ssion Statement

This mission of the Help Desk is to provide the faculty, staff and students with a single point of contact within the university. We are committed to quality help through teamwork and a proactive approach to identifying and solving problems. We will strive to exceed our customers’ expectations in our ongoing pursuit of service excellence.


Provides a central location to check out supported software to install on personal computers.

When calling the Help Desk ...

Please give us your name and extension. Check your screen for any error messages that may help us determine the cause of the problem. Give us an estimated time factor when you are experiencing a response time problem. Indicate which system or software package you are encountering a problem with (i.e. Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.)

The Help Desk:

Hours of Operation
Monday – Thursday 8AM – 7PM Friday 8AM – 5PM

Methods of Contact
Phone: (941) 590-1188 Suncom: 731-1188 Email: Web: ex.html
 

Monitors all administrative systems and network lines to ensure availability. Serves as a central point of contact for faculty, staff and students to report any hardware or software problems. Assists with Username and Password related issues. Broadcasts information about upcoming changes and scheduled or unscheduled network outages, or university wide upgrades. Logs all incoming calls and facilitates problem resolution to your satisfaction. Contacts the proper source to correct any problems that we cannot directly solve and provides you with a solution in a timely manner. Communicates with all technology departments to maintain a high level of system availability. Provides software training to all faculty and staff.

Call Management
The Help Desk prioritizes calls in accordance with their business impact or severity. Priority definitions:

Minor: Not critical, circumvention possible with no operational impact. Resolved within 72 hours.

Major: System or component down or degraded, critical business impact, alternative or bypass available, resolve within 48 hours. Emergency: System or component down, critical business impact, no alternative available, bypass/recover within 4 hours, resolve in 24 hours. Work Order: New system or component install or computer moves.

Training: ices/helpdesk/training.htm Online Help Desk: AIMACTION=vlogin Administrative Computing Policies and Procedures: hapter3.htm FGCU Home Page:

Supported Software

         

Microsoft Office 97 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Microsoft Exchange McAfee Virus Scan Microsoft Internet Explorer Netscape Navigator Macromedia Dreamweaver PaperPort Viewer Adobe Acrobat Reader Windows Media Player Real Player For any other software, you will need to contact the product vendor for support.

Network Information
Domain: fgcu_primary Email Server: fgcutarpon University Share Folder: //fgcu-marlin/share

Online Resources

Help Desk
Users Reference Guide

Supported Hardware

 

All faculty, and staff desktops and peripherals Network printers We do not support any personally owned computers or peripherals

Only available to users connected to the network on campus or via Dial-Up Networking.

Documentation: vices/helpdesk/documentation.htm

This handy booklet explains the services provided by the Help Desk and also suggests better ways to interface with the Help Desk.

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