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Equivalent citations: AIR 2000 SC 952, 2000 (2) ALD Cri 15, 2000 CriLJ 1498 Bench: S Ahmed,

D Wadhwa Rohtash Singh vs Smt. Ramendri & Ors. on 2/3/2000 JUDGMENT S. Saghir hmad! J. ". This S#e$ia% &eave 'etition (as dismissed )* +s on "0,-,"---. .e! herein)e%o(! give o+r reasons /or dismissing the S#e$ia% &eave 'etition. 2. The #etitioner (ho is a mem)er o/ the 0ndian rm* (as married (ith the res#ondent on "0th o/ Ma*! "--0. Sin$e the #etitioner (as #osted a(a* /rom his home! he %e/t the res#ondent (ith his #arents %iving 1oint%* (ith his e%der )rother and his /ami%* at the /ami%* ho+se in 2i%%age 3ota! 'o%i$e Station Ga%aoti! Tehsi% and Distri$t Meer+t. This! a$$ording to the #etitioner! (as not %i4ed )* the res#ondent (ho 0nsisted that the #etitioner sho+%d ta4e %eave /rom rm* and sta* (ith her at her #arent5s ho+se. 0t is said that in "--"! the res#ondent %e/t the #etitioner5s /ami%* ho+se and (ent a(a* to her /ather5s ho+se. She re/+sed to $ome )a$4 to the /ami%* ho+se o/ the #etitioner in s#ite o/ #etitioner5s /ather and e%der )rother having gone to the res#ondent to #ers+ade her to $ome )a$4. On her re/+sa% to $ome )a$4! a noti$e (as sent to the res#ondent on 6th o/ +g+st! "--" /or restit+tion o/ $on1+ga% rights )+t the res#ondent sti%% did not $ome )a$4 to the #etitioner5s /ami%* ho+se in Distri$t Meer+t and! there/ore! in "--3! the #etitioner /i%ed a #etition +nder Se$tion "3 o/ the 7ind+ Marriage $t /or disso%+tion o/ 8he marriage on the gro+nd o/ desertion. The res#ondent in her de/en$e raised vario+s #%eas in$%+ding ma%,treatment and $r+e%t* as a%so a demand )* the #etitioner /or a s+m o/ Rs. 2"!000/, and a s$ooter. 0t (as #%eaded )* her that she (as a%(a*s #re#aid to $ome )a$4 to the #etitioner )+t she (as i%% treated )* the #etitioner5s #arents (ho +sed to %o$4 her +# in a room as the demand /or a $ash amo+nt o/ Rs. 2".000/, and a s$ooter (as not met )* the res#ondent. The 9ami%* :o+rt! Meer+t! de$reed the s+it o/ the #etitioner on "6th o/ J+%*! "--6 and #assed the de$ree o/ divor$e on the gro+nd o/ desertion )* the res#ondent. 3. D+ring the #enden$* o/ the s+it /or divor$e! the res#ondent had /i%ed an a##%i$ation /or maintenan$e +nder Se$tion "26 o/ the :r': on 2;th o/ Ma*! "--3 (hi$h (as a%%o(ed )* the 9ami%* :o+rt! Meer+t on "3th o/ Mar$h! "--< in s#ite o/ the /a$t that the 1+dgment

)* (hi$h a de$ree /or divor$e (as #assed in /avo+r o/ the #etitioner on the gro+nd o/ res#ondent5s desertion (as )ro+ght to the noti$e o/ the 9ami%* :o+rt. The 1+dgment #assed )* the 9ami%* :o+rt! Meer+t (as $ha%%enged )* the #etitioner in a Revision /i%ed in the 7igh :o+rt )+t the Revision (as dismissed on 23rd o/ Mar$h! "--2. 0t is against this 1+dgment that the #resent #etition has )een /i%ed. =. The #rin$i#a% $ontention raised )* the %earned :o+nse% /or the #etitioner is that a de$ree /or divor$e having )een #assed +nder Se$tion "3 o/ the 7ind+ Marriage $t on the gro+nd o/ desertion )* the res#ondent! an order /or maintenan$e $o+%d not have )een #assed in /avo+r o/ the res#ondent on a$$o+nt o/ S+),se$tion 8=> o/ Se$tion "26! :r. '.:. 6. S+),se$tion 8=> o/ Se$tion "26! :r. '.:. #rovides as +nder? 8=> No (i/e sha%% )e entit%ed to re$eive an a%%o(an$e /rom her h+s)and +nder this se$tion i/ she is %iving in ad+%ter*! or i/! (itho+t an* s+//i$ient reason! she re/+ses to %ive (ith her h+s)and! or i/ the* are %iving se#arate%* )* m+t+a% $onsent. @. Under this #rovision! a (i/e is not entit%ed to an* Maintenan$e %%o(an$e /rom her

h+s)and it she is %iving in ad+%ter* or 0/ she has re/+sed to %ive (ith her h+s)and (itho+t an* s+//i$ient reason or i/ the* are %iving se#arate%* )* m+t+a% $onsent. Th+s! a%% the $ir$+mstan$es $ontem#%ated )* S+),se$tion 8=> o/ se$tion. "26! :r. '.O. #res+##ose the eAisten$e o/ matrimonia% re%ations. The #rovision (o+%d )e a##%i$a)%e (here the marriage )et(een the #arties s+)sists and not (here it has $ome to an end. Ta4ing the three $ir$+mstan$es individ+a%%*! it (i%% )e noti$ed that the /irst $ir$+mstan$e on a$$o+nt o/ (hi$h a (i/e is not entit%ed to $%aim Maintenan$e %%o(an$e /rom her h+s)and is that she is %iving in ad+%ter*. No(. ad+%ter* is the seA+a% 0nter$o+rse o/ t(o #ersons! either o/ (hom is married to a third #erson. This $%ear%* s+##oses the s+)sisten$e o/ marriage )et(een the h+s)and and (i/e and i/ d+ring the s+)sisten$e o/ marriage! the (i/e %ives in ad+%ter*! she $annot $%aim Maintenan$e %%o(an$e +nder Se$tion "26 o/ the :r':. <. The se$ond gro+nd on (hi$h she (o+%d not )e entit%ed to Maintenan$e %%o(an$e is

the gro+nd o/ her re/+sa% to %ive (ith her h+s)and (itho+t an* s+//i$ient reason. This a%so #res+##oses the s+)sisten$e o/ marita% re%ations )et(een the #arties. 0/ the marriage s+)sists! the (i/e is +nder a %ega% and mora% o)%igation 5to %ive (ith her h+s)and and to /+%/i% the marita% o)%igations. She $annot! (itho+t an* s+//i$ient reason! re/+se to %ive (ith her h+s)and. BS+//i$ient reasonsB have )een inter#reted di//erent%* )* the 7igh :o+rts having regard to the /a$ts o/ individ+a% $ases. .e are not reC+ired to go into that

C+estion in the #resent $ase as admitted%* the marriage )et(een the #arties $ame to an end on a$$o+nt o/ a de$ree /or divor$e having )een #assed )* the 9ami%* :o+rt. EAisten$e o/ s+//i$ient $a+se on the )asis o/ (hi$h the res#ondent $o+%d %egitimate%* re/+se to %ive (ith the #etitioner is not re%evant /or the #resent $ase. 0n this sit+ation! the on%* C+estion (hi$h s+rvives /or $onsideration is (hether a (i/e against (hom5 a de$ree /or divor$e has )een #assed on a$$o+nt o/ her deserting the h+s)and $an $%aim Maintenan$e %%o(an$e +nder Se$tion "26! :r. '.:. and ho( /ar $an the #%ea! o/ desertion )e treated to )e an e//e$tive #%eaD in s+##ort o/ the h+s)and5s re/+sa% to #a* her the Maintenan$e %%o(an$e. ;. dmitted%*! in the instant $ase! the res#ondent is a divor$ed (i/e. The marriage ties

)et(een the #arties do not s+)sist. The de$ree /or divor$e (as #assed on "6th o/ J+%*! "--6 and sin$e then! she is +nder no o)%igation to %ive (ith the #etitioner. E+t tho+gh the marita% re%ations $ame to an end )* the divor$e granted )* the 9ami%* :o+rt> +nder Se$tion "3 o/ the 7ind+ Marriage $t! the res#ondent $ontin+es to )e B(i/eB (ithin the meaning o/ Se$tion "26! :r. '.:. on a$$o+nt o/ EA#%anation 8)> to S+),se$tion 8"> (hi$h #rovides as +nder? EA#%anation., 9or the #+r#oses o/ this :ha#ter, 8a> ... 8)> B(i/eB in$%+des (oman (ho has )een divor$ed )*! or has o)tained a divor$e /rom her h+s)and and has not remarried. -. On a$$o+nt o/ the EA#%anation C+otedF5 a)ove! a (oman (ho has )een divor$ed )* her h+s)and on a$$o+nt o/ a de$ree #assed )* the 9ami%* :o+rt +nder the 7ind+ Marriage $t! $ontin+es to en1o* the stat+s o/ (i/e /or the %imited #+r#ose o/ $%aiming Maintenan$e %%o(an$e /rom her eA,h+s)and. This :o+rt in Ramesh :hander 3a+sha% v. Mrs. 2eena 3a+sha% . o)served as +nder -. This #rovision 0s a meas+re o/ so$ia% 1+sti$e and s#e$ia%%* ena$ted to #rote$t (omen and $hi%dren and /a%%s (ithin the $onstit+tiona% s(ee# o/ rti$%e "683> rein/or$ed )* rti$%e 3-. .e have no do+)t that se$tions o/ stat+tes $a%%ing /or $onstr+$tion )* :o+rts are not #etri/ied #rint )+t vi)rant (ords (ith so$ia% /+n$tions to /+%/i%. The )rooding #resen$e o/ the $onstit+tiona% em#ath* /or the (ea4er se$tions %i4e (omen and $hi%dren m+st in/orm inter#retation i/ it has to have so$ia% re%evan$e. So vie(ed it is #ossi)%e to )e

se%e$tive in #i$4ing o+t that inter#retation o+t o/ t(o a%ternatives (hi$h advan$es the $a+se , the $a+se o/ the dere%i$ts. - . :%aim /or maintenan$e +nder the /irst #art o/ Se$tion "26! :r. '.:. is )ased on the s+)sisten$e o/ marriage (hi%e $%aim /or maintenan$e o/ a divor$ed (i/e is )ased on the /o+ndation #rovided )* EA#%anation 8)> toF S+),se$tion 8"> o/ Se$tion "26! :r. '.:. 0/ the divor$ed (i/e is +na)%e to maintain herse%/ and i/ she has not remarried! she (i%% )e entit%ed to Maintenan$e %%o(an$e. The :a%$+tta 7igh :o+rt had an o$$asion to $onsider an identi$a% sit+ation (here the h+s)and had o)tained divor$e on the gro+nd o/ desertion )* (i/e )+t she (as he%d entit%ed to Maintenan$e %%o(an$e as a divor$ed (i/e +nder Se$tion "26! :r. '.:. and the /a$t that she had deserted her h+s)and and on that )asis a de$ree /or divor$e (as #assed against her (as not treated as a )ar to her $%aim /or maintenan$e as a divor$ed (i/e. 8See ? S+4+mar Dhi)ar v. Smt. n1a%i Dasi "-;3 :ri &J 3@ 8:a%>. The %%aha)ad 7igh :o+rt a%so! in the instant $ase! has ta4en a simi%ar vie(. .e a##rove these de$isions as the* re#resent the $orre$t %ega% #osition. "0. &earned :o+nse% /or the #etitioner then s+)mitted that on$e a de$ree /or divor$e (as #assed against the res#ondent and marita% re%ations )et(een the #etitioner and the res#ondent $ame to an end! the m+t+a% rights! d+ties and o)%igations sho+%d a%so $ome to an end. 7e #%eaded that in this sit+ation! the o)%igation o/ the #etitioner to maintain a (oman (ith (hom a%% re%ations $ame to an end sho+%d a%so )e treated to have $ome to an end. This #%ea! as (e have a%read* indi$ated a)ove! $annot )e a$$e#ted as a (oman has t(o distin$t rights /or maintenan$e. s a (i/e! she is entit%ed to maintenan$e +n%ess she s+//ers /rom an* o/ the disa)i%ities indi$ated in Se$tion "268=>. 0n another $a#a$it*! name%*! as a divor$ed (oman! she is again entit%ed to $%aim maintenan$e /rom the #erson o/ (hom she (as on$e the (i/e. (oman a/ter divor$e )e$omes a destit+te. 0/ she $annot maintain herse%/ or remains +nmarried! the man (ho (as! on$e! her h+s)and $ontin+es to )e +nder a stat+tor* d+t* and o)%igation to #rovide maintenan$e to her. "". &earned :o+nse% /or the #etitioner then $ontended that the maintenan$e has )een a%%o(ed to the res#ondent /rom the date o/ the a##%i$ation. The a##%i$ation +nder Se$tion "26! :r. '.:. (as /i%ed )* the res#ondent d+ring the #enden$* o/ the $ivi% s+it /or divor$e +nder Se$tion "3 o/ the 7ind+ Marriage $t. 0t is $ontended that sin$e the de$ree o/ divor$e (as #assed on the gro+nd o/ desertion )* res#ondent! she (o+%d not )e entit%ed to Maintenan$e /or an* #eriod #rior to the #assing o/ the de$ree +nder Se$tion

"3 o/ the 7ind+ Marriage $t. To that eAtent! %earned :o+nse% a##ears to )e $orre$t. E+t /or that short #eriod! (e (o+%d not )e 0n$%ined to inter/ere. "2. 0t (as /or these reasons that the S#e$ia% &eave 'etition! )eing (itho+t merit! (as dismissed on Se#tem)er "0! "---.