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Wagdy Maher Abdulhameed

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Nationality: Egyptian Home phone: 966-149401 ! " #obile: $966%60%01& 0 :'agdy(maher)yahoo*+om E-mail

Qualifications Summary
Network Engineer qualified to design, install, and manage enterprise networks and their requisite security infrastructure. Skilled at configuring and troubleshooting an extensive range of network and security equipment: routers and switches, firewalls, Windows servers, network management applications, routing protocols, WAN and wireless technologies, IP telephony. Consistently seeking and implementing new and more efficient processes to improve the company LAN, WAN and security architecture. Team player and an innovator who is willing to go the extra mile to achieve company objectives.

Arab Open University *Bachelor of Information echnology and !omputing

Wor" E#perience
Network System Engineer: 2009 till now, LAN, WAN, Saudi Red Crescent

Duties include 2nd and 3rd level support on network, servers and database environment (16 corporate sites). Creating Point-to-point connection through fiber optics on Gigabit Cisco modules between the switches and allowing Vlans accordingly. Creating Point-to-point connection through fiber optics on Gigabit Cisco modules between the switches and allowing Vlans accordingly. Deployment of ACLs, Distribute-list and Route-map to restrict particular routes over the network. Create VLANs, STP, and RSTP and assigned Clients on them. Load balancing through HSRP and VRRP. Configuration of port security, root guard and BPDU guard on switches. Configure with (RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, IP-VPN, BGP) routing Protocols. Troubleshooting on different tasks for the efficiency of network. Monitoring of port status of the network through PRTG Graph. Configured DNS, Active directory for the authentication of users so that users can authenticate on single point. Assigned Policies and secure network through Juniper Firewall g5000 , SonicWall Configure Avaya BCM 400,450 and Nortel IP phone. Administer SQL 2005, 2008 databases, Crystal reports. Configured ISA firewall to limit in-bound & out-bound traffic and monitor Data Network Flow. Disaster Recovery, Update service, Backup strategy, Installation of Symantec end-point protection anti-virus. Configured wireless devices with security to full provide internet connectivity within an organization. Responsible for training new hired network engineers.

Support Engineer: 2007-2009, LAN, WAN Support, ORBIT BEAM

Configure Cisco router, S'it+he,* -n,talling, +on.iguring Ser/er, 0H1, 2E334* 5on.igure, trouble,hoot RA-2 0$1, RA-2 %* -n,talling, +on.iguring 'indo', ,er/er !00 ,2NS,2H51* Admini,tering #i+ro,o.t A+ti/e dire+tory* 6rouble,hooting u,er problem, relating to 7perating Sy,tem i,,ue, 08in91, 8in!00 4, net'or: 5onne+ti/ity, 651"-1 +on.iguration, upgrade,, and -nternet +onne+ti/ity* -n,talling #S-S;3 !00% , and databa,e pa+:ing up and re,tor* 5on.igure printer,, S+anner, , and maintain daily"'ee:ly ba+:up, 5on.igure <ire'all, applying poli+ie, per u,er, and ,ubnet,* 5on.igure and managing -1 5amera*


5i,+o Router, 0!600 !&00, 600 5i,+o ,'it+he, 05ataly,t 4%00, %%0, !900, 19004* =uniper <ire'all, 0SS> !0, SS> %%0, SS> !0-#, SS>140, SS> %, -S> 1000, SR9 10004* A/aya 0?5# 400, 4%04 -1 6elephone Sy,tem, -1 phone, %60!@, 1616, ip o..i+e,* 8indo', ,er/er !00 , !00& a+ti/e dire+tory* H1 2e/i+e,: %00yl-!4> and 4&>, 23 &0>6 A 23 &0>% 0hp proliant ,er/er4* #S S;3 -n,tallation 0!00%, !00&4* B#'are ES9* 8or: load A prioritiCation 7rganiCational ,:ill,


5i,+o 55NA 5i,+o 55N1 #5-61 06raining4* 5i,+o 55-E 0-n 1rogre,,4*

Arabic& nati/e 3anguage English: E@+ellent 0'riting, Reading, Spo:en4