cooking bannock on a stick, also traditional Instructor Lily Marcel taught the members how to pluck, clean and cook duck on an open fire and how to make the traditional duck soup with oats.

Above: Traditional Instructor Lily Marcel showing the participants how to clean and cut the duck Left side: Traditional Instructor Lily Marcel and Elder John Marcel enjoy traditional duck oats soup Elder Charlie Voyageur & Youth Brandi Thacker Councilor Greg Marcel & Youth Tyrell Marcel


Dry Fish Making Course July 2013 Taught by: Lily & Donna Marcel
The Dry Fish course started on July 26, 2013 and ran all weekend. The traditional instructors were Lily Marcel and Donna Marcel; we had 9 participants in total that came out to learn how to make dry-fish. In total there was 98 dry-fish made by the participants. I would like to thank Charlie Cardinal for getting us the fish, and Lily and Donna Marcel for teaching the course. The dry fish course was video recorded for future use at the Youth Elders Lodge, we will be sending out the DVD to membership once it is completed.

Youth Lynn Laviolette & Senior Susan Micheal

Left to right: Jennifer Waquan, Cardilla Cardinal, Susan Micheal Lynn Laviolette, Lily Marcel, Donna Marcel, Mary Marcel, Councilor Greg Marcel and Roxanne Marcel Missing: Cassandra Marcel, Flossie Cyprien, and Alice Rigney.

Traditional instructor Lily Marcel, youth Cassandra Marcel, Lynn Laviolette & Councilor Greg Marcel

Elder Margaret Marcel & Youth Reachel Marcel

slicing the fish for drying


September 2013 ACFN Uncle Fred Youth Elders Lodge

Caribou Hunt 2013

Freddie Marcel was the member who organized the Caribou hunt for the Youth Elders Lodge in 2013. He traveled from Fort Chipewyan, Alberta, to Fond du lac, Sask by snow-mobile to go hunting, once he arrived in Fond du Lac he meet up with 3 community members who scouted out the area for the caribou hunt. Once the Caribou were harvested they were transported to the community via charter planes. It was a successful hunt we receive 250 caribou which was distributed to the ACFN community members each house hold receive 1 caribou, and 50 caribous were sent to Fort McMurray for distribution to members.

Fall Hunt 2013

The second annual Fall Hunt was a success; the youth left Fort Chipewyan by boat on September 24, 2013 with traditional Hunters Joe Marcel, Freddie Marcel and Marcel Marcel. The 5 youth that participated were Matthew Marcel, Peter Marcel, Drayton Bruno, Deshun Bruno and Renee Marcel. They travelled on Lake Athabasca to Old Fort Bay where they set up camp and settled in for the next 5 days of hunting. On the second day of their hunting trip they called and were successful in bring in a Bull Moose, The moose was killed and the meat was harvested for the elders and the participants to feast on. The youth were taught how to quarter and skin a moose and what parts of the animal is good to eat. The quartered meat was brought back to the Community and distributed to the ACFN Elders.


Dry Meat Making 2013

The dry-meat making course was held on the weekend of September 13-15, 2013. We had 11 participants signed up for the course. Traditional instructors were Elder Mary Marcel and Lily Marcel. We had 18 caribou thigh and shoulders to quarter and cut for the course. The participants were taught the basics of quartering the meat and also how to cut the meat into dry-meat strips. Stories and laughter were shared amongst the group of ladies

Pictures: Above: Donna Cyprien, Mary Marcel & Marjorie Glanfield On the Left: Donna Cyprien Top Center: Bernadette Flett & Lily Marcel Bottom Center: Councillor Greg Marcel, Lily Marcel and Donna Cyprien

A BIG THANK YOU TO I would like to thank Elder Charlie Voyageur for the donation of 2 benches and 2 picnic tables that he donated to the Youth Elders Lodge, also for his assistance in building the smoke house and stage. Charlie thank you for all your knowledge you share with the Lodge when we develop program. THANK YOU

2013 Annual Fish Harvest

On Dec 7, 2013; 6 members of the ACFN left on snowmobile to N-22 Lake to harvest in-land white fish. The group consist of adults Morgan Voyageur, Jonathan Bruno Charlie Cardinal and 3 youth Peter Marcel, August Marcel and Reachel Marcel took on the journey to set net in the dead of winter to learn the tradition of setting net under the ice. Upon their return to the community the whitefish was distributed to each ACFN household by the youth.


ACFN Uncle Fred Youth Elders Lodge PO Box 620 Fort Chipewyan, AB T0P 1B0 Phone: 780-697-3207 Fax: 780-697-3967 E-Mail:

Up Coming Events: Lanyards October 28 to November 8, 2013 @ 7-9pm Monday to Friday ($10.00 fee) Baby Slippers November 11-21, 2013 @7-9 pm Monday to Friday ( $25.00 fee) Mittens Course November 26 December 6, 2013 7-9 pm Monday to Friday ($25.00 fee) Dene Drumming Lessons December 9 -20, 2013 Time to be determined Monday to Friday (Free) Annual Fish Harvest December 2013 Dates to be determined. Hand games tournament January March 2014, 7-9, date to be determined. Caribou Tufting January 6-17, 2014 7-9pm Monday to Friday There will be a slight fee to attend the program; the fee will go towards the cost to replenish the supplies. There will be a Maximum of 10 participants per program. If you would like to register please call 780-697-3207. Thank you

FAC course May 2013

8 Participants attended Youth were: Matthew Marcel, August Marcel, Reachel Marcel. Adults were: Janice Marcel, Lance Laviolette and Lee Laviolette. Elder Irene Adam and Susan Micheal

Date for program may change. Please watch for Posters in the community. If you would like to see a program being taught at the Lodge or you would like to teach a course please contact Roxanne at 780-697-3207. Thank you There is a set rate we pay for the Traditional Instructors.

ACFN Uncle Fred Youth Elders Lodge PO Box 620 Fort Chipewyan, AB T0P1B0

Community Member Fort Chipewyan, Alberta T0P 1B0


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