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Written By: Gerard Ange October 29,2013 / 2013 G.A.P. International News Service

As an advocate of truth in media, I have continually tried to spread the real news mainstream media isnt reporting. That in itself, is more than a full time job. It is discouraging to see how bad things really are after you have witnessed the media machine first hand, not broadcast stories truthfully, and systematically ignore important key issues. The ongoing lack of coverage on the massive decline in the health of our planet, & to ignore the theft of Our Constitutional Rights, is business as usual as Main Stream Media continues to Spin lies into reality for all their viewers. If only everyone would stop drinking Main Stream Medias Koolade of disinformation for a moment. Then They might learn what was really going on. The Citizens would be with pitch forks in hand out in front of the White House! ~ If only they knew. All of this could not happen without Both Political Parties being very willing participants. Our leaders have all failed usThey have all been corrupted into violating their sworn oath to "represent the interests of the citizens." They have all been paid off to Serve the interests of multi-national industrialists. Our Government was created to be "Of the People & For The People" But, today Both parties pass laws that jeopardize their citizens interests as well as the safety of their families. Laws that allow corporations like Monsanto to hide known Carcinogenic GMO poisons in our food. These Criminal acts attack the health of every man, woman & child! This Government is a Mafia that has crossed the line, into Criminal Activities, Racketeering, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity. As well as a Coup dtat attack of our Democratic System!

Today we are witnessing the end game of a deliberate plan to militarization the local municipal police Police, whose paychecks come from the local citizens and NOT From the Federal Government. Yet, the Department of Homeland Security is continuing full speed ahead to circumvent the local citizen's control of their own "police" under FEDERAL CONTROL! ~ DHS's "Operation Urban Shield" is a vehicle used to train local Police to be under direct control of a Federal Agency. "Operation Urban Shields has a history of teaming up with known human rights abusers. Here is a quote off of DHSs: Operation Urban Shields" own website:

"Observers have come from many international areas including Bahrain and the State of Israel. In 2011, teams from Jordan, Bahrain and the State of Israel participated in the training scenarios."
"Operation Urban Shield" is DHSs fast track to Urban Warfare & Civil Unrest all under the guise of Terrorism. Training of local police that brings advanced military weaponry into civilian populations. These are mostly U.S. based private companies selling the U.S.As Official Product Military Arms! Proving without any doubt, the USA is the largest producer of Weapons & Warfare in the world! We are all seeing a growing nation-wide body-count of un-armed civilians because of a shoot first" policy implemented by local police trained under the DHS Urban Warfare Protocol DHS "Operation Urban Shield Training is all on the premise the police are at war with members of a civilian population. Anyone who comes in contact with these DHS Trained Police for any reason ~ even for something as minor as jaywalking All run the risk of being riddled with bullets if you blink, sneeze or twitch in some way that might seem threatening. These are police all trained to follow DHS protocol to the letter! We as citizens are all at Risk! As a child, I remember growing up in front of a TV ~ like all kids, I too had Cap Guns. Today, children also grow up in front of a TV. They tooare playing with toys and victims of a media who continues to glorify War & Killing with "Military Style Weapons" all this is very influential in the minds of children. See toys that every kid would want on "Operation Urban Shield" own website: In the last two weeks, two children 12 and 13 years old were killed in separate incidents.. Both "Riddled with Bullets". Both shot by overly zealous Para-Military trained local police. Why were they shot? Because, these children didn't follow the DHS Protocol. DHS has no business creating a brown shirt para-military Army out of our local police. An Act clearly not compatible with a free & civil society.

The other key factor is that blurs the lines of warfare vs. a Civil Society is that most
of the new local police recruits are hired out of the U.S. Military. Recruits that were trained in Urban Warfare with the civilian populations in Bagdad and Afghanistan. Cities erupting in military violence & IEDs and horrific crimes that have induced PTSD in many. The rules of war were to always to shoot first! Today, we have these recruits in local police, as DHS has provided advanced Military Grade Weapons for their new deployment of U.S. Urban warfare here on our streets across the nation! We see a National growing body count of un-armed citizens? Being shot by police, So, what is really so unexpected here? This is the Dept. of Homeland Security own perfect storm = Urban Warfare in a Civilian population here at home.

WORDS TO LIVE BY If you ever get stopped by the police

(1) (2) (3) Always ~ keep both of your hands on the wheel!!! Always ~ ask them if it okay to reach into your glove compartment for your registration!!! And remember No quick moves!!! Not even to scratch your nose!

Plenty of people don't know these rules and unfortunately if they don't follow these rules then, Living in a police state, they too will all being riddled with bullets and shot and killed mercilessly.

What is happening to our society around us today? This is all the direct result of a planed militarization of our society. Our Cities today are being changed into: The US version of " The Occupation of Bagdad " Our Local police have now taken a role of an invading Army on our city streets.

Welcome to the new police state!

Grard Ang
Twitter: @gerardange
an EX-Producer for: ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, BBC, CBC. a Long history working with very high profile clients on live international broadcasts. Now, Dedicated to Truth in Media.