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The purpose of this document is to give you a framework upon which you can hang your individual ideas and experiences. You do not have to follow the structure rigidly, but it will help you to incorporate all the elements you need to include in an effective personal statement. N.B. For the purpose of this exercise, Y ! " N T #$%& T ' ()*&T& T#&+& )$,$-,$)# +&'T. N+ .N ,"&,. +ometimes the hardest part is filling in the sub/ect you want to do. .n which case, start with your personal strengths, work experience, voluntary work, sports, books, courses etc. and you may see a sub/ect emerging. nce you0ve got the bare bones, you can start to write it as a flowing, succinct, personal prose.

Paragraph One Why do you want to tudy th! 1rite down some ideas for the following2


1hat sparked your interest3 4 talk about how you reached your decision to study this sub/ect. #ow has it been sustained3 4 has taking it to $ level confirmed that you want to take it even further3 Be specific 4 give an example of something in the course that0s really 5fired you up0. Be enthusiastic 4 have a go at writing an enthusiastic sounding sentence or two. Paragraph Two Your A$ade&!$ and Inte''e$tua' Cur!o !ty 1rite down Books that you0ve read. Try to think about your independent reading. -ive the title, the author, a brief synopsis and explain what it was about that book in particular that you liked6seemed relevant to you and your course The /ournals you0ve read. 1hy do you like that particular /ournal, and which articles in particular have interested you3

The recent development in your sub/ect that have caught your eye. For sciences, have there been some breakthroughs that have fired your interest3 For arts, are there some new approaches to traditional texts, or some newly published works that have helped you to greater depths of intellectual curiosity3

Paragraph Three Re'ated !ntere t !n your u"#e$t 1rite down The work experience or voluntary work you have done. 1hat it was about that work experience or voluntary work that 7specifically8 interested you3 $ny competitions you0ve entered, how did you do3 1hat did you learn3 1hat courses, lectures, seminar have you attended3 1ho gave them3 1hat impressed you3 Paragraph ( E)tra Curr!$u'ar the u"'!&!na' &e 1rite down The sports you do and the level. $ny scholarships you have, and how you have continued to excel in that area. Your orchestras, choirs, bands, societies and say why you like them. Your positions of responsibility or occasions when you0ve led teams. 1hat did you like about it6learn from it3 1hat takes up your free time, and why do you give it so much space in your life3 1hy you think these 9ualities will make you a good undergraduate when combined with your studies3 age

+ome areas of your life that show you can work under pressure, to deadlines.

Paragraph * The !gn o++ 1rite down The salient points about your interest in your course.

#ow you intend to take that forwards at university or in your career. .f you0ve managed a first sentence, see if you can write a final one that matches, without repetition.