#1 Boats can sail the high seas in me, But St. Paul was never lost in my sea!

My shores are shiny and very slick, My waters won’t ever make you sea sick! St. Paul, pray for us! #2

Oh dear St. Joseph, Head of the Holy Family and Virtuous Spouse. What would we do without congenial you when we’re weary of working or for selling a house. From Canada to China you spread your arms wide and always hear the prayers of young grooms and brides.

Good St. Joseph, pray for us! Bubbles and spinning, it’s such a chore! Especially when you leave it on the floor. Got a mountain of me? To St. Veronica you’d pray! Help me to make that mountain smell as fresh as a summer’s day! St. Veronica, pray for us!



I know that you like to stay nice and warm but sit too close and you’ll burn your arm. We must be careful when things are too dry but can enjoy a nice little blaze when it’s cold outside. St. Florian, pray for us!

St. Ambrose, St. Benedict, St. Gregory the Great, Send angels to help me and please don’t be late, St. Catherine, St. Nicholas, St. Thomas Aquinas, We’ve got work to do before we can put this day behind us!

This one is tough but I know you are good thinkers. It’s not like you’re a Visigoth, they were such stinkers! You’ll have to be clever to master this clue, put your heads together, that’ll help you. In today’s fast paced world of technology we need all the help we can get, To keep ourselves focused and safe on the Net. St. Isidore of Seville, pray for us!




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