DOFMaster Version 1.02 DOFMaster Revision History 1.

02 - March 16, 2002 - Added several lenses to the lens selection lists - Changed number formating to use the regional settings of the operating system 1.01 - January 20, 2002 - Increased the number of circles of confusion 1.00 - January 2, 2002 - Original release Although DOFMaster is provided free of charge, it is copyrighted software. Use of the program is subject to the license agreement below. ****************************************************** ****************************************************** DOFMaster Version 1.02 Software License 1. LICENSE. Don Fleming ("Licensor") grants the individual or entity licensing DOFMaster ("Licensee") a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to reproduce and use for personal or internal business purposes the executable code version of DOFMaster. Licensee may redistribute DOFMaster provided that (i) all copyrig ht notices on DOFMaster screens and in the help file remain intact, (ii) License e distributes only a copy of the original, unmodified, DOFMaster setup program, and (iii) Licensee does not charge for the distribution. 2. RESTRICTIONS. Licensee may not modify DOFMaster. Licensee may not sell, rent , lease, sublicense, or otherwise transfer rights to DOFMaster. Licensee may not redistribute DOFMaster as part of another program. Licensee may not redistribu te DOFMaster as a downloadable file on an internet file server. Licensee may not remove or modify copyright or other proprietary notices. 3. FEES. There is no license fee for use of DOFMaster. Licensor asks that Licen see send a $5 donation to the charity described on the copyright screen that app ears at program startup. Use of the program does not obligate the Licensee to s end a donation. 4. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY. DOFMASTER IS PROVIDED FREE OF CHARGE, AND, THEREFORE, ON AN "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION THE WARRANTIES THAT IT IS FREE OF DEFECTS, MERCHANTABLE, FIT FOR A PARTICULAR P URPOSE OR NON-INFRINGING. THE ENTIRE RISK AS TO THE QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE OF T HE PRODUCT IS BORNE BY LICENSEE. SHOULD DOFMASTER PROVE DEFECTIVE IN ANY RESPECT , LICENSEE AND NOT LICENSOR OR ITS SUPPLIERS OR RESELLERS ASSUMES THE ENTIRE COS T OF ANY SERVICE AND REPAIR. THIS DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY CONSTITUTES AN ESSENTIA L PART OF THIS AGREEMENT. NO USE OF DOFMASTER IS AUTHORIZED HEREUNDER EXCEPT UND ER THIS DISCLAIMER. ****************************************************** ******************************************************