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Saints and their Patronage Treasure Hunt: The KEY Dont let your kids see this!!!

It will ruin the hunt. #1. Start with the first clue taped to the door. It should lead them to the bathtub: St. Paul, patron of Shipwrecks #2. Hide clue #2 in the bathtub or somewhere in the bathroom. It should lead them to any wedding pictures or family pictures: St. Joseph, patron of families, brides, grooms, Canada, China, workers #3. Hide #3 near wedding pictures or family pictures. It should lead them to the laundry room or laundry bins: St. Veronica, patron of laundresses #4. Hide #4 in the laundry room or near laundry bins. It should lead them to the fireplace or maybe a heater if you dont have one: St. Florian, patron of firefighters #5. Hide #5 near fireplace or heater (please be careful). It should lead them to the school room or place where homework is done like a desk or a table: All of these saints are patrons of students. #6. Hide #6 in school room or where school/homework maybe be done. It should lead them to a computer or any place where you can find the Internet (Ipad?): St. Isidore of Seville, patron of the internet and computers (IF you dont want to include the picture clues then hide the treats near the computer or charging station maybe.)

#7. (optional) Hide #7 near computer and it should lead them to either a medicine cabinet (cough drops) or a place where candles are kept (you could lay them down crossed), or maybe your child associates sore throats with tea and honey: St. Blaise, patron of throat ailments and usually associated with crossed candles. #8. (optional) Hide #8 near candles, medicine cabinet or tea and honey. It should lead them to a place where they can enjoy playing or listening to music like a piano or a radio or a guitar. Anything musical! Now, this is the last one so wherever they find the music, is where they find their treats!