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Manor ISD Curriculum & Instruction Data Analysis Process

Evaluate Overall Results Broad overview of Unit Test results Compare SE results to STAAR 2013

Completed by teacher prior to data analysis meeting

SE & Item Analysis Review test questions Identify high-performing and lowperforming SEs
Eduphoria: Lead4Ward HeatMap by Unit Test Test 1: Unit Test Test 2: STAAR 2013

Quintile Report Analyze groups of students according to performance Determine systemic and specic issues Understand implications for Tier 1 and intervention

Eduphoria: Quintile Analysis Report

SE Analysis by Student or Groups Focus of Data Meeting Identify students in need of intervention Identify SEs to target in intervention Determine small group instruction focus

Next Steps Identify Resources: stafng, materials, schedule Plan Intervention Communicate student data with interventionists Identify staff development needs

Eduphoria: Student SE Breakdown w/ AEIS Indicators

Manor ISD Curriculum & Instruction Data Analysis Process

Facilitator's Guide: Questions to consider prior to and during data meeting

STEP 1: Evaluate Overall Results How do the unit test results for specic SEs in the IFD compare to performance on the STAAR 2013? What were the Target SEs listed in the Teacher Playbook for the unit? What Process Standards were the focus of the unit?

STEP 2: SE & Item Analysis How were the high-performing and low-performing SEs taught? What misconceptions do students still have? Which SEs were tested only once? What SEs will occur in future units?

STEP 3: Quintile Analysis Analyze the gap between Quintile 1 and 5 What is the range of scores? How many quintiles are in the passing range? Considering the range of scores, are there specic or systematic needs? What are the implications for Tier 1 instruction (the majority of quintiles are not in the passing range)? What are the implications for intervention (the gap is small)?

STEP 4: SE Analysis by Students or Groups Which students will need intervention and support with multiple skills? Which students will need periodic intervention with specic skills? Has the student had enough opportunity to demonstrate mastery when considering the quantity and levels of questions? Which students will need intense, focused remediation in addition to core instructional time? (due to extensive gaps)

STEP 5: Next Steps Identify campus resources and stafng: who is writing the intervention lessons, who is delivering the intervention? How is your data portable? How is the intervention structured? How will you make the material and data accessible to anyone providing the lessons? Identify teachers in need of additional support What staff development needs exist for the grade level or individuals?