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Compilations are oriented towards preserving key-info that might have been overlooked but, above-all, towards suggesting

potential remedies; certain hyperlinks are [sadly] entertaining, certainly moreso than broadcast-fiction [such as Veep] that purports to mainstream major political initiatives. Truth is, indeed, stranger than fictionbut its necessary to translate thoughts into action; as usual, if anything crucial has been missed, please so-inform. Otherwise, this fast turn-around contains a dire warning: Day after rushed White House meeting with Jewish Leaders, Simon Wiesenthal Center calls out BHO on Iran and White-House-Pressures-Jewish-Groups-Not-to-Lobby-for-New-Iran-Sanctions, as WSJ/NBC-polling [finally] demonstrates BHOs personal likeability has plummeted. {Also, an ongoing source of lamentation is the extremism-of-reform-Judaisms leader-eric-yoffie, while the name of the irs-leaker who divulged conservative groups confidential tax information to fec has emerged.} Mike Henry [Heritage Action] elucidated the fraudulent Debt Disapproval Resolution [which Mike Fitzpatrick supported] thusly: The House will consider a resolution to disapprove of the recent $600 billion debt limit increase. It is a meaningless show vote. The recent Default Prevention Action funded the government and ObamaCare until 1/15/14 and authorized the President to borrow unlimited money (a suspension of the debt limit) until 2/7/14 without any additional congressional action. It included a provision to allow Congress to "disapprove" of the President's action, but this disapproval resolution would need to pass the Senate and be signed by the President. It is a meaningless vote that only serves as a way for Members who voted for the recent debt limit hike to register some disapproval of their own actions without any actual consequences. However, the disapproval processthe so-called McConnell Ruleis a template for how many in D.C. would like to change the debt limit permanently to make it easier to increase and reduce congressional leverage to demand spending cuts. After obama-and-sebelius claimed ObamaCare-didnt-cancel-your-plans, Megyn-Kelly-Hammered-DemRep-Frank-Pallone-Over-ObamaCare [Why-Do-You-Get-to-Decide-Whats-Lousy?] and a Dem-Senator said Obama Meant You Could Keep Your Insurance If It Was 'Good Insurance.' Significant is the fact that NBC News Dropped Bombshell [BHO Knowingly Lied About ObamaCare for Years] and specific data have been compiled state-by-state; meanwhile, Dem-Congressman Doyle [PA] feels taxpayers should fund his sons healthcare insurance. It is dangerous, however, to focus upon the failed website because, if/when its fixed, the Dems will attempt to portray this as a metaphor for generalized repair of the system , distracting the public from recognizing that ObamaCare was fraudulently perpetrated. hillarycare-failed-and-ObamaCare-succeeded because three key factors [all of which were lacking in the Clinton effort] helped Obama pass a health reform law: Consistent lobbying by the president; The presence (or, according to some, the manufacture) of a scapegoat in the form of health insurers; and The wisdom gleaned from the Clintons failed effort. Early in the process of developing a health reform proposal, Obama made it clear that his plan would involve open negotiations and complete transparency, hitting on the two major procedural criticisms of the Clintons 1994 reform failure: that administration staffers did not include insurance industry representatives in meetings to draft the plan, and that the process was confidential until the final plan was released, at which point opponents could only call for its dismissal, rather than seek a compromise. 803

Many observers saw Obamas mostly hands-off approach to the more contentious issues as an indication that he has learned from the mistakes made by the Clinton administration. Obama spent much of the health care debate on the sidelines, often making his priorities and preferences known for certain proposals but letting health care efforts progress through committee without much public commentary from the White House. As a result, he was able to spend his time lobbying for the law and continually push lawmakers to keep at it in the face of long odds. However, one thing above all else might have given Obama the advantage over the Clintons. As Sen. Bob Bennett (R-Utah) noted in July 2009, health care costs rose dramatically from 1993 to 2009. As a result, Obama faced a more dire economic situation, higher costs of health care and a growing number of baby boomers facing retirement and Medicare enrollment than Clinton ever did. Indeed, Mike Henry [Heritage Action] solicits sob-stories and notes the flaws are much more than a "technical glitch" that can be solved with more money and expertise; he [and Rush] maintain it must be stopped; although it may appear intuitive, it is necessary to continue to connect the dots for people who are experiencing increased premiums who may not realize that it results from ObamaCare. For-sure, Obama-Care sob-stories abound [florida-womans-insurance-rate-increases-10x] and others have noted that monthly insurance premiums from Blue Cross Blue Shield will leap from $402 to $1,380.28 [344%] for coverage comparable to a current gold plan [which has a $6,000 out of pocket deductible]. Overall, it reveals Progressive Government failure, for BYOs ideology is the politics of the personal cram down; indeed, a heavily-referenced essay shows many top hospitals are simply opting out of ObamaCare. The politics of the situation must be correlated with the database; as Cruz Heads to the 'Tonight Show' [11/8/2013 mark your calendars!], harry-reid claims [invoking a bit of reverse-psychology: if ted cruz is 2016 gop nominee, it will be the end of the GOP. Contradicting Jonathan Tobin of commentarymagazine [who claims the risk of a major gop-purge is merely a-tempest-in-a-tea-pot by suggesting lindsey graham is safe, Rush specifically argued otherwise [with his view confirmed by awareness that, if Graham receives less than 50 percent of the vote in the primary, then the second-place candidate will go head-to-head with him in a runoff election a couple weeks later]. Thus, all Republicans who voted for ObamaCare [If you voted for funding, you own it!] must be subject to primary-challenges; the numbers show that the rejoinder from the GOPs establishment [Chambers of Commerce, Rove, Wall St., K St.], can target far fewer conservatives [e.g., Amash] than the conservatives need to attack [e.g., Fitzpatrick]. Guzzardi forwarded this memo from the Madison Project [by Drew Ryun], dramatizing the workload: Mark Levin read on his show what may be one of Daniel Horowitz's best pieces: A GOP Majority Built On Quicksand {which this physician already cited}. In it, Daniel explains why the Dems already enjoy a 75-80 seat [de facto] super-majority in the Senate. Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell is telling his friends on K Street (the lobbyists for major corporations) that he will fight against any efforts similar to Ted Cruz's fight to defund ObamaCare. In response to these statements by McConnell, Daniel wrote this piece: Mitch McConnell Ready To Fight GOP Base {which this physician already cited, as well}.


The fight for conservatism against a deeply-entrenched GOP Establishment is real. Funded by their friends on K Street {and Wall St.}, the GOP Establishment fights for the status quo, for power, for money, all the while undermining any conservative efforts to advance real fixes for our country. We fight for less government, more freedom, and more choices on important issues like healthcare. For years, grassroots conservatives have won elections on the ground for the GOP, only to be shut-out of leadership elections and policy decisions. That is about to change, but the GOP Establishment will not go quietly and without a fight. I am excited about this fight. The stakes are high, but the results we are fighting for and hope to achieve this election cycle will be worth it. This fight boiled over into one of the Washington, DC newspapers, The Hill, this morning with this story, "Conservative Groups Face Attacks From Republicans." The shorter GOP Establishment/K Street talking point? "How dare conservatives raise money to fight us!" This week's edition [Issue #52] of The Madisonian discusses not only the continued fight against ObamaCare, but the egregious Farm Bill that is jammed full of money for welfare programs like food stamps. {Readers were encouraged to support endorsed candidates [more names pend]: Art Halvorson, Matt Bevin, Chris McDaniel, and Jim Bridenstine.} For Liberty.

[And if Gov.Corbett raises taxes via the pending Transportation Bill, his also having violated his campaign-pledge will also be problematic.]