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Instrument transformers

Type LG25585 Outdoor current transformer

Product features 25 kV, 150 kV BIL, 60 Hz Single, dual, and multi ratios Electrical specifications: Creep: 25.9" (658 mm) Strike: 13.0" (330 mm) Approximate weight (without bar): 133 lbs (60 kg) Application The LG-25-585 outdoor, window-type current transformer is rated for use on 25,000 volt systems with 150 kV BIL. Primary current ratios are available from 200:5 to 2000:5 at 60 Hertz with a rating factor of up to 4.0 (see ratings specific to each ratio). This dry-type, solid-cast current transformer operates with high accuracy for metering applications. Mechanical description The core and coil assembly is wound and encapsulated in a molded cast resin with a 4" (115 mm) diameter window cycloaliphatic epoxy bushing to provide high withstand capabilities. The high voltage insulating epoxy sleeve has a conductive interior with a pigtail lead for connection to an uninsulated primary conductor to equalize voltage and prevent radio interference and corona. The unit may be supplied with a factory installed NEMA 4-hole primary bus (5500A max rated). Secondary terminals are "-20 (silicon bronze) studs with associated hardware located inside a removable terminal box with two 1" NPT conduit hubs. The nameplate is made of anodized aluminum and is affixed to each unit on the opposite side of the terminal box. Accuracy performance The LG-25-585 will operate with 0.3 class accuracy for metering with burdens of B-0.1 up to B-1.8, and up to C800 for some relay applications. The transformer is accurate through its rating factor, and can be used continuously to this level. Mounting The LG-25-585 is designed for mounting in the upright or underhung position with the tube horizontal, or in the cantilever position with the tube vertical. CAUTION: Do not mount in the cantilever position with the tube horizontal, as the baseplate can collapse. Mounting holes are punched in the aluminum baseplate. The high voltage sleeve and its bar assembly is not to be used to support the primary buswork or conductors. Testing The unit is individually tested per the IEEE C57.13 standard, including applied and induced voltage, accuracy, and polarity. Partial discharge testing is performed to guarantee the unit is free of partial discharge. Options The LG-25-585 is available with a primary bus bar kit or conductive guards to prevent foreign objects from entering the high voltage insulating sleeve. Contact factory for other needs.

Unit dimensions
34.5 [876] 32.25 [819] 0.56 [14] (4) PLACES EACH END 1.75 [44] 8.00 [203] 6.50 [165] 4.00 [102] 1.13 [29] 1.13 [29] 1.75 [44]

3.25 [83]

X1 X2 X3 X4 X5

6.75 [171]

8.00 [203] 9.75 [248]


22.0 [560] 6.00 [152]

13.50 [347]


H1 X1 X2 X3 X4 X5

20.75 [527] 14.00 [356]

Wiring diagram


Primary bar information Max. current amperes Up to 1200 A 1201 - 2500 2501 - 5500 Stack thk (Dim. A) in. [mm] 0.25 [6.4] 0.75 [19] 1.63 [41] HT to base (Dim. B) in. [mm] 13.88 [353] 13.63 [346] 13.19 [335] Weight lbs [kg] 16 [7] 29 [13] 61 [28]

Note: Metric dimensions are displayed in [mm]

No. of bars 1 2 3

Selection guide Ratio 200:5 300:5 400:5 500:5 600:5 800:5 1000:5 1200:5 1500:5 2000:5 2500:5 3000:5 4000:5 5000:5 200/400:5 300/600:5 400/800:5 600/1200:5 1000/2000:5 1500/3000:5 IEEE metering accuracy 0.3B-0.2 0.3B-0.5 0.3B-0.9 0.3B-1.8 0.3B-1.8 0.3B-1.8 0.3B-1.8 0.3B-1.8 0.3B-1.8 0.3B-1.8 0.3B-1.8 0.3B-1.8 0.3B-1.8 0.3B-1.8 0.3B-0.5/B-0.9 0.3B-0.5/B-1.8 0.3B-0.9/B-1.8 0.3B-1.8/B-1.8 0.3B-1.8/B-1.8 0.3B-1.8/B-1.8 Relay accuracy C60 C100 C120 C150 C200 C300 C350 C400 C500 C600 C800 C800 C800 C800 C60/C120 C100/C200 C150/C300 C200/C400 C300/C600 C400/C800 Rating factor 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 3.0 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.0 1.5 1.1 3.0/3.0 3.0/3.0 2.0/2.0 2.0/2.0 2.0/2.0 2.0/2.0 Style number F030200S1 F030300S1 F030400S1 F030500S1 F030600S1 F030800S1 F031000S1 F031200S1 F031500S1 F032000S1 F032500S1 F033000S1 F034000S1 F035000S1 F030200D1 F030300D1 F030400D1 F030600D1 F031000D1 F031500D1

For optional bird guards (one pair), order part number 123-0098-901

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Available in multi-ratio designs (full tap ratings same as single ratio above). One second thermal/mechanical rating: 80 x full winding Inom /unlimited mechanical. Available with a primary bar kit (maximum 5500 A). Change last digit of catalog from 1 to 3. IC Approval AE-0703 is noted by bold catalog number. Additional styles available upon request. Contact your ABB sales representative or call +1-252-827-3212 for more information.

1VAP701221-DB November 2012 Rev. A

Terminal box detail - multi-ratio (MR) shown