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.com As you are reading this this means you have either signed up to the newsletter, or a friend of yours has, or you have added an interesting article to my site. Over the next year, plan to ma!e this site as fun and informative as can and really could do with some help from anyone else who really loves Romania or is curious a"out this place, to help me. Why did this site start? t started with my reading a "oo! a"out Romania. was so excited, as it was a"out an #nglishman$s experiences of living in Romania and wor!ing with the Romanians and so wanted to share it with my friend coming to see me. t was the "lac!est, most negative "oo! have ever read. t always succeeded in painting the local Romanians as fools, thieves or unfriendly. As this is far from my own experiences, decided really ought to ma!e a "oo! which counteracted this idea. %he original "oo! is now fortunately out of print, my own copy was used to light a "onfire and ma!e my father-in-law some coffee, so am pleased to say it did have a "rief use. t was "urnt as didn$t want the Romanians to read it and "ecome really offended "y it. Why are you in Romania? came out here as a "ored teacher trying to escape the &'. A year later, find have settled down, married, and now partly own to small Romanian small holdings, as well as trying to !eep down a (o" as an nternational )rimary school teacher, which is no small feat. am now doing my "est to spin as many plates as can to ma!e sure that all the family is !ept well and that we all continue to en(oy this idyllic life style we have made ourselves. %he men with their "eers and "ar"e*ues, while the women are happy showing me new ways of coo!ing. spend my time trying to lose weight which is not a good idea in Romania, as my granny is convinced this is evidence that my wife is not feeding me properly, which sends them "oth is a coo!ing and feeding over drive. At the end of which, having ru""ed out my weight loss, they "oth loo! at me and say+ when met you, you were so thin now loo! at you, At which point want to run into the woods with the dog and cry. How can you help? am always on the loo! out for funny, positive stories a"out Romania. particularly li!e the idea of posting pictures and photos from people$s holiday trips to Romania the more the outside world sees that Romania is a hidden treasure, the more li!ely they are to come and experience it themselves. -ign up here ! Go to and sign up for our weekly newsletter full of the funny things have seen that week in Romania.

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For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at Cheap flights to Romania always use -!yscanner to find my cheap flights to Romania. t is such a great service, as it finds all the cheap options - it even lets you find flights with two different companies such as and Ryanair and lets you put them together a single travel pac!age. %here are *uite a few different companies you can choose from. WhizzAir: /i00Air flies to most places ad are remar!a"ly cheap. f you fly to the &', you will fly to 1uton. 2hec! out the 2osta coffee "ar there - no one *uite ma!es a coffee li!e them, /i00Air will also get you to taly for a ridiculously cheap price. %he downside of this company is how deep into the we"site you need to go "efore you see the final price with all the taxes etc added on. Also from my computer, 3oogle recognised some a"normalities with the switching "etween secure and non-secure pages - it could (ust "e my computer - who !nows. EasyJet: 1i!e most companies, when arrived in Romania, it did offer really cheap flights to the &'. 1i!ewise, within 4 months it had ceased flying to the &'. %his could "e due to the fierce competition on this route or a lac! off num"ers. 1ess than 566,666 Romanians live and wor! in the &'. 7illions wor! in -pain and in taly - and so not surprisingly, these are the places fly to. %he good news is this is the only truly low cost company to fly out of Otopeni air8port near 9ucharest. /hat have never li!ed a"out this company is the need to run for your seats. BlueAir: %hese fly all over the place and, if you are very luc!y, "oo! massively in advance, and can travel at odd times on less popular days, you can find real "argains. !yEurope and "ly#i!!i: have flown several times with -!y#urope and have seen super cheap flights advertised with :ly;i!!i. 9oth these companies fly from 9ucharest to <ienna. <ienna is a wonderful "rea! from 9ucharest. don=t often go and my wife is always misera"le on her return as she re-discovered how crap 9ucharest is in terms of cleanliness and services. f you do go there, loo! at www.travelsuperma! for your hotel as they search out the very "est hotel deals for you. British Airways: >ou pro"a"ly wonder what this is doing on a cheap flights to Romania page. /eirdly, it is in the summer cheaper to fly 9A than /i00Air, which ma!es no sense to me. love flying 9A ?or %arom if rina is coming with me@ as the we"sites are easy to use fore "oo!ing tic!ets, you don=t need to run anywhere as your seats are preassigned, and the 1ondon airports are fun to loo! around while you await your flight. .ust don=t try to seep at night at the new terminal A airport, all the services shut, the chairs are uncomforta"le and when the "ooths open at 4:66, you are whis!ed through to your flight and you completely miss the shopping experience. # Go to and sign up for our weekly newsletter full of the funny things have seen that week in Romania.

For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at )lease tell me of your experiences of finding and using cheap flights to Romania. /ho would you recommend - or not recommend - and whyB

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For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at Currency in Romania %he local currency is called the 1ei or the Ron. t is a curious currency in the fact however much seem to earn, such as "y wor!ing online or tutoring, it is never *uite enough for all need. %hen you see other Romanians who earn far less than do, go out "uy cars, "uy apartments etc and seem to have a great time of it. %he currency is closely related to the #uro and dollar, and recently each time the value of the #uro dropped, he local currency dropped even further. %his was fine for me, as get paid in a complicated mix of dollars, #uros and pounds - depending on who is doing the paying. thin! that much of this apparent wealth is lin!ed to the credit industry. 9ucharest is in many ways a dying city as every time a little "usiness goes under, its place on the high street as pretty much replaced "y a "an!. And "an!s here charge you for a"solutely everything - putting money in, ta!ing money out or even as!ing how much money you have in there at any time. %he local currency gets less and less valua"le, the local wages are n freefall, "ut the prices of utilities and food continue to progressively rise. #ven the pu"lic transport system - admittedly remar!a"ly cheap for the serve they provide, is getting more costly. %he locals (ust grin and "ear it the "est they can. /e are going into food production in a huge way next year. plan to dig over my countryside land, and plant it up with -pring and -ummer crops - with seeds sent from the &' to reduce our food "ills and help us stretch our finances a little further. %he currency is so confusing that any tourist is well advised to only shop in places with clear signs as the locals still refer to the local currency in Romania in "oth its pre- and post- devaluation terms ? t was devalued 56,666 times@ and so when they as! for o suta - it could mean 566 Ron or 566,666 lei -two very different values. -omeone had the cunning plan that all currencies in #urope should "e !nown as the "eer. -o all you did would "e related to how many "eers you owed him. /e could extend the idea for higher denominations to "ottles of wine, champagne and whis!ey. /hat do you thin! of this cunning ideaB 9uy me a "eer and will explain how it wor!s.

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For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at "lag of Romania %he flag of Romania is very much li!e the flag of 2had. %he Romanian flag flies high everywhere go. %he curious thing "eing that the 9ritish flag does appear far more fre*uently in Romania on clothes than doe the Romanian flag. >ou can "uy here headscarves showing the 9ritish flag though cannot recall seeing the American flag recently. %he Romanian colours are seen on ri""ons and gift "oxes "ut not on clothes. ronically you don=t see the 9ritish flag flying very much - not even in 9ritain as it was ta!en on as the sym"ol of a far right group, the ;ational front, which wants to send all non-natives "ac! where they or their ancestors if they were "orn in the &' came from. As people distance themselves from the far right, the instinctively move away from the far right sym"ols and so the &nion .ac! has "ecome shunned "y the locals and only worn as a fashion item "y the tourists. %he %ur!ish are far prouder of their flag. discovered this "y accident during my "rief hippy phase. "ought an earring of a moon and star at a little fol! festival in the &', never thin!ing for a moment it was anything more than a delightful trin!et. then decided to tour #urope for a month and ended up in %ur!ey. hated it, as the shoeshine "oys would pounce on your feet and start cleaning them. %he local men would stare and point at my ear and to this day don=t !now if having the %ur!ish national flag in your ear is accepta"le or not. thin! it would "e great to have a wider range of Romanian flag fashion ideas. did indeed once own some shoes that were red, yellow and "lue. thought was hip - the rest of the world, apart from one shoe seller failed to agree with me. Cow a"out =1ove Romania - love life= scrawled over a Romanian flag on a t-shirt or would this contravene the strict laws a"out the flag or Romania. )lease tell me your views of flags of the world. /hich, if any, loo! good on a t-shirt. tend to find the "eer "elly under it does tend to distract from any fashiona"le flag.

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For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at Romania capital %he Romania capital, 9ucharest, has so many negative reports a"out it that you will pro"a"ly "e tempted to follow the Romania guide "oo!=s advice and fly into 9ucharest, gra" a train or hire a car and go somewhere else. Cowever (ust li!e 1ondon is a magnet for the 9ritish, 9ucharest is the place Romanians aspire to end up, so it must have some good features to, f you wor! on the per capita level - 9ucharest has the least green space of any #uropean capital. Cowever, there are well-!ept par!s everywhere and you are certain to have at least one large green space within a comforta"le wal!ing distance and at least A playgrounds for the children to choose from. Anyone can enter them, they are not vandali0ed and there is no =people without children may not sit here= to prevent pedophiles or come to that anyone stopping on a "ench to sit in the sun and "athe in the warm feelings generated only "y children playing and laughing. %here are three places ?fortunately near each other@ that are well worth the trip. 3o to )iatia Romana on either the D66 "us or the metro. f you can find the D66 "us-stop going towards piatia <ictoria, and facing the little newspaper shop you wal! right, towards town and go (ust around the corner, you will come across, in my opinion the "est 2ovrige ?9read 9agel@ shop in 9ucharest. %he second place that no foreigner !nows a"out is Romania=s most ama0ing teashop. :rom the same D66 stop, again wal! towards town, this time following the main road all the way, !eep on the left hand side with your eyes peeled for a wic!er sculpture of ;oah$s ar! in front of a large "uilding with no windows or signs on it which is a little way "ac! from the street. %his "uilding too is covered in /ic!er. 3o inside and you will find the most ama0ing "oo!shop in 9ucharest. t is a ma0e in there. %here is also an upstairs that is o"vious, and a "asement that is easy to miss. t has fine "oo!s in #nglish and Romanian. t also sells all an #nglish man needs for a great cup of tea... and spea!ing of tea, you would "e forgiven if you missed the teashop hidden inside. n the "ac!room, there is a little teashop where every chair is different and the paintings on the wall are regularly changed. Cowever the real treat is the menu. >ou get given a decent si0ed novel of a menu - a"out 566 pages long, detailing all the teas and tea com"inations they sell. %he pots are easily "ig enough for two people to share. Add a couple of Romanian ca!es on the side and you have a perfect place for a romantic date or simply a place to unwind. %he sad thing a"out the place is how hard it is to find. left my father unattended for a morning and he wandered up and down, desperate for a tea - and would have loved it in there. -adly he never went inside "ut was stunned when pointed out this completely hidden, unla"elled "uilding was a thriving teashop. we could not *uite understand how it ' Go to and sign up for our weekly newsletter full of the funny things have seen that week in Romania.

For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at ma!es its money - it has normally more staff than customers. 7a!e sure you don=t leave 9ucharest with going in - they love tourists coming in as it happens so rarely, t is incidentally also a great place to pic! up a diary - admittedly a very expensive - diary at any time of the year. /hich is great to !now when my wife gets one of her little whims, she sends me out to resolve her desire. %he third and final place is the "ig Eiverta "oo!shop on the opposite side to the hidden teahouse. %he fun in this place - which is pac!ed with people is to find the ex-pat "oo!store "elow it - as the roof is very low and it really isn=t ideal for tall #nglish people to wander in. As it is always empty, you have a little Romanian chap at the door desperate to guide you to your shelves as he really does not have much to do in the little ra""it warren. /here would you recommend as a hidden treasure in 9ucharestB

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For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at Romania currency /hen you come to Romania, you will need Romania currency. %he currency here is the 1ei. >ou will also need to wor! out how to change your money. 9ucharest and the ma(or cities are full of currency exchange houses. have never understood why. f you thin! a"out it, most people wor!ing in Romania are wor!ing for the Romanian state or a local firm. All these people get paid in the local currency. %he wages here are pitifully low and so the chances of any ma(or saving is also fairly unli!ely - so even the idea that Romanians convert their money into #uros is pretty far fetched. %he ma(or reason we have so much money is that it is a perfect money laundering operation. >ou may thin! %C - is a far-fetched idea. 9ut it is not. /hen the authorities in the &' investigated the financial dealings of &' money exchange houses, most were found to "e fronts for money washing schemes and so they were all pretty much closed down as you needed to show a clean, transparent set of dealings to remain open. am sure the same is here. %he worst place to go to is 9rasov for money transactions. t loo!s li!e a sleepy 3erman town, with "eautiful s*uares and even a -cottish pu", Cowever the exchange houses if you are unluc!y enough to arrive at night without a credit card, offer ridiculously low rates of exchange - all of them - so there is an o"vious cartel going on. %hey go advertise "oth a good and a poor rate - most tourists only see the good rate stuc! on the window. %o get this rate, you need to exchange 56,666 #uros in one transaction - as if you were going to do that, /hen you have "een ro""ed "y them - put it down to "ad luc! and use as an after dinner story as the local police can do nothing a"out it. %he "est way of getting currency is via a credit card from a "an! machine. %here are however two pitfalls here to watch out for. %he first is really annoying - lots of "an!s, especially Raiffiesein "an!, simply will not accept your card. %he "est "an! to try is 9RE or 92R. f you use a 92R cash machine try them all as some will and some won=t - even in the same "ranch. %he second pro"lem is that your home "an! - ever !een to stop fraudulent withdrawals may let you remove some money or "uy some item from a shop on the card - then seeing it is in Romania - far form you local spending patterns -will free0e your card. %he pro"lem is they won=t actually tell you they have done this - so the next time you need it, such as when you have (ust filled the car with petrol or done the wee!ly shopping, the card will fail to wor! and you will loo! li!e an idiot. >ou must always carry the num"er you need to de-free0e the card. have it on speed dial on my mo"ile phone and as a friend on -!ype as it s so well used, -o lets assume you decide not to follow the cash card route - then you change money via an automatic exchange house in the side of a "an!. use to love them - now am )* Go to and sign up for our weekly newsletter full of the funny things have seen that week in Romania.

For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at terrified of them. saw a woman with screaming !ids in the car late at night trying to get someone to come and get her money from the machine "ecause she put her money into "e changed and nothing came "ac! out, %he other pro"lem is sometimes you need to remove the notes in small denominations - so when you pull out one, a second lot of money follows. almost lost the second one, as did not reali0e. :ortunately the honest Romanian ?yes - they do exist@ - !ept the money for me when did his transaction. %he places not to change money are in the train station where apparently 7afiosi operate or the airport, where the exchange rate is terri"le. )lease tell me your experiences of changing money and using credit cards in Romania.

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For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at Romania $eography Eo you want to learn a"out Romania 3eographyB %he 3eography of Romania is fairly straight forward, designed so that everything is convenient to get to. n the middle of the country, curled up across it li!e a "ig, la0y 2, are the 2arpathian 7ountains. On one side of the mountains the super-rich visit - where you find the mountain towns, )redeal and -inaia. %hese houses cost almost to exactly the same as a home in 9ucharest. 1ots of my pupils have a second home there. Recently there was a huge storm there, and some of the homes were washed away in the river. was in the same storm -"ut far away from -inaia, and it was ama0ing. %he rain fell off the roof with such a force that it completely missed the water "uc!ets, %hese mountains are ama0ing and if you loo! in my F natural wonders of Romania, you can see more pictures of them. have one of my farms on the other side of these mountains and yes, you=ve guessed it, this is where much poorer people live. %o the east of the country and to the ;orth of the mountains, these are really simple, untouched parts of Romania, where life seems to go one as it has for centuries. t is also sadly the places that on a yearly "asis get deluged "y the most severe flooding. #very year you see footage of peasant homes "eing completely washed away. %hese guys don=t spend any money on home insurance, so the loss of their home s a huge crisis. #very year, there are urgent appeals for aid, "ut Romania is a poor country, so people have little to spare, and everyone are aware on how corrupt charities here are. f you meet the head of a charity here, you can "e confident that they have a few nice homes and decent four "y four car par!ed outside and that no one as!s where did this money come fromB %he -outh of the country leads you to the "order with 9ulgaria and #urope$s longest river, the Eanu"e. %his is a wonderful river to see. >ou can "y fresh fish off the fishermen, and relax "y the water. was once ta!en to see it with my family - it was a very long drive to get there, passing through ever-poorer villages. /e got out "y the Eanu"e and felt li!e a decent wal! to stretch my legs. %he family - who are not natural wal!ers - loo!ed on perplexed as they correctly pointed out that it was a long drive home again. -o we (ust drove a"out the country, "uying up as much carp ? n Romanian it is pronounced 2rap - giving tourists endless fun with Romanian menus,@. %o the /est is the sea. %he 9lac! -ea is one of the most industrially polluted seas in the world after the communist era "ut loo!ing at it, you would never guess. %he news is always reporting on how dangerous the sun in at midday - "ut again if you go to a Romanian "each, they are so full that you would never guess. n summer the water is warm - though the profuse growth of seaweed can detract from )! Go to and sign up for our weekly newsletter full of the funny things have seen that week in Romania.

For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at the fun. 7amaia is a popular "each as there is a gradual drop into the sea and the "eaches are covered in sand. 7y favourite "each is Eoi 7ai - a *uiet, almost forgotten "each, where you can find some of the "est fish restaurants going. %he Eanu"e ends in the Eanu"e delta -chec! out the photos from my F natural wonder pages. %his is a great trip to ta!e. >ou whi00 around on a motor"oat as the faster he travels - the *uic!er he finishes, >ou will see lots of "irds up close and this really is 2arp central. 7y ama0ing tip is to tell restaurants you are a small advance party of a much "igger party of tourists - and it is your (o" to sample their food... and if "y magic, a ta"le will "e found for you. 9efore you get to the cool of the mountains, or the fun of the "each - you need to cross the hot, flat plains. %oo hot in summer and too cold n winter. ;ot a place worth stopping in or tal!ing a"out, %ell me if you li!e my ta!e on Romania 3eography and what else would you add to this informative articleB

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For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at Romania girls Romania girls (ust shine in all they do. :rom the moment they wa!e up to the moment they go to "ed - hopefully with you, they loo! immaculate. 7y wife is (ust such a woman. -he can wal! with me along super muddy trac!s and come out the other side as clean as if she had floated a few feet off the ground. 7e on he other hand will have got mud all over my shoes and lower trousers and if there is a dog turd around, you can rest assured my foot will have found this, >ou will find Romanian women are distinctly in the high maintenance category. %hey point out they need to "e, and will encourage you to up your game in the process. A friend of mine is dating a Romania girl- he is trying to get her fit, which is always a losing "attle with Romanian as any Romanian female will tell you - sweating to much, regardless of the temperature, will give you the flu. -he is "usy trying to get her long distance running "oyfriend to go to all the classical concerts she can - don=t !now who will win the "attle "ut can ma!e a fair guess. Romania girl=s hair colour does seem to change with remar!a"le regularity. %here is a strong demand for Cenna here to add a touch to completely adding vi"rant red to women=s hair. Oddly evening Romania the cost of cutting a woman=s hair is much higher than cutting a man=s hair. Romanian women have a passion for hand"ags. 7y wife has lots of them in the cup"oard "ut never seems to have (ust the right e for most occasions. %hese are regularly supplemented with "ags which are given away free with women maga0ines. Romanian girls do seem to wor! much harder in the home than their 9ritish counterparts. 7y wife is always scru""ing and cleaning our apartment - even when she is not there, she sends in a cleaner twice a wee! to chec! on me - which is rather silly as am either dashing in to eat a *uic! sandwich or attached "y an invisi"le cord to this we"site, trying to find more exciting things to tell you a"out life in Romania. Romanian girls do not li!e the cold, damp or odd smells in the house. &nfortunately these seem to exist in all the &' houses we visit and so we only go to the &' in summer. n winter the houses do not run at the tropical temperatures only sensitive orchids and Romanian women survive in. /e did try "ut our friend=s "oiler could not cope with the demand. 7y mother does not even try, as putting on an extra (umper is fine "y her... though not for my wife - who (ust silently free0es. A Romanian girl is far more closely attached to her mother - who will, at any given chance come and stay with you. %hey do need a little house training on arrival li!e remem"ering to say please and than!-you. %he downside is when you pop out from the "edroom in a state of undress, you will find her loo!ing rather shoc!ed and ma!ing a cup of tea. )# Go to and sign up for our weekly newsletter full of the funny things have seen that week in Romania.

For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at 7ost young Romanians, "oys and girls ali!e, want to escape Romania. -o when you meet the right one, the chances are she will want to go "ac! to your country with you assuming it is more civili0ed and "etter run than Romania. am sure that we pro"a"ly would have gone if it weren$t for her relatives and her having such close "onds and my having a wonderful dog in the countryside. )eople refuse to "elieve that could possi"ly "e happy enough to willingly stay. %hey don=t reali0e how much the family protects me from the harsher parts of lie and "ureaucracy. f you do meet a Romanian girl - remem"er she needs D men in her life, one for love, one for money and one for sex. >ou on the other hand are only allowed 5 woman or a "ro!en net and that is "efore her mother launches her own attac! on you. would love to !now your opinions and findings of girls from Romania. /hat ma!e them specialB )hotos are especially welcome,

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For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at Romania guide Are you loo!ing for a Romania guide to lead you around the countrysideB Romania is certainly one f those countries where a guide would unloc! a lot of the secrets, and he would "e a"le to ta!e you to places that most tourists would simply miss "y ignoring some dusty, lonely loo!ing trac!. An example of this is the village that is owned through a trust "y )rince 2harles. f you didn$t !now where it was, you would never find it "y mista!e as you need to travel a long way up a "umpy, dusty peasant road. /hen you get there you will find a log street, with tall doors to their hidden yards. ;ear here we also found a castle that had "een slowly destroyed "y the locals loo!ing for "uilding materials. nside was a well that had magical properties, where if you dran! the water, you would never part. %he local churches in the village were also impressive - "ut to find any of these places, you do need a good guide. /e can offer serious people such a service through a networ! of friends that we do have. /e have friends who have a fleet of new "uses in all sorts of shapes and si0e. used one of their "uses to tour the Eanu"e Eelta and it was a truly magical experience. /e also have lots of Romanian friends with excellent #nglish s!ills to lead people around the country. /e won=t however act as Romanian guides to anyone as we had some rather "ad experiences of accepting people off the internet - we got in touch with one man who was prepared to pay far more than we were as!ing for a young Romanian woman to go around with him in 9ucharest. /e were pretty confident the extra money was for additional unspo!en services he was expecting her to provide. /e tested this offering him a man with "etter #nglish - "ut of course none of the attractions he wanted to pay for. t is a shame as we are certain that (ust such a service would "e a great "oost to Romania=s tourist industry. /e would li!e this site to slowly develop into a Romania guide and would love people to send in their recommendations of places and things to see - naturally complete with photos if possi"le. /e are also very interested to !now which "oo!s a"out Romania were the "est guidesB Eid you find lonely planet or rough guides "etterB have "een told the latest Rough guide to Romania was far more generous and friendly towards the Romanians than the one "ought G years ago. t simply stated 9ucharest was not worth seeing as a holiday destination, as for )itesti, even worse. n fact )itesti has a wonderful set of shopping streets with a nice pu" or two scattered along its length, for refreshments. would particularly recommend 9avaria non-alcoholic "eer in the "ars there as it goes down a treat while you sit and recover from the hot Romanian sun. f you would li!e to "ecome an informal Romanian guide, you are more than welcome to )% Go to and sign up for our weekly newsletter full of the funny things have seen that week in Romania.

For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at leave your contact details on this page, and see which of our hundreds of readers every day would li!e to explore this potential further with you. 1i!ewise if you happen to want to have someone ta!e the time to guide you around Romania in a formal ?such as "usiness trips@ or an informal way, such as acting as driver and translator, you to are welcome to add your re*uest to the comment "ox "elow and see if you find a li!e-minded Romanian to lead you on your adventure. )lease note: - )ictures of Romania is not involved on who contacts who from the details left on this site or the conse*uences of such an action. /e would however love to receive any photos you do happen to ta!e of Romania so that we can share them with our other readers.

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For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at Romania language %he Romania language dates "ac! to the Roman times. %he Eacians ?original Romanians@ were not easy to "eat - "ut they had access to all sorts of things the Romans desired - such as 3old and -alt. Ama0ingly "ut true Romans were paid in "oth money and salt. Romanian for salt is sare - from there you can easily see where the term salary comes. -o Romania and taly "ecame close trading partners. As the Roman #mpire went into decline and collapse, Romania "ecame an island of the Romantic languages, surrounded "y a sea of -lavic languages. t in turn over time evolved into its own special language - spo!en no where else - letting it "ecome a really pedantic language which is only spo!en "y one nation - and hard for anyone else to confidently master. %here are lots of side effects to this. %he young people !now how to spea! the Romania language and also #nglish - ma!ing me even la0ier in the process as can try even less to communicate. %he fact wor! in a 9ritish school and mix all day with 9ritish teachers, my wife spea!s to me in #nglish and my in-laws understand my Romanian so never correct it does not help me at all, did investigate a machine to help me spea! - "ut it is ten times as expensive ?H66 pound@ as any other multi-#uropean language translator so resisted the urge so far. 7y wife insists out my only hope is now to learn it with <ictor when he learns to spea!. am sure he will *uic!ly outstrip his old dad$s rate of progress, Ce also needs to master #nglish so he too is "ilingual and he can translate my desires into intelligi"le Romanian, Eon$t get me wrong - spea! poor Romanian all the time "ut can read it really well. read my wife$s trashy Romantic maga0ines, where people descri"e their misera"le lives and where can hire a real Romanian witch to cure all my ills in HI hours. t apparently costs a"out 566 euros per pro"lem followed "y a few more thousand to get them to leave you alone again. %he only time my Romania language s!ills improve is when left alone with my Romanian grandparents - where you must spea! )easant Romanian or no one can understand you. -aying that, the fact wal! my dog on a lead ?or she runs away at the sign of any trou"le@ confuses Romanians *uite enough for now. %ell me how you find the Romania language. Eo you find it as hard as do or do (ust need a "etter teacherB

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For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at Romanian %oys names %he Romanian "oys names list is a long list, heavily weighted "y "i"le characters. %he starting place for a "oy=s name is that of his father. Cis goes against my "etter feelings as what if you fall out and he comes to hate you, therefore your nameB have friends li!e that after long and messy divorce disputes. t also re*uires you to name him after the postman or plum"er in 56J of cases in the &'. li!e "eing the only one with my name - and letting him forge his own way with his own uni*ue name. %he next choice is seeing which Romanian saint is near"y - Romania is famous for its saint=s days and days you should not eat dairy products, clean, have sex or wor!. guess this explains the nose diving population rates and terri"le economy here, /e did follow this tradition and so his middle name is oan, for .ohn. 7ine was Eennys misspelt for years as the female version, Eennys, and as my godfather whom was named after never sent presents or visited me, an all round "ad choice of name. %he leading name seems to "e Andrei - for Andrew. %he old saying is ay Andrei and half of Romania will stop and as! you what you want. %he female version Andreea is e*ually popular. 9ogdan - again a solid Romanian name. %he pro"lem "eing if we wanted to "ring our child "ac! to the &', 9og means toilet and having your son called 9ogdan, the toilet man would "e simply too much for my wife=s sensitive nerves, 7ihai - again a popular choice. !now some nice people called 7ihai and some complete "as!et cases - sadly my family is related to the "as!et case end of this line. 2ristian - the missing h- is very important. A friend of mine had a !id in his 9ritish class, whose parents despite "eing from Romania and having a long, long line of ancestors clearly from Romania, decided "eing a Romanian was not good enough for their !id. -adly they didn=t survive the 9ritish dream and had to for some reason return to Romania, with a son who could not spea! a word of the lingo. Ce got in trou"le for writing out his name in the Romanian style, so they put him down as a very "ad influence on the "oy. Alexandru or Alex - %here are lots of Alex=s in Romania and all the ones have met have "een really great, generous and helpful people - a great omen for a name. %here are a few such as Eragos and <alentine, which don=t so warm to. %hen again the terms of affection duc!, love etc from ;orth #ngland always would me up. guess you can name him li!e this if he was "orn in :e"ruary. Coria is another common Romanian name, which seems to go only well with horri"le, so )( Go to and sign up for our weekly newsletter full of the funny things have seen that week in Romania.

For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at you end up with Corri"le Coria or horri"le Corror and again it does not suit my ideas for a name for my son. <ictor -an all round excellent name. t is short, easy to spell, not too common and when we move "ac! to #ngland is also a great #nglish name so no one need !now he is Romanian - as the #nglish loo! down on the Romanians - as they do with any other nation. /hat is you favorite name for a "oy in RomaniaB f had a second son, and need another #nglish - Romanian name, what would you recommend and whyB

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For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at Romanian Christmas Carols /hen Romanian 2hristmas carols come onto the radio, then you switch into a completely different frame of mind. f you search on 3oogle, you can find radio stations dedicated to 2hristmas carols sung in Romanian. f it is Eecem"er, 7agic :7 is the radio station to listen to -it has a perfect mix of traditional #nglish and Romanian songs. f you use /inAmp and find their radio stations, you can find online 2hristmas carols in Romanian. %his great service is li!ely to get you out of a lot of trou"le with your relatives. >ou (ust put on *uietly when you eat your "ig meal. /e coo! a few at this time and so am always loo!ing for ways of creating a festive atmosphere. >ou will also get lots of children !noc!ing upon your door, most with their parents so ma!e sure you are well stoc!ed up with chocolates and small notes. %hey will start well "ut it is soon o"vious that they !now very few songs and so as!ing for a particular song is on a road to nowhere. At the same time you will get a "unch of gypsies dressed as a "ear coming down your road. n the countryside it is nice and traditional and you are li!ely to !now them so you give money. n 9ucharest, it is strangers loo!ing for a fast "uc! so you can safely ignore them or pretend not to "e in. love to hear -chool children 2hristmas songs though in my school, due to a high percentage of 7uslim children, you need to "e incredi"ly careful of the songs you sing. %he choir however does a great (o" and does add a festive cheer to everything. do miss the 2hristmas carols in the Romanian Orthodox church - there are no songs or hippy guitar-playing priests in this esta"lishment, so even the 2hristmas services are rather a severe time. did go once for a 2hristmas confession and discovered for A Ron, ?5 pound@, all my years foi"les and indiscretions were forgiven. :or a few more pounds the priest will even spend a month praying for your soul. /hat is your favourite Romanian 2hristmas 2arolB /hen did you first learn themB )lease tell me more a"out your experiences of 2hristmas in Romania.

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For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at Romanian citizenship /ho wants a Romanian citi0enshipB %here are so many different rumors a"out what it ta!es to "e given this honour. -ome say it is really tough to get - and that you need to recite perfectly "y heart a K6 verse poem - "ut cannot see how this Romanian would integrate you into Romanian society ?>ou must show sufficient Romanian to spea! and socially interact@. do plan to ta!e this exam when have a moment, then again also have great plans to learn my dead father=s mandolin and that too has yet to happen, f you have any living or dead Romanian relatives, then you can claim citi0enship through them. 7y Russian friend had a Romanian 7oldavian grandma so she got it easily. %hen again she is the sort of woman who pro"a"ly could easily recite that super long poem, Another rumor is if you have a wife and family here that naturally preclude you from having the time, space or patience to learn a K6-verse poem, they are more lenient. -ome people go into the interview and almost immediately out again. f you are an Ara", apparently they ma!e it much tougher for you. /hen everyone else would happily *uit their nationality if they could "e given a new, shiny, "etter one, do want to go against the flowB %he first is to avoid having to always apply for a Romanian visa - these things are a nightmare to get and you need to "e really careful you do not lose your card or there is hell to pay in getting a new one. %he system lost mine, so could not leave Romania until it was found - neatly filed under my first rather than second name. t also allows me to own land which when don=t need or want more land (ust yet, could "e useful in the future. %ell me your experiences of getting a citi0enship from Romania and was it really worth havingB Cow many other citi0enships do you haveB have H already so this is my third.

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For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at Romanian customs Romanian customs do still, even after G years, still drive me to distraction, as they are so alien to modern 9ritish customs. /hen you meet a girl you !now you should !iss them on "oth chee!s. /hen you leave them again you should !iss them on "oth chee!s. have learnt not to !iss a girl goodnight while she is in a lift and you are not - as the doors close and you get a frighteningly large whac! on the head. %hey also seem uncertain if you want to !iss them or not. %hen there is the em"arrassed !iss - when !iss someone should not such as a neigh"our who turns out to "e of the wor!er class. %he same confusions lies with the Romanian men. /hen do you sha!e hands, who should ma!e the opening move and when do you sha!e hands and !iss on the chee!s. 7y confusion is translated into Romanian as unfriendly, "ut they always seem to "e sha!ing hands. %he next confusing custom is a"out where you should "e in relation to women. >ou should allow your wife onto the "us "efore you - which contravenes the logic of dashing on first to secure her a seat. 1i!ewise, no matter how "usy a "us is, you should always get off first and guide her down the stairs. /hen it comes to doors, never enter "efore a woman. %he original reason for this was no one !new what lay "ehind a door, so it was "est to sacrifice your woman fol! first if there was anything "ad "ehind the door, Also always open a door for a woman unless it is a 9ritish woman who will simply call you an inconsiderate sexist pig for your efforts. -he li!es to "e your e*ual. Romanian women despair, as they need to undo years of e*uality to feel li!e a woman again. %he restaurant "ecomes a nightmare as you slide in and out her chair for her and never eat faster than her. 1i!ewise always ma!e sure everything is e*ually shared - they say not anything until it is too late, 3oing Eutch is unheard of - it is a point of honour to pay. >ou will need to "e damn fast with your wallet if you want to win. Eon$t leave your wallet in your coat poc!et - even on the "ac! of your chair or you will lose it. %he customs around driving are tric!ier. #veryone on the road thin!s they are "etter at driving than you. #ven the non-drivers will tell you so. -topping at a 0e"ra crossing is as!ing for trou"le and have twice "een crashed into while waiting. Also Romanians li!e to stand and wait for friends on a Le"ra crossing so when you slam your "ra!e on to stop they do nothing. ;ot stopping will get you a hefty fine. Cowever using a 0e"ra crossing - do so with caution - most Romanian cars won=t stop unless they have to. %his "ehaviour "rings me to car lights. Always have them on. A car will flash its lights when you are turning left to tell you not to thin! of going yet. n contrast, a car in the &' flashing its lights means go. Romanians in general only use lights - not "ra!es to drive. !" Go to and sign up for our weekly newsletter full of the funny things have seen that week in Romania.

For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at 3o down a motorway - they whi00 up "ehind you as all motorways here are (ust dual carriageways and flash their lights. &se the right indicator to say you are letting them pass - the left indicator to say you are going to ignore them and "oth (ust to terrify them as they thin! you will stop. nside the car, things get no "etter. Romanians "elieve an open window or even worse two open windows will ma!e you sic!. >ou will "oil as in addition to this you must wrap up against the suns rays. >ou may meet a rich Romanian - they love to show how good their air conditioner is and will free0e you instead. And don=t even thin! of putting an arm out of the window when you are moving, to cool it. Romanian medical science ?"less its cotton soc!s@ have shown that "ecause the front of your arm gets cooler faster in the wind than your under arm which is more protected from the wind, the difference is heat causes rheumatism. t is a slow process so it will ta!e time to see - once was doing this in town and a cra0y old drun! came and told me the same story. n the home, things are no different. #verything Romans do is pac!ed full of meaning. Again there is all the sha!ing of hands whenever you enter the room and who should "e !issed or not. %hen they say -ari - maine ? !iss your hand@ that is only said to the old, priests and women, and so does not go down well when you parrot the greeting you (ust heard him say to your wife. Romanians love to coo! and eat and anything offered should "e eaten or they get mega-offended. one read a fa"ulous we"site for 2hristians visiting homes in Romania. t stated that you should eat a tiny amount of the food and when full simply refuse any more courses... as it is your right as a guest. would "e hung, drawn and *uartered if did that, f you refuse you food, then you are sic! - a sic! guest is considered the greatest worry !nown to a Romanian. %he site then continued to state that when you arrive - wal! around the apartment and throw open all the windows and let some fresh air in - as a guest, it is your right to "reathe and "e comforta"le. thin! at this point, most of my Romanian friends would go - M s this /ednesday the HDrd of Octo"er ?Or whatever day you happened to "e visiting@ - this is the day my old aunt who has a thing against foreigners ?to stop you tagging along@ needs her "ath.M %hey would *uite rightly then as! you to leave. A Romanian will tell you that moving fresh air is their e*uivalent of water on the /itch in the /i0ard of O0 - they must avoid it at all costs as it is the *uic!est way to get sic!, have a flu or any other condition they feel in the following days. %hey !eep their windows closed - you are allowed one window open if you close the door and the lights to stop the new deadly variety of mos*uitoes to enter the house and !ill you. %here are so many more cra0y Romanian customs that could "uild a whole site purely on this one topic. /hat customs from Romania do you followB /hich seem to ma!e no sense apart from for their amusement valuesB )lease share them today, !# Go to and sign up for our weekly newsletter full of the funny things have seen that week in Romania.

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For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at Romanian icons Romanian icons ma!e fa"ulous gifts - simply "ecause it is considered a sin in Romania to throw them away, /hich made it curious to see icons on items such as air fresheners, which "y their very nature, should "e thrown away. have some really "eautiful icons ate home, which have "een in the family for ever and will "e passed on down to little <ictor. also have a "eautiful icon painted on a stone. do however have my share of truly hideous icons. %he worst one is a huge one, in a silver frame that weighs a ton so it is tough to put on the wall. 7y wife every night prays in front of the icons. refused to have an icon on top of my "ed, as am terrified that in an earth*ua!e it will fall down and !ill me in the process. Another surprise is how Romanians feel o"liged to !iss the icons, even ones that have "een covered in white paint after the church was redecorated. All around the churches you will find "eautiful icons. was wandering around a distant nunnery ?their underwear hanging on the washing line were long and "lac! and very formal, "ut apparently hanging a few racy "lac! 3-strings up for fun would "e a deadly sin,@ and was admiring their icons when an angry nun ? "lame on their uncomforta"le, itchy underwear@, came up and demanded to !now what was doing as had turned my "ac! to the alter, tried to point out that wanted to see the icons on the "ac! wall "ut to no avail and returned to loo!ing the only permissi"le direction. %he churches in 7oldavia have the "est example of religious icons. %he "lue church is an extraordinary example as no one has ever "een a"le to recreate the "lue paint from natural products. >ou can "uy religious icons almost anywhere - from the supermar!ets to the little artisan shops to the handicraft fairs. would recommend the last of these simply "ecause you can often to get to meet the original artist. %he love it when foreigners ta!e a genuine interest in what they are doing. >ou can find icons made in all sorts of materials. Once a Romanian cut down a tree and saw a religious icon - such as an image of 7ary "uried in the centre. %he tree was immediately declared as "lest - ad if you "elieve the story, they succeeded in "uilding a whole church out of a single tree. f you !now, li!e do, how poorly Romanians estimate how much materials it would ta!e to do a (o", the first tree would have "een used up a"out half way and another tree would have needed to "e delivered in the dead of night to complete this ama0ing miracle. 7y favourite icon story however comes from a man in America, who saw the face of 2hrist appear on to of his toasted cheese sandwich, so he placed it in a sealed glass "ox and sold it to a hungry religious "eliever for 5A,666 euros. Another icon appeared in 7exico, when water seeped down a wall on an underpass -ma!ing an image of 7ary the underpass "ecame impassa"le a "elievers floc!ed to pray there. thin! in the end, a glass pla*ue was placed on top of it, to protect it. !% Go to and sign up for our weekly newsletter full of the funny things have seen that week in Romania.

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For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at Romanian recipes Romanian recipes invaria"ly involve a lot of meat. Romania was never set up to ma!e life easy for a vegetarian. 7y friend is a vegetarian and needs to eat the freshest, most organic foods going. Ce has found that if you "uy organic produce in Romania for his recipes, there are several pro"lems. %he first is supply. t is really hit and miss if you happen to find organic free-range eggs in the shops. /hen you do, prepare to pay a steep premium on them. Organic foodstuffs are also pretty hit and miss in the supermar!ets as they are so much more expensive, the local can=t afford them. -o whole lines of organic food can "e there one wee! "ut not the next. %he pro"lems of finding organic foods is getting worse as the peasants rely more and more on chemicals. %he other important reason for not finding lots of organic food in 9ucharest is that most of the population still have relatives in the countryside, so organic chic!en and pigs and fruit is easy to find within the family for local Romanians. %here are purely organic and "io shops in 9ucharest, "ut their prices are higher than in a central 1ondon "io shop visited. %he shop am thin!ing of is in the 9aneasa shopping mall, where an organic coconut cost around 56 pounds - compared to one pound for a normal one. /hich of course leads to the pro"lem - how would you !now if "ought a local chemical grown coconut and sold it on as organicB %here are however some nice little health food shops in 9ucharest that sell organic fruit (uice. %here is still a desperate need for someone to directly sell 566J organic fruit (uice without any preserving treatments - such as apple (uice. %he pro"lem "eing such (uice must "e sold on the day it is made or the apples ferment at a terrific rate, %here are also some "io- restaurants in 9ucharest. %hey are again very expensive and always seem to "e rather empty. %he solution is to get to !now a few Romanian families and "uy from them. %here is also an organic food in a "ox service in 9ucharest wanted to try "ut they never return my emails or say what and how it costs for what is in a "ox. ;ice idea though,

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For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at Romanian e& Romanian sex must "e some of the *uietest, constrained sex in #urope. 7ost of the population in 9ucharest live small, high-rise "loc!s with at least H-D generations living together. 7y mother-in-law stayed at our house and so one day wandered out the room to go to the "athroom - was rather hot and very unclothed "ut as thought she was in the front room asleep not a pro"lem, as would pic! up a dressing gown for the return (ourney. Alas she was not where she had "een previously, "ut was sitting having a cup of tea in the !itchen - the poor woman saw more than a mother-in-law should, %he cost of living in 9ucharest is high and rising. %he Romanian salaries are low and falling - ma!ing escaping the family home evermore tric!y. As the population is still producing little Romanians - in very expensive pushchairs - sex must "e happening somewhere. >oung Romanians are now starting to discover sex as the 2hurch has less and less impact in their lives. -ex "efore marriage is "ecoming normal. #ven "oyfriends moving into the family home well "efore the "ig day causes no scandal. 7y mother at least expected some sort of ring "efore people could sleep together - she got her idea completely muddled later when my wife and were !ic!ed out of a dou"le "ed and made to sleep separately so her single friend could have a dou"le "ed. 9ut then again her re*uests that we were welcome to have sex under her roof was one hope don=t hear again. Along with a rise in their newfound sexual prowess, comes an increase in sexually transmitted diseases, and my wife$s growing paranoia that she can catch them from toilet seats. As they get the diseases, guess there is a lot of unprotected sex going on. Romania is not a country would ever recommend that - apart with a life partner - as the levels of C < and A Es here is huge, growing and with the removal of the needle exchange scheme ?%he government decided it was too costly@, it will only get worse. :inding Romanian sex is not difficult, as many of the Roads into and out of the capital have ladies of the night on them. 7y local truc! stop shuts the natural spring water supply is shut off every night to discourage their post-coital washes in the local car-par!. One Romanian whore ro""ed "oth my friends after she as!ed a final goodnight !iss and made off with their mo"ile phone and wallet. %here other strange thing is how many sex shops are here. %he si0e of some of the sex toys made my eyes water (ust to loo! at - let alone experience them. %his is com"ined with some of the hardest core pornographic material around. 7y friend was waiting for her haircut and one of these maga0ines was left on the ta"le. -he was torn "etween shoc! and gruesome fascination a"out it all. !( Go to and sign up for our weekly newsletter full of the funny things have seen that week in Romania.

For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at /hile Romanian sex is great -the women willing, you can=t cross certain, clearly laid down lines. Once had a fully clothed friend of my wife=s (ump on top of me, a s*uee0e of her slim strong thighs let me !now all a man needs to !now - she !issed me on the chee! and that was it, "ut !new she must "e dynamite in the sac!. %hin! rina (ust loo!ed on and laughed at the funny scene. Cowever on a staff do got a phone call at midnight to invite me to =see her spider= - after me she called another teacher and all he said was what goes on in )edal, stays there. f had ta!en up her o"vious advancement, the family would have come down hard - you learn here that a one-night stand is never worth losing all you have "uilt up here. ;o to mention the two other facts that you could never relax !nowing she could find out any time - and that everyone woman doing wrong with you will dial your wife to tell what a "astard she has married and that is "efore her mother gets you, /hat are your experiences of Romanian sexB Cow do Romanians compare to other nationalities. Eon=t forget that the :rench have the lowest sexual happiness and the 9rits prefer hot water "ottles and shopping to sex.

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For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at Romanian to English love trying to convert Romanian to #nglish for my students at school. n my class, no one has #nglish as their first language, and so while need to teach them the entire #nglish ;ational 2urriculum, they do tend to help each other to convert their fluent Romanian into #nglish. t is curious to see where the common languages lie. -ometimes it is a %ur!ish Romanian line, other times #nglish - Romanian. -o even children spea!ing a second language may not always choose it to "e #nglish. %oday we had a lot of fun at school as we decided to ma!e our own Rosetta stone. n Ancient #gypt, a single stone, holding three different translations of the same text were found. &sing one language, you can find similar words in other languages. -o now my class has translated Romanian into #nglish, as well as %ur!ish into #nglish and even "etween Romanian and %ur!ish. %he children loved expressing themselves in their own languages and then translating these into different languages. At school often find need to translate parent=s Romanian into #nglish, especially at parents evenings. %he funniest are those done "y the children into 2hinese as there is no way of either party !nowing if the child has reported what the other said accurately or what they thin! "oth sides would li!e to hear. As always it is a matter of faith. #verything in our school is translated into #nglish, Romanian and %ur!ish - with the exception of the school reports. -o the most crucial, teacher-spea! documents arrive in the hands of parents who have no idea a"out what to do with them. /hat are your funny stories a"out children translating Romanian into #nglishB

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For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at Romanian 'isa f you are coming from the #&, you do not need a visa if you are (ust staying for a wee! or two. >ou have the right to remain for D months "efore you need to worry a"out the <isa. -o you can relax and see if Romania is worth hanging around in. >ou can always get around the <isa pro"lem "y leaving the country every D months ad coming straight "ac! in again. Romania is surrounded "y so many other countries that you are not far from crossing a "order. O!ay - lets say you want to get the Romanian visa. %here is the one-year wor! visa which lets you remain and wor! here for a year. >our employer loo!s after all of this for you. %he ext option is the residency visa -the one have - and this is not an option to "e ta!en lightly. t is a nightmare to get. %here are so many forms you need to complete to prove you are not a "urden on the state, that our medical "ills will "e covered ? also still pay ;ational nsurance in the &' to cover the cost of any really "ad illness@ ad have some long term reason to "e here. As am married to a Romanian, am allowed to stay here and support my family. did set up a company to prove my earnings "ut this is not to "e recommended as the cost of running a non-active company is huge. >ou need an accountant to su"mit your incomes and sort out all the legal costs and it is still very expensive to wind it all "ac! down again. f you plan to "e here forever, then the final step - the one ply with - "ut have yet to ta!e those final steps is "ecoming a Romanian citi0en. f you can find any recent relative such as a 3randmother who was Romanian, then it is a wal! in the par!. f not, then you need to prove your loyalty to the country, prove you can spea! and understand Romanian and "e active in your desire to promote Romania=s interests. will one day go down this route as you can collect citi0enships without losing any of your other ;ationalities. As to how one starts any of these processes, as! a wise Romanian to help you or in the local town hall. >ou will need a Romanian friend=s help to understand all you need to do and to more importantly drive away the "oredom as you endlessly *ueue for another stamp and piece of paperwor!.

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For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at Romanian wedding A Romanian wedding is a really fa"ulous day. have often thought how much fun it would "e to regularly gate crash them - after all a party is a party is a party. 9ut this one has a nasty sting in its tail - "efore you leave - you need to present an envelope covering the cost of the meal, day and a gift. /hich ma!es going to a normal restaurant a far more appealing option. A weird thing a"out marrying in Romania is you need to announce the 9anns via the 9ritish em"assy and also in the local town hall. %his means anyone can ma!e a complaint if they wished. can understand this in the olden days, where everyone lived in small communities and !new each other. %he chances however that would go on a daily "asis to chec! the latest "atch of foreigners weddings is slim - added to touring all the town halls. -o dou"t anyone sees a pro"lem wedding at this stage, ?Apart of course the future parent - in laws - who li!e predicting disasters,@ %he venue itself is really important as it shows the world (ust how high up your contacts are. /e have "een to little "ars and went to an incredi"ly cool place in the centre of town that contained a huge par!, a small waterfall and a luxurious restaurant with a chocolate fountain machine. Only the highest mem"ers of the Romanian ;ational 9an! could hire this elite, police guarded area, so we were naturally impressed. /e eat at a restaurant owned "y the -cience Academy so again used inside contacts to hire it. >ou first find the venue, then you announce the wedding, then you find a church that has a slot. %here is none of this =>ou must attend at least 4 wee!s "eforehand to wed here= malar!ey. >ou (ust need to provide cash and choose somewhere that will loo! nice in your photo collection, %he wedding invitations were a nightmare to organise it too! them three print runs to get them right. %he first time they got my name wrong, the second was the wrong date and "y the third attempt, still with minor errors, (ust gave up all together, %he pro"lem with weddings is that no Romanian wedding is "etter than your own, and we still consider we had the "est one ever - if modesty can allow me to say such things. %he worst was pro"a"ly the one with "elly dancers - men were enthusiastically shoving dollars down their "ras and pants. 7y wife perplexed me as was cringing in em"arrassment as to why was not following suit. pointed out that she was next to me and also why would waste our limited resources on such women. n the same wedding, they had the "elief that the louder the music, the "etter it was. guess they are the sorts who also drive their cars and share their taste in music with the world up to half a mile away. -o we couldn=t even dance. A top Romanian fol! singer led another wedding - it was one of the most lavish weddings we went to - had never met them "efore or since. "" Go to and sign up for our weekly newsletter full of the funny things have seen that week in Romania.

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%he wedding reception is long, a mix of long meals with lots of alcohol. love it as it is one of the only times can drin! gin and tonics freely. %here seems to "e remar!a"ly little "eer served at these venues. t is mainly spirits, wine and co!e. %he last one of these is always consumed in vast *uantities. :or a nation where eating well and naturally is still very much part of the culture, this comes as a "ig surprise to me. %here is of course also a constant supply of spar!ling and flat water. %he ama0ing thing "eing that despite there always "eing a free "ar, don=t ever recall seeing anyone "lind drun!, as you would at a 9ritish wedding. %he "ride gets !idnapped and the groom must pay a pre-determined amount. was curious to !now if the groom ever was having too much fun and didn=t pay for ages. !now my wife did not en(oy "eing !idnapped, as with a top party going on downstairs, she didn=t actually want to miss a second of it as tried to rescue her. t is the chance of showing everyone how much you appreciate her. %here are no speeches - not that it stopped dad saying one in Romanian. Cis speeches were always unpredicta"le so others had prepared follow speeches, :ortunately it was really nice - so all the other speeches went unsaid. 1ast piece of advice - pay to !eep the camera and video people to the end. 7y 9ritish friends got the d. stupidly drun! and he, along with the #nglish sang a serenade to the new 7rs. :ogarty "efore driving off home. -adly a moment missed "y the film crew. )lease share with us your experiences of weddings in Romania. /hich were good and which were complete disastersB Cave married or plan to marry in RomaniaB %ell more a"out your special day.

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For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at Romanian Wife f you are "lessed with a Romanian wife, consider yourself a very luc!y man. -he will organise you to distraction - you friends will assume it is (ust marriage which has "rought the "est out in you. #ven more funny, they then go to her and tell her she is the luc!y one, as they can clearly see that an #nglish hus"and is much smarter and neater than his Romanian counterpart - they never seem to thin! why this may "e. 7y wife is very close to all her family and the first point of call for a lot of elderly old women, who are loo!ing for an adopted daughter to gossip to. %his does of course result in the phone constantly ringing as they go off and coo! for us and then proudly tell us to pic! up the offerings, /hen the "a"y was due to "e "orn - we wondered how we would cope with an extra little "ody in the house, where would he sleep and how would our lives change. Oddly, possi"ly naively, never added to this conversations, where would her parents stay as they naturally assumed they would move in to "e nearer to us and the little one, not to mention the coo! and cleaner - for a single international teacher, do seem to "e doing very well at creating all sorts of (o"s for people around me. %his is apparently so have time to relax more - in-"etween of course needing to wor! ever harder and longer to pay for all the people who are reducing my wor!load. Another mista!e made was thin!ing that marrying a woman who had experienced extremely low incomes would mean she would happily live on almost nothing after marriage, so we could save... -he (ust loo!ed at me as if had completely lost the plot it wasn=t going to happen, Oddly everything she "uys - with the exception of anything she "uys from the %< - can see has a use and am (ust as "ad at shopping when we go o the supermar!et - we always seem to ac*uire another few useful pots to fill the countryside home with. Another great piece of advice is to marry a Romanian who has land and a home outside 9ucharest - prefera"ly in the mountains or "y a woodland so you always can escape and dream of escaping 9ucharest. A Romanian wife is a very loyal woman - her family will distant themselves from her if they !now she has "een playing around. %hey will simply !ill you if you tried to do such a thing, which is really ironical as the foxiest Romanian ladies will suddenly have a devastating attraction for you, when they !now you are married and worth having. %hey will also more than li!ely have your wife=s num"er on speed dial to tell her "efore you get home again - and chopped off "alls hurts as much in any language, A Romanian wife fury is legendary as it is short. n the morning, you can have your ear chewed off - my sins generally rotate around where leave my shoes in the hall "ut must not go as far as the !itchen and my "rief case - never to "e left in the hall and woe "e tide me if it ever touches the !itchen ta"le, %here are constant "umps li!e this - yet "y "$ Go to and sign up for our weekly newsletter full of the funny things have seen that week in Romania.

For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at evening, she is "ac! to chilled and happy as if we never argued at all. (remea in Romania %he vremea in Romania or the weather in Romania is changing - and changing fast. %he weather forecast is one of the most watched parts of the news, and my mother-inlaw will sit *uietly through endless sports reports - at which point want to get up and watch the 992 news, "ut we all wait *uietly for the weather forecast. %hey have all sorts of ways of showing the weather, such as li!e you are flying over #urope or Romania, and the sym"ol and temperature pops up to the more normal man standing in front of different parts of Romania. %he temperatures the report will "e nothing li!e you experience. have visited the high tech weather station in the ;orth of 9ucharest, which is incidentally surrounded "y stolen land full of non-functional antennae. as!ed why they didn=t return the land to their rightful owners. %he man (ust loo!ed at me as if was some land gra""ing radical. Anyway, digress, the temperatures they measure are inside cool "oxes, in a grassy field. >ou will more than li!ely "e sweating away in 9ucharest - which com"ined with the smallest amount of green space per person in #urope, everyone driving four wheel drives they don=t need and a city full of air conditioners wor!ing at full pelt, pumping ore hot air into the atmosphere and so any concrete "loc!s storing up all the suns heat - you can safely add on another 562 to their prediction. %hey also li!e to terrify my wife "y saying the sun is now producing a uni*ue radiation ray, sitting under trees, or in the dar! shade of the side of your house is not enough you must not venture outside at all... -o we sit inside from 56 - A in the summer to avoid this special ray without a name. /eirdly - lots of Romanians ignore this advice and head to the "each where the sand reaches IF2. /hat is stranger for me, coming from the &' where pedophile scare stories are permanently in the pu"lic consciousness, national %< here film and "roadcast completely na!ed children racing a"out, having fun on the "each - you can even "y these na!ed Romanian children as postcards to play practical (o!es on sending them "ac! to the &' and counting how long it is "efore your mother=s house is raided in glaring pu"licity "y the local porn s*uad. n winter, vremea in Romania este greu ?%he weather is very "ad@ - ad this particular year we are expecting a really tough winter. 1ast year we got so much snow in our garden - up to A6cm and all the neigh"ours who don=t have gardens use my garden as a great dumping ground for the snow so end up with a little mountain of snow. Romania "ecomes super dangerous - there is ice everywhere and you cannot wal! near "% Go to and sign up for our weekly newsletter full of the funny things have seen that week in Romania.

For more great stories about life in Romania visit us at the side of the many "loc!s as falling icicles from 56 floors up can do you massive damage - you are legally re*uired to remove them. %he snow will come thic! and fast ma!ing driving even more dangerous than normal. -now falling off the roofs is also heavy enough to damage your car so you need to watch where you par! your car. %he thing hate most a"out Romanian winters is that every morning and every night have to get up and start my little Eacia=s engine and leave it running for a few minutes to warm up - or the cold completely wipes out the "attery an can=t start it.. /hich then involves my father in law coming with all his technical gear to get me moving again. did suggest got my own gear - he loo!ed pu00led -why when he has it already, )lease tell me a"out your experiences of <rmea in Romania.

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